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Found 18 results

  1. LG91 Day 9 / Aftermath: Revenge of the Chance-Slip The set of figures were a flurry of action on the dirt-paved streets of Earthen Truth. Hadrian-son-Penrod feinted and swung with his chosen Honorblades, those of Chanarach and Battar, while the Blades of Ishar and Paliah stayed with his bear-spirit. Jet-son-Blanc, if that was his true name, parried and retaliated with the Honorblade of Kalak in one hand, while the other skepped between Vedel’s, Shalash’s, Jezrien’s. A storm of Division shot out at Jet only to land in the place he’d been a moment before, only for him to Transport to the left; a sliding Abrasioned blow landed on Hadrian’s leg only for Progression to heal it away instantly. Cohesion and Tension made the dirt beneath them swirl. A break in the clash. Both figures were panting, Hadrian’s spirit flickering, Jet’s second blade dragging. They were both running out of Stormlight, and the next Highstorm wasn’t due for a few days. Even the wonders of Ishar’s Honorblade couldn’t change that fact, not to Hadrian’s benefit. Such power in these Blades. Such capability for destruction. And yet without Honor’s Light they were no better than their mere copies, no different from each other. The storm of Surges lessened, to Honorblades clashing onto each other with little progress either way. Jet had more practice with Shardblade combat, but against the unprepared. Hadrian-son-Penrod was no amateur. It would be a long night. “I’ve never had Shin wine,” Jet-son-Blanc exhaled between breaths, settling into a readied stance. Hadrian-son-Penrod gave a pause. “What do you mean?” “It’s been a long week. We’re both tired. If we got any surprises for each other, I don’t think we’re in much shape to do anything about it,” Jet said. “Well, what do we do?” Hadrian replied, Blades dropping slightly. “Why don’t we just wait here for a little while,” Jet said, looking at the deserted city. “See what happens.” Hadrian thought. “One last night here… that could be nice.” The strange pair walked side by side down the alleys of Earthen Truth, never letting the other lag behind to their back. It had been like that most of the night – no real rest, but even the act of not acting felt like relief. Eventually one of them had spotted an abandoned winery. One that used real grapes, from the Abandoned Sky. “It’s sweeter than I expected,” was Jet’s reaction. "But it tastes good." "It does. I'd miss it," Hadrian-son-Penrod replied. He paused, then took a small sip from his own cup and set it down. The sun was beginning to rise. "It's that time already," Jet said. "Shall we?" Hadrian gave a simple nod. The two stood up, and color flooded the barren street in the barren city of Earthen Truth. The last of their Stormlight, gone. Then they charged each other, hands outstretched. Jet got Kalak's Honorblade summoned first, swinging for Hadrian's neck. Hadrian barely got out of the way. Jet's eyes flashed, and swung again, this time across the torso. Then both of Hadrian's Honorblades, Chanarach and Battar, appeared in his hands at once. Battar blocked Kalak, turning a killing blow into one that only cut through his arm, leaving the blocking hand lifeless. But Chanarach slashed Jet's second hand just as Vedel appeared in its grasp. Then Battar and Vedel fell between the pair of them, dropped Honorblades. Hadrian felt one pass through his foot. But the other went through Jet's side. "Oh," was all Jet managed to say before his eyes burned out. Hadrian-son-Penrod collapsed, partially from the exhaustion and partially from the severed souls of nerves. But he'd done it. Luck or chance or otherwise, he'd done it. The Honorblades were safe from the Tukari. He could heal his wounds when the Highstorm came. Until then... Hadrian looked at the four Honorblades Jet had been holding. Those were his to guard now. The sole survivor of Earthen Truth looked at the empty city. He could make do. No one was attacked during the Night! Amanuensis / Ookla the Remembered was executed by the Gods of Luck and Chance! They were a Tukari Invader and the Bearer of Kalak's Honorblade, the Bearer of Jezrien's Honorblade, the Bearer of Vedel's Honorblade, and the Bearer of Shalash's Honorblade! Amanuensis's Honorblades have been distributed to the sole remaining player, Araris Valerian! Vote Count: Amanuensis / Ookla the Remembered (1): Araris Valerian Araris Valerian (1): Amanuensis / Ookla the Remembered The Shin High Council has won the game! Thanks everyone for playing! I do have some GM thoughts, but I can save those for after finals. Dead Doc Elim Doc Master Spreadsheet Player List:
  2. Long Game 91: A Fresh Start in Shinovar They couldn't ignore their warriors' reports any longer. After nearly four hundred years of keeping the treasure the Heralds had left behind - well, most of them - someone had come looking for them. Someone not sent by Nin-son-God. No, these were Tukari. Stonewalkers. Some said they had a new leader, others just thought they had finally gotten word from some traitorous merchant. But the Tukari were coming for the Honorblades. And the Shin High Council must stand ready to face them. Welcome to Long Game 91: A Fresh Start in Shinovar! This is a simplified version of my first game, LG72, and revolves around the changing of hands of Honorblades and thus abilities across the game. I, @Ashbringer, will be your GM, with @Devotary of Spontaneity as your IM. (If anyone would like to co-GM, let me know - additional vote counters are always welcome.) There are two types of roles in this game, standard roles and Honorblade roles. Standard roles will be given to individual players and remain with them for the rest of the game (like normal roles) or until that player is eliminated. In this game, only the Shaman is a Standard role. Honorblades are transferable; they can be passed around and upon the Bearer’s death they will go to a new player. Each Honorblade grants two Surges; for recall’s sake, each Blade will be named by the Herald who held them. General Rules: Honorblade Rules: Surges: Shaman: Order of Actions: The game will start on Sunday, November 20th at 11:00 PM PST. Because of scheduling, the actual rollover time may change before the start of the game and/or rollover may take longer depending on how life goes. Between college and Thanksgiving Break I don't really have a time that I'm available every single day besides the middle of the night... but the game starting Sunday will mean there's no rollover on Thanksgiving Day, which is nice. One last thing - Ookla season is coming up, and this time it'll likely start during the game and not before. So if you plan on changing your name during Ookla season, please give me your old and new name in the GM PM and in thread once you do change it. Also please don't change both your name and profile picture. Clarifications: Participants: Quick Links:
  3. LG91 Night 8: Duel Hadrian, Jet, and Infinite. The last three stonefree souls in Earthen Truth. Everyone else was gone. Anyone who'd gone into hiding and defied the Stone Shaman's call had either fled or been killed by Tukari. But the Honorblades were still here. They'd all seen them. It didn't take long for them to turn on each other. Hadrian and Jet were the louder pair, Infinite quieter by far. They had to act. Infinite pointed a finger at Hadrian, but it was too late. A Blade swung and fell. And three became two. Infinite fell, a single Honorblade falling from her grasp. Ishar's Honorblade. One that had been hidden for much of this time. Never known to fall into Tukari hands. Hadrian and Jet shared a look. Infinite was innocent. One of them wasn't. InfiniteInsanity was executed! They were a member of the Shin High Council and the Bearer of Ishar's Honorblade! Ishar's Honorblade was redistributed! Jezrien's Honorblade has been claimed or redistributed! Vedel's Honorblade has been claimed or redistributed! Paliah's Honorblade has been claimed or redistributed! Shalash's Honorblade has been claimed or redistributed! Vote Count: InfiniteInsanity (2): Araris Valerian, Amanuensis / Ookla the Remembered Araris Valerian (1): InfiniteInsanity A few reminders/clarifications: The Tukari Invader win condition is to outnumber the Shin High Council, not reach parity with them. If all players die in the same turn, leaving no members of either faction alive, then the game will end in a draw. The turn will end on Wednesday, December 14th, at 11:00 PM PST. Player List:
  4. LG91 Day 8: Look At All Those Chickens! The city of Earthen Truth was running out of people. It was not, however, completely out. There was still Daalna, Hadrian, Evelt, Jet, and Infinite. And there were chickens. Several of them. But when morning came, the chickens were nowhere to be found. The three that had found each other, Hadrian, Jet, and Infinite, walked in search of them. They found them, staring at a pair of corpses. Evelt, the blade once held by the traitor Stick next to their body. But Daalna - the one the chickens seemed most perturbed by - Daalna was dead next to three. Intuition led to confirmation - Daalna had been an invader. But what did this? Surely even an agitated group of chickens couldn't take down such a threat. Surely. Cinnamon / Ookla the catastrophizer was killed! They were a member of the Shin High Council and the Bearer of Shalash's Honorblade! Tani / Ookla the Implosion was killed! They were a Tukari Invader and the Bearer of Jezrien's Honorblade, the Bearer of Vedel's Honorblade, and the Bearer of Paliah's Honorblade! Shalash's Honorblade is available to be claimed by Cinnamon's killer! If it remains unclaimed, it will be redistributed at the end of the Day Turn. Jezrien's Honorblade is available to be claimed by Tani's killer! If it remains unclaimed, it will be redistributed at the end of the Day Turn. Vedel's Honorblade is available to be claimed by Tani's killer! If it remains unclaimed, it will be redistributed at the end of the Day Turn. Paliah's Honorblade is available to be claimed by Tani's killer! If it remains unclaimed, it will be redistributed at the end of the Day Turn. The turn will end on Tuesday, December 13th, at 11:00 PM PST. Player List:
  5. LG91 Night 7: Familiar Cheshire-son-Cat had always been a bit of an odd one. Looked Shin, mostly. But he also knew the Tweedles pretty well, or claimed to. There were only six people left who could have potentially stolen the Honorblades, and yet people were still dying or throwing accusations. Cheshire hadn't killed anyone. They didn't even have an Honorblade. But it was only their word, and that just wasn't good enough. Shining Silhouette / Ookla the Debonair was executed! They were a member of the Shin High Council! Paliah's Honorblade has been reclaimed or redistributed! Vote Count: Shining Silhouette / Ookla the Debonair (3): Araris Valerian, Amanuensis / Ookla the Remembered, Tani / Ookla the Implosion InfiniteInsanity (0): Shining Silhouette / Ookla the Debonair Just a note that no rules have changed for this cycle. The turn will end on Sunday December 11th at 11:00 PM PST. Player List:
  6. LG91 Day 7: Triple Threat Tweedle-son-Dee had been running for a while. Someone - or a few someones - had been chasing him for a while. He'd been running from them. Ever since the first Truthless died. He'd done a lot to survive. Even gotten an Honorblade. But he was running out of street. He just needed to find someone. Anyone. He found one earthen alleyway. Nothing. He found a second. Nothing, again. He found a third. And he found... strange. Was that blood? Oh. That was his blood. They'd found him instead. And a familiar Honorblade fell on the soft ground of Earthen Truth for the third time. Archer / Ookla the Paragrapher was killed! They were a member of the Shin High Council and the Bearer of Paliah's Honorblade! Paliah's Honorblade is available to be claimed by Archer's killer! If it remains unclaimed, it will be redistributed at the end of the Day Turn. A Highstorm arrived! Everyone with an Honorblade recieves 2 Stormlight. (Think I got everyone already but I'll have to double check.) In addition, @Ookla the catastrophizer / Cinnamon has subbed in as a pinch hitter for Ookla the POKE VOTE / Turtle! Please welcome them to the game! The turn will end on Saturday, December 10th at 11:00 PM PST. Player List:
  7. LG91 Night 6: A Bladeless Art The remaining citizens of Earthen Truth gathered, save one. There were only eight now. One for each Honorblade they still had. Who knows who held what or how many though. They considered asking. The issue was, one of them was still Truthless. Sun-son-son-Tzu. With him gone, getting the truth should be much easier. But Sun had been loyal, and held no deceit about this. Nor any Honorblades. Elkanah was executed! They were a member of the Shin High Council! Jezrien's Honorblade has been reclaimed or redistributed! Vote Count: Elkanah (6): Araris Valerian, Shining Silhouette / Ookla the Debonair, Amanuensis / Ookla the Remembered, InfiniteInsanity, Archer / Ookla the Paragrapher, Tani / Ookla the Implosion InfiniteInsanity (1): Elkanah @ookla the POKE VOTE is under final warning for inactivity! They will be replaced by a pinch hitter or filter-killed if they do not post this turn. (I believe I have a pinch hitter but not 100% confirmed yet.) The turn will end on Thursday, December 8th at 11:00 PM PST.
