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Found 10 results

  1. Aftermath The riots started when Taeon was found dead in a canal. The people of Kae had lost their faith in the governing body the merchants had tried to form. Merchants were dying left and right and nothing was being done about the infestation of Fjorden Sympathisers in the court! The people rose in the night to revolt and find new leadership for their city as it was recovering from the Raod. Little did they know that new management was already on its way. Fjorden ambassadors and soldiers entered the city and quelled the crowd through force. Several Dakhor monks were in their ranks, and their foul magics rampaged through the streets, wherever they went turned quiet at their passing. The few merchants trying to make Kae a better place were made public examples the following morning, and three of the remaining merchants were rewarded heavily. It was soon very public news that the three of them and the now deceased Lafay Etteax had ben scheming for the downfall of Kae for weeks now. The Fjorden empire now had control of former Arelon. Dominion reigns. Vapor was Killed they were a Loyal Merchant and Socialite. The Fjorden Sympathisers have won the game! Congratulations, and well done. Player List: GM spreadsheet: Elim doc: Monk doc: Dead doc: GM thoughts will appear sometime soon-ish.
  2. Day 6 Lenkai was being watched. The figure crouched on a rooftop, grinning from ear to ear. They knew that Lenkai had advertised being guarded, and that could very well be true. However this was still an opportunity for Lenkai to die. It had been too long, and their refusal to be killed irked the figure. They would enjoy killing Lenkai. And finally, a pain in heir side would be gone. The figure dropped down onto the eaves of the house they were standing on. They wondered why Lenkai was always wandering the streets late at night, but the thought quickly passed through their mind, they were too focused on Lenkai, and the relief that would come when he died. The figure almost didn't notice the guard dtachment following Lenkai on the ground. Luckily they heard one of the guards cough. The figure was about to jump off the roof, so the noise made them tense up and the jump too swiftly. The eaves under their feet collapsed, leaving them on the ground facing the sky, with Lenkai on one side and the guards on the other. The figure leapt to their feet and began dashing away, their cover was blown and they couldn't let anyone see who they were. The guards yelled at one another, and half the guards chased the figure, the rest sprinting towards Lenkai themselves. The figure ran through every alleyway they could remember, trying desperately to lose their pursuers. It was through luck that they got away, they crashed into a pole holding up an awning, making the awning collapse after the figure. It bought them enough time that they could get away. In the morning they heard that Lenkai had been detained for illicit dealings. They weren't dead, but they were inconvenienced. Maybe they could take solace in that. Elkanah was attacked and survived! Again! Again! Elkanah was caught using the contract market! They will not be able to vote this cycle. This cycle will end in ~46 hours, on Monday the 12th, at 2000 MDT (0200 GMT) Item market: Contract market: Player List:
  3. Night 5 Write-up to come. Lord Silberfarben was Lynched! They were a Loyal Merchant and a Socialite. Vote Count: Lord Silberfarben (2): Matrims Dice, Lotus Venture (1): Ashbringer Lotus (1): Elkanah This cycle will last for ~22 hours, until Saturday the 10th, at 2000 MDT (0200 GMT) Item Market: Contract Market: Player List:
  4. Day 5 Lenkai was meandering home after the chaotic meeting from earlier that day. Their wounds still hurt and their muscles needed the slow pace. The night was brisk, the air bit into his skin. The stars were clear, there was no moon to light the night sky. There were shadows aplenty for people to hide in. And lo and behold, a figure stood in one of the shadowed entrances to an alley, a flowing dagger, curved like a river, concealed under a fine silk cloth. This blade had seen it's fair share of blood, and the figure was hoping to show it some more tonight. They had gotten used to the feeling of that blade in their hands, and they were becoming attached to the feeling of flesh parting with a deft stroke. Now was the time, Lenkai was weakened from the night prior, he would be an easy target. The figure darted out of their hiding spot as Lenkai passed by. Pain spread throughout the figures side as if it had been struck by a hammer. They didn't stop to see what had caused it, they just knew that they had to get out of there before anything worse happened. Their instincts kicked in and they turned tail and ran, their feet carrying them away like wind carrying away a leaf. The dagger was still in their grasp luckily, it was a precious gift, they couldn't afford to lose it. But their gratefulness was very quickly outdone by the anger growing in their belly. Lenkai had survived another night. Elkanah was attacked but survived! Again! The Day will end in ~48 hours, on Friday the 9th, at 2000 MDT (0200 GMT) Item market: Contract Market: Player List:
  5. Night 4 The court room was silent for a long time, whispers barely audible as the merchants gathered stared each other down. There was tension hanging in the air, nearly visible. Lenkai's attempted murder had everybody in the city on edge. He sat in the audience, nursing his wounds as he whispered along with the rest. Little was accomplished during that day, not until very near dusk. Faleast was the first to throw an accusation. "It is beyond reason that Tara Night would have known that Lafay was a Fjorden Sympathiser! They want our trust, so they betrayed their ally to get in our good graces! That cannot be allowed to happen!" Tara Night looked at Faleast, unphased by the accusation. Her response was clear and audible to the whole room. "I would bet my ledgers that Oreo is the imposter we are searching for. The rest of us have all given me reason to trust them, and small as they may be, they are reasons nonetheless." The members of court searched the room for Oreo, but they were nowhere to be found, and couldn't give any defense. The court began to split in two, and the battle formed definitive sides. Two warring parties formed for the debate, some backing Faleast in their accusation of Tara, others suspicious of Oreo and their absence. The courtroom was split, and there was no definitive winner of this battle. There is no particular reason Tara was hanged over Oreo, at least not a visible one. Perhaps there were some invisible forces that were warring alongside the members of this fledgeling court. Or perhaps this was fate and simply meant to be. Perhaps chance was simply not on Taras side. Whatever the reason, the carpenter who built the gallows was proud that his work was still holding true. Mist was lynched! They were a Loyal Merchant and the Executive Secretary. Vote Count: Mist (3): Ashbringer, Elkanah, Matrim's Dice Kings_Way (3): Mist, Lotus, Vapor The night cycle will end in ~24 hours, on Wednesday the 7th, at 2000 MDT (0200 GMT) Item Market: Contract Market: Player List:
  6. Day 4 Lenkai admired the stars. He looked at them with longing, yearning to understand them. The water in the canal below him lapped at the stone he stood on. The sound was soothing. All things considered, this was a good night! The stars were clear, and he finally had some free time to see them. Lenkai found himself falling into the water of the canal. How did he get there? When did he get stabbed? There was a pain in his side. That wasn’t good at all. He wished he could have seen the one who did this to him. He wanted to know who had murdered him. He liked knowing things. The water was cold as he hit the waves, and the salt stung his stab wound. He tried to swim, but his arm wouldn’t move properly. The water found its way into his nostrils and it wasn’t too long after that he found himself unable to breathe. His eyes dimmed and black enveloped him. His eyesight turned to black, feeling disappeared, and he fell unconscious. Lenkai awoke on a surgeon's table. His side ached like he had never felt before. The man sitting next to him stirred as he saw Lenkai wince in pain. The dagger he had been stabbed with apparently hadn’t damaged anything irreparably, and he would still be able to work as one of the rulers of Arelon for the foreseeable future. The story the surgeon told was one of miracles. Lenkai had been found on the embankment of the canal, nearly half a mile from where Lenkai remembered being when he was stabbed. The surgeon was nearly about to go home for the night when Lenkai was hauled to their front door. The fees were going to be astronomical. Elkanah was attacked and survived! The cycle will end in ~48 hours, on Tuesday the 6th, at 2000 MDT (0200 GMT). Item Market: Contract Market: Player List
  7. Night 3 Lafay Etteax strode through town confidently. What did he have to fear? He had already died several times and had come back from the dead! It had been a while since he had died, granted, but he still came back! He saw others looking at him, what did he see behind their eyes? Was it awe? Fear? It's suspicion. Who was that? Lafay turned about in the street, looking for the source of the bone-chilling voice that resonated through the street. Nobody else was reacting to it, was it all in his head? Yes. Lafay stopped in his tracks. The voice said that people were eying him with suspicion, did that mean that he wasn't being sneaky enough? That he wasn't being cunning enough? Lafay brushed the thought out of his head. After all, he had nothing to fear from them. It's not like they could kill him. You have something to fear from them. Lafay was getting tired of this voice. Who was it, and what did it want from him? I am Dominion. I am here to see you off. Lafay hadn't noticed the crowd gathering behind him, a mob raised by the other merchants. They were here for blood. But Lafay simply wondered what the voice referred to when it said he had something to fear from their suspicion. The PAIN Lafay felt a blow land on his back, and sharp pain wrang throughout his body. He was on the ground, and the pain was agonizing. The mob was on him, they wouldn't let up. In that moment, wracked with pain, Lafay felt fear again. He didn't want to die, it hurt! Ventyl was lynched! They were a Fjorden Sympathiser and a Burglar. Vote Count D3 Ventyl (2): Xinoeph, Mist Butt Ad Venture (2): Matrim’s Dice, Lotus Xinoeph (1): Ashbringer Lord Silberfarben (1): Elkanah 1/3 of the players are now dead. There is now a 2 vote minimum on lynches. The Night cycle will end in ~24 hours, on Sunday the 4th, at 2000 MDT (0200 GMT) Item Market: Contract Market: Player List:
  8. Night 2 Akiia spoke swiftly and passionately, looking out at the crowd of their fellow merchants. They felt a bead of sweat roll down their brow. The crowd grew more galvanized the more Akiia spoke, every word seemingly driving nails deeper into their coffin. Their arguments made sense! Why wouldn't anyone understand what they said? The crowd pushed in onto Akiia and their words became more frantic, more heated, and rhetoric turned into heated argument. When Akiia had come to Kae, they had admired how deep and rich the culture there seemed. The elantrians ruled fairly and AonDor was a staple that permeated life in Arelon. But after the Raod, Kae seemed to lose its depth, the layers of culture were being stripped away and what was left was hunger and a struggle for power. The power hungry merchants they were currently fending off had started to turn rotten, like an onion left out in the sun. They were sickening. Akiia spent their final words spitting acid at those who accused them, but they could not stop the horde from taking them to the gallows. The rope waited for Akiia, and a small part of them welcomed it. Illwei has been lynched! They were a Loyal Merchant and an Actor. Vote Count: Illwei (3): Venture, Matrim’s Dice, Lotus Xinoehp (2): Elkanah, Ashbringer Venture (2): Mist, Illwei Lotus (1): Ventyl Mist (1): TJ Shade There were votes on four separate players, Socialites can now create group PMs. The Night cycle will end in ~24 hours, on Thursday October 1st, at 2000 MDT (0200 GMT) Item Market: Contract Market Player List:
  9. Day 2 The marketplace was quiet tonight, only a few lights were on in the businesses that still had business to discuss. The figure stood in the shadowed doorway of an abandoned factory, waiting for their prey. The weighted steel dagger was unfamiliar in their hands, but they liked the weight of it. It balanced well in their hand. The dagger was meandering, like a river, twisting back and forth. It was a mean looking blade, given to them only recently. For some reason they could hardly wait to use it! Serenken opened the door to a tannery and waved goodbye to those inside. They must have just closed a trade deal from the way they were smiling ear to ear. They departed and started to walk home, passing the figure in the doorway. The figure moved after a few moments, following Serenken from a while away. It wasn't long before they found themselves in a sparsely populated area of the city. As the figure ran up to Serenken, Serenken turned around and faced them. It seems they were aware of their follower. Be that as it may, Serenken wasn't swift enough to stop the blade, only enough to make it hit his organs instead of his heart. The murderer ran away, taking the oddly shapped, bloody knife with them. Serenken slumped to the ground and screamed for help, trying to hold his intestines in his body. Shortly he was unconscious, and very soon after that, he was dead. Devotary of Spontaneity was killed! They were a Loyal Merchant and an Actor. The Day turn will end in ~ 48 hours, on Wednesday the 30th at 2000 MDT (0200 GMT). Item market: Contract Market: Player List:
  10. Reforging Arelon - Day 1 The city of Kae was in chaos, the sky had fallen and their gods weren't there to pick it up again. There were riots and nobody had heard from the city of Elantris in weeks now. The merchant guild had just barely gotten control over the markets, but already they were sending guards every which way. The city needed a new ruling class and nobody but the merchants had been organised enough to become the new governing body of Arelon. It seemed that the merchants were setting up shop and starting to implement new laws and sending guards to enforce them. By nightfall there had been an election. King Iadon was the new ruler, put in power by the merchant guild. Surprisingly decisive for them as they normally squabbled and fought over every contract. Now there was no time, there was a country to run, and the main support structure had just fallen weeks ago. The merchants set up supply lines to get food to the hungry, and a market for the economy to get started again. Things were going smoothly until a Fjorden priest was found in the city, plotting to destabilise the new government and deliver the shattered remains of Arelon to Fjordel. When the guards arrested him they found letters of correspondence to several members of the new merchant court, although the names had been conveniently left out. It didn't help matters when the priest let slip that a Dakhor monk had been sent to ensure the downfall of Arelon. The merchant court grew restless and chaotic as they tried to find the impostors, the sympathizers. A hunt would soon begin, and the merchants would have to manage both the investigation and the constantly changing political landscape of Arelon. Welcome to LG 70! The rules will evolve as the game progresses, I hope to stay on top of it and post all of the rules updates as they happen each turn. See this link to the rules doc for a comprehensive set of the rules for this game. Thank you to Zillah for helping me get PMs out! It was a huge help! The day cycle will end in ~47 hours at 2000 MDT (0200 GMT) Rules at the beginning of the game: No vote minimum 1 action per player, usable during the night only PMs are closed Item market: Contract Market: Player list: