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Found 1 result

  1. Cognitive Dissonance GMs: Nyali and Elbereth Timing (Signups & Rollover) Signups will be open for a week, from now until Tuesday, September 13th, at 10pmEST. The game will start 26 hours after signups close (on Thursday, September 15th, at midnightEST) to give me time to adjust the game to the number of players (the game is designed for 25-31, but I can handle any number). At some point during those 24 hours, you will receive your Role PM, but PMs and Docs will not be created until the game begins. Since this game is very complex and it's the first game I'm running here, days and nights will both be 46 hours long with a 2 hour rollover. Rollover will be from 10pmEST to midnightEST (that's 7pmPST to 9pmPST and 2amGMT to 4amGMT). Overview (the game in summary) Every player has a character with their own goals. Some are Independent and have only their own goals, and some are in factions and have a common faction goal as well. Every player has their own unique powers, only some of which are "common" and listed here. Some powers are passive and some take actions. During the day, you vote to lynch. During the night, you get three actions. There are five worlds and you can only use most actions on people who are on the same world as you. The game ends when a faction goal is achieved, even if no one in that faction has all of their personal goals achieved. Rules Common Powers Sample Characters (these roles are either not in the actual game or have completely different character sheets) Write ups: