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Found 4 results

  1. Hello. I am concerned about those Listener Shanay-Im in RoW. Yes, there is a happy ending. However, in Oathbringer, that Fused named Turash disrespected Odium about Dalinar, and Odium threaten to remove his Investure on Turash, sending him to the beyond. What is stopping Todium from just killing all the Heavenly One Listeners by just removing his Investure, sending them to the Beyond?
  2. Leshwi intrigues me. She seems pretty awesome, for a Fused. And she was friends with an honorspren. She's old enough to remember when Honor was the singer's god, and the Coppermind says she was died then reborn as a Fused. Which implies she wasn't always a Fused. Also, Venli said "storms", which seems out of character... Anyway! So could Leshwi have been a Windrunner once? She can also hear the old rhythms, which I don't think Fused should be able to do. Am I reading too much into this? What's going on here? Anything else about Leshwi could be discussed as well.
  3. A windrunner? So - when Venli tells/shows Leshwi that she is a Radiant, Leshwi asks if she knew an Honorspren. To me, this brought together a lot of why Leshwi was so connected with the Windrunners - its not just that the Heavenly Ones are the most analogous to Windrunners, but that they were ANCIENT Windrunners - before spren chose humans. I think that Leshwi is going to be our key to discovering what the Dawnsingers did to lose sprens' trust. My guess is that there was some... recreance-lite that happened with the Dawnsingers, but I haven't fully worked out what that timeline would be. This might be why there is only one "generation" of fused - they are the original dawnsinger radiants - that Odium chose due to their unique connections to the surges/spren. And the fused were willing to help because they had just been abandoned by their spren for... some reason. (or maybe not why, but these events feel like they could/should be connected to me - they could have the same cause, maybe) Were Dawnsingers true "Radiants"? Or did they just form another type of bond with those spren? Will Leshwi revive her old Honorspren and become a heavenly one-windrunner? (along the same lines as Venli's dual willshaper/envoy form powers) I need to do a re-read to find more details that support this (and try to find clues of why spren left singers in the first place), but wanted to bring it up here to see what other people thought.
  4. Ok so as the tag says I’m not talking about shipping them though that’s probably what this will become. I’m just wandering how their relationship will progress, it’s very clear that they have developed a mutually respectful relationship despite being enemies. I feel like Sanderson did a very good job of making it seem like they had some kind of strong relationship and spent a few chapters on it. Plus we know that leshwi is fascinated by kaladin for some reason presumably because he managed to reforge an entire order of the knights radiant with no guidance and is the first time leshwi has seen a leader of a radiant order that isn’t a herald. but now kaladin is off combat duty so they presumably won’t interact much or at all, but we had multiple chapters building up their relationship so why and what will come of it later down the road.