  8. LG91 Day 6: Equal, Not Escaping It was a cold night. The Storm was coming again, and the streets of Earthen Truth were noticeably empty even in the evening. Such bloodshed for two handfuls of relics. Soon there might be more relics than people. Jen-child-Verin was one such person, keeping their eyes on the wood and dirt and blood that made the walls and buildings around. They thought they'd seen something earlier. Might as well look again. Jezrien's Honorblade could let them know if anyone was coming. Unfortunately for Jen, someone was. And the attacker didn't let them get away. JNV was killed! They were a member of the Shin High Council and the Bearer of Jezrien's Honorblade! Jezrien's Honorblade is available to be claimed by JNV's killer! If it remains unclaimed, it will be redistributed at the end of the Day Turn. @ookla the POKE VOTE / Turtle has been warned for inactivity! Please post this cycle or you will be replaced by a pinch hitter. The turn will end on Wednesday, December 7th at 11:00 PM PST. Player List:
  9. LG91 Night 5: With Pain The Storm Who could have killed a Stone Shaman? Many people in Earthen Truth revered the Shamanism. Thought it governed by the True Will of the Almighty, even above the Splinters of him that they held. And in some ways they were right. But in some ways even the Almighty had been vulnerable, as were the Shamans. But who could have done so? One individual had an idea. That someone - Chantara - had hidden from their sight somehow. Potentially a trick of the blade of Illumination. One of those Blades had been with the Tukari from the beginning until Stick's death, but another had been with Illwei when they died. And not seen since. An initial search of Chantara found nothing. But then someone took a gemstone from them, and it burst into light, and the various coins shimmered and turned into Tukari symbols. Another had been found. But they were not done here. Chantara was executed! They were a Tukari Invader and the Bearer of Paliah's Honorblade! Kalak's Honorblade has been reclaimed or redistributed! Paliah's Honorblade has been redistributed! Vote Count (corrected): Chantara (7): Araris Valerian, JNV, Shining Silhouette / Ookla the Debonair, Amanuensis / Ookla the Remembered, InfiniteInsanity, Archer / Ookla the Paragrapher, Elkanah Turtle / Ookla the POKE VOTE (1): Chantara JNV (1): Tani / Ookla the Implosion The turn will end on Monday, December 5th at 11:00 PM PST. Player List:
  10. LG91 Day 5: Death of Dali and The Daughter The Tukari had grown bold as of late. Earthen Truth was on a level of lockdown, with the wandering about at night closely monitored. Dali-son-Nar had been waiting for a moment he could reveal what he knew, but first he had to sleep as most men did, and couldn't exactly do that out in the streets. He opened the door, and the neighboring houses heard a shout, and nothing more. Izzy-daughter-Ammi had been waiting for the moment to reveal herself too. The lines of Connection she saw... they'd shifted in interesting patterns, concentrated in the folk who gathered in the square. Even as the people died, the Honorblades remained. Stone Shamanism had guided her and her fellows long, and it did not fail her. But even with one of the blades at her side, she couldn't access its abilities within, and despite her other guards against attack Progression was out of her reach. Which left her defenseless when someone came attacking with a Shardblade or Honorblade of their own. And the town of Earthen Truth awoke to the deaths of Dali-son-Nar and the Daughter of Shinovar. The Unknown Novel / Ookla the Unknown was killed! They were a member of the Shin High Council! Alvron was killed! They were the Stone Shaman and the Bearer of Kalak's Honorblade! Kalak's Honorblade is available to be claimed by Alvron's killer! If it remains unclaimed, it will be redistributed at the end of the Day Turn. The turn will end on Sunday, December 4th at 11:00 PM PST. Player List:
