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Found 8 results

  1. A question in the recent spoiler stream regarding units of investiture got me thinking about this. We know that Kaladin and Szeth each are intuitively aware of Basic Lashings, that the first lashing removes your Spiritual Gravitational Connection to the planet below you, and it "falsifies" a similar Connection in the intended direction relative to the surgebinder. The question: Are all basic lashings equal? Does every Windrunner, Skybreaker, and any of their squires, use the same amount of stormlight to pull with the same gravitational force? We know that allomancers have different power levels based on how far removed they are from the introduction of lerasium into their lineage (also maybe how much lerasium? unsure), and that unkeyed metalminds can alter a person's ability to access and use investiture, sometimes even granting whole new abilities. Is there some defining characteristic, be it genetic, spiritual, or otherwise, that may alter a surgebinder's ability to use more stormlight, use stormlight more efficiently, or just have stronger (or weaker) effects?
  2. So I was re-watching Back to the Future, as one does, and thinking about what a disappointment it was that we don't have widespread hoverboard use even though we should've years ago and I realized what someone needs to do is go to Roshar and convince either artifabrians or windrunners to create hoverboards since artifabrians could use reversers to make the hoverboard float and windrunners could half lash a board to the sky in order to make it weightless. The only problem would be getting the lashed board to move. But with a fabrial, you could make a controller of sorts that you can move around to make the hoverboard do the opposite.
  3. Basic Lashing had me confused for quite a time. I mean, it makes sense that if you Lash yourself with quarter Lashing, you become two times lighter and if you use half of Basic Lashing, you become weightless. But then I read that Basic Lashing works by cancelling the gravity's pull. And that's where the problem is. With partial Lashings you don't cancel planet's gravity, cause that would just result in being pulled up at partial acceleration. If you Lash yourself with two Lashings, one upward and one downward, that results in being weightless. My proposed model is that planet automatically files in with its gravitational pull if the object is Lashed less than one Basic Lashing. That way the norm for the object is to always have at least one Basic Lashing: 100% planet's gravity (normal situation) part planet's gravity, part Lashing (parts sum up to 1, partial Lashing) 100% (or more) Lashing (one or more Basic Lashings)
  4. Szeth's assassination attempt. Imagine this upside down for extra effect. Shardblades can't be Lashed because they are invested objects. And they dissolve into mist when you let go of them, unless you concentrate to make them stay in the physical world. Adolin was thrown to the ceiling and was probably concussed, and his Blade disappeared. But let's just suspend disbelief in the name of artistic license.
  5. I have a theory. I'm not sure if there is a WoB that renders said theory inert, but I figured what the hedge, it wouldn't hurt to get the opinions of the mortals. What if you could lash Shardplate? First of all, would it even work? I don't believe there would be a reason why it wouldn't, unless the Shardplate's magical properties somehow make it were Stormlight can't be used against them. But think about it, You could lash a Shardbearer to the ground, tripping him up. You could lash him to a wall, so that he becomes immobile and can not fight you anymore. You could Lash him to the roof, and presto same as Lashing him to a wall, with the added bonus of him becoming confused as hedge. I realize these are already things you that we know one can accomplish with Stormligh, but as far as we know they have not been attempted against a Shardbearer. Additionally, there are two other uses I can think of for Lashing a Shardbearer. You could Lash him into another enemy, this would push the Shardbearer off balance, and could seriously injure or kill the other enemy if they are not also wearing Plate. The other option I could think of is Lashing Shardplate off of its bearer. Maybe not all the pieces at once, but if you focused all of your concentration onto one piece of Plate, such as the breastplate, then possibly it would succeed. The bearer would be fighting, impervious to injury and then all of the sudden his chest and stomach are exposed for a killing blow. I don't know. Someone with more Rosharan knowledge (sadly I don't get nearly enough of it here in Camorr) should tell me if this is possible or not. Also, if you do think it will work, can you think of any other uses for this technique?
  6. Note: I feel I should add that this topic is covering things in the WoK, so if you've not read it, and while I don't believe I've said/hit on very anything specific, I guess it could be considered spoiler-ish for WoK. (Now in the comments there are also some brief WoR spoilers pertaining to the revealed chapters.) So I've been watching this board on and off for about a year, and the comment section of the Tor Re-reads, but I've not really seen either of my two ideas come up. Since WoR is coming out soon, and I wanted to post the ideas before that happened: (Edited version: I've heavily edited the original version of this post, or at least the second point of it. I've included things like page references to the Hard Back edition of the book, and some explanations of my thought process at those points, so that it doesn't seem like I'm just trying to force a random idea, without any reasoning. Since this more then doubled the original length of the post, I've included a summary at the top of that point so no need to read the lengthy amount of text that follows it, unless you want to.) #1 "Unite Them" (This one is more then likely moot, due to more recent reveals. So can skip, but I'm leaving it, since there's no reason to toss it out completely, and I still like it as plot point, even if it's considerably less likely to apply to this particular one.) This one has likely been voiced and I missed it, or it's not popularly followed, but I've always thought it possible that it meant Lighteyes and Darkeyes. Got this impression since eye-type is important to Alethi, and a rather large portion of the book seems to focus on Kaladin's experiences that divide him from them. Since Kaladin's experiences are part of our view into the world, I figure that his experiences, perhaps not the specifics, cannot be unique, so there's this rather large gulf of fear/dislike/envy/etc (the usual class warfare mix) that's been brewing, and not many people seem to be addressing it. Doesn't seem healthy for an army, or a people to me, and like it could be an obstacle to all kinds of things. Or a weapon/edge that Kaladin/his supporters could employ to gain him a larger following among the warcamps. (Kal doesn't seem to fond of the hero worship, so unless he deemed it necessary, it would probably be done to/for him by the bridge crew/other supporters.) Or alternately used as a weapon to divide the Alethi into a civil war more chaotic, and likely hate filled, then a war between princes. (Darkeyes really don't get why they're fighting eachother for the Lighteyes back at home, but they'd know why they're fighting the Lighteyes, and they would seem to have many good reasons for it.) #2 Kaladin's Lashings (Cleaned up this section, so that it is no longer the mess I wrote at midnight, and double checked the Ars Arcanum, and actual chapters for quotes.) Summary of Idea: My thought is that Kaladin subconsciously lashed his throwing knives to his targets (generally their eye, or face), greatly improving his aim/likelihood of hitting his target. He makes a number of rather bold throws, given that it is never stated in the book that he spent time training to throw knives, which is with the spear opposite of how the book approaches his ability with the spear. He seems quite good, and it's my understanding that throwing knives is no easy task, let alone some of the ones he is shown managing. Additionally his knives are never described as throwing knives, yet normal knives do not work well for throwing to my understanding. I mean you might hit something, but hitting multiple people in the eye/aiming for the eye seems ambitious without the correct type of knife – unless you just seem to never miss. Additionally we never see him use or think about using knives in the present timeline, just the spear, despite his apparent ability with knives, and the fact he kept two strapped to his spear in Amaram's army. Seems strange he'd never so much as think about them. That's, in a nutshell, why I think he's lashed his knives to his targets with the basic lashing. Much Verboseness: Alright, so I'm not great on which is the Full and which is the reverse off the top my head (full being the sticking things together, and reverse being the one that attracts, if my memory is working properly), but we know for sure of the 2, but people don't seem to think he's done the basic lashing (changing an objects point of gravitation(which way it falls) if i'm getting these right). We know Kaladin can do the Full and Reverse lashings, but it'd not been shown definitively that he does the basic lashing, and many believe that he has not yet done so. The important part of the basic lashing is that the user changes the gravitational anchor of an item (that they're touching), to a point of their choosing. My thought is that he is using the basic lashing in conjunction with this throwing knives, subconsciously, improving his aim and likelihood of hitting his target (possibly considerably). The first time we see Kaladin using his knives is p. 44 of the hard back (6th full paragraph a little more then halfway down the page), “Even as that man fell, Kaladin reached up and flipped a nkife from one of the sheaths tied about his spear. His hand snapped, knife flashing and hitting the thigh of a second foe.” This particular usage of the knife is not that spectacular, and could be put down to him having good aim at close distances and a strong throw. Next time we see Kaladin use a knife is next paragraph, with the line, “A fourth man fell with a knife to the eye.” It doesn't state whether he threw or shoved the knife however. Also unfortunately it's later shown, from Kaladin's perspective, that Cenn mightn't have been the most reliable narrator, being caught up in the chaos and in pain, so we don't get any good evidence of anything out of the ordinary yet. That is unless of course he threw the knife that went through someone's eye, as that's a rather precise shot. Page 46 the instance of knife throwing occurs, about midway down the page describing the fight with an opposing battalionlord, “He impassively regarded those who fought nearby. Then one of Kaladin's knives took him in the right eye.” Again Cenn's narration fails to mention if it's a throw, but I've always interpreted each use of the knives as Kaladin throwing them – perhaps a bad presumption, but it seems apt given that the only time the use is described at first is as a throw, and then nothing other then how effectively he dispatched foes with the knives. This leads me to assume we're mentally supposed to fill in the gap and assume he's throwing again since there would be opportunities for describing shoving a knife into a person that are skipped (but not skipped when it comes to the spear hits/kills). One thing Cenn's narration does make clear is that the Brightlord's helmet was “open-fronted” (5th full paragraph – the one before the above quote). In chapter 47, page 668, the events depicted on p.44 are recounted by Kaladin. Only the first throw is mentioned (Beginning at about halfway down the page, right after the single line stating “No.”), though it is mentioned on the next page that he is handed back his knives. More interesting is Kaladin's recollection about how he feels at this time: “He could not be stopped, not when he felt like this. When he had the energy of defending the fallen, the power of standing to protect one of his men.” Then the next paragraph down: “Sweat trickled from his brow, cooled by the breeze. Odd. There hadn't been a breeze before. Now it seemed to envelop him.” Knowing what we do by the end of the book, it sounds like at the very least Syl was already binding with him at this point, making it possible that he could be performing the basic lashing with his knives. Next Kaladin recounts throwing his knife into the brightlord's eye. Page 670, “The man dropped with a knife to the eye; his face was unprotected.” It's once again not stated that he threw the knife, but it seems to stand to reason. Given that he follows up with the spear, and why bother with getting into position to thrust a knife home, when you've a spear that can do the same work at greater distance. And once again Kaladin got a target directly in the eye, doesn't seem easy. Finally, the last time that we see Kaladin use his knives for throwing is against the Shardbearer. (side track) In the second to last paragraph on page 673, Kaladin is shown to use the spear in close range, over his knife once within range, giving a little credence to my argument above that he threw the knife at the battalion lord and did not physically push the blade, since if he wanted to do that, he'd use his spear as evidenced here by his choice to do so here. (back on topic) Page 674, paragraph 4 (Battling the Shardbearer), “Kaladin strained, hurling himself back onto his feet. He whipped his hand up, flinging his knife at the eyes watching from behind the impervious armor. The dagger hit the faceplate just slightly off from the right angle, bouncing against the side of the slit and ricocheting out.” Also a bit below that, “...slamming the spearhead right in the Shardbearer's visor slit.” I mention this bit since it specifies what I was/am attempting to articulate, in that Kaladin threw the Knives earlier, or (basically) verbs/adverbs/adjectives would've been used to show the action to the reader more. So basically, here, Kaladin decides that one of his best bets in defeating his opponent, is to throw one of his weapons at what sounds to be a nearly impossible shot, taking into account how quickly the series of events in the fight unfold. This either shows desperation, or a total confidence born of almost never missing his mark. Admittedly he was close to his target, but throwing versus what he does with the spearhead a moment later hardly seems like the best move, unless you almost never miss. Which he wouldn't if he was lashing his knives to his target, which appears to be his opponents eyes. Also if he anchored the knife to the eye, it might also be part of why the throw missed, it tried to go directly at the eye, and the direct path was obstructed. Just showing that since even it missing doesn't preclude the use of the lashing. (Fixation on the eyes due to lighteye's screwing up his life? Though he does throw at that darkeyes eyes too, and if your going to aim at someone's face eyes seem as good a target as any. Or it could be that that's where he's anchoring the knives to, and that's why it's mentioned so much.) Finally my biggest issue with this just being explained away as, 'Kaladin's just good at throwing knives,' is that it's not mentioned once that he's trained extensively to throw knives. This is versus the amount and number of times we're told Kaladin practiced with a spear, and how good he is with it. I don't think knives or throwing them even comes up in conversation again. Unfortunately we don't know if any of his spears were dun after the battle, since what happens to him after the Shardbearer's death obstructs the possibility of him finding out, or probably, even taking notice of something slightly out of the ordinary. Combine that with the fact that he is never shown using a knife as a weapon again throughout the current timeline, it just seems like Brandon might just be trying to hint without giving it away. Or I looked at this way too hard. Maybe I missed/am forgetting something and this isn't possible, if so please tell me. Hope these were interesting and not a waste of time, oh, and Hello everyone! P.S. Sorry if anything isn't stated well, I tried.
  7. Allomantic aluminum, supposedly, cleans investiture from you sDNA. Feruchemical nicrosil stores that investiture. Could users of these metals get rid of or weaken an Investiture-based attack (being Lashed) by burning or storing their metals respectively?