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Found 5 results

  1. So I’m greatly interested in how the Fused power their surges . Logic would have us thinking it work Like stormlight . Yet the Fused don’t carry spheres .we know that everstorm does not recharge spheres with stormlight . So I’m going to come up with a theory and see what u guys think . The everstorm brings Voidlight with it when it comes . The Voidlight is captured in the Fused gemheart , gems woven into the Fused hair, and possibly even its skin . We have seen the Fused glow constantly with Voidlight . I think the Fused are extremely efficient with their use of Voidlight . We see the Flying Fused that lash constantly Float around to where they hardly ever walk . So when it comes to surges they are extremely efficient or it cost little to anyvoidlight . it could possibly cost more for Healing as we saw a Fused survive a shardblade tp the stomach. It wasn’t until the Gem heart was destroyed and possibly the source of its Voidlight healing did the creature die ! as the everstorm comes more often than a highstorm , they usually have enough to last until the next everstorm . If u ask me the Fused have more efficient powers . KR have to have constant stormlight and it runs out way too fast. And the high storm does not come around enough . What do u guys think
  2. My model for how Basic Lashing works: Basic Lashing makes (part) of your mass exempt from gravity's pull and instead makes it pulled in choosen direction. One full Basic Lashing cancels all of planet's gravity on you and then makes all of your mass being attracted in another direction. However, a partial Basic Lashing only cancels a part of planet's gravity: half a Lashing upwards leaves only half of your mass being attracted by the planet and the other half being attracted up. Effectively you'll float. A quarter Lashing upwards leaves 3/4 of your mass attracted by planet and 1/4 attracted up. Effectively only half of your mass is being attracted by the planet. Therefore, when dealing with multiple (more>1) Lashings we do not factor in planet's gravity because there is no mass that's left to be affected by it. What's interesting it's how partial Lashings downward would work: turns out they won't do anything and the normal pull downward would remain. This is true for any partial Lashing down up to one full Basic Lashing down. Now, we have instances of Szeth Lashing himself down to restore normal gravity to himself - perhaps if the downward Lashing (less or equal to one) is the only one affecting you then simply gravity reclaims its grip on you.
  3. So I was thinking about Copper Mistings, And copper allows a misting to block Emotional Allomancy and hide from Seekers, If someone is burning copper and someone tries to lash them with surgebinding would the copper cancel the lashing?
  4. So I was doing a re-read of WoR and came across the lopen's pov when he successfully ingests stormlight "The Lopen sucked in light. It happened in an eyeblink, and then there he sat, Stormlight streaming from his skin. "Ha!" He shouted, leaping to his feet. "Ha! Hey, Chilinko, come back here. I need to stick you to the wall!" So,the lopen wanted to stick chilinko to the wall which is a full lashing,so my question is can squires use lashings? I was under the impression that squires can only ingests stormlight and cannot get any of the two surges a full KR gets or is it possible that squires can get one of the surges of the KR they are squiring for? But if so how did the lopen knew he would get access to adhesion (full lashing) and also if the squires get a single surge from the KR they are serving then that means that a squire that gets the surge of gravitation (basic lashing and reverse lashing) would be almost as powerful as a full windrunner, they can also fly and do anything a windrunner can except sticking objects to places.
  5. In the new excerpt, Chapter 12, we see Kaladin withdraw stormlight into himself, which makes me think, if he could do this whilst battling Szeth I can see a scenario where every time Szeth tries to use a full lashing (or another) we see Kaladin not only nullifying it or drawing it into him, making for an interesting point in the battle. Two foreseeable issues are though are: 1. Can Kaladin only withdraw his own stormlight and not all stormlight infused in the rock as part of a lashing 2. Kaladin currently seems to be inhibited by touch, is he going to get better at it or will we see some crazy point where he gets infused/ is touching whatever is infused at a critical point and can as a result catch Szeth unawares