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Found 12 results

  1. In the first centuries after the Lord Ruler's ascension, Allomancy was stronger, and Mistborn were more common than Mistings. The town of Tyrian Falls was established near one of the ashmounts as a waypoint for pure metals to be delivered between Luthadel and Fadrex city, and a Koloss garrison stationed nearby to deter any bandits or rebels. However, the Lord Ruler is off to the outskirts of the empire to personally deal with a significant uprising, and reports are that the Koloss are growing restless. Furthermore it seems that a faction within the town itself seeks the destruction of the town. Can you hunt out these Spiked, or will Tyrian Falls have to be rebuilt from its ashes upon the Lord Ruler's return? Welcome to LG 90: Undiluted Powers! This is a Tyrian-adjacent game, so nearly all the rules are the same as in our anniversary games, but the Rioter and Soother roles have been redesigned to remove the vote manipulation. I, @Araris Valerian will be the GM, and our IM is @Elandera. The game will start at 5:00 PM EDT on Saturday the 22nd, or be postponed to Tuesday the 25th if I don't have at least 12 players by then. Rollovers will be at 5 PM EDT. THUG: They can survive a single attack. If they are killed during a night or day cycle, they survive and this will be revealed in the write up. If they are attacked again, they die… finally. TINEYE: They are messengers and are capable of writing messages to the town while remaining anonymous. Each night, they can send a message to the Game Master. The GM will then post it within the write up at the start of the next Day. As long as a Tineye is alive, players can send Private Messages back and forth. Once no Tineye is alive, they can no longer deliver messages, so no more PMs. SMOKER: The Smoker is undetectable and they can extend this power to one other person each night. If scanned by a Seeker, the smoker or the person encompassed within their coppercloud will show up as being Smoked. Alternatively, the Smoker can turn their coppercloud off. This would allow them to be scanned accurately as a Smoker. In addition to being undetectable by the Seeker, the Smoker and their target are unaffected by emotional Allomancy. As long as the Smoker is using their coppercloud, a Soother or Rioter cannot change their target or cancel their action. SEEKER: The Seeker can sense when someone is burning metals. In fact, they have gotten so good that they can tell whether someone is spiked or not! Once per night, the Seeker can target someone to learn their abilities and alignment. COINSHOT: The Coinshot does what they do best. They push metals around; specifically into other people’s bodies. Once per night, the Coinshot can target a person for death. Unless otherwise disrupted, that person dies. LURCHER: Where the Coinshot pushes, the Lurcher pulls. Once per night the Lurcher can target someone and that person will be saved from death. A Lurcher cannot target the same person two nights in a row. SOOTHER: Their ability to manipulate emotions puts them and the Rioter in a very special position. During the Night, they can negate one person’s action. The target will be notified that they were roleblocked. Ruin’s influence on an individual is more powerful than that of a normal Allomancer, however, so the Spiked kill cannot be stopped by Soothing. RIOTER: The Rioter works in a similar fashion as the Soother, except once during the night round they can change one person’s action target. The target will be aware that they were Rioted and notified of who their final target was. As with the Soother, a normal Allomancer cannot overcome Ruin’s influence, so the target of the Spiked kill cannot be changed by Rioting. MISTBORN: They have the abilities of all of the above, but will only be able to use one per cycle. At the beginning of every day, the Mistborn will be told which ability they have and they can use that ability until the next day. If a previously held power would be received, the die is rerolled, and the new power is granted regardless of whether or not it was previously held. VANILLA: You have no special powers, but you still get a vote every day. Who knows? Perhaps you were meant to be the one to save the town! Not all stories are about the strongest people in a group. Details and Clarifications: Players: Pinch-Hitters and Spectators: Quick Links:
