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Found 4 results

  1. >>> LG92: Process of Elimination SE is a simple game. Well, if it’s an LG anyway. Twenty-plus players chase a bunch of red herrings for two weeks or so, and at the end, the Eliminators always win. All good fun. ‘Course, it becomes a lot less funny when SE players themselves are getting replaced, and not by pinch-hitters. Call them ‘Eliminators’, I guess. That’s close enough, yeah? Maybe they’re just bots. Maybe they’re some sort of eldritch drek. Hell if I know. SE is a simple game. But sometimes, the game plays you. >>> General Rules: >>> Win Conditions: >>> Quick Links: >>> Sign-ups are open now and will close on Friday, 27th January 2022, at 1100hrs SGT (GMT +8) / 10PM EST. Rollovers will take place at the same time. My co-GM is @Fifth Scholar, while the IM for the game is @Elandera. Players are reminded that this game is a blackout, flipless game. Whilst we have done our best to ensure a balanced and fun experience, it is possible you may also find the game intensely frustrating. Please seriously consider if you can handle such a game format before signing up, in order to avoid disappointment. Please also be reminded to desist from posting in the thread until we can reserve the next post. We will always do so in order to collect both the current player list and the most recent set of rule clarifications for easy access.
  2. >>> Shining Silhouette was DDoSed. Randby was DDoSed. Day Five has begun! It will end in a little less than 47 hours on Thursday 9 February 2023, at 10:00 PM EST (-5:00 UTC). Good luck!
  3. >>> Bookwyrm was DDoSed. Day Four has begun! It will end in a little over 47 hours, at 10:00 PM EST on Monday 6 February 2023. Good luck!
  4. >>> Devotary was DDoSed. Tani was DDoSed. The Day has begun! It will end in a little over 47 hours at 10:00 PM EST on Wednesday 31 January.