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Found 1 result

  1. Dear ________ You have been invited to Fadrex, by the will of Lord Tekiel. And to refuse such an offer would be unprecedented. So First, I shall inform you that anyone reading this letter has a certain quality that we find extraordinary, and we wish to only grow your potential. Whether that be the will to survive these turbulent times, or a certain affinity for anything pointed, we have considered everything. However, we cannot accept everyone that has been invited, so we must first run a simple entrance test. Anyone that passes this test will be allowed in to Fadrex, and if you fail the test, well, we won’t have to worry about that. You will find enclosed within the letter all the information that you need to know before the test starts. We hope to see you next week. Sincerely, The Court Fool Roles: THUG: Our Scientists have a theory that the less intelligent you are, the stronger the body. They’re very keen to examine your dead body. Presuming you can actually survive the first attack. TINEYE: You know when everyone is silent and there’s that one guy that always talks? Well, we’re looking for you. At least you get others talking, ya know? But when you’re dead, everyone will go back to being lovely and silent. SMOKER: You hate people. Every night, you’ll take someone in so that you don’t hate yourself every night, but someone else. You can also go out and socialise with people, but who would do that? SEEKER: You stalk everyone, with no exceptions. You’ll find everything, metals or lack of metals. You can even notice if someone has spikes in their eyes! Isn’t that impressive? COINSHOT: You love to murder people. That’s all we need to know. LURCHER: You love to hug and protect people. Bit of a weird one, but we’ll give it a go. SOOTHER: You hate it when people interrupt your book reading. They’ve usually got a fair point though, like who even reads Sanderson books? Luckily, you can make people shut up. RIOTER: You love to debate, especially about politics. Is Lord Tekiel the best? After you talk to them, no-one would say no. However, no-one really trusts your opinion on the matter anymore. UNSNAPPED: We think you might be able to do something, but you also could not do anything. I’m betting on not doing anything, though. REGULAR CREW MEMBER: Everyone likes to compare themselves to others to make them feel better. You? You’re just the only one that can’t feel better. INQUISITOR: Ooooh! Shiny! Oh, and I guess you can give other people shiny things. Can’t live without shinies though, right? Cosmetic Roles: These are additional roles that players can take on at their own discretion. They do not affect the game play in any way other than to modify how the player posts. If you come up with your own role, feel free to suggest it. There is no penalty for not using one. These are here for your enjoyment, not to be a deterrent. High Imperial - Wasing the wanting of speaking in High Imperial. You must use it at least somewhere in your posts. Note: you do not have to use it for every sentence and you still need to be mostly intelligible. Survivor Priest - Kelsier wasn't just a famous crew leader for you. Perhaps you were in Luthadel during the riots. Perhaps you saw him come back. Regardless, you're a believer and must make reference to the Survivor or the Survivor religion in each post. Cassanova - Good looks are such a curse; one you know all too well. While you didn't ask for it, to you, it's obvious that you are the best looking person ever and you won't let anyone forget it. In every post, you need to remind everyone of what a heartbreaker you are. The Jaist - Somehow, somewhere, you heard about Jaism and knew it to be perfect for you. Now that the Lord Ruler is gone, you've taken up the mantle of this lost religion and in Jaist fashion, you frequently mention your faith. You must end your posts with "Praise the Ja." The Feruchemist - You’re secretly a Feruchemist, and you’re not really sure what all the metals are used for in Allomancy. But when you’re surrounded by Mistings, you just have to play along. In every post, you must mention how confused you are at all this Allomancy stuff. ---------------------------- And that's Game (3)2! Please state the name of your character and how you’re preparing for the test! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask either here or in a PM! Let the Chaos Test begin! All credit to my esteemed co-GM, Stink, for the role descriptions and setting, and a great many thanks to Meta for allowing us to rerun his game. I've always found rereading LG2 fascinating, and hope it's enjoyable for everyone to play! The game will begin in 168 hours time, next Sunday, at 11pm British Summer Time. Quick Links: