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Found 15 results

  1. Elantris was beautiful, once. Three years ago, I ran my second Sanderson Elimination game, LG12: Shadows of Elantris. The game had some fairly major flaws, but despite that it was very popular and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun. So I promised I would fix the rules and run it again sometime. Real life happened, and then now, three years later, I am excited to announce that I am finally able to make good on my promise. Elantris will finally rise again. Shadows of Elantris Redux Summary (for those of you who want an idea of what this game is like without wading through all the rules): In a nutshell, this game has three factions: Arelon (your typical village faction), the Jeskeri Mysteries Cult (your typical eliminator faction), and Shu-Dereth (composed of just the Gyorn and their Odiv, their goal is to "convert" all the remaining players). There are some fun roles and items and stuff- most of them the same as LG12, some of them new- but the most unique part of this game is Elantris. Players have a small chance of being taken by the Shaod and cast into Elantris. When this happens, they are removed from the main thread and inducted into the Elantris thread (PM Group), where they have the opportunity to explore the ruined city. While exploring they might encounter things that can harm them, things that can help them, or they might just discover the secrets needed to restore Elantris! Link to the Rules (I decided to just keep the rules in a google doc because it's easier to reference and navigate than wading through a bunch of Spoiler boxes trying to find the one rule you're looking for) Setting: For Roleplaying purposes (and I strongly encourage RP!) the entirety of the game will be held inside the King's Palace, centered on the King's court, with the exception of those players who are taken by the Shaod and cast into Elantris. At the beginning of the game, all the players are gathered in the Court to hear a grand announcement to be made by Patriarch Seinalan. @Fifth Scholar and @Elbereth will be helping me co-GM this game, and @Orlok Tsubodai is our impartial mod. Sign ups are officially open, and will close on Monday, 4/9 at 7:00pm MDT (rollovers will happen at approximately the same time of day). Quicklinks
  2. Finale: Shao Elantris glimmered as sunset fell over the land. Alone, above Kae and the other surrounding cities, it defied the night for only the second night in many years. Of course, last night, everyone had been too afraid to watch it. Too afraid of knives in the night, of the wrath of Shu-Dereth, of death. Tonight, on the other hand... Tonight, beggar-children climbed every rooftop they could find to sit together and watch Elantris grow brighter as the sky dimmed. Tonight, the nobles climbed to the towers of their high mansions or rolled out in extravagant carriages to get a better vantage point. Tonight, mothers brought their children out in the streets to see the miracle, and tell them stories of the olden days. Inside the gates of Elantris, the Four Restorers stood in silence. There was work to be done, far more than Kae dreamed - the walls may have been restored, but the scrolls were gone or half-rotted; those Elantrians who hadn’t already discovered the Well and left were few and far between and still coming to their senses. The walls glowed, but their knowledge had been reduced to nearly nothing. They had not even quite cured Aladdin yet, when a decade ago it would’ve taken a few minutes. That didn’t matter to Kae, though, even if they’d known. Elantris’ return ultimately didn’t mean new miracles and perfect health to them - they’d gotten used to living life without that, in the long years since its fall. But they watched the silver gleam of the walls of Elantris as night fell, and for the first night in many they felt true hope. Kainae stood up, stepping down from the wall she had been facing for more time than she cared to admit. She began walking home somberly. Tears still flowed down her cheeks, and she thought of her “meeting” with herself on the wall a day earlier. She was likely mad, hallucinating, seeing visions of her future self that simply didn’t exist. Perhaps she had deserved to step off the wall when she had the opportunity, giving her compromised mind peace in the afterlife, where she could have gone to join Enelan, at his side, where she truly belonged… No, she said to herself emphatically. You know better than that. She may not clearly understand it yet, but Domi had spared her for a purpose, and she would find that purpose and carry it out. Using the same mental techniques she practiced in ChayShan, Kainae stuffed the morose thoughts of her lover self into the back of her mind, concentrating on her motions, which sped up as she paced towards her house. One, two, one, two… she counted in her head as she rounded a corner. The rhythmic thump of her footsteps and the consistent counting cleared Kainae’s mind, dispelling some of the exhaustion she had felt from kneeling on the wall for nearly a full day. At last, Kainae took the final left turn and ended in front of her house. She frowned. Her easel was still knocked down from the second confrontation with the Cultists over the course of the last several days. She propped it up, gazing at the crumpled paper with a critical eye. Tearing off the first few sheets, which were damaged beyond repair, Kainae looked at the remainder of her easel. It was still hopelessly bent, the paper unable to be reflattened and the easel itself broken in some places. This would not do. With a sigh, Kainae went to her desk, popping open the center drawer and taking out one of her precious canvases, rigid and undamaged. Unsure of what she was really doing, Kainae selected colors. The black of mourning and death and evil. A silvery gray, to represent the moonlight under which the Cultists killed. A deep green for nature, which remained in harmony despite human conflict. And finally, white, the color of hope and light. Then, moved by a sudden impulse, she seized the four colors, taking mostly black and grey, and dumped them into the same cup. Letting the mixture settle and mix for just a few seconds, she poured the contents of the cup onto the center of her canvas. The different colors bled outwards, creating patterns and shapes Kainae had no control over. Letting Domi direct the flow of the paint, she stepped back, watching as the colors mixed and spread. Amazingly, not one drop of paint ran off the edge, an occurrence only explainable by Domi. Or Jaddeth. Thoughts of Enelan quickly sprang to mind again, but she smothered them instantly, refocusing on her painting. It was definitely abstract, Kainae decided. However, two things stood out to her. The coloration was the first: the structure of the gray on the bottom of the painting, the gray-green areas, the black at the top with the strange formation that looked like a bird of some sort. These were the lands owned by the farmer Eoni, viewed at nighttime from the mountains to the east. More specifically, it was his fields, with the strange rock called Eagle’s Jaw jutting out in the middle of them. But why would Domi show her this? Kainae then looked at the center of the painting, where the white paint had formed an Aon. Shao. Change. Transformation. A change may be happening in Eoni’s lands today, she mused, but for an Aon to be in the middle of my painting, there must be some other meaning. Perhaps Domi wished to tell her about a major change in the world? Elantris had been restored, a large change that would produce yet more changes in the future, and maybe Domi warned her of this turbulent time. Or perhaps it was more personal. Kainae herself was changing. She certainly was not the person she was two days ago, when Enelan had been by her side. She was not the fearless Jindo that had chased away the Cultists coming for her. Her love of honor in battle had dwindled since then, after she had fled and run into the other Jindo on the night after. And she was not the artist who sat in her room, alone, painting for hours on end, for Kainae would not be that restful again. She was none of those people, and yet, she saw all of them reflected in her. Lover. Warrior. Artist. Broken. She could transform, had been transforming into something better. Domi would continue her renewal past Enelan’s death. And so would she. But first, something was going to happen in those fields of Eoni tonight. Kainae left her paints behind, and rushed to find out what it was. Eoni sat in the fields as the sun began dipping below the horizon. He had finally found the Aon plate, and had decided to destroy it. He walked through the city, carrying the plate, to Elantris’ pool, and dropped the plate in. The Aon itself disappeared, but the plate remained engraved and intact. Well, that would do. Eoni returned to his fields, where a crowd armed with torches and pitchforks had gathered to face him. They had decided to come to his extraordinarily grassy field, and stopped at its edge. Nigel, who appeared to be acting as the leader of the crowd, spoke. “You’ve been behind the killings! You knew that the Elantrians would see your acts, and you hid from them! Stop this horrid act, and die. We’ve got a message to send to "the Ja”—we don’t accept these sacrifices in this city!” With that, the mob moved to surround Eoni, pitchforks held at the ready. “You really shouldn’t have come here.” Eoni said, and flashed a wicked grin. “These fields are mine!” Eoni dropped to one knee and placed his hand in the soil, then began chanting in a strange language... *** In strolled across the wall of Elantris in the faint light of dusk, the meeting with the others concluded. He passed a guard, who stopped and saluted him crisply. The Elantrian Guard no longer policed the Elantrians, they served them. In made his way to the western portion of the wall, and looked out over the fields that stretched between Elantris and Kae. Down there, somewhere, was the secret tunnel leading out of Elantris that they had discovered last week. They still hadn’t had time to do anything about it, but they needed to do something. Board it up, or at least post some guards there. As In looked down, he noticed something strange about one of the fields. It had been plowed in crazy, twisting patterns. It kind of looked like Aon Shao, but different. Twisted. Different somehow. Suddenly, the fields lit up with an ominous, red light, forming a pattern. It was Aon Shao, but interspersed with strange modifiers- not like the modifiers used in Aon-Dor. They were reminiscent of the patterns the Jeskeri cultists had been using. Shao meant “change,” but this aon had been altered. Corrupted. “That can’t be good,” In said, then began running towards the guard he had passed, calling the alarm. *** Down in the fields, the crops began writhing and growing at a furious rate. Their lush green color faded away, replaced with a soft red glow. Within seconds Eoni was completely obscured by the corrupted crops, and villagers began crying out in panic as the plants thrashed about, leaving burning welts where they touched skin. Suddenly Eoni appeared, dashing through their ranks and swinging a twisted dagger. Villagers cried out in panic and dove out of the way, but Eoni didn’t stop to finish them off. “He went this way!” “After him!” *** The plants pulled away from Eoni as he ran, making a beeline for the rock formation known as the Eagle’s Jaw. Within a couple minutes the formation was in sight, and there, at its base, was the pile of shrubs that concealed the smuggler’s tunnel. Eoni just had to reach that tunnel and he would be in the clear. If the mob tried to follow him he could just collapse the tunnel behind him and bury them all alive. But before he could reach it, Sheodan burst out of the wall of glowing plants and cut Eoni off. Sheodan was covered with red welts from the plants, but his training as a soldier in Eondel’s army had allowed him to ignore the pain and catch up to the escaping Cultist. Sheodan swung his sword at Eoni’s head, but Eoni ducked under the blade and lashed out with his dagger, slashing the soldier across his gut. Sheodan grunted and fell back, clutching at the wound. Eoni growled, and moved to finish the soldier off. “SHEODAN! NO!!!” The voice came from behind Eoni and he whirled just in time to catch a glimpse of the Elantrian ANGUS before he barreled into Eoni knocking him aside. *** ANGUS dropped to his knees by Sheodan, tears forming in his eyes. He began drawing Aon Ien in the air- he hadn’t yet mastered the healing Aon, but he had to at least try to save his dear friend. Eoni grabbed his fallen dagger and scrambled back to his feet. He glanced at ANGUS drawing in the air over Sheodan, tempted to rid himself of two foes at once, but he could hear the sounds of the rest of the mob getting closer- they would be here any second. No time. He turned back to the rock just in time to see another Elantrian, Rhomil, emerging from the secret tunnel, looking surprised and scared of the scene before him. This lone, terrified Elantrian was now all that stood between Eoni and escape. Eoni gripped his bloody dagger and charged forward. *** Rhomil’s took in the horrifying scene in front of him. Corrupted, overgrown plants glowing with an evil red light writhed wildly. Sheodan lay on the ground in a spreading pool of blood while ANGUS tried desperately to get the healing Aon to work. And Eoni, who must be the Jeskeri cultist, rushing towards him with a bloody knife in his hand. Rhomil’s mind raced. He had no weapon- other than Aon-Dor, but he didn’t know any dangerous Aons. He didn’t know how to create fire or stop a man dead in his tracks. All he knew how to draw was Aon Nae, magnifcation- useless- and… He began hastily drawing in the air, his fingers leaving glowing trails in their wake drawing an aon and including the most powerful modifiers he knew. Eoni was getting closer. A dozen paces. Eight. Five. Two. Rhomil finished the aon, then closed his eyes and drew the chasm line. *** Aon Ashe burst alight with a brilliant white light- brighter than the sun. Eoni screamed, blinded by the shining Aon. He swung his dagger but missed and tripped over a rock. He fell and the dagger was knocked from his hand. He searched frantically with his fingers, trying to blink away the afterimage of the Aon burned into his vision. The villagers caught up to him first. As mob seized him and began stabbing him with pitchforks, Eoni gave the best inflamed-throat shout he could. “PRAISE THE JA!" I hope nobody minds the long write-up, we had multiple people contributing to it and since it was the finale we wanted to make it special. @Elbereth wrote the section about night falling on Elantris. @Fifth Scholar wrote the part about Kainae painting, and also made the Shao painting. @Walin wrote a death scene, part of which made its way into the write-up (In his version he gave up way too easily, and I couldn't let that happen, so I changed it and expanded on it. I hope that's alright, Walin. ) If you liked the writeup, make sure to give each of them upvotes! Walin has been lynched! He was the last remaining Cultist! The Jeskeri Cultists have been defeated! Arelon has won! @Devotary of Spontaneity and @Jondesu/ @Kynedath were lovers, and have won by surviving until the end of the game! Vote Tally: Eoni (Walin) (4): ANGUS (Jondesu ), Nigel (TheMightyLopen), Rhomil (Cadmium Compounder), Sheodan (Devotary of Spontaneity) Bill (King Cole) (3): Amati (Kidpen), Eoni (Walin) Straw (Straw) (1): Kainae (Little Wilson) Final Player List: Links Master Spreadsheet Spec Doc Jeskeri Doc Shu-Dereth Doc Elantris PM log GM thoughts to follow in a later post.
  3. Day 8 - Eda Imperial Mint lounged on his “throne,” near the brink of sleep and pondering on his greatness. The lowly rabble that ruled this run-down country had refused to grant him a title of nobility, but that would obviously change soon. After all, how could they refuse to acknowledge him as their superior when they were doing such a poor job of ruling this nation themselves? Religious dissension, maniacal killers sacrificing men to dark gods, and a miraculously restored glowing city were just a few of the internal difficulties Kae was facing. The new Elantrians especially troubled Mint. Despite vague assurances from a few “Monarchs,” Mint didn’t know if they could truly trust all the people coming from the new city. Oh well. Mint didn’t really care much, of course. He was just here for the power he would ultimately be granted (and really, that would just be a formality, he had all the true power in this miserable city anyway), and any difficulties the current rulers were facing were of no concern to him. “Attendant!” Mint called. “Go tell the crowd that has undoubtedly gathered outside to cease their inane demands for breath mints, lest their true king come and strike off their heads for their insolence!” He waited for a moment, but no reply came. “Attendant?” The door to his chambers opened, but instead of the portly, well-dressed man who normally attended Mint, a handful of surly-looking fellows in dark robes emerged from the bedroom instead. Mint frowned. What trick was old Edokai playing now? He spoke to the men facing him, intoning in his best kingly voice, “Come now, bow before your true king. Remove your gloomy countenances from your veiled faces, and bow lengthily to your great monarch, the Mint Imperial.” The men continued to step forward, not bowing. Mint’s patience snapped. “I don’t know what prank this is, but it’s not amusing in the slightest. I shall see to it that all of your heads are removed by this morning, if not before then,” he said irritably. The man in the front stopped in front of Mint, eyes twinkling in amusement. “You are mistaken, your majesty.” He drew out the honorific, saying it in a drawling voice. “By this morning, it shall be your head that is missing from your shoulders.” He nodded to another one of his robed companions, and Mint heard the sound of a sword being unsheathed. Out of the corner of his eye Mint saw the blurred arm of the Cultist in motion, and the glint of his silver sword, then Mint’s head fell to the floor and he saw no more. When Edokai returned in the morning, after a long night out drinking, he found the following message written in his master’s blood. OUR DEBT IS REPAID STINK Imperial Mint was killed! He was an Arelish Citizen who knew the passphrase to the secret tunnels. Nobody was taken by the Shaod! The cycle will end on 5 May, at 7:00 PM MDT. I can’t get this countdown to work, sorry. Thanks El Updated Player List
  4. Night 7: Ene Enelan, Jaddeth’s last living representative among these heathens, sat at the desk of his former master. In his hands he held a Seon, not the one that his hroden had left behind, but his own. He did not have the authority to call upon Wyrn, and even if he had he did not want to burden the ears of his prophet with ill tidings. Instead, he communed with a Derethi arteth that he had sent to spy on the mobs. “Hold on, we have movement,” the arteth reported, “Confirmed that they are headed for the chapel, just as you anticipated.” “Thank you. Please return to the chapel.” Enelan turned to the other arteths, “Prepare for siege! These heathens have rejected our wisdom, but let us ensure that they cannot turn Jaddeth away lightly!” The arteths sprang into motion, energized by their devotion to Jaddeth and Enelan’s religious fervor. The Derethi chapel was sparse by design, not full of ornamentation that could easily be used for a barricade, but the doors were soon braced. As the last chairs were tossed onto the barricade, a crash came from the doors, followed by the pounding of fists. The mob had arrived. Voices could be heard through the ruckus, “Death to Enelan! Praise the Ja! Jaddeth is a fraud!” “Arteths, sing some hymns to Jaddeth and overpower these blasphemies!” Enelan ordered. The arteths began to chant, and to Enelan the yells of the mob were drowned out. After what felt like an hour, the pounding stopped and the yells quieted. The chants of the arteths continued. Enelan returned to his Seon and called on his spy. The unfortunate arteth had been stuck outside of the chapel when the siege began. “What’s going on out there?” “They’ve gone to get a battering ram.” Enelan frowned. “Thank you, arteth. You’ve served me well.” ***** When the mob returned with a ram, they found the doors to the chapel slightly ajar. A small group ran up to the doors and peered inside, wary of ambush. Nothing. No sign of movement. They swung the doors open, and saw the remains of a barricade now moved to the sides of the doorway. Still no sign of ambush. They signaled to the others, who dropped the ram and silently followed the advance party into the chapel. The chapel itself was completely dark, all lights extinguished save for a single one that shone directly behind the podium at the front. A man could be seen at the podium, hands at his sides. Enelan, the last leader of the Derethi faith in Arelon. “There he is!” Nigel said, “Take him!” “If it is the will of Jaddeth that I die, so be it,” Enelan said. “Remember, my converts, and listen when Jaddeth calls, so that you do not fall with this nation.” That said, he wasn’t planning on going down without a fight. The mob charged Enelan, some more hesitantly than others. But there were also many eager for his blood. There were too many of those. Enelan’s arteths, who had hid undiscovered along the walls of the darkened chapel, engaged them as they came, but they were quickly dispatched by the ferocity of the mob. Enelan hated to see his loyal followers fall, but at least they had died in the service of Jaddeth. He would do that as well. He carried no weapons, but charged the mob’s remnants anyway. He dropped one or two with well-placed punches, guided by his training in Ghajan monastery, but the weight of the crowd bore him to the ground. “I regret that I have but one life to give in the service of Jaddeth! RAZE THE JA!” As the mob carried on its work of destruction inside the Shu-Dereth chapel, a lone figure hung back, with tears in their eyes. Enelan may have been a priest of Jaddeth, but he was still a good man. A great man, even. One of the best there was. At least, the lone figure thought so. Enelan had held a very special place in the figures heart. He could not be replaced. The world would never be the same without him. And with a breaking heart, the lone figure decided that this new world was not one they cared to live in. They turned and left the mob behind. A short time later, the figure reached the top of Elantris’s wall. The walls were much more crowded now that the city had been restored. People came from all over to gawk at the glowing buildings and tried to catch a glimpse of the Elantrians inside. The figure worked their way through the crowds until they found a spot that was mostly isolated. They looked over the edge, into the city. The guard-wall was barely more than waist high. It would be easy to climb a top it and then simply… step off. A few brief seconds of flight, and then they could go to join Elenan in the afterlife. The figure climbed atop the wall. “In the Do-Keseg,” someone said. Their voice held a Jindoese accent. “Keshu wrote that ‘a man does not truly die when his body ceases breathing. He lives on in the hearts of those who love him.’” The figure turned to find a person in a robe with a hood that concealed their face. “You! You were with the mob, weren’t you. You followed me here.” The robed Jindo ignored the accusation, and said, “It would be a shame to let Enelan’s memory die for true. The memory of the man he really was.” The figure atop the wall spoke, choking back a rush of tears. “I- That is a burden I don’t think I can bear.” “You can. The soul is stronger than you think. Your heart will heal, and you will learn to stand again. In the meantime, if you need someone to help you bear the grief, I will gladly volunteer.” The jindo reached out a hand invitingly, then waited. After several long moments, the figure atop the wall took the Jindo’s hand. Enelan (Elenion) was lynched! He was a Shu-Dereth Odiv, a Prince and a Lover! He possessed a Seon which has passed to a heir. Enelan’s lover was saved from death by a Jindo Warrior! Elenion was the last member of the Shu-Dereth Faction. With his death, Shu-Dereth is defeated. All converts have lost their convert status. Vote Tally: Enelan (Elenion) (7): Amati (Kidpen), In (Droughtbringer), Nigel (TheMightyLopen), Rhomil (Cadmium Compounder), Sheodan (Devotary of Spontaneity) Eoni (Walin) (1): Eoni (Walin) Nigel (TheMightyLopen) (1): Fenot (Coop772) Updated Player List EDIT: Note that we're back to the normal rollover time, so this turn is a little shorter than normal. If that is a problem for anyone remember that you can request a time extension. EDIT2: Also, thanks to @Elenion for the bulk of the write-up. Make sure to go upvote one of his posts.
  5. Day 7 - Rao The Jeskeri stood in the dark streets- the moon was not out tonight, so only the stars lit their way. No lanterns were on in the boarded-up windows of the small chapel, where the priest, Sheon Idris, slept. Fanning out in a circle that surrounded the chapel, each Cultist stood near a boarded window. The leader’s hand rose into the air, two fingers pointing skyward in a wordless command, and with the silence and precision of professional killers, the boards came off the windows one by one. Sheon still slept, unaware of the robed figures surrounding him, his sword loose in his drowsy grip while boards were silently removed, all around him. However, one Jeskeri’s hand slipped as he cut a board, and it clattered to the ground with a dull clangor. Swearing as Sheon began to stir, the leader angrily urged his men forward with a muffled cry, and the Jeskeri burst through the windows at Sheon. The bleary-eyed priest attempted to fight, catching one Jeskeri in the elbow with his sword, but the sheer weight of numbers facing him was too much, and his sword fell to the ground, along with the hand that wielded it. Gasping in pain, Sheon attempted to speak to the leader of the Cultists. “Why are you doing this?” he choked between short, shuddering breaths. “I’ve taught nothing but am I a threat? Why do you sacrifice me on a pagan altar?” The leader glanced down at the priest’s wretched state. “Because you have found two of my comrades, and led men to kill them. That is why you must die. You are too perceptive for your own good, priest. And tonight, there is no Jindo who can help you.” Spinning to his companions, the leader made a slight motion, and two men sprang forward, dragging Sheon to his own altar and tying him there with ropes, ignoring his squirming and struggling. Sheon looked up with terrified eyes as the leader raised his knife and gazed heavenward. “At long Dominion, the Fifth Scholar.” The knife descended. Dominion looked from his heavenly perch, pleased with the offering he had been sent. The cultists took their time, reveling in the bloody sacrifice, until one of the lookouts came rushing into the chapel, looking like she had seen a ghost. She said, “You better come see this.” The Odiv strode about the chapel, his anger kindled against his congregation after the death of his Hroden. He paced across the room, speaking with a fiery air about repentance in Jaddeth for killing one of His holy Gyorns. These people would come to true belief. That way, Jaddeth could return to the world, and he, the Odiv of Bob, would be the one who reaped the largest reward. Suddenly, the Odiv’s sermon cut off mid-sentence. His eyes were fixed, staring at the large window that hung over the heads of the parishioners. “Jaddeth send that it be not so…” he muttered. All across the city, people stumbled out into the streets, woken from their sleep by the cries of their neighbors. All eyes turned to the west, fixed on the towering walls and buildings of Elantris, which now glowed like a beacon in the night. Somehow, miraculously, Elantris had been restored to its former glory. Aladdin looked at his skin, which was beginning to glow the same color as Elantris. He marveled, amazed at his good fortune. Will I really become an Elantrian on the day of its restoration? he wondered with joy. Suddenly, his skin stopped glowing. Aladdin’s jaw dropped as his body began to develop black splotches, and his hair began dropping to the ground. Oh, Merciful Domi, he thought. What have I gotten myself into now? Sheon Idris (Seonid) was killed! He was an Arelish Priest with a Seon! His Seon has passed to an heir. He was also a convert to Shu-Dereth. Aladdin (The Young Pyromancer) was poisoned! Elantris has been restored! The Elantrian players are now allowed to post and vote in the main thread. They will fill you in on any other details, if they wish to. Convert Tally: 10/16 Updated Player List
  6. Night 6: Reo "They're coming, my Hroden." I sat at my giant desk in my chapel. I had known they were coming for me. Such as it was. "Leave me, and do not engage them." My Odiv left. I pulled out my Seon, and opened a communication with the Wyrn. "My lord, my greatest fear has occurred. They have discovered my identity, most likely because of a meddling priest." "You know what to do. Take the pill, and leave your Odiv to continue the work. If they fail, all of Arelon will burn and worship Jaddeth." "Yes." I closed communication. I went over to my inventory of items, and found the pill that the Wyrn had spoke of. I would do my best to stay alive, but given a horrible death, I would take this pill to die painlessly. I headed outside, suddenly realizing I was still wearing my "Bob" hat. I really did like that hat too much. That was what probably had given me away. Leaving the hat behind, resplendent in red armor, I exited the chapel to face a massive mob. Torches, the whole array of mob weapons. I was absolutely not going to die impaled on a pitchfork of all things. "I see you have come to kill me. I NAME YOU HYPOCRITES! Many of you have come to me in the night, begging to become worshipers of Jaddeth, and now you show such fear and so little ambition and drive that you reject your conversion! You! Priest! I see you there. You're probably responsible for this whole thing. And yet YOU CAME TO ME, to worship Jaddeth. Your devotion to your Gods is so weak. You barely took a moment for Domi, and now you do not care about Jaddeth. Unlike miserable Domi, Jaddeth will NOT excuse this. I came to this nation to save you! The Wyrn would have simply destroyed you all, but I represent your one chance to worship Jaddeth and not be destroyed. But it seems your lack of devotion will get you destroyed anyway." The crowd seemed pacified. I turned, but then was assaulted by one man from the front. One elbow and one punch, and he went down. But that was all it took for the mob to be unleashed. I threw the pill into my mouth and bit down. No death by pitchfork today, thank Jaddeth. I was punched, but all feeling began to leave, as I was knocked down. My vision went black, and I thanked Jaddeth for what work I had done.” Steeldancer was lynched! He was the Gyorn and held a Seon which was passed on to an heir! Please give him many upvotes for this death writeup, which he wrote. Vote Count: Bob (Steeldancer) (10): Aladdin (The Young Pyromancer), Amati (Kidpen), Bill (King Cole), Enelan (Elenion), Imperial Mint (STINK), Nigel (TheMightyLopen), Sheodan (Devotary of Spontaneity), Sheon Idris (Seonid), Straw (Straw) Eoni (Walin) (1): Eoni (Walin) Imperial Mint (STINK) (1): Bob (Steeldancer) Updated Player List
  7. Night 5: Seo Soren Porfiry walked despondently down the echoing tunnels, heading towards the mountain. A second failed attack. The painter would not lay down and die, and though he had first been implicated in her survival, Soren knew the townsfolk now implicated him with the attacks. Both were true, in a way. Soren didn’t care. His mind felt like a blank slate as he drew near the long chain of peaks, stretching as far as the eye could see. This passage was his only refuge from the swarming villagers, who hunted for his blood. It was also his doom, for the winding passages led to only one place of any import. The pool. Soren’s thoughts wandered despite the limited time he had remaining to think them. He remembered how he had found the orphan, Elysian, step out of the pool. How he had brought him in front of the rest of his compatriots, those who had not abandoned Shu-Jesker after the fall of Duladel, and continued its faithful practice. How together they had sacrificed, pleaded, and cried for help to the gods, each day, to no avail. Finally, he remembered Elysian’s words before he had stepped into the blue water for the last time. “Praise the Ja.” Soren felt the passage begin to curve upwards, and knew that he had begun his ascent of the mountain. His heart quickened, each beat precious, numbered. He was drawing near to his own death. Death. He found himself accepting that word. He had made peace with himself, or, more accurately, found his peace within the Ja. His murders brought a small measure of remorse with them, but Soren knew they were necessary. Necessary to open his eyes to the one force that could save him. The force he had discovered after Elysian’s death, and Ateshao’s sacrifice. The Ja. After an hour of steady climbing, the sloped switchbacks became a set of stairs, and Soren knew he had reached his goal. He climbed up them, emerging from a small door in the cliff face to a flat ledge, carved into the rock. Two sides were drop offs, and two were sheer cliffs, both with doors cut into them. Soren assumed the second door led into Elantris. But it mattered little to him at this point. The pool was waiting silently, ready to claim its next volunteer. The cool water promised forgiveness, peace, freedom, all of which Soren was too ready to accept. The former Cultist stepped up to the edge of the blue water. “Praise the Ja,” he whispered as he fell, and was lost to mortal sight. Dalinar Kholin was lynched! He was a Jeskeri Cultist and a Jindo Warrior! Vote count: Soren Porfiry (Dalinar Kholin) (10): Amati (Kidpen), Bob (Steeldancer), Fenot (Coop772), Kainae (Little Wilson), Sahin Arehe (Mraize), Sheodan (Devotary of Spontaneity), Sheon Idris (Seonid), Straw (Straw) This cycle will end at 8:00 MDT on the 25th of April. If I can find the countdown site, you’ll get a countdown. Otherwise, do math. Edit: Hero linked it. Sorry I can’t insert fancy images of Aons and such like Hero can. I did attach a drawing, if it uploads correctly. Sorry for the diminished quality of this cycle post. Praise the Ja!
  8. Day 5 - Ashe Kainae stood in her house again, nervously awaiting the coming of night. She knew she had been targeted for her artwork before, and the Jeskeri were said to leave no known witness to their crimes alive. But her resolve was unswerving. She would find the meaning of these strange symbols. Kainae frowned at her easel. She had been working on a small section of the rune painted in blood outside her house, yet even that much was immensely complex. The rune seemed to swirl, shift, and change color even as she drew it, the layers of black and rust orange and red mixing hopelessly together, forming gray where they touched. Kainae looked at her work, and frowned. For all her effort, she had only created what appeared to be a swirling mess. As she contemplated her work, a voice spoke from behind her. "You’re closer than you think.” Kainae whipped her head around. The same men in robes that had come for her last night were there, prepared to finish their horrific task they had left incomplete last night. They paced towards her, not her artwork. They had learned their lesson. Kill the artist, and the artwork would be defenseless. The man in the front began to speak again. "The rune you created is close to the actual symbol- the symbol for death, which Ateshao had drawn,” the man continued. Kainae felt an involuntary shudder work its way through her body. “The true symbol can only be drawn in the blood of the deceased, and you, of course, do not work with such materials.” The man smiled, his lips pale in the moonlight. “But we do.” Kainae didn’t waste her breath screaming. She left her easel and sprinted, out of her broken door and into the street. Though she had a reasonable head start, she was out of condition, and the Cultists were gaining step by step. Summoning one last burst of desperate energy, Kainae increased her pace, rounding a sharp corner with dexterity she didn’t know she possessed. And ran into the bulk of an armored man. A Jindo Warrior. Spinning, the Warrior caught the dagger of the first Cultist, flicking it into the air behind him with a graceful twist of his sword. He rounded to engage the second Cultist, but they had already taken flight down the alleyway, running away into the distance. The disarmed Cultist took one terrified glance at the Warrior before following his companion. The Warrior turned to Kainae, his hand outstretched. She took it, hauling herself to her feet. “I think I need a more secure home,” she mused, too tired to think of much more. "That would be wise, my lady,” the Warrior replied. Credit goes to Fifth Scholar for the write-up and the drawing. Please go give him upvotes. And @Fifth Scholar, please post something so that everyone can upvote you. Little Wilson was attacked, but was saved! Nobody was taken by the Shaod! Convert Tally: 8 / 19 Updated Player List
  9. Night 4 - Shao The people of Arelon stood outdoors at dawn, most bleary-eyed and still half asleep. Roused from their beds by the guards, who had told them that potential heretics and Cultists had been cornered in their square, they monitored the exiting alleyways with a tired yet fierce determination, their eyes roving for a telltale movement that would betray one of the killers. Kainae stood with them, her countenance grim as she looked at the top of her house, which lay two blocks inside the section of the city that had been cordoned off. I need to return there, she thought angrily. If I can salvage or recreate my artwork, I might unlock the key to the killings and sacrifices. Hours wore on, and Kainae stood, her lips growing thinner and thinner. Finally, her patience snapped. “Let me through,” she muttered, shoving her way to the front of the crowd of people. Caught unawares, a guard tried to restrain her, but she slipped through his arms and into the restricted area, which members of the King’s Guard were still checking. The guard swore, but didn’t abandon his post. “Come back, you foolish girl!” he shouted. Kainae ignored him. Cautiously advancing, she peered around a building down the street that led to her home. The killer was there. Surrounded by a small force of guards, he stood, still muttering to himself. A figure had been traced in blood on the street- a similar pattern, though not the exact one, that she had used in her painting. As Kainae watched, the Cultist muttered to himself, undoubtedly saying some last prayer to whatever primitive god he believed in. The way Shu-Jesker had been adulterated was reprehensible to Kainae, even if she didn’t practice it herself. Then his voice rang out one last time, loud and clear, his lips uttering “Praise the Ja!” even as he stabbed himself, and disintegrated into a mound of black dust. Kainae stumbled back, grateful yet horrified, the muttered wards against evil made by the guards a backdrop to her own confused thoughts. She walked into her house solemnly, taking her easel, and began to sketch the figure traced in blood... EDIT: Thanks to @Fifth Scholar for doing the writeup today! Drake Marshall was lynched! He was a Jeskeri Cultist. Please go upvote his post with his death writeup if you haven’t done so already. A Shu-Dereth Pendant was used! Vote count: Ateshao (Drake Marshall) (13): Aladdin (The Young Pyromancer), Amati (Kidpen), Bob (Steeldancer), Enelan (Elenion), Kainae (Little Wilson), Nigel (TheMightyLopen), Sahin Arehe (Mraize), Sheodan (Devotary of Spontaneity), Sheon Idris (Seonid), Soren Porfiry (Dalinar Kholin), Straw (Straw) Fenot (Coop772) (1): Fenot (Coop772) Sheodan (Devotary of Spontaneity) (0): Ateshao (Drake Marshall) Updated Player List
  10. LG44: Day 4 - Edo Kainae stayed up late that evening. After the disturbing reports of the murder of Enerin, which left strange patterned wounds under his clothing, Kainae was determined to see if any of the intricate patterns the Jeskeri used could be replicated. She painted, her normally cheerful greens and blues replaced by sinister reds, subdued greys, and the true black of evil, winding its way through the painting like a coiled, venomous snake, ready to strike. Kainae shuddered as she observed her work. Certainly not her cheeriest piece, nor her best, but somehow it seemed to fit the times like none of the others had. The patterns seen on the patriarch’s body were evident here, and Kainae nodded, satisfied with her work. She glanced over, looking at the window where her curtains hung, still undrawn. And saw shadowy forms on the other side of them. Kainae screamed as several men in masks, impossible to tell who from the veils obscuring their faces, burst through the window and shattered the glass. They rushed in unison, not at Kainae, but at her painting, their knives that worked so well at carving up men doing the same to the painting, reducing it to thousands of tattered scraps at the foot of the easel, floating gently to the wooden floor. They then rounded on Kainae. “Shame to kill her, but she’s a bit nosy for her own good,” the leader’s muffled voice said. “Plus, we can’t be leaving any witnesses, now.” The Cultists slowly turned to Kainae, their poniards gleaming in the light of the solitary lantern above the easel. A tremendous report suddenly came to Kainae’s ears, and she instinctively ducked, a large peice of wood from the kicked-down doorframe sailing through the space her head had occupied a moment previously. A Jindo Warrior stood in the doorway, his sword drawn and pointing directly at the Cultists. Caught between the choice of potential death, or leaving a witness alive, the Jeskeri chose the latter, the assassins darting through the window with near-superhuman speed. The Jindo extended a hand to Kainae, helping her to her feet. “Are you all right, my lady?” he asked graciously. Kainae grimaced. “I’ll be fine,” she said. “My painting… not so much.” (EDIT: Oh, and special thanks to @Fifth Scholar for doing the writeup today) Kainae (Little Wilson) was attacked but was protected by a Jindo Warrior! Nobody was taken by the Shaod! Convert Tally: 5 / 20 Updated Player List
  11. Day 3 - Dio Hreo strolled along his patrol route across the wall of Elantris, bored as always. Being an Elantris city guard was usually boring, but it paid well and didn’t actually require you to do much. Tonight, however, ended up being different. Up ahead, Hreo made out several figures huddled together on the wall up ahead. “Hey!” Hreo called out, raising his torch up high. “You there! What business do you have atop these walls in the middle of the night?” Citizens were allowed on the walls, of course, but you usually didn’t find them there in the wee hours of morning. As he approached he saw that the figures were each clad in dark robes with strange red markings on them. They carried no light, but they did bear weapons- daggers and swords strapped to their waists. A rope ladder hung down into the forbidden city. Apparently he had caught them right as they were about to climb down into the city. Hreo warily put his hand on his own sword. “At ease, my good guardsman.” One of the figures said, stepping forward. “We just have a little matter of… unfinished business, inside Elantris. We will be about our work quickly, and then be on our way. There is no need for you to be concerned, and we would of course reward you for your… willingness to stay quiet.” The robed figure tossed a bag at Hreo’s feet. It clinked with coins as it struck the stone. Hreo cocked an eyebrow, eyeing the figures. The robes didn’t allow them to make out their faces very well, but it was obvious that none of them bore the corruption of the Shaod. Hreo glanced at the bag. Being an Elantris guard paid well, but it didn’t pay that well. He shrugged, and picked up the bag of coins. “Just make sure none of the wretches in there climb out, okay?” The robed figure who had addressed him before nodded and said, “Of course not. Thank you, guardsman.” But Hreo had already turned away from them, continuing on his patrol. ***To be continued in the Elantris PM *** Enerin stumbled, clutching at his chest. He was in an alleyway, alone. Nobody was in sight. He gasped in pain as twisting lines of red began cutting their way across his chest, wetting his shirt and hands with blood. “Help!” He screamed. “Somebody, please! Help me! I- I’m-” He collapsed to the ground, writhing in agony and screaming wordlessly. Gradually, his screams died off, leaving Enerin’s corpse behind. Elsewhere, a strange pendant carved with Jeskeri symbols cracked and crumbled to dust in its owner’s hands. The Gyorn looked over the congregation. It was still small, but growing steadily. Like the dawning of a new day. The rising of the brilliant illumination of Jaddeth over the land. The priest smiled. Amanuenis has died! He was an Arelish Priest with no items who had been poisoned. Eternum has died! He was a Arelish citizen who knew the passphrase and who had a Seon (The Seon has passed to an heir) A Jeskeri Pendant and a Korathi Pendant were used! Nobody was taken by the Shaod Convert Tally: 4 / 21 players are converts Updated Player List
  12. Night 2: Tia Enelan and Amati stood together, idly watching the side door to a mansion. “When is Elysian going to come out?” Amati grumbled. “He’s been in there for ages.” “Who knows?” Enelan said. “What with how close to Elantris it is, no one’s been in there for years except him, probably. Who knows what he could’ve stocked in there?” Amati shivered, glowering at the walls that loomed nearby. “Too close to Elantris by far,” he muttered. “Can’t we just get him out already?” Enelan snorted. “Not with that house. It looks like it’s practically built for defence from outsiders. Maybe made even before Elantris rose, who knows? I hear they were trying a battering ram, but I don’t think they’ve gotten in yet.” “I hope they haven’t. They wouldn’t do that and leave us out in the cold like this. That’d be downright rude.” Nearby... Ateshao walked through the newly-opened door cautiously. It had given way almost surprisingly easily, though that might be because the locksmith was just very good. the entry hall was strewn with objects - Jeskeri robes, icons of Shu-Dereth and Shu-Korath - but none of those drew his attention. In enormous, beautiful calligraphy, in the centre of the floor was written PRAISE THE JA. Slightly less nearby... Elysian walked through the tunnels that he had only walked once before, humming. He smiled at the spot where the Jeskeri had caught him coming from the Shardpool. They’d nearly killed him, then, but he had managed to join them instead. That was over, now. They’d failed, Shu-Dereth had failed, Shu-Korath had failed. All he had left were three words. “Praise the Ja,” he murmured to himself, coming out into the light of day on a mountainside. He didn’t know what it meant. He didn’t know where the message had come from. But he didn’t think he’d be finding any answers here. He grinned. On to the next adventure. He fell into the gleaming waters of the Shardpool, and was gone. (Thank you to @Elbereth for providing the writeup today! If you liked it, please show your appreciation by finding one of her posts and giving it upvotes) Araris was lynched! He was a Jeskeri Cultist and a Convert with a Korathi Pendant! Convert Tally: 3 / 23 players are Converts! Vote Count Elysian (Araris Valerian) (14): Amati (Kidpen), Ateshao (Drake Marshall), Bill (King Cole), Enelan (Elenion), Fenot (A Joe in the Bush), Kainae (Little Wilson), Sahin Arehe (Mraize), Sheodan (Devotary of Spontaneity), Sheon Idris (Seonid), Soren Porfiry (Dalinar Kholin), Straw (Straw), Aladdin (The Young Pyromancer) Dio Brando (Amanuensis) (1): Elysian (Araris Valerian) Eoni (Walin) (1): Eoni (Walin) Reth Liari (Hemalurgic Headshot) (1): In (Droughtbringer)
  13. Day 2: Dao After barely diverting the crowd gathered early in the morning, intent on killing someone, Daoate felt a drink was in order. His near-death ordeal had left him terribly drained, and he knew a good bottle of spirits would set that to rights. Rounding a street corner, he spotted the alchemist, Fenot, packing up his stall for the night. This will do, Daoate thought. The alchemist probably keeps a strong liquor on him, for personal use if not for his strange concoctions. Probably beats bar hopping all night, anyway. “Hey!” Daoate cried, approaching Fenot. “Do you have a bottle on you? ‘Sbeen quite a day, and some alcohol would do me good right about now.” “Sure,” the alchemist replied, smooth as always. He slid a bottle of brandy from under his cloak. “One silver piece.” “You’re a lifesaver,” Daoate said with a sigh of content, flicking the alchemist the coin and picking up the bottle. Moving into an alleyway, he uncorked the bottle and took a deep swig. He breathed contentedly, then collapsed, asleep. Daoate woke up, blinking his eyes to clear the bleary tiredness from them. Where was he? The sky, from what he could see, was not an open-air night sky that he had fallen asleep under, but a gently curving ceiling, that curved into sloped walls. If I didn’t know better, Daoate thought, I’d say that I’m in a pipe. As he thought this, he drew in a breath, and the repugnant stench hit him instantly. With a flash of realization, Daoate realized he was in the sewers. His eyes then began to pick out other details, previously hidden. The wooden surface of the altar he was lying on. The ropes binding his wrists and ankles, immobilizing them. The robed figures in the distance, watching silently. And the single robed figure, walking towards him, his face veiled with cloth. Finally, Daoate saw the long knife in the man’s hand, and at long last released the scream that had been building inside him. It did no good though. No answering footsteps thundering towards him. No divine intervention, by Jaddeth or Domi. Just him...and the Jeskeri Mysteries. Idos Domi, thought Daoate. I’m actually dying. The robed figure finally reached him. The knife ascended, tip glistening in the dimly lit cavern, and descended. A brief flash of agony; darkness. The Gyorn in the red armor left the courtyard after Saoir was hanged, walking quickly towards the Derethi chapel. The facemask still obscuring his identity, the man stopped at the doors of the chapel, and paused for a brief prayer. He then looked up, regarding the ornate doors serenely. And kicked them open. Confidently striding down the center aisle, the Gyorn paid no heed to the startled gasps of the small flock the pathetic local preacher had managed to collect, instead making straight for the podium. The startled arteth there gave way amazedly, too stunned to speak. The Gyorn lifted his voice. “Arteth Fjon, I relieve you of your station as arteth. Your laxity in dealing with these, your brothers in following Holy Jaddeth, is reprehensible, and you are unfit to lead this congregation. Return to the monasteries for reassignment, and you will perhaps reinstate yourself in Jaddeth’s favor.” The former arteth looked up, a glint of defiance shining in his eye, then bowed submissively and resignedly. “Yes, my lord hroden,” he mumbled, and walked red-faced down the aisle and out of the chapel. The Gyorn looked around at the remaining people in the congregation. “As for the rest of you lot… your arteth has led you astray. You have not earned the title of a true follower of Jaddeth. But Jaddeth forgives all the sincerely repentant. Rededicate yourselves to his holy will, and you shall gain the power you need to triumph in your life, and to extinguish the vile Elantrians roaming among you!” There was a murmur of assent from the back of the congregation, and the Gyorn realized that a few other people by the door had come to listen to his sermon. All for the better, he thought. In a manner of days all the citizens of Arelon will realize the truth lies in Shu-Dereth alone, and the heathen nation shall at last be mine. Bort was killed! He was an Arelish Citizen with a Jeskeri Pendant and a Seon (The Seon has passed to an heir) The Shaod took Amanuensis, Hemalurgic Headshot, and Arinian! A Jeskeri Pendant was used! Convert tally: 4 / 24 players are Shu-Dereth Converts! Special thanks to @Fifth Scholar for providing the writeup again. Please shower him with upvotes. Player List:
  14. Night 1: Sao Saoir scrambled to record everything that was happening. As Royal Archivist, it was his job to record and catalogue everything of importance that happened in Kae, and he had been at it all day. It had started with the Patriarch’s murder, of course, but since then things had been all a flurry around the palace. Captain Edao of the Palace guards had tried- and failed- to keep everyone corralled inside the Palace. At least Saoir had been able to record the names of everyone who had been present for the murder before they had departed. Now they were back to discuss the murder, and Saoir was doing his best to take minutes on the meeting as everyone shouted over one another. Occasionally he would join in, too, adding his own comments and thoughts on the proceedings. Lost in his work, it took him a few minutes to realize that the crowd had turned their attention to him. “Maybe we should kill the scribe over there instead,” someone muttered, and several heads bobbed in agreement. Saoir spluttered. “Me!? What real evidence do you have against me?” “Evidence? Nothing solid, but you’re our best lead. And the timing of your little comments, from the back of the crowd normally, certainly didn’t help. You’re probably a Cultist, Saoir. I’m sorry if you aren’t. But we have to act now.” The crowd moved to surround Saoir, forming fists. “Please...I know I’m not who you say you are...why are you doing this?” “Do we have a choice?” a man yelled. “What should we do, stand back as Arelish blood is spilled? We have to do something!” And with that, the man began punching him, and the rest of the crowd quickly joined in, and Saoir curled into a ball on the palace floor. Kicks ensued, but before it could get too far the palace guard was there, breaking up the brawl. “Stand back! Everybody back!” Captain Edao roared. “Let the Palace Guard deal with this!” The Palace guards began to drag Saoir's limp body away, but the motion stirred him, and he gasped in a shuddering breath and pulled himself as far up as he could manage. “Stand back as Arelish blood is spilled,” he croaked humorlessly. “You know, that’s basically what half this crowd did.” He laughed, but the effort seemed to daze him, and he gave a hacking cough. It continued for a moment, then his eyes suddenly watered. Unable to speak more, he remained silent as the guard dragged him off to the gallows. Saoir (Randuir) was lynched! He was a Citizen who held a Korathi Pendant and knew the secret passphrase. A Shu-Dereth Pendant was used! Convert Tally 3 / 25 players are Shu-Dereth converts Vote Tally: Saoir (Randuir) (8): Aladdin (The Young Pyromancer), Dio Brando (Amanuensis), Eoni (The Honey Badger), Kainae (Little Wilson), Nigel (TheMightyLopen), Reth Liari (Hemalurgic Headshot), Sheodan (Devotary of Spontaneity), Sheon Idris (Seonid) Daoate (Bort) (6): Amati (Kidpen), Eilen (Arinian), Enelan (Elenion), Enerin (Eternum), Saoir (Randuir) Eoni (The Honey Badger) (3): Sahin Arehe (Mraize), Soren Porfiry (Dalinar Kholin) Elysian (Araris Valerian) (1): Fenot (A Joe in the Bush) Straw (Straw) (1): Imperial Mint (STINK) Player List: EDIT: It's a night phase, not a day phase. Here is the correct countdown timer. Note that we're back to the 7:00PM MST rollover time:
  15. Day 1: Aon Ten years ago, Elantris fell. The gods of the majestic city withered into wretched creatures, reviled and despised by all. The city, which had once been the center of science, learning, peace, prosperity, and Elantrian Magics, was turned into a prison, and the Elantrians who had survived the upheaval were locked inside and left to bemoan their fate. Over time the city, like its inhabitants, withered and rotted. Outside of Elantris, in the city of Kae, life had moved on. Merchants traded, pirates plundered, kings governed, priests taught, young couples fell in love, and… something darker was stirring. Seinalan knew this. As patriarch of the Korathi church he was kept well abreast of current events, and the reports he had been receiving lately had disturbed him. The Jeskeri Mystery cults- once a minor nuisance in faraway kingdoms- had spread and gained foothold here in Kae, complete with human sacrifices, pronounced curses, and all the other vulgar pagan rites. If Seinalan’s reports were accurate, and he had every reason to believe they were, the cults had even infested the nobility and the wealthy elite of Kae! Seinalan hadn’t had a choice- he had come to the city to call the people to action, to root out and eliminate any cultists among them. There was a knock at the door. “You may enter,” Seinalan called. He looked himself over in the mirror. He tucked a loose strand of his luxurious blonde hair back in place then flashed his winning smile. Perfect. The door opened to admit a few of his attendants. Seinalan asked, “Are the people ready to receive me.” When he got no reply, Seinalan turned. His “attendants” had barred the door and were now removing their white Korathi priest’s robes, revealing darker robes with blood red markings on them. Jeskeri Cultists! Seinalan screamed for help, but it was too late. Even if anyone could hear him it would take too long for them to break though the four inch reinforced oak doors that now sealed the entrance to his chamber. The nearest cultist seized Seinalan and brandished a wicked dagger.... A few minutes later, the palace guards finally broke the door open and Captain Edao rushed into the room, followed by his men. The room was empty, save for one figure. Patriarch Seinalan lay stretched out on the table. His Patriarch’s robes had been stripped off and he torso had been sliced open in twisted, intricate patterns. Edao scanned the room- the murderers couldn’t have gotten far. There, on the far side of the room, a tall armoire had been pushed askance. Edao rushed over to it and shoved it aside, then threw his shoulder against the wood panel of the wall behind it. The panel swung inward, revealing a narrow passage between the walls. Edao led his men in a rush through the passage, trampling bloodied robes that had been discarded by the murderers. A moment later they burst out into the Grand Hall, where dozens of people had been gathered to hear Patriarch Seinalan’s address. Edao scanned the surprised faces that turned to regard him. Any of them could be the murderers- obviously they had come this way with the intent of hiding in the crowd. “Seal the doors!” Captain Edao shouted. “Nobody is to enter or leave the palace! Patriarch Seinalan has been murdered!” In a side chamber, not far from the Grand Hall, a handful of people waited nervously. The door opened, and in strode a figure arrayed in a set of gleaming red Shu-Dereth priest’s armor, complete with the rarely worn helm. The faceguard of the helm masked the priest’s face and voice. The priest turned to address the people in the room. “It is true, Patriarch Seinalan was slain in his own chambers less than an hour ago. It is as I prophesied, is it not? Shu-Korath is weak, and Holy Jaddeth has sent this corruption to it’s heart, to destroy it from the inside out. Only Shu-Dereth is strong. Though we are few in numbers now, people will flock to us as they see that security and power can only be found by serving Lord Jaddeth, through his servant, Wyrn, Regent of All Creation. And in the coming days you, my followers, will find your faith rewarded. Praise Jaddeth!” “Praise Jaddeth!” The small group said in chorus. Day 1 begins! Patriarch Seinalan was killed by Jeskeri Cultists! It is up to you to find them and eliminate them! Convert Tally: 3 / 26 players are Shu-Dereth converts Player List: