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Found 9 results

  1. Opening Scene: Ash falls from the sky, while the Sliver of Infinity rules with an iron fist. He has stamped out all that opposes him, dousing any flames of rebellion. The Nobles dance while The Skaa die, just outside of their Ballrooms. Many are either happy with this life, or resigned to it. But there are a few trying to gather support, trying to becoming the fire that will burn down the system. Rules: Welcome to Long Game 40, this game is based off of the Naming/Open Ended mechanic of LG18 and 33. Essentially there are no set actions that you can take, if you can justify it then it is possible. GM discretion exists. This will be a faction game, each faction being one of the Great Houses of Luthadel. You are competing against the other Great Houses to earn favor in the eyes of The Lord Ruler. The struggle has been going on for years. But something new has happened, a thought to be member of a Great House was revealed to be a Skaa Rebel infiltrating the house. The Nobles, of course, are outraged at this, and demand that the rest of the Skaa that have infiltrated the ranks of the Nobles be found, and so the manhunt begins… The game will end when either the Rebels have been wiped out by the Nobles, if the Rebels gain the support that they need, or if the Rebels outnumber the Nobles. If the Rebels are wiped out the Great House with the most Favor wins the game. The ways you can earn Favor listed below: Killing an Eliminator outside of the Lynch - 15 Starting a successful lynch on an Eliminator - 5 Participating in an Eliminator Lynch - 1 Posting at least 2 posts of 200 words each of RP in one round - 5 Posting at least 2 posts of 200 words each of Strategy/Planning in one round - 5 Attending a Noble Ball - 5 At the start of the game each house will get together and decide what their house will focus on. The focus of any given house allows one member of the house to take one action based off of the focus chosen each cycle. This action must be approved by the GMs. Foci: Weapons Subterfuge Travel Metal Crops Hazekillers Soldiers Other (GM approval required) Some players will recieve a role as a Misting. A Misting may burn whatever metal is assigned to them once a Cycle. The actions taken by burning a metal may be anything so long as it can be justified, and the GMs approve. Generally speaking the metals will follow the below: Pewter: Defense, Extra Life Tin: Spy, PM Creation Iron: Move, Protect, Steel: Move, Attack. Copper: Hide, Prevent Emotional Bronze: Knowledge Brass: Manipulate (Suppressive) Zinc: Manipulate (Active) Gold: Past info Atium: Unblockable Attack, Protect, Unblockable Action Example: Aonar is a really creative Steel Misting/Coinshot. He decides that he wants to do something that no one expected and decides to run away. He uses his Steel action to run away from everyone, and prevent all kills from hitting him. The GMs say that he can do that, but that there is a 25% chance that he will not be back in time to earn Favour, or participate in the lynch next cycle. There may or may not be secret roles. Probably not, unless I am lying Each night every house may send someone (and only one person) to a Noble Ball. When a player is sent to a Noble Ball they are put into a group PM with the other players that are sent to the Ball, and can not talk in the main thread, but can talk to their house in their doc. A player participating in a Noble Ball may still take actions, but they can only target other players at the Ball, while players outside of the Ball can not target those at the Ball. During a Ball the player's’ RP and Strategy posts will still count towards Favour. The Rebels have two possible win conditions, either outnumber the remaining villagers, or achieve enough Skaa Support to start a Rebellion. To start a Rebellion the Rebels require (Number of Villagers)*(25) = Support. The Rebels can gain support in the following ways: Kill a Noble outside of the lynch - 15 Posting at least 2 posts of 200 words each of RP in one round - 5 Posting at least 2 posts of 200 words each of Strategy/Planning in one round - 5 PMs are open, and require Aonar, Orlok, and me to be in them. Aonar will be helping GM this game, while Orlok will be the IM. If there are any questions ask below. Player List: The game will start at: 9:00 PM my time on Monday the 20th The day will last 46 hours, and the night will last 22 hours. Rollover will be 2 hours long. Rule Clarifications: Quick Links:
  2. “Sometimes I wonder if I am the only real thing in a false world.” The voice echoed across a curious landscape. It was an island of sorts, surrounded by swirling mists. The ground was dark, smoky stone—that was how man perceived it, at least. “And other times I wonder if the world is rigid and true and I am what is changing, ever false, ever contradicting.” The speaker looked up at the sky, which was encompassed in a writhing mass of crimson tendrils pierced only by a too-small dot of light. “Identity has always puzzled me. Scholars throughout the æons have searched for a way to define who oneself is. Yet it is just who I am…” The island was covered in short scrubby plants except for a small area around a blazing green fire. A group of spirits stood in the cleared-out space with a cloaked figure at the center beside the fire. When he spoke next, it was with greater intensity. “…who we are. Is Identity how we were created, or how we choose to create ourselves? Do we bear our own souls, or are we ourselves carried along?” The cloaked man threw a pinch of dust in the fire, which flared up, illuminating the faces of the spirits. He looked into each one’s eyes. “Time flows like a river, and the day of proving approaches quickly. When sunset falls, chaos will be upon us. You will need to be prepared.” He took an ornate wooden box out of his pack. It was clearly aged; the wood was bent and covered in holes which emitted a faint glow. He opened the box, revealing rows of small brightly glowing objects, circular or hexagonal in shape and a couple inches in diameter. Each had a unique and intricate pattern carved into its face. “It is time to decide who you will be. Who you will fight for, and who you will fight against.” Above the hooded man, the sky rippled, tendrils casting faint shadows across the stone. One of the spirits stepped forward, reaching into the box and taking a single glowing piece. The others followed. “Who are you, little ones?” Lightning crashed, illuminating the red sky. “You are what the world needs to you to become.” Rules Ah, yes, right, businessy stuff, that’s my cue. [clears throat] Yes, well, my name is Phil! I’m the voice in your head who’s here to do all the businessy stuff related to this quest. Don’t worry about how I’m talking in your head or whose voice I stole or any of that stuff—I’m just a plot device here to repeatedly infodump you. We cool? So, the rules. Er, about that… well, you see, Mr. Hooded Cloak over there says I’m technically not supposed to tell you anything. But I’ve always been one to—shall we say bend the rules a little bit (excuse the pun). I mean, you guys have to have some kind of groundwork to go off of, right? So, to start out with, the game is divided into Day and Night turns which alternate as always. Day turns are 47 hours long with a 1 hour break afterward, and Night turns are 23 hours long, again with a 1 hour break afterward. If you want to be all technical about things, turns will end at 4 AM UTC and the next turn will begin at 5 AM UTC. You can normally take 2 actions each cycle (Day and Night). You can take both during the Day, both during the Night, or one of each, but no more than 2 actions each cycle, and you can’t use the same action more than once in the same cycle unless otherwise stated. If an ability lets you use more than 2 actions per cycle, there is an absolute maximum of 2 actions in the Day and 2 actions in the Night. Clear as mud, eh? Boom, order of actions. You’re welcome. There might be more stuff not on here because Mr. Hooded Cloak is so uptight about everything. You’ll get a notebook to record stuff in too, it’s only a page though so not much of a notebook. It gets shown to everyone once you die. Mr. Hooded Cloak keeps trying to get me to call it a Will but he’s really kind of a morbid guy. Trust me, you don’t want to get to know that git. Speaking of which, there’s a bunch of random stuff he wanted me to tell you. After you die you’ll return here for a couple cycles before “passing on” (see, morbid guy, right?) during which you’ll be “judged for your actions” and you might potentially change your outlook on life. That one’ll be important if you ever get brought back from the dead. He also told me "tie lynches are random" and “scans aren’t infallible” or something weird like that. And, oddly, he also wanted me to make sure to tell you that Wills aren’t carved in metal. I should also talk to you for a couple secs about greed and the universal language: gold. You can get 2 pieces of gold each cycle, one for posting some discussion related to the game and another for posting at least 200 words of in-character text. Here’s a piece of paper that Mr. Hooded Cloak left me listing a few “universal actions” which any of you guys can take: And that’s about it! Good guys win if they kill the bad guys, bad guys win if there are more of them than the good guys. I’ll let you know later on if I forgot to tell you anything. So, with all of this businessy stuff done, I wish you luck and bid you adieu. Have fun storming the castle! [CoGMs are Elenion and Jondesu. IM is Wilson.] Quick Links:
  3. Epilogue – Ash and Memory “Time burns away behind us, leaving only ash and memory.” --Hoid A maniacal laugh echoed across the valley. The heads of the members of the court looked from one face to another. Above them, the stars glistened in the sky; there was no courtroom in the Nightwatcher’s Vale, of course, so it convened outside on the ground. The laughing voice spoke: “Servants of Odium, you can flee no longer. I can see everything, and the fires of judgment will shortly rain down upon you.” Nobody knew who moved first, but suddenly, there was chaos. And amid it all, the image of one man holding aloft a sword, the full moon’s light reflecting off the black blade. “DESTROY EVIL!” - Skai’s Remnant stood before the Nightwatcher, standing on the pool’s water. “Tanavast—he who holds Honor—is dead,” she said. “But there is a way to bring him back.” “How?” Remnant said. “You already possess this power, as does another in your group of ‘adventurers.’ The power to travel through time. As my gift to you, I grant you the knowledge of the time he was destroyed and of the path to his salvation.” “Knowledge?” “Knowledge is the greatest weapon.” The image of the Nightwatcher smiled. “Now, I should also give you a burden. However…I want him back as much as you do. I need him back.” Skai’s Remnant looked into her tearful eyes. “I understand,” he said quietly. And the Nightwatcher realized that he did understand. He possessed the memories of a doomed god who had watched his wife been murdered. He was the only being in the entire Cosmere who could understand. Two gods, standing atop the water, embraced. - Locke Tekiel, wielder of Nightblood, watched the court around him fall into disarray. Amid the chaos, he moved slowly and deliberately. He raised the Lenses to his eyes. The Eyes of Aman, they were called. Discerners of hearts. He wore the Eyes, and he understood. “DESTROY EVIL,” Nightblood commanded. And Locke followed. Though tumult raged around him, he cut through like smoke to Lucky Duke, whose body collapsed in ash at a touch from the blade. He pierced through to Innocent Joe, whose ash joined Duke’s. Whether he was guided by the Eyes or by Nightblood itself, he didn’t know. Everthing slowed to a crawl around him. The chaos stopped as everyone turned to survey the carnage. Their eyes traced the darkness creeping up Locke’s arm. Their eyes surveyed the peace of two gods above the pool. And their eyes noticed the final flakes of Joe’s ashen body flutter noiselessly to the ground. Locke stumbled to his knees on the ground, propped up by Nightblood. “NO,” the sword said. “THE EVIL REMAINS. DESTROY IT! THE EVIL LINGERS!” “A wise observation!” said a familiar voice—familiar, yet different. It was a voice they had all heard inside their heads, yet now heard with their ears. The adventurers watched in horror as the ashes of Duke and Joe began to rise into the air and form into something increasingly human-shaped. It took a step forward, then another. “It feels so nice, having a body at last. Now, I’m suing you for the murder of these two fellow servants of Odium. And the penalty is…” The ash body—Phil—picked up Duke’s sword. “DEATH.” Locke Tekiel smiled. It was the sanest smile that had ever crossed his lips. “I am Locke Tekiel, High Prosecutor of Silverlight. And it is my job to bring justice to criminals.” He raised Nightblood. Phil laughed humorlessly and prepared his own attack. “How about we make things a little more interesting,” he added. “Changelings, rise.” They appeared from nowhere, and would have been cute had they not been so terrifying and ready to kill. The adventurers were surrounded and outnumbered ten to one. “Let’s keep things personal, Tekiel. Your friends will be too busy fighting off my minions to interfere with our little chat.” “I’ll keep this short, then.” The two of them launched into battle. - Phil fought with careless ease, fending off Locke’s blows as if they he were wielding no more than a toothpick. Locke gritted his teeth. The sword’s power was already consuming him; he didn’t have much time left. What he didn’t have in finesse, he made up for in strength. He charged. Phil blocked every one of his strikes, but doing so forced him backwards. The sheer power of Nightblood kept Phil on the defensive. That was the only thing Locke could rely on. Phil’s body grinned. “It’s futile, Tekiel. You can’t hit me.” He took a step back and parried. “Nothing you do can stop the inevitable.” - The Changelings pressed in from every direction. Laust drew his sword and fell into Windstance, bladetip pointed back over the head. Then, he noticed Silver Feather. The bird started to change, rising and twisting in unnatural ways until it was the shape of a human. Not just any human—King Elhokar himself. He spoke to the wind, and the wind carried his message. “I submitted the order last night to my men. The crusade against Phil, the Defiler, ends today.” Suddenly, Laust could see shapes on the horizon, growing larger and larger. They had wings but were otherwise humanoid. “Equipped with Remnant’s wing fabrials, every Shardbearer in Alethkar is coming to destroy you and your army, Phil,” Elhokar declared. The first Shardbearer touched the ground beside Laust. He wore massive blue Plate, and a Blade appeared in his hand as soon as his boots touched ground. Now we have a chance, Laust thought. - I only have one chance, Locke realized. He still hadn’t landed a single blow on Phil’s strange body, but bit by bit, he forced the thing back. They were now only a few feet away from the Nightwatcher’s pool. The darkness from Nightblood was also beginning to crawl up onto his torso. His arm was completely black. He couldn’t feel it, but the sword seemed to have a mind of its own. Phil blocked a slash. “It’s pitiful, isn’t it. To come so close, and yet at the last moment, to fail.” Locke swung again, but he was getting weaker and Phil easily deflected it. “That’s not how the law works, demon. The law will always prevail.” “But when there is no one left to uphold the law? What then?” He took another step backwards, another step towards the pool. “There will always be someone, as long as honor prevails in the hearts of men.” Another slash. Another block. Another step back. Locke was running out of time. “Honor is dead, fool. Honor was Splintered long ago.” “You know nothing of honor. Honor is not a force, but a feeling. Honor transcends time, transcends life and death, Forming and Splintering.” “You’re wrong, Tekiel!” Another step. “Honor. Is. DEAD!” “Honor lives on through me.” Locke was weak, so weak. With the last of his strength, he swung Nightblood at Phil repeatedly, battering at him over and over and over. Phil didn’t need to move his sword to block. He just stood and laughed. And then, the laugh stopped. Phil stood stunned for two seconds, ashen mouth still contorted in laughter. Behind him, Heather the worldhopper smiled, holding up a screwdriver. And Locke Tekiel, High Prosecutor of Silverlight, swung Nightblood one final time. Phil came to his senses at the last moment, eyes widening in shock. Locke ran the sword straight through Phil’s chest. “NGAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!” Phil’s body crumbled into ash and fell backward—right into the lake of the Nightwatcher. It dissolved with the hiss of smoke, and then all was quiet. Beside the lake, Locke Tekiel held Nightblood up to the moon once again. “So,” he said quietly, “this is where my story ends.” His own body, consumed with the darkness, crumbled to dust. Nightblood spun in the air and fell to the ground amid the dust, sinking blade-down into the stone. And there it remains, among the ashes, a memory of the one who dared to remember. ----- Phil is not here to conduct business as usual. We would like to erect monuments to those who have passed on. Cloudjumper has died! He was killed by the divine hand of Tekiel and the dark tool of the Scholars. A Joe in the Bush has died! He joined his fellow in the ash of the earth and died two unholy deaths. Orlok Tsubodai has died! He fought valiantly and suffered the consequence of justice, learning as Ister Undyne did, of the dual nature of salvation and destruction. And finally, Araris Valerian has died! He fought valiantly in the conflict with Phil’s Changelings. Ultimately, it is the lives of the least of footmen that bring peace to generations. This concludes LG36, State of Being. I hope you enjoyed this experience, and I look forward to sharing more with you for lives to come! - Skai’s Remnant, Ecthelion III
  4. Chapter 7: The Wings of Angels “Skai's Remnant was found Guilty of Assault with a Deadly Weapon against Mr. Red Facemask! He has been fined one essence mark, to be given to the plaintiff,” said the judge. Skai’s Remnant chuckled. Then he laughed harder and harder until his booming laughter filled the courtroom. “Very well!” he said, “and how about I pay the fine right now.” He opened the box containing the spare Essence Marks and tossed one to Facemask’s ghost. “You’re going to have a hard time proving that murder charge, Mr. Tekiel,” Skai’s Remnant said smugly, “considering your client isn’t actually dead.” The judge slammed his gavel down. “Court is now adjourned for the night!” - Requiem slipped the bracelet onto his wrist. The outer layer melted into light which shot down his arm to his back, where a pair of gigantic wings sprouted. Around him, the other adventurers got wings of their own of all different sizes and types. Requiem tested his own; they felt so natural, as if he had had them all his life. He lifted himself a few inches off the ground. After allowing everyone a few seconds of experimentation, Skai’s Remnant spoke. “Because of the delay, we’ll need to travel as fast as our wings can carry us if we want to rendezvous with our friend at the Valley. It’s quite the distance, but I think you’ll find—“ he flapped his wings and hovered “—these aren’t just for decoration.” TO BE CONTINUED after I get more sleep. The main setting of this cycle will be in midair, flying westward from the Peaks. This is a Day cycle lasting 48 hours. Mr, Red Facemask (Alvron) has come back to the Physical Realm! Requiem (Drake Marshall) has died and returned to the Cognitive Realm! Here is his autopsy report: And here is his will:
  5. Chapter 6: The Great Court of Unkalaki Under Requiem’s careful direction, they arrived in a Horneater village. None of the others questioned how he knew where to find it; he suspected that after the incident with Ambition, they just assumed him to be all-powerful. In reality, he recognized the mountains from his first visit. He was not far from the exact village he had been raised in. The group of adventurers was received warmly. They were shown to guest huts to sleep in for the night and were given dinner. As they ate, a sudden cry spread among the villagers. They abandoned their duties and ran in the direction the adventurers had arrived from, toward the pool. Requiem—and Skai’s Remnant, he noticed—immediately stood up and followed as fast as their legs could carry them. The Horneaters had gathered in a circle around the edge of the pool. The two of them pushed through and saw a person pulling themself up out of the water. The person was coughing and looked like he had been to Damnation and back. He collapsed on the shore, and as he struggled to his feet again, Requiem could see it was a parshman—no, a parshendi warform. Requiem turned to Skai’s Remnant and asked: “What time did you take us to? This is important. Very important.” “It’s the fifth of Chach, I believe, of the year 1164. Why?” Requiem gave no answer. Instead, he just stared at the ragged parshendi. Himself. - Hours later, they sat in a comfortable hut. Skai’s Remnant stood in the center, holding an animal skin bag. A sword was sheathed at his waist. “We’re here on Roshar to find Tanavast, and there’s only one being who can help us with that, a being which lives far, far away. We don’t have any time to lose before more of us die, so we’re going to have to [ahem] cheat a little bit.” He opened the bag and withdrew fifteen bracelets, each a different color and inset with a large crystal. Choosing a clear one, he slipped it over his wrist. Instantly, the gemstone began to glow and the bracelet came alive. The outermost part of it seemed to melt and shot in a line like light up his arm. Huge white wings like an angel’s sprouted from his back. “If anyone asks,” Skai’s Remnant said, “do not tell them where we got these.” - What had started as a formal meeting had become a mob. “The agents of Odium are hinding among us! Someone needs to die!” shouted Mr, Red Facemask. “Let us cast lots and have the natural order of things decide.” Several voices shouted in approval. “That is ridiculous!” another said. “Do you expect to find our opponents by throwing darts? We need calculated action!” More shouting, some of approval, some of ridicule. “If we kill everyone, including myself, Odium’s servants shall not escape! The world shall be FREE ONCE MORE!!!” It was chaos. Accusations were being thrown everywhere with the littlest of evidence to support them. Consensus swung back and fourth repeatedly. The village filled with yells. Then, one voice pierced the din. “You want one of us dead, do you?” Skai’s Remnant said. His voice turned cold. “Very well.” In the blink of an eye, he unsheathed his sword and slashed it straight through Mr. Red Facemask. Two thumps were heard as his lifeless body fell to the ground. Skai’s Remnant sheathed the sword and turned away. “You’re wasting all of our time. Death is not the answer. Maybe in the next life you will learn…” He sensed something and turned around. Atop Facemask’s severed body stood a translucent spirit. It grinned wickedly. “I said I’m suing you, Remnant. And this time, it’s for murder.” This is a Night turn lasting 24 48 hours. Alvron (Mr, Red Facemask) has died and passed to the Cognitive Realm. Here is his autopsy report: And here is his will.
  6. Chapter 5: The Windless Valley “On the count of three, everyone jump in. And don’t leave anyone behind this time.” They stood holding hands in a circle around the mountainside pool. As when they began their adventure, Skai’s Remnant was in the middle of the pool, though he was now treading water. “One.” Now gathered all in one place, the adventurers looked around at each other. Some of them had a completely changed appearance—their skin was slightly darker and they had an epicanthic fold. “Two.” They waved goodbye to Strider, who waved back, a look of hope in his eyes. “Three!” They all jumped into the pool as one. - The Wanderer once again found himself in the Cognitive Realm, divested of the persona of Rayse/Odium, and with his bracelet spinning at a fairly noticeable pace. As he watched, it slowed down and soon came to a stop. Once again, he understood: In this adventure, unlike all that had come before, the bracelet would need to be charged sufficiently to send him home, and that had not happened before his death. Another adventure would be required, before he could return home. He started walking when— POW! The punch floored him. He looked up and saw Eobard. “That was for killing me.” - Jaspian and his comrades reappeared in a completely new world. They were in another pool on the summit of a mountain surrounded by even taller peaks jutting up into the sky. From their elevated vantage point, they had a clear view down into a beautiful valley. The peace did not last for long. Seconds after their appearance, a huge group of black, spidery shadow creatures with glowing yellow eyes climbed out of the ground. Everyone scattered--everyone, that is, except Silver Feather, who was standing on his head with his feet in his mouth, juggling live fish while also trying to do something with chocolate pudding, and singing through his feet a song about a “Hambo de grote”. Jaspian shook his head, muttering about insane birds, and ran as fast as his legs and his stick could carry him. He looked over his shoulder to see what the creatures were doing. They were all coming for him. - Mr. Red Facemask watched as the shadows enveloped Jaspian and his stick. He heard Jaspian's screams and the meaningful sound of the stick's silence. Then, as quickly as they had come, the shadows vanished back into the ground. Requiem was the first to arrive by Jaspian's lifeless body. "Heartless," Requiem said. "I thought it was weird enough when Odium sent the Daleks, but Heartless? Really???" Requiem stood in stunned silence for a moment, and Mr. Red Facemask took advantage of it by stepping up to him and asking, "Hey, is there a way I can contact that Ambition guy again? Unfortunately, I've found myself out of a lawyer again and--" Requiem slapped him. "Skai's Remnant SAVED YOUR LIFE from Odium, and all you can think about is SUING HIM after you tried to steal from him? And this from the guy who 'despises thieves almost as much as vote manipulators'! I am disgusted." Mr. Red Facemask rubbed his face where he had been slapped. "I'm suing you for assault, too, by the way." If I can find a lawyer. Straw has passed to the Spiritual Realm. StrikerEZ has died and passed to the Cognitive Realm! He did not leave a will, but here is his autopsy report: I, Phil, am proud to present today’s lottery and auction items! Today, there will be 2 lottery items and 2 auction items. Both lottery items are Essence Marks. One has a pattern that looks like a heart & crossbones, and the other has a pattern that looks like a hugely oversized crown. The first-place auction item is a pair of Bifocals. Contains both Harrier’s Lenses and Courier’s Lenses. The second-place auction item is Rum! …no, wait, we just got word from the distributor that the Rum is all gone. Apologies for any inconvenience. [You hear from afar:] “Storm it, why does this always happen!?”
  7. Chapter 4: The Shattering of Odium Note: The events of this episode do not reflect the canon. Contains minor Elantris spoilers. Requiem stood atop the mountain shardpool. "Checkmate. Your move." “COME AND FIND ME, THEN,” said the Dalek in Odium’s voice. Then it exploded. Requiem dived into the pool as pieces of shrapnel flew overhead. When he resurfaced, the Daleks were gone. He heaved himself back up onto the shore and looked around. Nothing. “Ambition, I need you as soon as possible,” he spoke to the air. There was no response. “Ambition? Are you there?” This time, he heard a faint voice in his mind: “Ba…va…din…” Bavadin. Requiem kicked himself. Of course Odium had a cohort! And another Shard, no less. Ambition needed his help. He needed to get to Threnody, and he couldn’t do it alone. - The cloaked man felled the last of the Dakhor with his fist. As the dust from the battle cleared, he heard approaching footsteps. He turned and saw Requiem. He was wounded and looked exhausted. “Going somewhere?” he asked Requiem. “Yes. But first, there’s something I need to ask you. Are you Skai, bearer of Dominion?” He chuckled. “Very astute of you. I’m impressed. No, I am not Skai. He died long ago. Murdered by Rayse. But you are not far from the truth. “You see, Dominion was not Splintered right when its twin Devotion was. As Skai watched the woman he loved die and her power scatter, knowing that he would follow soon after, he Invested much of Dominion’s power into one mortal, granting him knowledge and power beyond comprehension. This mortal did not become a Shard, nor even a Sliver. But Skai poured his power, his conscience, into him. He gave this mortal one command, then stepped out to Rayse with his arms open. He was cut down on the spot. The mortal watched. I watched. “After Skai’s death, Rayse left. I buried him on this planet and built a city around it. Elantris, the city of the gods. It was a foolish and ironic name; it housed only the body of one god and an empty space beside it. “I was created with one purpose: to reunite him and Aona in the grave. I intend to fulfill that purpose.” His eyes narrowed. “And I also intend to get vengeance on her murderer.” - The hooded man, Skai’s Remnant, approached the Wanderer. “Hello, Odium.” The Wanderer’s eyes turned red, and the other acolytes backed away. “I RECOGNIZE THAT VOICE. SKAI? NO, IT CAN’T BE. I KILLED YOU EONS AGO.” “That you did. Or should I say, you killed most of me. And the part that you left behind doesn’t intend to let that slide.” “YOU ARE NOT A SHARD. YOU HAVE NO POWER OVER ME.” “Oh? I beg to differ, ‘my lord’. You are up against the power of not one, but two gods, both of them greater than you will ever be.” “HEH, YOU ARE A FOOL. YOUR GODS WERE SPLINTERED AND THE POWER LOST THROUGHOUT THE COGNITIVE REALM.” “Lost? Or simply dispersed, waiting to be called upon? Look around you, Rayse. It is everywhere, surrounding everything. Look at the shining city. Look at the demons we fought. Look at the physical bodies of everyone around you. All born of the dispersed power. Aona and Skai never died; they are always with me!” “I. KILLED. THEM. AS I WILL NOW KILL YOU AND FINISH WHAT I STARTED MILLENIA AGO.” The Wanderer smiled, red eyes glinting. “I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS.” The cloaked man removed his hood. “You have no idea.” - Heather watched from below as, in the elevated central square of Elantris, Hood squared off against Rayse. Neither appeared to be armed. She felt a tap from behind. Turning around, she saw Requiem. “We have a problem,” he said. “How fast can you get us to Threnody?” “Me?” she asked. “Why me? I don’t even know what’s going on here. If you—“ “Please. Take me to Threnody. The fate of this world—no, of all the worlds—depends on it.” - Skai’s Remnant and Odium stood ready for battle. Then the entire world changed, and they were surrounded by the mountains of JinDo. “YOU ARE POWERLESS HERE. OUTSIDE ELANTRIS, YOUR MAGIC IS COMPLETELY IMPOTENT. YOU REALLY ARE A FOOL.” “No, Rayse, you are the fool. For I am of Dominion, and this entire planet is my dominion.” Skai’s Remnant sprang into battle. Rayse hastily drew his sword in defense. His unarmed opponent sped up, seemingly dancing, his hands trailing light. A punch went through, hitting Rayse’s shoulder, then another, and another. Bones broke, and Skai’s Remnant pulled his fist back covered in blood. Rayse swung his sword, but it was cut in half by a bladed hand. The sword glowed, fell to the ground, and shattered. It felt good using ChayShan, the magic of JinDo, again. Skai’s Remnant spun in for another flurry of blows, and it was clear that his attacks, enhanced by ChayShan, were too much for Rayse. He stumbled backwards and changed the world again. They were in Rose now, and just as suddenly as the magic had come, it stopped. Rayse easily deflected the next punch and returned it with one of his own, sending Skai’s Remnant flying. He landed on his feet. As Rayse threw his broken sword aside and unsheathed another, Skai’s Remnant slammed his hand into the ground, Forging it. You are rock, but could once have been magma. A fissure opened in the ground, splitting the earth in two and spreading in Rayse’s direction. He deftly jumped over the fissure before the ground opened beneath him. “No matter where you take me, my gods are still with me!” Skai’s Remnant shouted. He Forged again and again, shattering the ground and opening a chasm under Rayse. Off-balance from his last jump, a spray of hot rock hit him, dropping him to the ground. He caught the edge of the ravine which had moments ago been a road and changed the world again. Dzhamar. Skai’s Remnant lifted a hand, soaked in Rayse’s blood and drew a circle in the sand. His enemy lunged, but was deflected by the invisible ward, the force of his slash directed back at him, disarming him. Skai’s Remnant caught the sword and turned it against him. Rayse threw up a barrier of power and summoned a glowing red dueling blade. Their weapons sparked and clashed. The scenery changed once again: Elantris. Rayse attacked with all his might, throwing bolt after bolt of red energy. Skai’s Remnant ducked and rolled side to side, dodging behind burning ruins and fallen pillars. He stopped behind one such pillar and began drawing lines in the air. The pillar exploded, and there was nothing between him and Rayse’s destructive beams except one symbol of light hanging in the air. Aon Ehe. Fire. Skai’s Remnant slashed his finger across the Aon, adding the final line. A line of fire shot out directly at Rayse, hitting him square in the chest and lifting him across the temple, where he slammed into a pillar and fell to the ground. Skai’s Remnant walked over to Rayse, who was not getting off the ground, and spat at him. “Pathetic. This is the man who killed Skai and Aona? This is the man who claimed he was omnipotent, who could not be defeated?” “YOU CANNOT…DEFEAT ME…ALONE……” Rayse croaked. “And I don’t need to.” He grinned triumphantly. “NOW!” Three people faded into being: Requiem, Heather, and the third a huge figure cloaked in blue energy, floating a few inches above the ground. Lightning crackled around him, and he emanated an aura of pure power. He held his arm out and a giant glowing spear coalesced from the air. “Farewell.” He spat on Rayse, then twirled the spear and thrust it straight down through Rayse’s heart. The spear made contact. A great clap of thunder, greater even than the heavens, pierced Elantris. “GYAAAAAAAAAHH!” Rayse’s body shattered like glass, the spear exploding in violent red light. Then silence. TO BE CONTINUED within a few hours. Yitzi2 has died! He has passed to the Cognitive Realm. Here is his autopsy report: And here is his will:
  8. Chapter 3: Light of the Gods Warning: Contains major spoilers for Elantris. A second rip tore the sky of the Cognitive Realm. Odium smiled as the air around him surged with power. The hooded man and his acolytes had fled to the Physical Realm. Now that the rest of the power was scattered, he could focus on removing his opponents from the board. Starting with… “MINIONS, I ORDER YOU TO ELIMINATE…HIM.” “We obey.” - Strider and his fourteen companions ran to Elantris. Compared to the distance they had traveled from the mountainside pool to Kae, Elantris was practically across the road. They encountered two more Dakhor along the way, but his gun (“magic”, the others called it) made short work of them, and they continued uninhibited to the gates of Elantris. They were met with a horrific sight. The fires they had seen from afar were pyres. Elantrian bodies were being piled on them by Fjordell priests, and they looked still alive. That wasn’t the worst part. Twenty—no, thirty Dakhor stood guard at the city gates. They bared their teeth and drew their weapons. “Nice of you to join us,” one said. “We will burn your corpses with the others.” Strider drew his gun and squeezed off three rounds, hitting two of the demons. The others readied their various spears and axes. Worthless in a fight like this. He pulled the trigger once more but only head a click. Muttering about six-shooters, he tossed the gun aside and unsheathed his massive longsword. It glinted in the sun. This is a real weapon. Surrounded and outnumbered, he knew this was a battle he couldn’t win. But he and Andúril would go down fighting. - Raoden ran. I will not give in. I will not join the Hoed. I will not give in. I will not join the Hoed. He didn’t know how long it had been since the Shardpool. He didn’t think about it. Left, right, left, right. I will not give in. He dragged the stick across the ground. His pursuer was gaining. He didn’t think about it. Left, right, left, right. I will not join them. He didn’t think about anything except putting one foot in front of the other. - “Free consultation tomorrow at 8, alright?” With these words of departure to Odium, Mr. Red Facemask applied his Essence Mark and shifted realms. The eyes of his new body flicked open. He was in a burning city, surrounded by red-robed men and demons. His companions from earlier were fighting, but their strikes barely scratched their combatants. Next to him was Innocent Joe, Daniyah, Aralis, and the hooded man, still holding Aona’s body. He didn’t know where the others were, and he tried to push that thought out of his mind. Looks like I’m out of the frying pan and into the fire. - Left…right…left…….. Was he wrong about the Aons, about everything? Would they all die because of it? Right…… Raoden completed the line. Elantris erupted in light. - Requiem fought beside Strider. The blades of their swords did little, so they adopted a new tactic, swinging with extreme force as if to bludgeon the demons. It wasn’t enough. There were too many of them and they had too much stamina. As Requiem parried a blow, someone came flying in from behind the Dahkor, landing beside it and kicking it with full force (he was sure he heard bones break). It was the cloaked man, hood fallen down and a look of rage he had never seen. Daniyah, Aralis, Innocent Joe, and Facemask followed close behind. Then the walls of the city began to glow, not gradually but in one radiant instant. The Dakhor looked around, blinded by the sudden light and new opponents. The walls of Elantris weren’t the only thing glowing—the burning Elantrians shone with purity and rose, completely uninjured, to their feet. The demons fled. “Follow them!” the cloaked man commanded. Strider and the others ran to the streets in pursuit. “Let’s hunt some Dakhor.” - “Looks like we’ve searched this whole area,” Eobard said. They had split into groups to hunt the Dakhor; Strider, Eobard, Facemask, and the bird had comprised one group. After looking through their corner of the glowing city, they hadn’t even seen a mouse. “I think we’re clear—“ “Ex-ter-minate. Ex-ter-minate.” A group of what looked like huge metallic salt shakers came around a corner. Eobard would have laughed if they hadn’t looked so lethal. “Merciful Ilúvatar,” Strider said, “how many superpowered fighters does this Odium have?” Beams of magical energy shot from the salt shakers. Everyone scattered, everyone except Eobard, who just smiled. “Bring it on, you top-heavy rust buckets.” He ran like lightning up to the things and slashed at one as hard as he could. It bounced off. “Again!” he shouted. “Not fair…” The magical energy weapons hit him, and he fell dead. - The bird had fled at first sight of the metal salt shakers. Now, it doubled back around to the city gates. If I could just get past Mr. Hooded Cloak, it thought, maybe I could pickpocket the Vessel’s body…. Its thoughts trailed off as it saw Aona’s body and the cloaked man. His hood was still down, and he was weeping. As soon as he saw the bird, a look of utter hatred blanketed his face. “If you come one step closer to her, I will kill you so fast you won’t even need a trial.” Then he fell to his knees and sobbed. - Hours later, the person crept up to Eobard’s body. It was quiet now. The person lay their hand on his lifeless forehead. “Poor sap. Odium didn’t even bother to do a clean job, or even get the real one.” Suddenly, lasers shot out of nowhere. The Daleks had waited. The person ducked behind a building and vanished. “Allons-y!” This is a Day cycle lasting 48 hours. STINK has passed to the Beyond. He was an Evil person. The Flash has died! Here is his autopsy report: And here are the contents of his will:
  9. Prelude: Sunset “When sunset falls, chaos will be upon us.” The hooded man spoke softly, addressing the twenty spirits around the fire. “Time flows like a river, and we are hurtling through it. Before the time of our destination, a god died. Its power raged through this Realm, destroying everything around it and converting it to pure energy, reaching out across Realms through space. “As soon as the sun touches the horizon and the sky blazes red, use your Mark.” He pointed to one of the glowing objects. “Immediately at the sun’s fall—immediately before this land is ravaged by power—you must make the transition.” He paused, letting the weight of his message sink in. He tried not to let his uncertainty show. Instead, he added wryly, “One last thing: I would recommend staying near the edge of this island—unless you fancy going for a swim.” - The twenty spirits parted, leaving the hooded man alone by the fire. He looked into the box which had contained the glowing, Invested objects. There were still two left. He should have been surprised; he had brought one for each of the sprits. Instead he smiled. Well well. It looks like two of you are not who you seem to be. He remembered the words he had heard before coming to this place: One of them will save the worlds, one of them will destroy it. He hoped dearly that one of them knew what they were doing. Greetings! It’s Phil again, the friendly little voice in your head—in all of your heads, actually. I’m the guy who’s here to go through all the routine stuff, paperwork and autopsy reports and wills and all that crap. My other job is to make sure you don’t do anything stupid, but Rayse is taking up most of my time in that department. This is a Night cycle lasting 24 hou— [you hear a muffled explosion] Ah shoot, looks like Rayse blew something up again. Well, I’d love to tell you more about how this whole thing works, but I gotta go clean up after that kid’s mess. Ciao! PMs are still going out. Countdown to come. Remember to post and RP to get your gold for the turn!