  2. Edven Tyrian's ancestor had founded Tyrian Falls, back when the Lord Ruler was first establishing the Final Empire. But Edven would not be the one to see his forefather's work undone. Edven's body was laid out in the street, a sword-wound across his chest. The mountain of evidence pointing to his association with the Spiked was enough that he had been killed without even an entire day's deliberation, and the remaining townsfolk stood around the corpse in a circle. Tyrian Falls wasn't a large town to begin with, and even with the members of caravans that had been trapped by Lord Penrod's orders, there weren't many of them left. Just as the grim faces began to lighten a bit from the defeat of the Spiked, a mighty roar sounded from outside the walls. The Koloss were attacking. Destroyer and Disaster stood ready upon the wall with Ora as the blue-grey forms of the Koloss charged their position. None of them had served in the army, and so all of their knowledge of the creatures came from stories. The stories didn't do justice to the massive beasts, some of which topped ten feet in height, with ripped skin and too-bright blood dripping from the tears. As the Koloss reached the base of the wall, some began to batter on the gate, while the larger ones simply leapt the wall and engaged the garrison directly. Ora stabilized herself against a crenelation as she pulled against the massive blade swinging down at Destroyer, who was expertly slinging coins into eyes and chests, dropping her targets more often than not. Destroyer severed the arm holding the blade with her own weapon, then, burning pewter and steel, pushed the still-enraged monster from the walls. Disaster covered their backs, parrying a blow from a smaller beast that had approached from the opposite side. The three fought as best they could, for what seemed like hours, with Simeon and Felix bringing water and metals to replenish their reserves as the town's soldiers defended other parts of the wall. But nobody, not even allomancers as talented as these, could defend against such an onslaught forever. Eventually one massive Koloss bowled through the two pewter-users and swung it's blade like a club, smashing Ora to the wall's walkway, then readying a killing blow. And then the Koloss just stopped. All of them. Ora groaned, the noise standing out in the sudden absence of the ruckus of battle, as she felt at her ribs. From her back, she saw a dark speck in the sky slowly resolve into the figure of a man. He was tall, with dark hair and metal adornments on his hands, signs of the power he wielded. The Lord Ruler. He alighted on the wall, gazing at the destruction wrought both by the attack and the recent sabotage, and his eyes fell upon the five defenders that had stood to the last. There was no verbal acknowledgment, but the Lord Ruler nodded his head toward them in respect, before taking to the sky again, using a fallen sword as his anchor. And without much of a sound, the remaining Koloss walked back out the shattered gate, leaving the survivors to pick up the pieces. Far away, in a cavern that no person had visited for many years, a dark form raged in its prison, furious that ruin had not been fully listed on Tyrian Falls. Yet it had not been foiled completely, for Adam's research was hidden well, and future Spiked could gather when there was nobody to contest control of the Koloss. A reckoning would come, and on that day not one stone would stand upon another after the destruction he would visit there. The Unknown Novel (Edven Tyrian) was a Spiked Vanilla! The Village has won! Thank you everyone for playing, and to @Elandera for being my IM. I had a lot of fun running this game, and will give my thoughts sometime when life isn't quite as crazy. Player List: Doc Links:
  3. Terrible decided that the only way he could change his name was if he could fix his breath first. He'd heard that Evenlyn liked to keep spices on hand, so he decided that she'd be a good target for the nightly murder. Unfortunately, Evenlyn had decided that Terrible was a not terrible choice for her own nightly execution, so Terrible died to a coin in the chest, his breath still unfixed. He had, however, managed to slit Evenlyn's throat before dying, for what that was worth. Cinnamon (Evenlyn Royale) was a Village Coinshot! Dannnnnnex (Terrible Breath Dispensation) was a Spiked Mistborn! Day 6 has begun, and will end at 5PM EST on Tuesday the 8th. If players wish, I will shorten the cycle to 24 hours instead, ending at 5 on Monday. There is a 1 vote minimum to exe a player, with ties decided randomly. PMs are closed! Player List: Quick Links :
  4. Adam scribbled frantically in his notes, pausing every now and then to glance at the jar on his desk. The Koloss army marching toward Tyrian Falls was exactly the opportunity he'd been waiting for, and they had approached close enough for him to being observing them. His notes were incomplete, and it was quickly becoming apparent that his neighbors were not interested in letting him finish them. A sharp knock game at the front of his house. Flaring bronze, Adam sensed that someone burning pewter and steel was outside. Apparently they wanted him to know they were coming, since anyone with those two metals could burn copper as well to hide their abilities. He finished writing a last sentence, then stowed his notebook where it could hopefully by a future servant of Ruin. Then Adam reached into the blood-filled jar on his desk and withdrew an iron spiked. Without hesitating, he jabbed it into his shoulder. There was pain, of course, but it was accompanied by a rush of strength the likes of which only Thugs and Mistborn knew. And Koloss, of course, since the spike had formerly belonged to one of them. Adam leapt through his window and charged directly toward the gathered crowd. Out of the corner of his eyes he saw the figure in front of his door turn in shock, but the spike also lent him speed, and Adam was among the townsfolk before the mistborn could stop him. The men and women around him were weak with hunger, easy for him to bowl out of the way. And just like that, Adam stood in front of Lord Penrod, who was backing away nervously. Adam felt several impacts in his back, presumably coins from the mistborn, but his strength and the adrenaline of the moment relegated them to distractions. He grabbed the lord and hurled him into a nearby brick wall, smiling grimly as he saw Hadrian's neck snap from the impact. And then the strength left him in a rush, followed by two flares of pain, one in his shoulder, and another from the wounds to his back. Adam fell to one knee and saw that someone had yanked the spike from his shoulder. His last thought before losing consciousness was that his notes were safe, ready for another servant of Ruin to take up when the time came. Matrim's Dice was a Spiked Seeker! Night 5 has begun, and will end on at 5PM EDT on Sunday the 6th. PMs are open. Vote Tally: Mat (5): Shining, Archer, Silver, TUN, Illwei TUN (1): Mat Dannex (1): Whysper Player List: Quick Links:
  5. Evenlyn sat in her house, poring over notes about the various villagers in Tyrian Falls that were still alive. It was well past dark, but she couldn't think about anything else, and sleeping was out of the question. Suddenly she heard a cry from her roof, followed moments later by a *thud* outside. Evenlyn rushed outside, where she could barely see through the mists several figures crouched at the peak of her house. Squinting, she noticed another one curse as he lurched to the side, scrambling for a hold on the mist-wet surface. Evenlyn took advantage of their distraction and fled into the streets. Sometime later that night, Rylim was found dead in his library, a heavy iron paperweight having apparently been flung into his skull. Unlike Thoughtful Book Dude, none of Rylim's documents had any reference to the Spiked or their activity in the city. Cinnamon was attacked, but survived! Bookwyrm (Rylim Libran)was a Village Vanilla! Day 5 has begun, and will end at 5PM EDT on Saturday the 5th. There is a 1 vote minimum to exe a player, with ties decided randomly. PMs are open! (this is not a copy error) Player List: Quick Links:
  6. The villagers were slowly being ground down. The approaching Koloss army could be seen as a cloud of dust and ash on the horizon; they would reach Tyrian Falls in a number of days. The looming threat of siege combined with low food stores and now compounded with the stolen weapons was enough to drive even the sanest of them to desperate action. In the midst of all this was Thoughtful Book Dude. He was just chilling in the street, reading a book. When someone pointed this out, attention rapidly shifted from Ora to Thoughtful, and the helplessness and rage of the crowd boiled over. The Dude was beaten to death in the heat of the moment, with only minor protests from a few present. As it turned out, the Thoughtful's book was a journal containing scribbled diagrams on Hemalurgy, with notes in the margin about potential targets in the town. The normal fear of the Spiked's nightly work was now mixed with a sense of hope that they could be overcome. The Aspiring Archivist (Thoughtful Book Dude) was a Spiked Smoker! Night 4 has begun, and will end at 5 PM EDT on Thursday the 3rd. PMs are still closed! Vote Tally: Archivist (4): Illwei, Shining, Silver, Archer Archer (3): Whysper, TUN, Dannex Silver (1): Mat Player List: Quick Links:
