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Found 21 results

  1. Today the thought came to me that Legion might count as a parogenic system, where Stephen is creating tulpas? I don't know enough about those to tell; does anyone else have more experience with them, or better yet is in a system of them? (And please do yell at me if I got a term wrong!)
  2. Happy to Join. Started thinking that Shalon and Legion are afflicted with remarkably similar condition. They both create new personas for new skills needed for new and past challenges. So which is the schematic for the other?
  3. [See the end of this post for the June 23 updates.] To see this article in Spanish, you can see the translation here on Some interesting things came out of Reddit today. User u/DataLoreHD did some sleuthing and discovered a few very interesting entries on Recorded Books, Inc., with some release dates. Firstly, The Original--the audio original story written with Mary Robinette Kowal--would be released September 14th 2020, and narrated by Julia Whelan. Then, interestingly, there's a Stephen Leeds story, in the Legion series! It's Stephen Leeds: Death & Faxes, to be released September 1st, 2021. Lastly, there are two Dark One things as well. One is Dark One: Prophetic Histories coming February 9th, 2021, and the other is Dark One: Forgotten, releasing May 5th, 2021. So this is clearly from the publisher of these audiobooks and are marked as "RB Exclusive". Brandon did recently say The Original would be out around August so I believe the September release date for that, but we've been burned by White Sand release dates before, so I'm not sure about those other dates. But, Brandon did comment in the thread about this, and said the Stephen Leeds: Death & Faxes is an official title. He wanted to get a Stephen Leeds show made but had difficulty with it, so this audiobook series would be like a pilot to a "television show", except it's a book. He'd be overseeing the project like a show runner but not necessarily writing the individual episodes. Brandon didn't comment on the Dark One things yet, but I suppose that seems like they'd be audio originals as well, to go with the multimedia nature of Dark One? On the recent livestream, Brandon said the Dark One stream which will be available to those who preorder it is apparently sometime this week (we don't know the day yet), so maybe we can learn more there. Mistborn Screenplay Changes In the last livestream, Brandon discussed the Mistborn screenplay he's working on (look about 37 minutes in). He said that Ham would now be a woman, which he's mentioned before as being a regret in Era 1. A new fact, though, is that Dockson would also be changed to a woman. Then he was thinking Mistborn would be a film, Well of Ascension would be a TV show where we can get more detail on the crew, and then Hero of Ages would be another film. Then, today, Brandon commented on a few more changes to Mistborn in its screenplay: I'm not sure who would really make two films with a TV show in between. That seems pretty optimistic. Brandon also commented that this Mistborn film would really be a sort of alternate version of the cosmere. I think that, at least, is a good decision. Adaptations will not be the same as the books, and I think they should definitely be tailored for the medium. There are of course good and bad ways to do it, but I like that Brandon is working on this screenplay. Of course, it's important to remember this is all hypothetical and no one is attached to actually make these films. Thanks @DataLoreHD and @Use the Falchion for their research which we used for this article. June 23 Updates It's been only a day and Brandon has revealed some additional details about all of this! First, a big change to how the magic works. In the Mistborn movie atium will be usable by all Allomancers, not just Mistborn and Seers! It's something Brandon says he wishes he'd done from the start. As he (and we) has gotten further in the cosmere, using a god metal - something both powerful and rare - just in the context of Mistborn "has felt off" to him. This likely means that we'll start seeing god metals be used around the cosmere in the (distant) future; in fact, Brandon says that atium (and its alloys) would be good at resisting Shardblades - though that's not a confirmation that we'll see it used there. This change allows him to tie some movie story arcs nicely. House Venture can now better serve its dual purpose of safeguarding the atium and controlling Luthadel, because its Allomancers can use the atium as a last resort during a rebellion. This gives Ham an additional reason to join the House guard - so she can keep an eye on Shan Elariel Venture, learn where the atium is, and steal it. Go read Brandon's post, it explains this far better than this short summary can. And, in other news, we now know a little more about those Dark One audio productions. The TV show is still happening, and the graphic novel is (obviously) also still happening. But in addition to those, Brandon is producing a couple of audio dramas. Prophetic Histories is an audio novelization of his DO outline, and Forgotten is "this wacky idea I had for a "Serial" style podcast, with a journalist tracking a killer, which ties into all of this."
