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Found 4 results

  1. Why does burning Chromium not effect Ettmetal that much? Is it just a special product of how Ettmetal works that it interacts with Leeching in a different way, or does the Leeching burn through the Ettmetal faster than other metals?
  2. Brandon's gone back and forth on whether Aluminum and presumably Chromium burn away Allomantic metals or leave the metals while cutting their Spiritual Connection making them unusable for Allomancy. The WoB is in the spoiler. This is somewhat a separate question but the existing information seemed relevant. What happens if a Leecher burns Chromium and touches an Allomantically viable metal that is just sitting on a table? Does it do nothing or does the Leeching still have an effect? Basically, since we don't know the answer to which happens but either seems useful to be able to do at a touch. The Ghastly Gondola piece makes it look like you can Leech Invested objects that are separate from a person. Thoughts?
  3. I've been wondering about what a A-Chromium savant could do and have a few ideas. It'd probably make sense for a Leecher to be able to use Chromium as a defensive technique if someone was trying to force investiture into them, such as Lashing, Soulcasting or blocking Lightwoven lasers. That might come up when we get to space age and have laser fabrials. Crackpot idea for A-Chromium, we know it seems to only work on kinetic Investiture (though maybe a Savant could do something with passive/static), but it looks like Chromium allows a redirection/release of power, probably into the SR. I think it would be cool if a savant could actually redirect Investiture, instead of just burning it off. Like... Hoid somehow modifying Shallan's storytelling Lightweaving. Tweaking a Soulcasting to change whatever product the Radiant was hoping to make, changing the intended vector of a Lashing, or adjusting the Commands of an Awakened object such as a doll. Thoughts?
  4. Can you Duralumin burst aluminium? I mean it would be difficult as the aluminium would probably be looking to metabolize the duralumin anyway but can you even duralumin burst aluminium in the first place? What about Nicroburst touching an Allomancer, Mistborn or Misting, burning aluminum? Can you use chromium to leech someone's aluminium?