  7. Tiny scurried through the mists, his message bag slung over a shoulder. The men, women, and mistwraiths of Tyrian Falls were notorious gossips, and due to both his small size and allomantic ability, they relied on him to deliver their secrets throughout the night. The part of his job that Tiny enjoyed best was drawing graphs. Each night, once all the missives were sent, but before the dawn's light began to disperse the mist, he would find a nice wall and draw some wonderful charts detailing the previous day's discussion. For a while he'd used the side of Dyring's Inn, though he'd known it annoyed the innkeeper. Hadrian's manor was too fancy to have nice, flat walls anywhere, and most of the other townsfolk lived in shorter buildings. The inn though, had a wonderful flat edge reaching both stories that faced the street, so everyone that passed by would see his work. Of course, the inn was gone, and even the one remaining wall had collapsed sometime the previous day. That was why Tiny found himself in an alley adjacent to the town barracks. The wall of the building rose up higher here, perhaps for some storage space within. Tiny unfolded a ladder and began painting his latest masterpiece. As Tiny signed off on his work, he heard a crash and his feet lost their purchase on the ladder. Flared tin gave him sight of several people that had snuck up while he was distracted, and then everything went black in a flash of pain as his head struck the ground. Atelos was on watch in the barracks when he heard the crash out back. Rushing out the door, he discovered the corpse of Tiny, and turned into the darkness, squinting to see if the killers were nearby. A cry suddenly pierced the night. "Murderer, you killed Tiny!" Atelos began to protest but a volley of coins shot from the mists, dropping his body alongside that of Tiny. When dawn broke, not only were the two bodies found, but a significant portion of the weaponry stashed in the barracks was found missing, presumably taken by the Spiked before the murder of TBD. xinoehp512 (Tiny Bearded Dwarf) was a Village Tineye! JNV (Atelos) was a Village Vanilla! Day 4 has begun, and will end at 5PM EDT on Wednesday the 2nd. There is a 1 vote minimum to exe a player, with ties decided randomly. PMs are closed! Please welcome @Whysper as a replacement for Conquestor! Player List: Quick Links:
  8. The trio of deaths the night before spurred the folk of Tyrian Falls to continue their hunt for the Spiked. Finding a second traitor after Etam was confirmation that the shadowy group opposing the town was both active and vulnerable. However, as the day progressed, the initial enthusiasm stalled. Nobody was able to connect Dancer or Etam firmly with anyone left, though a few names were tossed around. Eventually, his stomach rumbling with hunger, Adam pointed out that the town's resident Mistwraith, Shadowblob, was acting far too intelligently compared to the stories told of those creatures. From there, Terrific Birthday Disaster (who still hadn't visited Hadrian to get his name changed) noted that spiking a Mistwraith would dramatically increase it's intelligence. Not to mention that the creature was eating a significant amount of the town's stored meat. Of course, when it came down to it, nobody could figure out how to kill Shadowblob. Mistborn could control the Kandra, some said, but their relatives didn't share that weakness. The villagers determined to banish Shadowblob, but when they approached her, the mistwraith simply melted away, translucent ribbons of flesh evaporating into the nightly mists. shadow1 (Shadowblob) was a Village Tineye! Night 3 has begun, and will end at 5 PM EDT on Monday the 31st. PMs are still open! Edit: @Conquestor will be replaced if he doesn't post this turn. Vote Tally: shadow1 (4): Matrim's Dice, Shining Silhouette, Archer, The Bookwyrm The Bookwyrm (2): Just a Silvereye, xinoehp512 Matrim's Dice (2): Illwei, shadow1 JNV (1): Dannnnnnex Player List: Quick Links:
  9. Nobody knew much about Riven, which made it rather hard for the Spiked to track him down. The small band of cloaked figures wandered the mist-filled streets of Tyrian Falls, keeping their eyes peeled for their quarry as they approached their next strategic target in the city. Riven wasn't an Allomancer. But unlike most people, he was glad of the fact. Liked things simple, he did, and the metallic arts were anything but. He figured that finding the Spiked was a simple matter of posting guards at key points in the town, and since Hadrian didn't have enough men to go around, Riven had volunteered himself. Unfortunately for him, the group of Spiked came upon him and slit his throat before he could call for help. ;eyes; blinked. She'd been patrolling with Riven, a few feet back, when several hooded figures loomed from the mists behind him and he dropped to the cobbles with a soft grunt. She immediately called for help, turning to find an alley to escape into. Flared brass staggered the pursuers for a moment, but one of their member made a visible effort of will and the Spiked regained their balance, turning to make chase. Suddenly multiple sprays of coins shot from above, aimed haphazardly at the entire group. ;eyes; felt several impacts in her gut as she was slammed to the ground, and one of the hooded figures, the one that seemed to be a Rioter, appeared to have been hit as well. Her last sight was of the Spiked fleeing into the night, the body of their companion slumped in the mist-wet street nearby. Here's a Tineye message: _Stick_ (;eyes;) was a Village Soother! Alvron (Riven) was a Village Vanilla! The Wandering Wizard (Too Big Dancer) was a Spiked Rioter! Day 3 has begun, and will end at 5PM EDT on Sunday the 30th. There is a 1 vote minimum to exe a player, with ties decided randomly. PMs are open! Player List: Quick Links:
  10. Following the destruction of Dyring’s Inn, the townsfolk were rather muted. Up until roughly noon, no significant discussion had occurred in regards to finding the Spiked. Perhaps they were too in shock from the destruction of a staple of the town and the death of two of their friends. Or perhaps, after they had killed Derrick the day before, several had lost the will to pursue the infiltrators. Regardless of the reason, when Hadrian called everyone for a meeting he found that he wasn’t disrupting much of anything. He began, “We all feel the loss of Dyring and Koren, and I hope that their deaths will strengthen our resolve in the coming days. Everyone knew the work Dyring did, not only to run a solid establishment, but to care for his friends and neighbors.” Hadrian paused, as if hesitant to continue. “What you all don’t know is that Dyring kept a significant portion of our town’s food stores in his larder. His murder and the burning of the inn were targetted attacks against our supplies. Combined with yesterday’s attack on the main warehouse, the damage caused has significantly limited our ability to hold out in the event of a siege by the Koloss.” “In order to save lives in that eventuality, starting today, the remaining food in Tyrian Falls will be rationed at 3/4 of what is normally available for purchase.” A roar of outrage immediately burst forth from the gathered crowd. Edven suggested that Hadrian himself could be Spiked, though other voices quickly overtook his. Hadrian beat a hasty retreat to his manor, and in his wake Tortoise, being rather low to the ground, was trampled by the hostile townsfolk. Only toward the evening did things calm down enough for someone to investigate the dead turtle's belongings, and nothing connecting them to the Spiked was found. Turtle (Tortoise by Day) was a Village Vanilla! Night 2 has begun, and will end at 5 PM EDT on Friday the 28th. PMs are open. Vote Tally: Turtle (5): Mat, Shadow, Archivist, Xino, Stick Stick (4): Wizard, Illwei, Silver, Dannex Book (2): Shining, Devotary Mat (1): JNV Cinnamon (1): Book Devotary (1): Alvron Player List: Quick Links:
  11. The door to Dyring’s inn slowly swung inwards, revealing an empty room, save for the slumped form of Koren in the corner. He clutched a mug of ale, half full, but it was not clear whether he was still conscious. Several figures in grey cloaks hurried inside as the mists began to pool on the floor, tendrils extending toward Koren. Two of the newcomers headed up the stairs while the others entered the kitchen. The last one paused as Koren muttered, “Shdoomed. Death and dishtruction.” The drunkard’s eyes remained closed, however, so he was ignored. Moments later, a yell sounded from up the stairs, jarring Koren to wakefullness. He blinked his eyes. He knew that voice, sounded like Dyring. Another shout came, but this one was feebler. A part of Koren recognized that something was wrong, that Dyring was hurt. Then he noticed for the first time the open door, and the creeping mist that had now reached his seat. Two enshrouded strangers rushed from the upper floor, out the door and into the night. Seconds later, several more came out the back. They spared Koren another glance, seeing that he was now clearly awake, but apparently decided that he wasn’t worth their time, and left. Koren shambled his way toward the stairs, feeling his way through the dim room, breathing in the damp, misty air. He had to check on Dyring. Nobody else in the town made good enough drink. As he began to ascend the stairs, he failed to notice a growing orange glow coming from the back room. Koren found the door to Dyring’s room forced, and inside, the innkeeper’s body lay in a puddle of blood. He tried to shake the vision from his eye, willing his friend to not be dead, but the harsh reality remained, slowly sinking into Koren’s head. When Koren realized, really understood, that Dyring was gone, something snapped. His sobs mixed with a cackle, and he began screaming at the emptiness of the night. “The Deepness will come again! The Koloss will smash our gates, and Tyrian Falls will be buried in ash!" Koren continued his rant, ignorant of the flames that were building, licking at the walls of the inn. “The Lord Ruler is powerless against this destruction! He cannot prevail in the face of the oncoming ruin!” His last cry of “DOOM!” turned into a brief cry of pain as the floor under Koren collapsed, tumbling him into the inferno. In the morning, all that was left of Dying's Inn, it's owner, and single guest, was a smoldering wreckage and a single blackened wall, upon which a message had been left: Kasimir (Koren) has been killed! He was a Village Smoker! Dyring was also killed, but y'all don't care about him. Day 2 has begun, and will end at 5PM EDT on Thursday the 27th. There is a 1 vote minimum to exe a player, with ties decided randomly. PMs are open! Player List: Quick Links:
  12. Lord Hadrian Penrod surveyed the wrecked storeroom. Barrels were smashed to splinters, and their contents could be seen staining the floorboards amidst piles of ruined grain. The place looked as if a pack of Koloss had helped themselves to a meal, then smashed everything left on the way out. Even the door was barely hanging askew on one if its hinges. Evidently the culprits had one or more Thugs working for them, if they could cause this kind of damage in the time before the guards had arrived. “Milord, good news!” Hadrian turned to face the newcomer, one of the town watchmen, who was dragging a corpse across the ground. “What’s this?” Hadrian scowled at the man. “Another guard dead? How in the Lord Ruler’s name is that good news?” The guard let the body fall, sighing with relief, and gestured for Hadrian to approach. “Not a guard sir, it must be one of the saboteurs! Looks like he ran out of pewter before he could get away.” Hadrian perked up at that. Whoever was making mischief in Tyrian Falls, at least until now, had been very successful at staying hidden. He bent down to inspect the body and noticed an odd protrusion from the front of its shoulder. Hadrian tore away the man’s shirt, revealing… a metal spike. Just like an Inquisitor. When the shock of that discovery wore off, Hadrian thought to turn over the body and inspect its face, and was shocked to realize he recognized the man. “This is… this was Etam! He served in the Lord Ruler’s army alongside me, putting down the Southern Rebellion. I can’t fathom what would have…” Hadrian’s voice faded as his face became stony. “Call the townsfolk. Whoever these… spiked are, obviously they are mixing with the general population. With the reports of the Koloss garrison acting strangely, we can’t afford to let this go on any further. No one leaves the town until the other culprits are caught and executed. Everyone must play their part.” Etam was a Spiked Thug and Old Friend! Day 1 has begun! PMs should all be delivered shortly. There is a 1 vote minimum to exe a player, with ties decided randomly. PMs are open, and should include both myself and @Elandera. Go wild The cycle will end at 5 PM EDT on Monday the 24th. Also, feel free to roleplay your characters! I’ll try and incorporate anything you come up with into the writeup of your (un)timely death Player List: Quick Links: