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Found 16 results

  1. LG50: News of My Demise The Elendel Daily Newsworthy Content for Every Octant! The 16th of Doxil, 68, Morning Price 2 Clips Contest for Heron Inheritance! In an exclusive to The Elendel Times, Kasaam, Steward to Lord Wayrn Heron, reveals the truth about the ill health of his master. “Lord Heron is dying,” the Terrisman said, candidly, in an interview with this reporter. Kasaam (age unknown) seems tired and worn himself now, perhaps unsurprising after a lifetime of working with such a person. “This is not too shocking; he has had a long and distinguished career, and there are few who can claim to have seen as much of history as he has. If it is a surprise, it is only that it should come now, after so long in good health. Many of his staff, myself included, almost believed that he would live forever.” Indeed, Lord Heron (91) is one of the only people still remaining who remembers the world before the Catacendre. He has previously claimed to be the only man still alive who has met The Lord Ruler, the oppressive tyrant that ruled the old world. And not content with remembering history, the man has lived his life forging it as well – There are few who do not know the name of ‘Heron Industries Mining Concern’, the eminent name in mining, quarrying, metallurgy, logistics and allomantic research. Most of our fair city was built with their aid, and it is estimated that almost twenty percent of the city’s inhabitants rely on the company for their business in some form. The question that is always posed when one thinks of the company is ‘how did they become so powerful?’. The answer, of course, lies in the old world. Lord Heron inherited his Lordship young, and took risks with his family's money, spending it on highly dangerous and profitable ventures. In particular, he helped fund the Skaa Rebellion, selling them weapons and metals in an act which would caused his execution had it been discovered. Those who knew him at the time have spoken of his calculating and, some would say cold, methods, and the ruthlessness that he pursued further wealth with. With the death of the Lord Ruler, his favourable status with the new rulers of The Final Empire saw him ascend to the new parliament created by King (later Emperor) Venture. This gave him further scope to increase his power, in a manner that a more enlightened and less chaotic time might call corrupt. With the Ascension of Harmony and the birth of the world we now live in came a great need for rapid construction. Housing, agriculture, centers of governance, all required stone and metals in greater number than ever before. Lord Heron paved great roadways to the mountains at the edge of the basin, and started to excavate and transport raw materials to the city, in the process founding Heron Industries Mining Concern. One might say that Lord Heron used risk and chaos to propel himself to ever greater heights. Indeed, whether he was extremely intelligent or insanely lucky is a matter that is still debated by many academics today. But, as Kasaam himself has vouchsafed to this reporter, Lord Heron may not be long for this world. And this poses something of a problem for the noble House of Heron and the company that bears its name. Lord Heron’s wife, Shannah Heron, passed away twelve years ago, and they had no children. Thus Lord Heron is the last of his House, and the question of inheritance arises. “We are holding a sort of… contest,” Kasaam says, with a wry smile that doesn’t quite seem to reach his tired eyes. “Lord Heron intends to adopt an heir before his passing, and to ensure that the company is not handed to someone undeserving, he will test that they possess all the traits of a Heron, and that they will lead the House to even greater glories.” All interested parties must send in their applications for no later than the 25th of the month, after which a longlist of candidates will be invited to visit Heron Keep for the second stage of application. Only nobles need apply. Krea Erikeller Commercial Advertisements Personal Advertisements Well, there’s been a lot of speculation on who was going to run the next game, and I’m happy to put those rumours to rest. Congratulations to those of you who correctly guessed that I, Brandon Sanderson, will be running LG50! ...Actually, it’s me, Wyrmhero. But I had you fooled, didn’t I? Go on, admit it. Rules There are two teams, Nobles and Spiked. The Spiked get a document to collaborate on, and get a Night Kill Action as detailed below. In addition to this, players are secretly placed in House Documents, as in LG7 (if anyone remembers all that time go). They may discuss things freely in that document. If there is one player or less alive in that House Doc, it will be made read-only. The House a player belongs to will not be made public on their death, nor will if a House has been emptied of players. The game is broken down into two Turns across each Cycle of play – The Day Turn, and the Night Turn. The game begins on a Day Turn. Day Turns last 48 hours, Night turns 24 hours. The end of each turn will be 7PM in the GM’s timezone (which is currently BST, but will change to GMT on the 28th). During the Day Turn, players vote for another player to Assassinate, and another player to Praise, such as Kasimir/Wyrmhero. A vote will not be counted unless it contains both votes. Players cannot vote for themselves for either Assassination or Praising, and cannot vote to Assassinate and Praise the same player. A vote must be removed before a new vote is placed. Players must rescind both Assassinate and Praise votes before making new ones, even if one vote when reapplied would be for the same player. It just makes my job a lot easier. At the end of each Day, as long as a player has two or more votes, the player with the most votes dies, If there is a tie, or no player has two or more votes, no Assassination occurs. Regardless of whether a player dies, after this all living players gain their Praise votes added to their total tally, and the living player who had the most Praise votes given to them that Day is Influential the next Day (if they survive...). An Influential player’s votes are worth two votes, for both Assassinate and Praise. If there is a tie, no player becomes Influential. During the Day Turn, Rioters and Soothers may use their Actions. No other Actions may be made during a Day Turn. During the Night Turn, one player on the Spiked team can use their Action to use the Spiked Kill Action. No distinction is made between the Spiked Kill Action or a Coinshot Kill Action. In addition, the Thug (if injured), Tineye, Coinshot, Lurcher, Seeker and Smoker may use their Role Actions at this time. Players may send PMs to each other as long as a Tineye is alive (you will be told if they are not). Spiked Kill Actions and Coinshot Kill Actions are simultaneous. Players may only make one Action per Cycle (going Day-Night), regardless of how many Actions they might be able to perform. An exception to this is during the first Day Turn, when a Smoker may designate themselves and one other person to be protected from Soothing and Rioting during the first Day Turn only, as a free Action. The Spiked win if they have the capability to prevent the Nobles from getting a successful lynch again, usually by the Spiked outnumbering the Nobles. If the Spiked all die, the living player with the most Praise votes wins a personal victory, Noble players in their House (dead or alive) win a House victory, and all the Nobles (dead or alive) win a shared victory. Also, I note that once more, it is my burden to bear Ookla Season. I have no idea how the mods are going to handle it this year, but at the very least I want everyone who takes part to set their title to their previous name and for everyone to refer to themselves and the other players as their normal name. The game will begin on Thursday 25th at 7PM BST. Before that time, if players wish to, they can send me obituaries to include at the time of their death. Roles Thug – The first time a Thug would die for any reason (whether at night or from the lynch), they instead survive. If it’s during the Night, their attack and survival will be publicly noted. This is a passive effect and does not require an Action to use. Afterwards, however, the Thug must use an Action to burn Pewter every Night, or they will succumb to their injuries! Tineye – As long as a Tineye is still alive, players can send PMs to another player during the Night Turn, which must include the GM. Group PMs are not allowed. If all Tineyes die, players cannot send messages to each other privately, and can only talk in the thread or their House Doc. As an Action, Tineyes may also send a message at Night to the GM to include within the next Day’s writeup. Coinshot – A Coinshot can use their Action at Night to attempt to kill another player. Lurcher – A Lurcher can use their Action at Night to save another player from being killed. If that player is attacked that Night, their attack and survival will be publicly noted. Rioter – A Rioter can target another player in the Day with their Action, at the cost of nullifying their own Assassinate and Praise votes, to change who another player has voted to Assassinate or to Praise. Influential players still have their double-strength vote changed. Soother – A Soother can target another player in the Day with their Action to nullify their Assassinate and/or Praise vote. Influential players still have their double-strength vote lost. Seeker – A Seeker can use their Action during the Night to discover what Role that player has and whether they are Spiked. Smoker – By using their Action during the Night, a Smoker can protect themselves and up to one other player that Night and the following Day from Rioting, Soothing and Seeking. Soothing and Rioting will fail and Smokers will see the player as Roleless and Noble. End of Signups Depends on player numbers, ideally want 20+. Player List Quick Links:
  2. Morning Edition: Epilogue The Elendel Daily Newsworthy Content for Every Octant! The 30th of Doxil, 68, Morning Price 2 Clips Rooftop Chase Leads to Spiked Capture Like something out of a Jasdorn Izenry fiction, Madion Ways in the 1st Octant awoke this morning to the sounds of feet on their rooftops, as a Spiked individual known as Furamirionid was under pursuit by one Severance Greed, Special Constable for the Elendel Constabulary. According to eyewitnesses, they fought a heated battle using Steelpushing on the rooftops, though Special Constable Greed was careful to avoid endangering any onlookers. The battle ended when Furamirionid became badly injured after an exchange of coins, but his condition is not lifte-threatening, even after his Spike was removed. It has been theorised that he is a natural Pewterarm, and was using stolen Steelpushing via Hemalurgy for the duel, though a full investigation is pending. Severance Greed was present at the Constabulary conference afterwards, injured but not seriously wounded. He was introduced as the first of, hopefully, many Special Constables hired under Governor Wilson's new Misting Initiative. The Chief Constable stated that Special Constable Greed was responsible for several of the Spiked deaths. He further stated that orders were to bring the Spiked in alive to be questioned, but circumstances at the time meant that this proved too difficult, and that Special Constable Greed was permitted to use lethal force where necessary. Preliminary interrogation of the captured individual has suggested that there are no more Spiked plaguing our city. When questioned as to why Special Constable Greed did not appear on the Constabulary employee lists before today, the Chief Constable quickly stated that they do not comment on specific employment contracts. The Change for Elendel party has speculated that this employment has been backdated to save face, and that it makes a hero out of a vigilante murderer. They have attacked the Governor viciously for allowing this to happen, claiming that he has used the situation as a political stunt. The Governor has not responded to this publicly, but initial polling suggests that approval rates for Governor Wilson have increased, and a source close to the Governor has heavily hinted that an election will be declared in the near future, to challenge Change for Elendel and Councillor Jernaq once and for all. The other man of the hour today is Lord Ookla Heron, previously known as Ookla 'The Curmudgeonly' Erikell. The New Lord Heron was invited to see the previous Lord of the House this morning. Initial questioning of his peers has shown that he was chosen for his forthrightness, intelligence, sensible attitude towards the crisis, and, in spite of his nickname, likability. It also seems that Lord Heron does not care about his age - The new Lord Heron is not young, at 67, and it would appear that this is something of a stop-gap for the time being. The previous Lord Heron may be hoping that Lord Ookla Heron will find another suitable heir, as he has more time to search. But with Lord Ookla Heron being well-liked and well-thought of himself, it would also seem that the old Lord Heron is hoping to continue his House's attitude towards industry, while also forging stronger links between House Heron and other Noble Houses. Already some are suggesting that House Heron and House Erikell (the House Lord Ookla Heron previously belonged to) will be working closer together than before, though not all are pleased to hear that. House Heron has not released any statement as of yet other than announcing the adoption of Lord Ookla Heron. Likewise, Lord Ookla Heron refused to say anything to the press as he left the Heron Mansion, though it must be said that he seemed quite disturbed. One can only assume that he has realised the monumental change in lifestyle and responsibility he has just agreed to, and that he will settle into the role in time. Regardless though, everyone will be watching the career of this newest Heron with the greatest of interest. Krea Erikell Commercial Advertisements Previous Editions Other Headlines This Evening Nobles Win! Ookla the Curmudgeonly of House Erikell is the new Lord Heron! House Erikell has been raised up in standing, and will enjoy many prosperous years from their stronger association with House Heron. As always, I will post my thoughts on this game the following day. I hope everyone enjoyed playing this game and reading the writeups Total Influence Docs Player List
  3. Evening Edition 7 The Elendel Daily Newsworthy Content for Every Octant! The 29th of Doxil, 68, Evening Price 2 Clips 5000 Signatures Delivered to Governor Wilson This afternoon, Councillor Jernaq, the leader of the Change for Elendel political party, delivered several reams of paper to Governor Wilson's desk, on which he claimed were the signatures of 5000 people demanding that the Governor hold a new election. The signatures included many notable names, including several heads of prominent Noble Houses and others within the nobility, political figures from New Seran and other outlying cities, and many business owners and traders concerned with the chaos that has been gripping Elendel as of late. While not on the list, as they do not wish to interfere in political discourse, several religious leaders from all three major churches have also expressed concern with the lack of trust in the current government, as well as the apparent breakdown of morals within the city. They have appealed for a calm and measured response from the Governor, and wish to remind people that we must respect the political process and cannot give in to fear or anger. A government spokesman has told The Elendel Daily that he will release a statement, but has stressed that the Governor's position is in no way untenable, and that these 5000 people cannot simply overrule the voters that elected him. The spokesman further stated that to allow such a thing would be 'a mockery of democracy'. He pointed to the fact that another 'Spiked' individual had been found and dealt with as proof of his capability to solve the crisis that Elendel was currently experiencing, and said that Change for Elendel was merely trying to abuse the problem to seek greater power. The Tekiel Appeal also ended this morning, with House Tekiel withdrawing all complaints and acknowledging that changes would need to be made across all aspects of their business to improve health and safety. An Elendel Consolidated Trade Union legal representative stated that this would have wide ramifications on the other Noble Houses as well, and that it was a true victory for the empowerment of the average worker. Already House Izenry's Carriageworkers have put paperwork in to form a Union of Transportation Workers, and others are expected to soon follow. Another representative of the ECTU also stated that 'this would be a message to all the Nobility out there, that they cannot simply ignore those poorer than them and hope they suffer in silence to support their greedy and excessive lifestyle. Earlier today, A government individual stated that allowing a new election would be a 'mockery of democracy'. I agree; Any election held in Elendel, regardless of circumstance, is a mockery of democracy as long as we workers are not permitted to have a say in who governs us. We have had many governors, all of which have been put in place by a corrupt and nepotistic system. Let today's ruling be a warning to the ruling class - The Final Empire is dead, and its feudalism with it. The age of the working man is here.' Garrik Urbain Commercial Advertisements Obituary Previous Editions Other Headlines This Evening Night 7 has begun! It will end at 7PM GMT 25th November. There is still at least one Tineye remaining, so PMs may continue. Jendred/Young Bard was a Spiked Tineye! Ookla the Curmudgeonly/Araris Valerian is Influential the following Day. Assassinate Votes Praise Votes Total Influence Player List
  4. Morning Edition 7 The Elendel Daily Newsworthy Content for Every Octant! The 29th of Doxil, 68, Morning Price 2 Clips Constabulary Granted New Powers in Wake of Deaths At a conference this morning, Constables shocked all assembled when they announced that there had been three further deaths over the night, all related to the House Heron killings. The first was not another murder, but an unfortunate result of pewter dragging - Burrsir, who was attacked the previous day (see the Morning Edition of the 28th of Doxil) has passed away from his injuries. Medical staff that arrived on the scene have stated that it appears that the seriousness of his injury was downplayed by his use of pewter to stave off the pain, allowing him to act and perform feats that should not have been possible for someone normally as hurt as he was. This lead to Our Mother of Terris Hospital releasing him from observation as they believed the wound was superficial, or at least not life-threatening. However, it appears that over the course of the night, Burrsir's body ran out of pewter to burn, and he died in his sleep. Unfortunately, the other two deaths reported are of a more violent nature. Apparently emboldened by Governor Wilson's praise of vigilantism, one of our city's Mistings has taken it upon themselves to 'solve' the crimes that the Constabulary appear to be struggling with. A man named Quintus was discovered, dead, in the early hours of the morning. Embedded in his body, Constables found a spike of metal, confirmed to be Invested. However, the Constabulary have stressed that they have not ruled out the possibility that this attack was carried out by another Spiked individual, after some feud or schism. The third death is of a man who has been in the broadsheets very frequently, as of late; Locke Tekiel. While it is possible that his death was related to the apparent war between House Heron and the Spiked, Constables have suggested that this may have been carried out by a disgruntled worker or someone who has been following the appeal by House Tekiel against the ruling made that found them negligent on the matter of worker safety. Constables are investigating the theory that this attack may have been carried out by someone that has been hurt, or by someone that has had close family suffer from their negligence. House Tekiel has refused to comment on whether their appeal will continue, but have requested a delay in proceedings due to their bereavement until they announce a new leader for their House. The Governor has announced that the Constabulary will be granted new powers to investigate these deaths, including the ability to hold individuals without charge for longer periods of time. He has said that this could save lives by preventing potential serial killers or mass murders from being let free while evidence is gathered. Constables have welcomed this, stating that such powers would only be used rarely where there is a very real threat to public safety. However, not everyone is pleased of such powers being handed out. Councillor Jernaq, newly-elected leader of the Change for Elendel party, has responded to this scathingly, opining 'People are afraid, and now is not the time to be abusing their fears in this cynical and above-all blatant attempt to win votes and curtail freedoms within the city,. It is reactionary and authoritarian, and we oppose it and his continued stranglehold on the city most strongly. After speaking to many of the Noble Houses within the city, it is clear that they do not trust the Governor. We expect to have enough signatures to force an election within the next few days.There will be a reckoning for Governor Wilson, and it will be very soon. I can promise that.' Krea Erikeller Commercial Advertisements Obituaries Previous Editions Other Headlines This Evening Day 7 has begun! It will end at 7PM GMT 23rd November. Quintus/Jondesu was a Spiked Rioter! Locke Tekiel/Orlok Tsubodai was a Noble Tineye! Burrsir/Coop772 has died of his injuries! He was a Noble Thug. Locke Tekiel/Orlok Tsubodai has died, so there's no Influential player today. Player List
  5. Evening Edition 6 The Elendel Daily Newsworthy Content for Every Octant! The 28th of Doxil, 68, Evening Price 2 Clips Council Condemns Governor's Reaction to 'Vigilante' Killing Early this afternoon, a body was 'handed in' to the Constabulary offices in the 3rd Octant. The body was previously owned by one George Mackleberry, and in what is becoming a recurring theme, he was one of the now-dwindling number of people hoping to inherit House Heron's fortunes. In a shocking twist though, also handed in with the body was a long sliver of metal. Allomantic tests have determined that the metal was invested, and forensics have shown that the spike was previously embedded inside Mr Mackleberry's body. All this has led the Constabulary to conclude that he was one of the murderers plaguing Elendel. Unfortunately, they have also stated that they do not believe this to be the last of them; indeed, they say that the only thing that they can say about the number of Spiked individuals working with Mr Mackleberry and his presumed associated Kalfaix is that there aren't that many of them. Small saving grace that is though, as this small number of individuals, whose numbers are less than a dozen, has caused havoc and spread fear throughout the city. As in the previous case, the Constabulary condemned the use of 'vigilante justice' to enact vengeance against Mr Mackleberry, and have pleaded that no-one else takes the law into their own hands, but instead provides any and all information to the Constabulary. Contrary to this though, the Governor publicly applauded and praised the killer, stating that he was quite disappointed with how the Constabulary were handling the case, and that they had been less than useful. He also added that any private individuals who wish to help prevent these murderers from killing anyone else are more than welcome to do 'what they feel is necessary'. At this, Councillors staged another walk-out, and Councillor Jernaq has told The Elendel Daily that he will seek approval from the Noble Houses to trigger an election of a new governor. Councillor says that Governor Wilson is 'no longer fit to hold office', but denies claims that he wants to be Governor himself, stating 'anyone would be better than [Governor Wilson] right now.' Garrik Urbain Commercial Advertisements Obituary Previous Editions Other Headlines This Evening Night 6 has begun! It will end at 7PM GMT 21st November. There's a Tineye alive still, so PMs may be sent. George RD Mackleberry/Gancho Libre was a Spiked Smoker! Locke Tekiel/Orlok Tsubodai is Influential the following Day. Assassinate Votes Praise Votes Total Influence Player List
  6. Morning Edition 6 The Elendel Daily Newsworthy Content for Every Octant! The 28th of Doxil, 68, Morning Price 2 Clips Praise Given to Quick Response by Constables In what seems like almost the new 'normal', last night there was yet another attack on a citizen of Elendel. A young man by the name of Burrsir was attacked on his way home from the university. No-one was able to describe the altercation, but whether through chance, help or Burrsir defending himself, the cut was not immediately life-threatening, and the hospital is reporting his recovery and have announced that he will be free to go about his business by time of print. During the events, Burrsir was struck on the head and, due to this injury, cannot recall if any came to his aid, or the identity of his attacker. The Constabulary were at the location of the attack within minutes of the event, thanks to a concerned citizen, who was able to use their Steelpushing capabilities to quickly report the crime to a constable on the street. Upon arrival, first-aiders were able to patch Burrsir up well enough until he could receive further treatment at The Terris Mother Hospital. After being seen by medical professionals, constables questioned him about the attack, but were unable to discover any information immediately pertinent to their investigation. They have requested that any individuals around The Dibbling Cafe in the late evening on 27th Doxil make themselves known to investigators for questioning. Governor Wilson has praised Constables for their speedy response time, and has promised further funding will be made available to the Constabulary to hire Mistings, in particular Tineyes and Coinshots, as a means of raising alarms and alerting them to crimes in progress. This will be run on a trial basis within the 1st Octant, but will hopefully be extended through the whole city. Councillors have questioned where funding will be found for this initiative, as most Mistings are in the employ or members of the various noble families. It has been questioned whether public funding can compete with the amounts that Mistings can earn in the private sector, and whether this is a good use of the City's resources. The Governor responded that public safety was paramount, and that the money for this policy would be taken from the greater Constabulary budget, and that this was simply allowing the Constabulary to hire according to their needs. When asked whether this would mean that there would be less Constables on the street, the Governor declined to comment. Krea Erikeller Commercial Advertisements Personal Advertisements Previous Editions Other Headlines This Evening Burrsir/Coop772 was attacked during the Night, but survived! Day 6 has begun! It will end at 7PM GMT on Tuesday 20th November. Ookla the Curmudgeonly/Araris Valerian is Influential this Turn. Player List
  7. Evening Edition 5 The Elendel Daily Newsworthy Content for Every Octant! The 27th of Doxil, 68, Evening Price 2 Clips Critics SLAM Elendel-Focused Policies In a meeting this afternoon, Governor Wilson finalized the agreement that would see extra money dedicated to the new dredging policies to clear up the canal. This financing was to be drawn from the transportaiton budget, which is normally used for building new infrastructure between Elendel and the outlying cities and towns within the basin. In particular, representatives of New Seran condemned the policy for 'funneling yet more money into Elendel at the expense of everywhere else'. It has long been a condemnation of the government that they focus on the city and not so much other areas of civilisation, but they have always responded that it 'makes more sense to spend in Elendel, where it can reach the greatest number of people in the most efficient way'. As the population of Elendel dwarfs that of other cities, they say, more money should be spend there rather than elsewhere. New Seran's representative, Lord Shore, was disappointed to hear of the allocation of funding. 'This is simply typical of self-centered, 'big city thinking', where they simply do not understand the hardships of life outside the walls of Elendel. They do not care that we had food shortages last year, because they don't have to suffer them. They don't care that the cities out there are getting poorer and poorer, and that Elendel drains the life and youth from them to sustain itself. There are hundreds of examples of young people coming to Elendel with the hope of a better life, only to find themselves on the streets, unwanted. And Elendel does nothing to help!' This angry outburst comes after the death of one 'Aniah Arkwood', a young girl from the roughs that reportedly came to seek her fortune in the City, like so many others before her. Her story is both common and unique. She arrived in Elendel some time within the last month, hoping to make use of a connection to House Heron to find work. Any work found this way would have been of a far better quality than would be found in the roughs, and it is speculated that she may have desired to send money back to support her family. While she did not initially succeed in this, her connection meant that she was present at the meeting between House Heron and the potential heirs to Lord Heron, which led to her becoming involved in the chaos currently being wreaked on Elendel by the Spiked cult. Unfortunately, this proved to be a fatal decision for her to make, and her body was found earlier this afternoon, another victim of the allure and violence of Elendel. In response to the accusations of an Elendel-focused government, the Governor hastily announced that plans would be drawn up to create a transit system between Elendel and cities such as New Seran. He stated that this might make use of the 'railroad' system devised by House Heron to transport goods, and that he was interested to see how House Hasting's steam engine could be applied to it to create horseless transportation systems moving at great speed without a need to stop to change or rest horses and drivers. House Izenry has claimed that such a move would be unthinkably dangerous, while House Hasting has welcomed the opportunity to collaborate with the Governor on this project. House Heron declined to comment on the death of Miss Arkwood. Garrik Urbain Commercial Advertisements Obituary Previous Editions Other Headlines This Evening Aniah Arkwood/Ark1002 was a Noble! Araris Valerian/Ookla the Curmudgeonly is Influential the next Day. Night 5 has begun! It will end at 7PM GMT on Sunday 18th November. The number of Tineyes alive is both nonzero and positive, so PMs may continue to be sent. Assassinate Votes Praise Votes Total Influence Player List
  8. Morning Edition 5 The Elendel Daily Newsworthy Content for Every Octant! The 27th of Doxil, 68, Morning Price 2 Clips Governor Announces Water Cleanliness Policies This morning, the Elendel Fish Market was closed down for health and safety reasons, after it was discovered that the fish had ingested copious amounts of soot and dirt, and were declared unfit for human consumption. Not only this, but on the coast, fishers and other early-morning workers reported seeing large quantities of dead or dying fish and cephalopods. In light of this, Governor Wilson has announced that additional measures will be taken to clean up the canals within Elendel, and other city water sources. After the Catacendre, we believed that dredging the canals every day would no long be a necessary task. The Ashmounts are gone, no longer required to keep humanity alive in the face of a bright and cruel, and thus Ashfalls no longer plague our skies, killing plants and clogging up rivers and streams. But, expert scientific witnesses have warned, we are creating our own ashfalls thanks to advancements in industry and technology. Factories often require water for their processes, which is often drawn from the canal. It is then later returned to the canal as waste water - which is usually unclean and full of dirt and dust and soot. It may not fall from the sky, but these waste products are filling our canals. Barge-owners have complained about water levels within the canals being too low at times to allow smooth progression, but it appears that the issue is not low water levels, but in fact high riverbed levels. Currently, dredging is carried out on the canals infrequently to remove rubbish and debris from the waterbed. While previously this has been all that was required, with factory soot added to the canals, this is no longer enough, and it has been suggested that more frequent dredging would help alleviate this and speed up travel time on the rivers for larger boats. Studies have suggested that this water might be responsible for ill health and disease, particularly among those who obtain water directly from pumps within the city. This morning, Governor Wilson announced a new dredging program, to be carried out monthly to prevent this problem from reoccurring. This will be funded by an additional tax being levied on businesses using large amounts of public water sources for manufacturing, as well as requiring businesses to have a permit to do so. The Governor also announced a new committee to plan for long-term solutions to this problem, to prevent it from reoccurring. Krea Erikeller Commercial Advertisements Personal Advertisements Obituaries Previous Editions Other Headlines This Evening Ookla of Squids/Steeldancer was a Lurcher! Avi/Elendara died from her injuries - She was a Thug. Quintus/Jondesu is Influential this Day. Day 5 has begun! It will end at 7PM GMT on Friday 16th November. Player List
  9. Evening Edition 4 The Elendel Daily Newsworthy Content for Every Octant! The 26th of Doxil, 68, Evening Price 2 Clips Governor Wilson Confirms Death of Spiked Murderer The Elendel Daily is able to report that one of the Spiked murderers that have been plaguing Elendel this past week has been killed. Named as one 'Kalfaix', ostensibly a travelling magician, his body was discovered in an alleyway by Izenry Ironworks' Factory, along the 5th-6th Canal. He had been stabbed through the neck, and the Spike embedded within his body had been removed and placed upon his lap, in what Constables are calling 'a mockery of justice'. "We must remember," said Inspector Alvern at a conference this afternoon, "that regardless of the identity of the killed individual, murder is still murder. It is not the duty of the public, or even the constabulary, to enact judgement upon individuals. Any punishment must come from a court of law, empowered by the city and its peoples to make judgement after a fair and thorough hearing of all facts involved within a case. While the end result would have still been an execution, there is a vast gulf of difference between the state doing so, and a vigilante who has neither all the facts of the case, nor the authority of the city behind them." In response to a question of whether the individual was one of the murderers within the city, the Inspector stated that "a corpse alone does not provide evidence either way." He then continued when pressed further, saying, "we have no evidence that this individual has killed anyone, nor whether they are in fact a hemalurgist. It is indeed possible that the Spike was forced upon him, rather than him choosing it. Unfortunately, with his death, we cannot question the individual - another reason as to why this is such an unfortunate end to this particular case." When asked whether there were more out there, the Inspector gave a nod. "We believe there are a few more individuals out there, but unfortunately we have little to go on. We will be conducting a thorough search of Kalfaix' belongings and the lodgings he was using within the city to find any information we can that might lead to the arrest of others." The final question asked was whether he believed there was a connection to the poor health of Lord Heron, and the so-called 'contest' to find these Spiked individuals. "While we have no evidence for that," he replied, "at this point in our investigation it would be unwise to rule anything out." House Heron has declined to comment. Garrik Urbain Commercial Advertisements Obituaries Previous Editions Other Headlines This Evening The Immortal Kalfaix/MetaTerminal was a Spiked! Quintus/Jondesu is Influential during the next Day. Night 4 has begun! It will end at 7PM GMT on Wednesday 14th November. There are a nonzero number of Tineyes in this game, so PMs may be resumed. Assassinate Votes Praise Votes Total Influence Player List
  10. Morning Edition 4 The Elendel Daily Newsworthy Content for Every Octant! The 26th of Doxil, 68, Morning Price 2 Clips ‘The Survivor’ Challenged to Duel, Opponent Later Found Dead Late last night, Camon Tonnestor (24) was challenged to a duel by Count Olaf (93). Mr Tonnestor refused the challenge, and attempted to walk away from the scene. The Count, it is reported, did not accept Mr Tonnestor’s refusal, and remained belligerent even when some of his retainers reminded him of his opponent’s relative youth. When Mr Tonnestor continued to leave, the Count declared that he would burn their precious ‘union’ and all that entailed to the ground. Count Olaf then struck his ‘opponent’, who showed remarkable strength of will and did not attack back. The Count drew his sword, declaring that it was ‘obvious that a duel has been declared’, and attempted to disembowel his opponent. His attack was wide off the mark, however, and Mr Tonnestor only received a gash across his stomach instead. Constables arrived at the scene quickly, and restrained Count Olaf. In deference to his age, they considered cautioning and fining him and then letting him go, but further questioning revealed a violent, some might say incendiar, past. While taking Count Olaf into custody, it has been reported that a figure crouching in the rooftops descended upon the police taking him to jail. Constables left the carriage to deal with the miscreant, but in the confusion Count Olaf unlocked the carriage door and fled his custodians. As the assailant was driven off, the constables then turned their focus to finding their missing charge. Count Olaf was found shortly after, floating face-down in the canal, with a dagger embedded in his neck. He was pronounced dead at the scene, another victim of the chaos gripping Elendel this week. Krea Erikeller Commercial Advertisements Personal Advertisements Obituaries Previous Editions Other Headlines This Evening Count Olaf/Fifth Scholar was a Noble! Day 4 has begun! It will end at 7PM GMT on Tuesday 13th November. Avi/Elandera is Influential this Day. Player List
  11. Evening Edition 3 The Elendel Daily Newsworthy Content for Every Octant! The 25th of Doxil, 68, Evening Price 2 Clips Tekiel Appeal Begins in Disarray Shocking scenes inside the courthouse today, where House Tekiel's appeal against the findings of an independent inquiry into their business practices began this morning. House Tekiel was charged with negligent business practices a few days ago, as an inquiry found unsafe and in many cases questionably legal working practices, as well as the abuse of loopholes in regulations intended to keep factory staff safe. They were given a fine, but Lord Tekiel utilised their right to appeal the findings, delaying the fine and possibly resulting in an overturn of the fine and inquiry results, if House Tekiel is found to be correct. The appeal began this morning, with representatives of House Tekiel and the Tekiel workers in the hearing. Lord Tekiel was not present, and could not be reached for official comment, though many close to him report that he has been incensed by his workers and their new 'union'. A man wearing an old Mistcloak burst into the courtroom where the hearing was being held, claiming that he was The Survivor come again to the world, and that he would 'cast down the nobility and distribute their ill-gotten gains to the general public'. When officials attempted to apprehend the man, one of the appeal panel declared that they knew the man in question, and named him as one 'Camon Tonnestor', a carriage driver, amateur dramatic, and historical reenactment enthusiast. The man was led away from the scene and arrested, but ultimately released after a few hours. When asked why he did this, Mr Tonnestor stated that 'I'd always wanted to do something like that. Like The Survivor woulda done. Denouncing all the nobles like the Tekiels and their getting rich off the working peoples' labour.' A Tekiel representative, Louik Tekiel, gave a statement outside of the courtroom, where he condemned Mr Tonnestor's actions, and stated that when court resumed, they would be raising a complaint that the man had unfairly prejudiced the appeal panel against his House, and that he would be pressing the Constabulary to arrest the man for his actions. This complaint was dismissed by the panel, as they stated 'Mr Tonnestor's actions are an exaggeration and were clearly not intended to be taken seriously'. Louik Tekiel responded to this with strong and colourful language, which let to him being found in contempt and ordered to excuse himself from the appeal. When Master Tekiel refused, he further accused the panel of accepting bribes from 'skaa malcontents', and made several remarks about their heritage. This roused much of the room into a fury, and it was only with the hastily-sanctioned use of Soothers within the courtroom that a riot was averted. The appeals panel has requested that everyone forget the sorry event ever happened, and has ordered Louik Tekiel to remove himself from the appeal process permanently, and send a more suited individual to represent his House. House Tekiel has stated that, since this outburst, Louik Tekiel has had his part of any inheritance transferred to a more suitable heir. The appeal is still ongoing. Garrik Urbain Commercial Advertisements Previous Editions Other Headlines This Evening Night 3 has begun! It will end at 7PM GMT on Saturday. Day 3 however will not begin until 7PM on Sunday, as I am out all of Saturday and Monday, so this conviniently lets the Day cycle fall around Monday and avoids Saturday. No-one was lynched! Avi/Elandera is Influential during next Day. The number of Tineyes alive >0, so PMs are allowed. please stop them at rollover tomorrow, though. That is, 24 hours from this post. I've been asked if I will allow Actions for periods when people know they aren't going to be around. I'm very hesitant to do this, as I don't like the idea of it giving a false impression of activity/inactivity, but I have decided I will allow it once per person. Assassinate Votes Praise Votes Total Influence Player List
  12. Morning Edition 3 The Elendel Daily Newsworthy Content for Every Octant! The 25th of Doxil, 68, Morning Price 2 Clips Tekiel Appeal Begins There's never a dull moment in Elendel, particularly with the recent chaos and murders that have affected many of the Noble Houses. For now though, these grisly killings have taken a secondary billing to what could be the most important legal case in recent history. House Tekiel came under fire recently for poor working conditions, and a few days ago an independent inquiry found them guilty of negligence and dangerous working practices. The inquiry pronounced their guilt unanimously after finding multiple examples of cost-cutting on safety measures. House Tekiel's argument was not helped by Lord Tekiel's comments about his workforce and the derogatory terms he used to describe them, invoking the word 'skaa', and the imagery of the people used as a slave race in the world before the Catacendre. Further to this, Lord Tekiel responded by requesting an appeal, as well as publishing an open letter within this and many other newspapers, refuting the claim, and also doubling down on his use of the word 'skaa' to describe the working class of Elendel. This has supposedly not endeared him to the appeal committee, and many experts believe that the stubbornness House Tekiel has displayed could lead to further punitive damages. Workers under House Tekiel have grouped themselves together as a single body for the sake of this investigation, and their representatives will be providing evidence to the appeal committee. The legal council of the Elendel Consolidated Trade Union, as House Tekiel's factory workers have called their group, have stated that they are hopeful that this case will spur the creation of new laws regarding health and safety in the workplace, and hope that it will end exploitative practices within canneries and other factories city-wide, not just within House Tekiel and their businesses. It has been noted, both by the ECTU and by House Tekiel's own legal team, that House Tekiel is only doing as the other Houses are doing, and both sides claim that it would be foolish to hold them to a different standard to their peers. As such, there are high hopes among the ECTU that this case could have far-reaching consequences on how workers are treated throughout the city. House Tekiel, along with many other Noble Houses, is also awaiting results of a further inquiry regarding their contribution to the smog and contaminated canal water that have plagued the city in recent years. This inquiry, and the appeal, are ongoing. Krea Erikeller Commercial Advertisements Personal Advertisements Other Headlines This Evening Previous Editions Avi/Elandera was attacked during the Night, but survived! Day 3 has begun! It will end at 7PM GMT on Friday 9th November. Player List
  13. Evening Edition 2 The Elendel Daily Newsworthy Content for Every Octant! The 24th of Doxil, 68, Evening Price 2 Clips Another Death as Investigation is ‘Concluded’ Governor Wilson was rushed from a meeting this afternoon by his guards, after other officials started to riot as he said that the investigation into the suspicious deaths around House Heron had been ‘concluded’. As he made the statement, it was met with jeers from the others in the meeting and questions of bribery and corruption within the governor’s office and the investigative team. The governor attempted to calm them, but became irate when asked about his new mansion out in New Seran. When the question was asked, he declared the meeting adjourned, and made a quick exit to avoid further scrutiny. In an interview given exclusively to The Elendel Daily (see pages 4, 5 for further details), Councillor Brug Jernaq stated that his peers were extremely frustrated by the lack of transparency within this decision, and that it was merely another example in a string of questionable and suspicious decisions made under his regime*. He also has stated that he plans to protest this ‘inaction’ on the Governor’s part, and will be seeking to gather signatures from the nobility to dismiss the Governor from his duties in protest. This furore also comes as yet another body is found in suspicious and violent circumstances. This brings the total number of deaths surrounding House Heron up to four, but even now there are fears that this will not be the end of it. In all the pubs and meeting places of the city, one question is on everyone's many more must die before the city is safe again? *The Elendel Daily wish to point out that the Governor is not under investigation, and has not been charged with any wrongdoing, and any views stated by Councillor Brug Jernaq are their own views, and are not representative of The Elendel Daily. Garrik Urbain Commercial Advertisements Other Headlines This Evening Obituary Previous Editions Itiah XII/I think I am here. was a Rioter! There was a draw for Praise votes, there is no Influential player next Day. Night 2 has begun! It will end at 7PM GMT on Wednesday 7th November. A Tineye is alive, so you may continue sending PMs this Night. I'm finding purple Praise votes to be a little bit difficult to find when embedded in a lot of black text if it's the darker shades of purple, so if you do Praise someone within a wall of text, could you please bold your vote or make sure to use the lighter shade? Assassinate Votes Praise Votes Total Influence Player List
  14. Morning Edition 2 The Elendel Daily Newsworthy Content for Every Octant! The 24th of Doxil, 68, Morning Price 2 Clips Night of Murders Shocks City! Officials can reveal that not only are they now investigating the death of Miumounder (reported in yesterday’s evening edition), but two more members of House Heron’s meeting have been found dead as well. The two new deaths – Snip Exeutor and Tessona – do not initially seem connected to each other or to Miumounder’s, but for their link to House Heron. Constables are currently assuming these murders to be related, but do not believe that the same person has carried out all three murders, as each has been different. Miumounder’s death has been stated to be an accident by the coroner that examined his body - the official report has concluded that the liquor he purchased had been accidentally contaminated and created a poison - but the circumstances around the death itself have thrown that into questioning. An anonymous source has revealed that the constabulary are considering whether to request a second examination of the body, and are currently proceeding under the assumption that his death was malicious. Despite this, they state that the owner of the bar and the staff are not charged with any crimes and are not being considered as anything more than witnesses. Snip Exeutor was found stabbed inside his home, with entry forced. He was alive when discovered, but passed away at the scene before medical help could arrive. No obvious items were taken from his home, indicating that this was a potential murder attempt rather than a robbery gone horribly wrong. His home has been cordoned off while it is dusted for prints and other investigation by the newly established ‘forensics’ department of the constabulary. It is hoped that new scientific methods will shed light on clues that more traditional methods might show. Tessona was also stabbed last night, but on the way home, in a quiet but open part of the city. This murder was carried out much earlier yesterday than Snip Exeutor’s, but her body was only discovered this morning. No items from her person appear to be stolen, indicating that this too was not a crime of theft turned ugly. It is unknown whether this killing was due to a Spiked assault or a vigilante taking matters into their own hands; Tessona was a noted and devout follower of Splinterism. As such, constables are currently working on the theory that she was killed for her faith, either being seen as a traitor by the extremist Spiked for working against them, or that another individual made the mistake of conflating Splinterism with support for the Spiked and their goals, and took matters into their own hands in an illegal manner. The investigations into all three deaths continue. Krea Erikeller Commercial Advertisements Personal Advertisements Obituaries Other Headlines this Morning Previous Editions Day 2 has begun! Night 2 will begin at 7PM GMT on Tuesday 6th November. Snip Exeutor/Snipexe was a Noble! Tessona/Devotary of Spontaneity was a Noble! Player List
  15. Evening Edition 1 The Elendel Daily Newsworthy Content for Every Octant! The 23rd of Doxil, 68, Evening Price 2 Clips House Heron Hopeful Poisoned! The number of potential heirs to House Heron’s fortune has decreased by one, in a shocking and worrisome turn of events. On his way home from the meeting, Miumounder (20) visited his favourite pub for a quick drink. Other frequent visitors to the establishment have stated that this was a common occurrence for him, and have described him in kind terms, and as ‘an eccentric, but respectable’, as befitting a man of his status. Certainly there have been no reports of disorderly behaviour, and usually he was on his way again shortly after. Unfortunately, Miumounder never made it home that night. Patrons were first alerted to a problem when he remained at his place at the bar for longer than normal. No concern was raised over this, however, as it was assumed he had simply been dismissed from Lord Heron’s sight, and was taking a moment to collect himself. When he remained there into the late afternoon, one approached him, only to find that he had passed away, with no visible cause. Upon finding this, the police and medical professionals were summoned to the pub. After quick examination, it was determined that the other patrons were not in any danger. While no information has been released about how he died, some have noted that Miumounder had a very peculiar taste in his drinks, and ordered the same thing every time. The landlord was arrested and questioned, but has now released from custody. The pub has been closed, pending examination. The constabulary has requested any with further information to come forward and help their investigation. Garrik Urbain Correction Commercial Advertisements Obituary Other Headlines This Evening Previous Editions Night 1 has begun! Day 2 will begin at 7PM GMT on Sunday 4th November. There is a Tineye alive, so PMs may be sent. Please remember that group PMs are not allowed, and PMs must include myself within them. Miomounder (Cadmium Compounder) was a Soother! Count Olaf/Fifth Scholar is Influential during Day 2. Assassinate Votes Praise Votes Total Influence Player List
  16. Morning Edition 1 The Elendel Daily Newsworthy Content for Every Octant! The 23rd of Doxil, 68, Morning Price 2 Clips Myth Come to Life! KANDRA walk the world again! The Faceless Immortals, mythical shapeshifters in the service of Harmony, have made themselves known again. They bear a warning. The Words of Founding famously do not contain any information about Hemalurgy, but the evil, Ruinous power is said to have been discovered again. At a meeting for hopefuls attempting to become the heir to Lord Heron, his steward Kasaam (age unknown) informed them all that he had been visited by an agent of Harmony, and told that there were practisers of Hemalurgy within their number. Hemalurgy is, of course, the ability to ‘steal’ attributes or Metalborn powers from someone as they die. It is regarded as the most barbarous of the Metallic Arts, but even then there are still some who call for the science behind it to be made public and for experimentation to be done for the sake of medical research and Allomantic conservation. Since the death of The Lord Mistborn, it is unlikely that any still retain the knowledge of how it works, other than Harmony himself, and Ironeyes. However, there are rumours that some Inquisitors still roam the lands outside the Basin, entirely mad, and some even say that the Church of Splinterism keeps hidden texts from the old world which explain how it is used. Said Lord Flamingo (age withheld), one of the participants at the meeting, ‘It was very strange. He called us all together – The Terrisman, I mean – and told us that there would be no decision on who becomes the heir until this whole sorry business was sorted out. But how exactly are we meant to do that?’ Another, Burrsir (young) said, ‘I dunno what we’re even bothering with all this for. It’s obviously that nutter that snuck in at the last minute, preaching about The Lord Ruler and all that.’ For now, Elendel waits with baited breath to see what, if anything, will come of this meeting. Will we be seeing the first arrests for Hemalurgy ever by our new constabulary? If these horrific rumours are true, one can only hope so. Krea Erikeller Commercial Advertisements Personal Advertisements Other Headlines This Morning Previous Editions Day 1 has begun! Night 1 will begin at 7PM GMT on Saturday 3rd November. Please remember to double-check the rules if you're not sure about anything, or ask for clarifications from me. Remember that you must do both, vote to Assassinate AND vote to Praise at the same time, and please follow the guidelines in the first post this game. Player List