  11. LG91 Night 4: Battar Up The death of a warrior shook the city of Earthen Truth. They may be lower in the class, but when they were needed they were loyal and true. And an expert at dealing with infiltrators. So for one to die in the night, with little more than a nameless grunt as recompense, the city was on edge even with Stick taken care of. Egg-son-chicken had claimed to hold an Honorblade. One with Surges capable of stopping such an act. Well, that part had been true at least. The bloodthirsty citizens soon found that not every such event was a traitor over a tragedy. Cash67 was executed! They were a member of the Shin High Council and the Bearer of Battar's Honorblade! Battar's Honorblade has been redistributed! Vote Count: Cash67 (6): Turtle / Ookla the POKE VOTE, Araris Valerian, Shining Silhouette / Ookla the Debonair, InfiniteInsanity, Archer / Ookla the Paragrapher, Tani / Ookla the Implosion xinoehp512 / Ookla the Forgotten (1): Cash67 The turn will end on Friday, December 2nd at 11:00 PM PST. Player List:
  12. LG91 Day 4: Destination Death stalked through the packed dirty streets of Earthen Truth. On this night, Kvaseth shadowed him. He squeezed past clusters of Shin, the faded brown of his hooded cloak bringing about little comment. Near the vineyards and mountain slopes, it would have. But Earthen Truth was meant to be a trap for the Tukari and warriors, those who subtracted were all over the city. In Earthen Truth, Kvaseth was just another killer among others. "What are you doing?" the spren asked, flitting about his shoulder. "Shhh," he murmured, absently. "I'm following him." "Why?" "Because I think he's Tukari," Kvaseth said. "Are the Tukari bad?" she asked. An odd question for a windspren, Kvaseth thought. But he supposed it was odd enough that this windspren seemed to have taken an interest in him. "Maybe," he said, after a long moment's pause. "They desecrate the stone. But this one. He kills others for the Blades of the Heralds. So yes, he is bad." He hesitated. "And I'm trying to stop him before he kills more people." Saying it aloud, it felt more weighty. Like his stone. Like an oath. "Good," the windspren said. He looked at her. "It's important. Feels important." "Yeah," said Kvaseth. "It is." - The Tukari, if he was Tukari, for Kvaseth had his doubts, no matter how diligently he studied the patterns of Earthen Truth, paused outside an all-too-familiar window. A light glowed through the window, and Kvaseth swore quietly to himself. The killer he was hunting wasn't going after a bearer of an Honorblade tonight. He was aiming to strike at the High Council themselves. He yelled and charged, sword hissing free of the scabbard in a lunge. No more killing. No more subtracting. No more, save for this one. He had already sold his soul as collateral, years ago, after all. Startled, the killer spun about, and Kvaseth's sword slashed out in a bright arc, cleaving through his calf. Blood spurted out. A bright red, one that never ceased to startle Kvaseth. He thought he'd never get used to it. Kvaseth returned to Windstance, grimly satisfied. He'd hit something vital, at least. "You," snarled the killer. "What?" said a voice Kvaseth knew only too well. Oh, the great storming blithering fool. The killer seemed to gather his strength for a lunge. Kvaseth charged to stop him, shoving him aside. He felt a sharp, deep pain in his stomach. Oh. He'd miscalculated. Not a sword. Knives. The killer stabbed him, again and again. Kvaseth did what you almost never did: he dropped his sword. It wasn't going to help in a knife fight. He scrabbled for advantage, slamming his fist into the killer's elbow again and again until the knife dropped from the killer's fingers. He was bleeding out, Kvaseth remembered. His stomach was on fire. It was a matter of time. He just had to hold on. Hell of a way to go, Kvaseth figured. He never thought he'd end up saving Vartan's life, but you never chose who you were protecting. Esaan would've understood, he thought. He found himself smiling, even through the pain, as he struggled to hold the killer down until the Tukari hireling grew limp. And then, only then, Kvaseth let go, allowed himself to roll off and just lie on the packed dirt. The light of the windspren winked, somewhere overhead. He wished he could figure out why she looked so worried. So terrified. "Tukari assassin," Kvaseth gasped, as Vartan's thunderous face swam into view. "I know that," Vartan snapped. "What did you think you were doing?" "Saving you," Kvaseth managed. So tired. The world swam at the edges. "Keeping you alive. Doing what Esaan told me to do. Making it right." "Subtracting never did," Vartan scowled. "I never understood you. You were one who adds. And you threw all of that away to pick up a sword, to subtract of all the damned things you could do!" He grabbed Kvaseth by the shoulders, shaking him. It hurt. It hurt so much, but he couldn't seem to find the strength to protest. "I never understood what Esaan saw in you. She always insisted that there was something more, something great. She was a great fool." "Once," Kvaseth whispered, "Nurturing the land, bringing forth life...Once I believed as you did. The words of the shamans were to me as breath and water. But when the raiders came, and no one did could I continue to believe? When the choice was between fire and the death of everything that mattered and the sword...If a man's philosophy does not let him protect his people, his home, and his family...what good can it do for the world?" "It is not your place to question the shamans," Vartan said. There was the spren again. Kvaseth thought he had seen her, so many times, on his late night walks through Earthern Truth. Funny little spren. The memories were slipping back, memories of blood. Kneeling in the burning fields, cradling his little ones in his arms, blood all over his hands. He had picked up the sword and damned himself and it hadn't even mattered. The raiders had gotten there first. Killed them all. All his little ones. Even Inis. She had died trying to protect them. He had been...he had been... Too late. Despair rose inside him, so thick he could choke on it, like the stench of soot and ash and smoke in his lungs, like the sharp copper scent of spilled blood, the iron tang of the scythe he'd snatched up and used to kill two of the raiders. "So pick something else," the spren said. Her shape winked, uncertainly. A flare of pale light in the darkness. "You can do that, right? Choose to protect. Pick a better set of beliefs." It was so close he could almost reach out and put his hand on it. "The Words," she urged him. "Say them. Believe them. Start again, Kvaseth. Choose better this time." He smiled. A funny idea, that. Starting again. Choosing better. As though he could undo it all. He would have given anything, anything at all to be running through the fields again, to hear them laughing, to gather them up in his arms again. "It isn't possible," Vartan said. "It isn't possible!" "Kvaseth," the spren called. Urgency. He didn't understand why. "You have to say the Words!" "Life..." Kvaseth whispered. "...Before...death." He was walking along a path of packed dirt, along a familiar little crooked road. "It is a lie," Vartan growled. "They are gone! They are gone for good!" "Say them all," urged the spren. "Strength," Kvaseth managed. He needed strength. He reached out and grasped the wooden bars of the gate, undid the latch, and let himself through. And beyond, sprawling as far as the eye could see, were rich fields of golden grain, ripening. He brushed his hand through the stalks and laughed. "...Before weakness." He walked through the fields, first. And then slowly, he broke into a jog, and then a run. Funny that he no longer hurt. The weight of the sword was the first to go. And then the stone. The stone he had carried for so long, a stone to match the one in his heart, the deaths he had carried with him. Laughter. He heard them laughing. His children, his wife, calling to him. "Journey," Kvaseth whispered. But his journey had come to an end. He had found his destination. He had come home, at long last. The last wisps of light faded away as his eyes closed for the last time. Kvaseth died smiling. Kasimir was killed! They were a member of the Shin High Council! He also wrote this Death RP! A Highstorm arrived! Everyone carrying an Honorblade gained 2 Stormlight. (If I didn't already get it to you, let me know.) The turn will end on Thursday, December 1st at 11:00 PM PST. Player List:
  13. LG91 Night 3: Bloodwood Two was a lot. More than was wanted. The sun-scorched walls of Earthen Truth demanded retribution, and the Stones Below sent a gift. At the scene of one of the murders - whichever one it was - someone found a small stick. For some reason, that someone brought it to the meeting to discuss that morning. "It could be evidence," they said. "It is a stick," was the reply from someone in the crowd. Someone else's ears perked up. The Shamans may have control over the Honorblades usually, but the average Shin - especially in Earthen Truth - knew what they were capable of. Of Soulcasting and its principles. "Who said that!" They demanded. The crowd cleared around a figure, looking nervously from person to person. "What's your name!" someone yelled. "... Stick" was the reply. The crowd needed little more. The warriors among them new what to do. Blood stained the wood and dirt of Earthen Truth, and when all was said and done, an Honorblade was found by someone. As was the sigil of the Tukari. _Stick_ was executed! They were a Tukari Invader and the Bearer of Shalash's Honorblade! Shalash's Honorblade has been redistributed! Vote Count: _Stick_ (7): Araris Valerian, Shining Silhouette / Ookla the Debonair, Kasimir, Chantara, Archer / Ookla the Paragrapher, Alvron, Elkanah Archer / Ookla the Paragrapher (2): The Unknown Novel / Ookla the Unknown, JNV Chantara (1): _Stick_ Elkanah (1): Cash67 (Note that Stick's vote switch to Archer was past 11:00) The turn will end on Tuesday November 29th at 11:00 PM PST. Player List:
  14. LG91 Day 3: Both Had Belonged Dazi-son-ron was a strange individual at best. The way he spoke... Shinovar had abandoned many of the ways of the Radiants, but those of the Heralds they kept. Their history, their blades, and their knowledge of the beings they fought. The Voidbringers were not supposed to return, even with many Heralds being among the living. Talat-son-God's sacrifice was to ensure that. But Dazi-son-ron gave many people memories of foes best left in the dark. Then there was the one called Szeth. A curious name. Shin to a tee. Nearly too Shin. And yet, they rarely talked about their parents. Perhaps it was just closeness, perhaps it was a quickly made identity. Regardless, one of these was found and divided. Another was attacked by a Tukari invader fought off. It was hard to tell which. Neither were seen again. And both had belonged to Earthen Truth. Ookla the Tall / Matrim's Dice was killed! They were a member of the Shin High Council! Ookla the Omniscient / Szeth_Pancakes was killed! They were a member of the Shin High Council! The turn will end on November 28th at 11:00 PM PST. Am on a plane for most of tomorrow again, but will be around the 28th. Player List:
  15. LG91 Night 2: Perpetual Potential The last time Shinovar had lost an Honorblade, a Herald Himself came to claim it. Now one was lost in the city after its Bearer was killed by presumably a mere human. Shaman's plan or not, this wasn't supposed to happen. They were supposed to draw in the Tukari into the open, not lead to Honorblades vanishing in the dead of night. Rizam-son-Azram wasn't one of the Honorblade's guards. Then again, Illwei had never discussed the Honorblades either. But Rizam was still blamed, for his part in Tweedle-son-son-Dumb's death and other reasons. Still, no Honorblade found. No Tukari icons present. No end in sight. Just a perpetual cycle of death. The Bookwyrm / Ookla the Perpetual was executed! They were a member of the Shin High Council! Vote Count: The Bookwyrm / Ookla the Perpetual (5): Turtle / Ookla the POKE VOTE, Araris Valerian, Matrim's Dice, JNV, Cash67 Szeth_Pancakes / Ookla the Omnicient (2): The Unknown Novel, _Stick_ Elkanah (2): The Bookwyrm / Ookla the Perpetual, xinoehp512 / Ookla the Forgotten xinoehp512 / Ookla the Forgotten (2): Kasimir, InfiniteInsanity Araris Valerian (1): Archer Paliah's Honorblade has been redistributed or claimed! The turn will end on November 26th at 11:00 PM PST. Player List:
  16. LG91 Day 2: Wei Down We Go After the Truthless's death, cooler heads began to break up the crowd. But still, people were tense, and tense people made rash decisions. Such as going to their homes or stationed corners without checking up on one another, without making the precautions that would fit the time of war. Illwei had gone to their quarters alone, tossing a small stone in hand. One they were only now being accustomed to carrying. However, they were too focused on it, and didn't see the danger. Illwei was found the next morning, dead. How was hard to tell, but the stone they'd carried marked them as an Honorblade Bearer of Shinovar. The first to fall. Illwei was killed! They were a member of the Shin High Council and the Bearer of Paliah's Honorblade! Paliah's Honorblade is available to be claimed by Illwei's killer! If it remains unclaimed, it will be redistributed at the end of the Day Turn. Minor rule clarification, because I just now noticed this: in the event someone uses Gravitation or Transformation the same turn their Honorblade for doing so is Reclaimed, tentatively that action still goes through, despite being lower on the OoA (due to needing to be able to for Transformation to find the current Blade holder). Unless me changing OoA things is frowned upon, I'll go with those 2 Surges still work on a reclaimed turn alongside the other 8. The Day Turn will end on November 25th at 11:00 PM PST. Happy Thanksgiving! Player List:
  17. LG91 Night 1: Shin Blood Shed The various people gathered around the city of Earthen Truth. It wasn't a full lockdown, not yet; they just were not allowed to leave. Warrior or Adder, they all carried a small stone now. A tension resounded throughout the city plaza and darker alleys, that of wondering when the rest of the plan would reveal itself. But the Stone Shamans had never been big on details. Over time, as the sun lowered and winds picked up, people started looking for anything. A few people were pushed forward, accused of being Tukari spies. Both Rizan-son-Azram and the one called Szeth were pushed forward, but then someone spotted Tweedle-son-son-Dumb mixing his stone of promise to the town with his Oathstone, glancing at the two with a strange expression. That was enough to push the crowd to frenzy. But Tweedle-son-son-Dumb bore no makings of the Tukari. The Wandering Wizard was executed! They were a member of the Shin High Council! The Wandering Wizard (5): xinoeph512 / Ookla the Forgotten, _Stick_, Elkanah, Tani, Szeth_Pancakes / Ookla the Omniscient The Bookwyrm / Ookla the Perpetual (4): The Wandering Wizard, JNV, Araris Valerian, Alvron Szeth_Pancakes / Ookla the Omniscient (3): The Unknown Novel, Archer, Matrim's Dice Matrim’s Dice (2): InfiniteInsanity, Chantara Alvron (2): Illwei, Cash67 Kasimir (1): Kasimir The Night Turn will end on November 23rd at 11:00 PM PST. Please note I will be on a plane for a good bit of the cycle, so I won't be super responsive for... idk how long. Rollover should be at its normal time though. Player List:
  18. LG91 Day 1: Invasion The Shin warriors trickled into the city of Earthen Truth, looking at the dirt of the ground beneath them. They'd done what they could at the borders, but it had been a long time since Shinovar had been tested in battle, and there were less stonebound fighters than their Shamans had hoped for. Still, they'd done well on the front lines, but there were several reports of individual Tukari getting behind their lines. Which was exactly what the Shamans had feared - an Infiltration team. There was no talk of Radiants along the borders, which was a blessing - the Knights Radiant would be more focused on that stirring at Rall Elorium, and Nin-son-God had kept to his bargain. Still, it was not a happy day in Earthen Truth. A speaker, Carye-daughter-Liretiel, was announcing from the center square. The Shamans had a plan. The Honorblades - all, or at least most, of them - were gathered in the city. They believed this had also drawn the Tukari Invaders, including the ones who had allegedly been hunting for the more exposed Blades. But they were here now. And now no one would leave until they were found. Welcome to LG91! There will be an execution this cycle. Remember there is no vote minimum and ties are random. All GM PMs should be out by now, so let me know if you don't have one. PMs are closed. Any PMs opened by Abrasion will be opened by me, but will remain open the rest of the game. Also minor clarification - I thought I made the timeline for this game post-Recreance. Apparently I did not... but still, there are no Radiants or other secrets in this game. Maybe next time. The turn will end on Tuesday, November 22nd, at 11:00 PM PST. Apologies again for it being kinda late for most in the US, but it's a time I can guarantee I'll be free whether on break or in school or (hopefully) with exams. But do note I'll hopefully be asleep a few hours after rollover goes up. Player List: