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Found 2 results

  1. Opening Scene: Ash falls from the sky, while the Sliver of Infinity rules with an iron fist. He has stamped out all that opposes him, dousing any flames of rebellion. The Nobles dance while The Skaa die, just outside of their Ballrooms. Many are either happy with this life, or resigned to it. But there are a few trying to gather support, trying to becoming the fire that will burn down the system. Rules: Welcome to Long Game 40, this game is based off of the Naming/Open Ended mechanic of LG18 and 33. Essentially there are no set actions that you can take, if you can justify it then it is possible. GM discretion exists. This will be a faction game, each faction being one of the Great Houses of Luthadel. You are competing against the other Great Houses to earn favor in the eyes of The Lord Ruler. The struggle has been going on for years. But something new has happened, a thought to be member of a Great House was revealed to be a Skaa Rebel infiltrating the house. The Nobles, of course, are outraged at this, and demand that the rest of the Skaa that have infiltrated the ranks of the Nobles be found, and so the manhunt begins… The game will end when either the Rebels have been wiped out by the Nobles, if the Rebels gain the support that they need, or if the Rebels outnumber the Nobles. If the Rebels are wiped out the Great House with the most Favor wins the game. The ways you can earn Favor listed below: Killing an Eliminator outside of the Lynch - 15 Starting a successful lynch on an Eliminator - 5 Participating in an Eliminator Lynch - 1 Posting at least 2 posts of 200 words each of RP in one round - 5 Posting at least 2 posts of 200 words each of Strategy/Planning in one round - 5 Attending a Noble Ball - 5 At the start of the game each house will get together and decide what their house will focus on. The focus of any given house allows one member of the house to take one action based off of the focus chosen each cycle. This action must be approved by the GMs. Foci: Weapons Subterfuge Travel Metal Crops Hazekillers Soldiers Other (GM approval required) Some players will recieve a role as a Misting. A Misting may burn whatever metal is assigned to them once a Cycle. The actions taken by burning a metal may be anything so long as it can be justified, and the GMs approve. Generally speaking the metals will follow the below: Pewter: Defense, Extra Life Tin: Spy, PM Creation Iron: Move, Protect, Steel: Move, Attack. Copper: Hide, Prevent Emotional Bronze: Knowledge Brass: Manipulate (Suppressive) Zinc: Manipulate (Active) Gold: Past info Atium: Unblockable Attack, Protect, Unblockable Action Example: Aonar is a really creative Steel Misting/Coinshot. He decides that he wants to do something that no one expected and decides to run away. He uses his Steel action to run away from everyone, and prevent all kills from hitting him. The GMs say that he can do that, but that there is a 25% chance that he will not be back in time to earn Favour, or participate in the lynch next cycle. There may or may not be secret roles. Probably not, unless I am lying Each night every house may send someone (and only one person) to a Noble Ball. When a player is sent to a Noble Ball they are put into a group PM with the other players that are sent to the Ball, and can not talk in the main thread, but can talk to their house in their doc. A player participating in a Noble Ball may still take actions, but they can only target other players at the Ball, while players outside of the Ball can not target those at the Ball. During a Ball the player's’ RP and Strategy posts will still count towards Favour. The Rebels have two possible win conditions, either outnumber the remaining villagers, or achieve enough Skaa Support to start a Rebellion. To start a Rebellion the Rebels require (Number of Villagers)*(25) = Support. The Rebels can gain support in the following ways: Kill a Noble outside of the lynch - 15 Posting at least 2 posts of 200 words each of RP in one round - 5 Posting at least 2 posts of 200 words each of Strategy/Planning in one round - 5 PMs are open, and require Aonar, Orlok, and me to be in them. Aonar will be helping GM this game, while Orlok will be the IM. If there are any questions ask below. Player List: The game will start at: 9:00 PM my time on Monday the 20th The day will last 46 hours, and the night will last 22 hours. Rollover will be 2 hours long. Rule Clarifications: Quick Links:
  2. “Sometimes I wonder if I am the only real thing in a false world.” The voice echoed across a curious landscape. It was an island of sorts, surrounded by swirling mists. The ground was dark, smoky stone—that was how man perceived it, at least. “And other times I wonder if the world is rigid and true and I am what is changing, ever false, ever contradicting.” The speaker looked up at the sky, which was encompassed in a writhing mass of crimson tendrils pierced only by a too-small dot of light. “Identity has always puzzled me. Scholars throughout the æons have searched for a way to define who oneself is. Yet it is just who I am…” The island was covered in short scrubby plants except for a small area around a blazing green fire. A group of spirits stood in the cleared-out space with a cloaked figure at the center beside the fire. When he spoke next, it was with greater intensity. “…who we are. Is Identity how we were created, or how we choose to create ourselves? Do we bear our own souls, or are we ourselves carried along?” The cloaked man threw a pinch of dust in the fire, which flared up, illuminating the faces of the spirits. He looked into each one’s eyes. “Time flows like a river, and the day of proving approaches quickly. When sunset falls, chaos will be upon us. You will need to be prepared.” He took an ornate wooden box out of his pack. It was clearly aged; the wood was bent and covered in holes which emitted a faint glow. He opened the box, revealing rows of small brightly glowing objects, circular or hexagonal in shape and a couple inches in diameter. Each had a unique and intricate pattern carved into its face. “It is time to decide who you will be. Who you will fight for, and who you will fight against.” Above the hooded man, the sky rippled, tendrils casting faint shadows across the stone. One of the spirits stepped forward, reaching into the box and taking a single glowing piece. The others followed. “Who are you, little ones?” Lightning crashed, illuminating the red sky. “You are what the world needs to you to become.” Rules Ah, yes, right, businessy stuff, that’s my cue. [clears throat] Yes, well, my name is Phil! I’m the voice in your head who’s here to do all the businessy stuff related to this quest. Don’t worry about how I’m talking in your head or whose voice I stole or any of that stuff—I’m just a plot device here to repeatedly infodump you. We cool? So, the rules. Er, about that… well, you see, Mr. Hooded Cloak over there says I’m technically not supposed to tell you anything. But I’ve always been one to—shall we say bend the rules a little bit (excuse the pun). I mean, you guys have to have some kind of groundwork to go off of, right? So, to start out with, the game is divided into Day and Night turns which alternate as always. Day turns are 47 hours long with a 1 hour break afterward, and Night turns are 23 hours long, again with a 1 hour break afterward. If you want to be all technical about things, turns will end at 4 AM UTC and the next turn will begin at 5 AM UTC. You can normally take 2 actions each cycle (Day and Night). You can take both during the Day, both during the Night, or one of each, but no more than 2 actions each cycle, and you can’t use the same action more than once in the same cycle unless otherwise stated. If an ability lets you use more than 2 actions per cycle, there is an absolute maximum of 2 actions in the Day and 2 actions in the Night. Clear as mud, eh? Boom, order of actions. You’re welcome. There might be more stuff not on here because Mr. Hooded Cloak is so uptight about everything. You’ll get a notebook to record stuff in too, it’s only a page though so not much of a notebook. It gets shown to everyone once you die. Mr. Hooded Cloak keeps trying to get me to call it a Will but he’s really kind of a morbid guy. Trust me, you don’t want to get to know that git. Speaking of which, there’s a bunch of random stuff he wanted me to tell you. After you die you’ll return here for a couple cycles before “passing on” (see, morbid guy, right?) during which you’ll be “judged for your actions” and you might potentially change your outlook on life. That one’ll be important if you ever get brought back from the dead. He also told me "tie lynches are random" and “scans aren’t infallible” or something weird like that. And, oddly, he also wanted me to make sure to tell you that Wills aren’t carved in metal. I should also talk to you for a couple secs about greed and the universal language: gold. You can get 2 pieces of gold each cycle, one for posting some discussion related to the game and another for posting at least 200 words of in-character text. Here’s a piece of paper that Mr. Hooded Cloak left me listing a few “universal actions” which any of you guys can take: And that’s about it! Good guys win if they kill the bad guys, bad guys win if there are more of them than the good guys. I’ll let you know later on if I forgot to tell you anything. So, with all of this businessy stuff done, I wish you luck and bid you adieu. Have fun storming the castle! [CoGMs are Elenion and Jondesu. IM is Wilson.] Quick Links: