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Found 9 results

  1. Tom was glad that he had a duty now, at least. Because otherwise, he would have spent the day brooding about his old job, and about how the world was sort of like, oh I don't know, ending? But then, he had discovered that he could burn atium. That instantly put him in the position of the village's bodyguard. That was pretty cool. Tom felt a small sense of accomplishment when he fought off the Inquisitor again, and again, and got closer each time to winning. This battle, though... something was wrong. Tom realized that his supply of atium was running out, and that there was no way he could kill the Inquisitor before that happened. And then. He sucked in the mists. Somehow, the mists gave Tom the power to continue and keep on fighting and... more atium? The more he would burn, the more it seemed he had remaining. When the Inquisitor lunged, Tom instinctively found the perfect parry and counterattack. They spun together in the mists, and finally, without quite knowing what was going on, Tom became the mists. Floating in the everywhere and nowhere at once, Tom knew... everything. He saw into the distance and into the far depths of time. More importantly, though, he knew exactly what he needed to do to put the Inquisitor's life to an end. In a deep, booming voice, Tom spoke as the wind in the Inquisitor's ear: "YOU ARE A STICK." "No!" The Inquisitor screamed. "I am the Inquisitor! And these are my spikes!" She waved her spikes menacingly toward the direction of the voice. "YOU ARE A STICK." "YOU ARE A STICK." "YOU ARE A STICK." "YOU ARE A STICK." "YOU ARE A STICK." "YOU ARE A STICK." "YOU ARE A STICK." "YOU ARE A STICK." "YOU ARE A STICK." "YOU ARE A ST-" And just like that, the newly ascended Preservation realized his plan. A chunk of Investiture spontaneously appeared from Roshar, answering the call, and letting Tom harness the powers of Soulcasting. Don't ask me how that would realistically work. It probably wouldn't. But in this hypothetical universe, it somehow happened. The scary, powerful, menacing Inquisitor convinced herself that she was indeed a stick. LG59 is over! Thank you to everyone for playing, and congratulations to the village for their victory. I have so many people to thank. I'll start off with @Coop772 for his help with GMing and @Alvron for being the IM. @Elbereth, @Fifth Scholar, and @Devotary of Spontaneity were invaluable in helping me balance and edit the rules of my first game. @Haelbarde and @Burnt Spaghetti, among others in the Discord, came up with some awesome titles (some of which I used), and @Butt Ad Venture even wrote a writeup for me. In addition to that, every single one of you signed up despite this being an incredibly busy time of the year, and I'm so grateful for all of the people who played or spectated for taking the time to do so. @_Stick_, it was super fun having you in the elim doc. Despite not having converts, it never got lonely in there. @Snipexe, thank you for being lynched Day 1 and tolerating it @Cicada, I hope you enjoyed your first game and that you'll stick around. Now for the fun part: Dead doc Elim doc GM spreadsheet Rules Alright, I'll post GM thoughts and stuff on how I might change this game in a later post, as I have to get to class. Again, well played everyone!
  2. Vin barely succeeded in killing the Lord Ruler, but something went wrong during the fight. The scene ended with Vin limping away, barely conscious and out of pewter. Eventually, she fell unconscious and died. Elend was unable to gather the support needed to ascend and rule Luthadel, so the Steel Ministry was able to clamp down its iron (or steel?) fist. As Ruin's influence grew, he wormed his way into the mind of an unlucky Inquisitor. That Inquisitor was tricked into releasing Ruin from his prison, and things only went downhill from there. After a rather dubious gap in logic and storytelling, all of the Inquisitors went mad and started killing everyone. Because that's just how life works. Welcome to LG59, lovely people. Housekeeping and General Notes: @Coop772 and I will be GMing this game, and @Alvron will be the IM. The game will start on Monday, September 2, 2019. Rollover will be at 12:30 PM PDT. Days are 48 hours long. Nights are 24 hours long. PM's are closed. There is a minimum requirement of 1 post per cycle, for each player. Less posting than that will result in death by the inactivity filter. The full game rules may also be accessed here. Game Rules: Basic rules Spike Rules Spike Roles Allomantic Roles Player List: Spectators: Quick Links:
  3. The Inquisitor knew that they had no chance at catching the last villagers. The Mistings had harnessed the use of their abilities to their maximum potential, and they would likely deflect the Inquisitor's spikes in the blink of an eye. So, the Inquisitor set out to business, and decided to get some revenge. They remembered the lurch that made their cleverly planned spike attempt crumble to ashes. With a quick and precise slash of the knife, Sari the Lurcher toppled to the ground. "Just as you deserve. For ruining my elaborate and ingenious plans of death, suffering, chaos, and more death," hissed the Inquisitor. --- Day 4 has begun! The turn will end on Friday, September 13, at 12:30 PM PDT. Sart has died! He was a Village Lurcher. Here are the rules. Announcement: Please vote in purple to determine whether to have the game end after today. It looks like the village has everything it needs to win, but if people wish to drag it out or pursue a different plan, now is the time to decide. Player list:
  4. The villagers were now mostly in agreement. They had narrowed down a list of just a few people to stab. And so they tried to stab two of the people. Suddenly, one of the attackers stopped in place and dropped their knife, overcome by an intense pity. One person ended up actually being stabbed. They screamed as the knife was drawn out of their body... and they stayed alive. They came back on their feet, gritted their teeth, and the wound healed. Could they have been burning pewter? Or was this something else entirely... like a spike? It was time for the people to decide. - - - Night 3 has begun! The turn will end on Wednesday, September 11, at 12:30 PM PDT. Stick was lynched, but survived! Vote count: Stick (2) Fura (1) Here are the rules. Player list:
  5. Shoutout to @Burnt Spaghetti for the title idea! - - - The Inquisitor, hooded with a billowing, concealing cloak, decided that this was the time. With a knife in one hand and a spike in the other, the Inquisitor cornered three people, haphazardly threw a spike at one of them, and stabbed the other. Suddenly, there was a lurch as the spike was pulled in a different direction. Somehow, the spike was pulled directly back into the Inquisitor's hand. Slightly surprised at this, the Inquisitor ran away and left the stabbed person, Demmanu, bleeding and dying in the corner. Welp. - - - Day 3 has begun! The day will end on Tuesday, September 10, at 12:30 PM PDT. Xinoehp512 has died! They were a Village Tineye. Here are the rules. Player list:
  6. Thank you so much to @Butt Ad Venture for tonight's writeup! --- Another day had passed, a day of bolted doors and distrust. A day where the world got a little bit closer to death. A day where hope got an inch closer to death. Lord Kelsier said hope could never die. He lied. Hope was as good as dead. Impossibly, a few people still fought. They fought, and they died. Others questioned whether it would ever end. But in the end they fought, they all fought, and they all kept hope alive. The hope compelled someone to speak up. He shared his knowledge; another said he was wrong. And...the hope got him lynched. Hope had turned on them. Kelsier was wrong. Hope killed them. Kelsier had doomed them. With hope destroying all they fought for, why did anyone still hold on? --- Night 2 has begun! The turn will end on Sunday, September 8, at 12:30 PM PDT. Amanuensis was lynched! He was a Village Seeker. Vote count: Aman (5) Devotary (1) Sart (0) Here are the rules. Player list:
  7. I apologize for the lack of a writeup I simply have too much homework and various things to do. - - - Day 2 has begun! The Day will end on Saturday, September 7, at 12:30 PM PDT. Butt Ad Venture has died! They were a Village Smoker. Here are the rules. Player list:
  8. The Inquisitor knew that they were the only one left by now. There was still a part of them that was aware of things and that knew what was happening. The rest of the Inquisitors had all slaughtered each other, or themselves, in their madness. Like the rest of the Inquisitors, the majority of the mind of this last one did not care. All this Inquisitor knew was death, and the urge to destroy and the utter inability to resist. So, when the frightened-yet-hopeful human resistance stared in dismay as they killed one of their own... of course the Inquisitor did not care. - - - Snipexe has been lynched! They were a Village Rioter. Vote count: Snipexe (3) Drake (2) Rath (1) Night 1 has begun! The turn will end on Thursday, September 5, at 12:30 PM PDT. Here are the rules. Player list:
  9. Somehow, there was still hope among the people. There wasn't much left, though. Of hope and of people. By now, most had retreated into whatever shelters they could find. The world was going to end, and there wasn't any good reason to doubt that. That is, if you weren't one of the (approximately) dozen people who decided to take a desperate stand. Somehow, the impending deepness and death had only fueled their determination. And so they fought. Welcome to LG59! This turn will end on Wednesday, September 3rd, 2019, at 12:30 PM PDT. Please remember that PM's are closed throughout the game. There has been a minor change to the rules due to game size. The Inquisitor can have a maximum of 1 convert at any point in the game. The full rules may be accessed here. I appreciate every single player for signing up to play this game during such a busy time of year. Thank you. Also, shoutout to @Haelbarde for the title idea. Player list: