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Found 1 result

  1. possibly a guild war

    Returned stood atop the mountain surveying the camps. The massive tribe of yetis had raided his fortress a few months back, and he had been hunting them ever since. They'd harried them all the way up the northern steppes, through the mountains, and to the Keeper lands. It was time to finish this once and for all. He had lost many men in the mountains from disease, cold, and occasional yeti raids. But they had adapted. They had used their full feruchemists to make heat medallions. They had been able to light smokeless fires, able to provide easy warmth using fabrials. They would continue to adapt and to pursue vengeance. He would protect his people. Standing there, atop that lookout, he had a sudden epiphany. His name. He had always avoided choosing a name as a returned. None of them felt right. After all, nobody really knew what he had returned to do. After he had found his way to the Alleyverse, he thought he had missed his reason. But standing up there, he found that he hadn't missed it. He had only just now found it. His purpose was a protector. He would protect his people, even going so far as to pursue vengeance for them. And, the Diagram willing, he would succeed. His name would be Stormbreaker, parting the storm for his people. Stormbreaker the fierce, god of protection. He held it in, so the scout showing him around wouldn't think him insane, but in private company with his council, he revealed it. —— Stormbreaker was about to receive an ambassador from the Keepers. This probably wouldn't go well. He stood atop the same mountain that. He had had his epiphany, and it seemed symbolic. A symbolic gesture. The same mountain that he had realized his purpose, he would fulfill that purpose. He turned to his faithful second/bodyguard/knight at his right, Edalb, and said, "I need you to keep this man here until he agrees with us. Use force if necessary." Turning to his faithful general/bodyguard at his left, Hasharan, he said, "I will need a report on the army after this. While the meeting is happening, stand in the doorway looking intimidating in your plate." He noted the approaching retinue, and fell into parade rest. Hasharan's elites, only a few of them, mimicked him. He would give this man quite a show of Diagramist efficiency. He greeted the man shaking his hand. He was tall, and his features were long. Very Terris looking. He shook Stormbreaker's hand, and muttered the formalities. He said "Most Holy" instead of his true name. Stormbreaker corrected him with a laugh, "An easy mistake to make, I haven't had my name for a while. But about after a millennium, I finally chose one. Stormbreaker the fierce, god of protection. You may call me Stormbreaker." He turned and walked the man into a small hut set atop the mountain. They had begun to settle in, and make a more permanent dwelling. @Ark1002 @beantheboy12 @rest of guild