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Found 1 result

  1. Elantris was beautiful, once. Three years ago, I ran my second Sanderson Elimination game, LG12: Shadows of Elantris. The game had some fairly major flaws, but despite that it was very popular and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun. So I promised I would fix the rules and run it again sometime. Real life happened, and then now, three years later, I am excited to announce that I am finally able to make good on my promise. Elantris will finally rise again. Shadows of Elantris Redux Summary (for those of you who want an idea of what this game is like without wading through all the rules): In a nutshell, this game has three factions: Arelon (your typical village faction), the Jeskeri Mysteries Cult (your typical eliminator faction), and Shu-Dereth (composed of just the Gyorn and their Odiv, their goal is to "convert" all the remaining players). There are some fun roles and items and stuff- most of them the same as LG12, some of them new- but the most unique part of this game is Elantris. Players have a small chance of being taken by the Shaod and cast into Elantris. When this happens, they are removed from the main thread and inducted into the Elantris thread (PM Group), where they have the opportunity to explore the ruined city. While exploring they might encounter things that can harm them, things that can help them, or they might just discover the secrets needed to restore Elantris! Link to the Rules (I decided to just keep the rules in a google doc because it's easier to reference and navigate than wading through a bunch of Spoiler boxes trying to find the one rule you're looking for) Setting: For Roleplaying purposes (and I strongly encourage RP!) the entirety of the game will be held inside the King's Palace, centered on the King's court, with the exception of those players who are taken by the Shaod and cast into Elantris. At the beginning of the game, all the players are gathered in the Court to hear a grand announcement to be made by Patriarch Seinalan. @Fifth Scholar and @Elbereth will be helping me co-GM this game, and @Orlok Tsubodai is our impartial mod. Sign ups are officially open, and will close on Monday, 4/9 at 7:00pm MDT (rollovers will happen at approximately the same time of day). Quicklinks