  4. If you had the same condition as Stephen Leeds what Aspects would you want to have? I'd want one similar to Kalyani since having a translator/linguist would be helpful since I want to travel the world one day and I'm a fan of Japanese media so it would help to have someone who knows the language rather than have the locals speak English to me or have incorrect subtitles. Maybe this could also double for customs of the regions. Another would be one who's a financial type of person since we all need financial help A third could be one versed in law since I've encountered stuff in my job that always makes me go 'is that legal?'
  5. Love these stories. I wonder, what is the process Brandon uses for authentication regarding references to real things? Very curious. LEGION p.39 “ . . . There was a pristine handgun inside. ‘Ruger Bisley, custom converted to large caliber,’ J.C. said with a grunt. I opened the spinning thing that held the bullets and took one out. . . .” From that description I picture Leeds swinging out the cylinder of a double action revolver such as Ruger Redhawk, i.e. "I opened the cylinder [by pressing the release latch and swinging out the cylinder]." With a single action revolver such as Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley, I would expect Leeds to open a loading gate to remove a single bullet. "I opened the gate thingy and took out a bullet [from the spinning thing that held the bullets]." Wondering what process Brandon uses for that kind of reference to real things such as specific revolvers. (?)
  6. This came in the mail today!!
  7. Hi I've decided to make it my life work (ok slightly dramatic maybe it's more of a hobby) to try and collect signed first editions from Mr Sanderson. Can anyone tell me the publishing date of the Legion series for the FE's please? I've tried Google but it just gives me a million places to buy his books with no real info. Thanks Damian
  8. Thursday, Brandon did an AMA on Skyward, and we thought we'd give you a quick rundown of what occurred in it. He also answered some questions on Facebook, which we also have. If you'd like to read them all, check them out on Arcanum for easy reading. First up, Brandon "My Books Become More Books" Sanderson said that Skyward, though originally planned as a trilogy, may now be four books. Brandon says the first three will stand pretty well on their own, but the final one will be more reliant on the other three. The second book's title will be Starsight (which I think is a very strong title), and he is thinking the third book would be called Nowhere, but Random House doesn't like it much. There are no other plans for Skyward after this series. Skyward universe is in a universe on something he's mentioned before (though isn't cosmere). When asked what novella Skyward is in, Brandon said it's a "pretty big spoiler." He said you might want to read Skyward first if you hate novellas, but if you really want to know, the answer is in chapter seventeen of Skyward. Skyward Universe is probably the best name for the connected Skyward universe. Also, apparently Brandon has an idea he's planning where a world has no ground at all. How many chapters will be released before Skyward is out November 6th? Brandon doesn't remember, but somewhere between a third and a half. I guess Brandon liked how releasing a lot of a book worked with Oathbringer. Legion and Perfect State We jokingly said in our Legion Reactions podcast that maybe with the VR tech in the third Legion novella makes it into the Perfect State universe. Yeah... about that. Someone asked about a relationship between Legion and Perfect State and Brandon said: "If you look closely at the last Legion book, there is a strong clue about this." Mark Lindberg noted the connection, and u/Genabackan noted that the VR company in Legion 3 was "Walters and Ostman Detention Enterprises." WODE. So, yeah, this is actually as confirmed as it gets. What's Brandon Working On? Jofwu asked Brandon what he's working on before the end of the year. Brandon said: Cosmere Stuff We will hopefully get a novella like Edgedancer done during Stormlight 4 writing so we don't need to wait until 2020 for more cosmere. It'd be called Wandersail (which Brandon has said before), but would not be about the mythological characters, but Rsyn. Brandon legitimately started to write a Nalthis essay! He said he started it upon someone on Reddit reminding him, but then got distracted! so we should totally remind him to finish up that Nalthis essay. If you were hoping out for Shalladin... well, I have some bad news. Brandon said: "Shallan has made her choice. I wouldn't expect that to change" and also, "If it's any comfort, tell [the questioner's friend] I think she'll eventually be very pleased it went this way. It might take a few more books, though." If you were wondering how Stormlight 3 could have originally been Szeth's book and Stormlight 5 be Dalinar's instead, Brandon says book five will have a lot more Dalinar, and we'll see why it could have been Dalinar's book. Book four will have less Dalinar than Oathbringer. Smaller Cosmere Stuff Silverlight was founded much earlier than the current books, at least in its first form. "I think it will help a little--but not a ton, as the real challenge to Mistborn eras three and four is going to be making good on the promises of the earlier trilogies, and using them well. They will need to be more "hard" SF than Skyward, except with made-up science." Later Stormlight books will be "more of a pre-shattering focus" with the Heralds, but Brandon warns not as much as a questioner may want. (For this one it pays to look at the full context.) The Ones Above in the time of Sixth of the Dusk are not the most technologically advanced in the cosmere. Brandon says: "There has been some concurrent development, and a lot of sharing technology--to the point that you could make an argument for several societies being equal, though some better in specific areas." There's a moderate chance on a story on King Lopen. Hoid predates the other Vessels, pre-Shattering. "he'd already started aging oddly before the Shattering" but Brandon is quick to say that is not canonical yet. There's a bunch of other Words of Brandon I left out, but you can check them out on Arcanum!
  9. With the release of Legion: The Many Lives of Stephen Leeds, we thought we'd do a spoilery Shardcast episode where we discuss our feels. There are things to talk about Lies of the Beholder, and so we dig deep into it now! This week we have Eric (Chaos), Ian (WeiryWriter), the return of Evgeni (Argent) from World of Warcraft, and Grace (gatorgirl) whose microphone is somehow much worse despite the fact that she just moved and nothing else changed. It's a mystery. Want a spoiler free look at the third Legion book? Check out Grace's review
  10. Legion: The Many Lives of Stephen Leeds is now out. If you aren’t familiar with Brandon’s Legion stories, they’re a mix of action, mystery, and a splash of a Brandon magic system. The first two novellas have been released before, but this omnibus is currently the only place where you can find the final story. Legion is about a man named Stephen Leeds who is perfectly ordinary except for one small detail: he see hallucinations of people he calls aspects. Each aspect is an expert in a different field and he uses them to solve crimes. The aspects’ unique personalities and the crazy cases that Stephen takes on can make his life very interesting. Whether it’s the paranoid bodyguard J.c., the schizophrenic yet soothing historian Tobias, or the sarcastic psychologist Ivy, each aspect brings Stephen a skill he needs. Legion and Skin Deep The first two Legion novellas are both incredibly fun, enjoyable reads. If you haven’t read them and you enjoy faced-paced mysteries, I highly recommend them. These stories have hilarious moments that will make you laugh out loud and tense moments that will put you on the edge of your seat. The ending of Legion: Skin Deep is a particular favorite of mine, where Brandon mixes his standard avalanche with a heavy dose of cleverness and humor to make an incredibly satisfying ending. The characters are all incredibly unique and engaging. Sometimes you love them, and sometimes you want to punch them (I’m looking at you, J.C.), but you’re always rooting for them to pull through. Lies of the Beholder This is the part where those of you who haven’t read the first two novellas leave to go do that. Everyone gone? Good. (There will be no spoilers on Lies of the Beholder in this section, however.) Lies of the Beholder is not your typical Legion book. I know that seems strange to say, as we only have two others to base it on, but it’s true. Where the other two stories were silly and fun, Lies of the Beholder is an emotional rollercoaster. You may find yourself hopeful, angry, and sad. Once again, Brandon proves his ability to make you care deeply about characters you’ve spent so little time with. But just because Lies of the Beholder is different than the other stories, that doesn’t mean it loses all of the aspects (pun intended) you’ve grown to love in the other Legion books. It still has a tightly-paced story filled with mystery and action. Lies of the Beholder has the tightest plot of all three novellas, and the questions it brings up are ones that have been lingering in the background of the entire trilogy: questions about Sandra and the nature of aspects. While the aspects often stole the show in Legion and Skin Deep, Lies of the Beholder is truly Stephen’s story. You’ll get to experience his emotions and thoughts as he's in his most raw and vulnerable state. It’s fitting, then, that Lies of the Beholder is labelled as "A Stephen Leeds Story" and the other two aren’t, as this is the first story that truly focuses on him. Lies of the Beholder is by no means a perfect book. I have plenty of problems with it myself. Some of the mysteries brought up throughout the series weren’t answered as well as I’d hoped or expected they’d be. I felt that some characters got shoved to the side in favor of the story Brandon wanted to tell, when instead I wanted to get to know those characters more. And at times, I felt the story moved a little too fast, to the detriment of the impact of some events. (Some people here disagree with my assessment here, however.) But overall, I think most people will agree that this story is a satisfactory conclusion to Stephen’s story. It wraps things up with more emotion than I or anyone else expected out of this novella. Just because these characters don’t exist, it doesn’t mean they aren’t real to us. Need more perspective on Lies of the Beholder, or want spoilery discussion on it? Just wait until Thursday's Shardcast, where we will talk about our reactions and thoughts to the story. Discuss your Lies of the Beholder reactions in our spoiler thread:
  11. Earlier this week announced that the third and final installment of the Legion series will be coming as both a standalone novel (Legion: Lies of the Beholder) and as a part of Legion: The Many Lives of Stephen Leeds, a single volume that delivers all three Legion books under one gorgeous cover. In preparation for this, Dragonsteel Entertainment has slashed the prices of the first two Legion books significantly. The original Legion hardcover is down to $8 (from $15), while its sequel, Legion: Skin Deep sits at $12 (down from $20). If you are interested in preordering either one of the new releases, Subterranean Press launched their preorders just a couple of days ago. These include the incredibly rare (and expensive, and gorgeous, and out of stock already...) lettered edition, as well as the more common but still limited edition exclusive hardcover (which is still in stock). Both can be found here: If you are interested in the collection instead, it looks like Amazon is the only vendor offering it at the moment:
  12. I finally joined the 17th Shard!!! I've read both the Mistborn trilogies, the three Stormlight Archives, Warbreaker, and Arcanum Unbounded. Outside of the Cosmere, I've read the Reckoners and Legion. I can't wait for when he decides to write Warbreaker 2, but it sadly doesn't look like its going to be anytime soon.
  13. Another Tuesday, another set of Oathbringer chapters, this time chapters 25-27. We're three weeks away from Oathbringer's release on November 14th. The wait is almost over! Check out our discussion thread on the chapters here, and discuss Oathbringer only in the Oathbringer subforum. There's some other news if you look at the progress bar on Brandon's site. Legion 3's first draft is done, and then there is a new Mystery Project at 1%. What could the mystery project be? Who knows! Just remember, guys, Brandon keeps being productive because he jumps between projects. Considering how huge Oathbringer is, I don't blame him for taking on some side things--though, he has said he has been outlining Stormlight 4, which takes a long time.
  14. I saw that there were threads like this for Mistborn and for Steelheart, and I remembered something being said about a Legion TV show, so I decided to make this thread. Here's a list of all the characters Stephen Leeds (main character) Aspects: Ivy Tobias C.J. Kalyani Armando Audrey Other Characters: Monica Wilson (the butler) Sandra (girl who left Legion ten years ago) Razon (inventor of the camera) Salic (the bad guy) Moshe (security guard) Grad student Now for some descriptions. I'll put these in spoiler tags so they don't take too much space. J.C. Tobias Ivy I'll add more when I get more time.
  15. Brandon's online store unveils new hardcover editions of Legion and Legion: Skin Deep with fantastic new cover art! This is particularly exciting as Legion has not had a hardcover in print for a number of years. The Legion hardcover is priced at $15 USD, with Legion: Skin Deep at $20 (a fair enough price change given that it is about twice the length of the original). I for one can't wait to see how these will look on my bookshelf! Check out our forum topic here to discuss the new covers!
  16. At last, the time has come for: Legion Quick Fix Rules A Time of Nightmares (rules put in spoiler tags in case you want to scroll past them) Sign-ups are beginning now, and will tentatively end next Tuesday, depending on my work schedule and availability to start the game. Cycles will typically begin at 10:00PM MST, and end at 8:00PM MST (the two hour window is to give me time to do the write up and create the right PM groups and everything). So welcome everyone! Feel free to sign up and get started! For roleplaying purposes: The game begins at the New Years Eve Party at Stephen Leeds Mansion, happening in the White Room. Those present are Stephen, and all of his aspects (Wilson is home with his family for the Holiday). Write ups:
  17. A few weeks ago in San Francisco, Brandon said something rather interesting about Stephen Leeds' aspects: Then last Saturday in Atlanta, he revealed that J.C. was inspired by Adam Baldwin. I only know of Mr. Baldwin from the T.V. series Chuck, where he plays a government agent named John Casey, which coincidentally(?) fits the aspect's initials.Apparently Kalyani and her husband are exceptions to the rule, as the real Kalyani and Rahul are Sanderson fans of Indian descent who aren't actors. So now I'm wondering which actors he used for the other aspects. I'm really no good with remembering actors' names, much less the speech patterns of the popular characters they've played. Maybe you guys could take a stab at this challenge. Which aspects remind you of which actors? Just in case it would help, here are descriptions of Tobias and Ivy, who with J.C. are the three most visible of the aspects in the two Legion stories so far: Tobias: Tobias seems to always speak in a scholarly but gentle manner. Could he be Morgan Freeman? He's far from the Tobias I imagine while reading, but I don't really know any other African American male actors who are old.Ivy: My mind persistently imagines Ivy as someone much younger than 40, so the Ivy in my head is obviously way off. There's so many blonde actresses who were in their early forties back when Legion was released. Does Ivy remind you guys of anyone in particular?Edit: Added Rahul as another exception to the rule. Edit: So, here are the confirmed aspect actors: Adam Baldwin as J.C. Morgan Freeman as Tobias Gwyneth Paltrow as Ivy (J.C., you lucky cremling! )
  18. So, has anyone else read this yet? I bought it on my e-reader, and finished it in a couple hours. Even though it was far too short, and felt even shorter than it was, it was great; probably one of the strongest of Sanderson's shorter works. The humorous moments were well executed (infinite Batmans! ) the concept was interesting, and the story was engaging. The only problem I could find? At least a dozen new questions were raised about how Stephen's aspects work, and almost none of the previous ones were answered. What does everybody else think?
  19. I think we all know where Legion gets his nickname. In the Bible, Jesus encounters a man who is possessed by a large number of evil spirits. They say to him, my name is Legion, for we are many. Before modern medicine and political correctness, some cultures believed that mental illnesses were caused by evil spirits. Here's the theory: Before Sandra found him, Leeds was the smartest person in the world, but he also couldn't function. He had practically every mental illness known to man. Somehow, Leeds was able to give away his afflictions to his aspects, but it also required giving away his intelligence. Now he isn't skilled at anything, but he also isn't insane. If he tries to make an aspect that is too smart or has too many skills, it will also have more trouble functioning. When Audrey was just a handwriting specialist, she had an interesting psychosis, but she got along fine. Now that she is also skilled in cryptology, she clashes with the other aspects and thinks that nothing will happen if JC shoots her. If Leeds tried to create one aspect with all the skills, it would also have all the disorders. It might have to come up with its own aspects to help it get by.
  20. Brandon Sanderson recently did an interview for my wife's writing blog. He answered questions on the book rights to Legion, awesome ideas, and his health. If you comment on the blog post you will be entered in a drawing for a copy of Legion/Emperor's Soul. Check it out at
  21. Legion: Skin Deep, the sequel to the novella Legion, is now available for preorder from Subterreanean Press. It is a $45 limited edition with a full-color dust jacket, and two full-page and full-color interior illustrations too. They are limited to 2500 copies, and are signed leatherbound copies. Additionally, you get the ebook for free. Pretty cool. The novella is to be published "late in 2014." Brandon's assistant, Peter, says that it is about twice the length of the original Legion. From Subterreanean Press's blurb about it: Subterreanean Press really does make high quality books, so it seems worth the cash to me, especially considering how rare a hardcopy of the original Legion is now. Image is from the originally Legion, since the cover for Skin Deep has not been shown yet.