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Found 26 results

  1. I believe that there is a WoB states that one of the reasons the Returned feed on the Breaths of children rather than older people is so that they have more vitality from that Breath (I couldn't find it, I'm sorry). Theoretically, could a Returned consume more investiture than was just necessary for their survival, and somehow be expanded in their power by doing so? I don’t mean by collecting more Breaths on top of their Divine Breath, but if they actually “ate” the extra investiture. Would this be similar to larkin, and how they seem to grow after consuming large quantities of investiture?
  2. So, we know that a leecher can prevent a shardblade from being summoned by a shard bearer, but could a larkin eat a piece of a shard blade as it’s being summoned? I can't remember the exact quote, but I'm pretty sure that bio chromatic breath can be eaten by a larkin as it’s being used to awaken, since it’s being temporarily converted to kinetic investiture, and when a shardblade is summoned it seems to need to temporarily count as kinetic investiture because a seeker can sense it while being summoned.
  3. I crocheted Chiri Chiri because she's just so cute! Took somewhere between 10 and 20 hours of work, I didn't keep track very well. Made with Paintbox Aran yarn.
  4. I crocheted Chiri Chiri because she's just so cute! Took somewhere between 10 and 20 hours of work, I didn't keep track very well. Made with Paintbox Aran yarn.
  5. I crocheted Chiri Chiri because she's just so cute! Took somewhere between 10 and 20 hours of work, I didn't keep track very well. Made with Paintbox Aran yarn.
  6. I crocheted Chiri Chiri because she's just so cute! Took somewhere between 10 and 20 hours of work, I didn't keep track very well. Made with Paintbox Aran yarn.
  7. So ... Nightblood has to go. He's already the most Invested object in the Cosmere, capable of killing a (weakened) Vessel, far stronger than the mere Bands of Mourning per Brandon. How can it be removed from the story? Well, who's really good at disposing of surplus Investiture? How about Rysn's great friend and protector, the Ancient Guardian, Chiri-Chiri? He eats Investiture, and presumably will need more and more as he grows and develops--he, like Nightblood, has already absorbed enough Investiture to become sapient. (That's my explanation, anyway--we know that enough Investiture gathered in one place becomes sapient by WoB.) In fact, Larkins are rather like non-murderous Nightbloods, aren't they? I predict [looks around to be sure no Vorin people are present] that Chiri-Chiri will end up draining a huge amount of Investiture from Nightblood. Might not kill him, but will most certainly weaken him. And like Nightblood, Chiri-Chiri never seems to be full. Another prediction: Chiri-Chiri will form a romantic, or at least child-producing, relationship with Nale's larkin (who drained Lift back in Edgedancer). Yet another: the Sleepless were worried that Rysn might become capable of actually exerting the Dawnshard power by becoming a Radiant. She agreed not to. But she does have a Connection to Chiri-Chiri. And if my first prediction is right, Chiri-Chiri will drain an enormous amount of Investiture from Nightblood and become, effectively, a demigod-dragon-flying-crab thing. Could the bonded pair of Rysn and Chiri-Chiri use the Dawnshard power?
  8. Hi all, I am from Austria and my favorite non protagonist character is Chiri-Chiri. Dawnshard spoilers Oh and I think that Dalinar will become Honor and Lift will become Cultivation. Adolin and Shallan will become Worldhoppers too. Oh and I really really hope that Hoid can bring his Spren to Scadrial in the Second Era. But I could not find anything in Era Two that supports. Probably no one even reads those Introductions but if I am right with something I can prove it. Thanks to the team of the 17. Shard and Brandon Sanderson. Oh and I have a Who´s that Cosemere Character here for you now if anyone reads this. (I also sen´t another one per Mail) You can answer directly here. This Character is from Roshar. This Character met Szeth and survived. This Character is older the most of it´s kind that we see. This Character is wealthy. This Character was mentioned when Brandon was asked to choose a mentor in the Cosmere and he mentioned, that he would choose this Character as his Babsk. I know this is easy but It also identifies the Character 100% so I do not have to write the name down. mentioned wob: (edited to make the 5. clue more readable)
  9. PLEASE NO ROW SPOILERS TLDR; The Sleepless caused the Scouring to protect the Dawnshard. Dawnshard revealed many things about topics long debated. But one event that I thought would get explained to us in this book but wasn’t stands out to me. The Scouring of Aimia. I thought we would get answers as to who/what caused the event that left the islands of Aimia lifeless. The only nugget of information we get on the event is a story told by Nikli while he is still hiding his true nature. So this whole story told by Nikli has to be taken with a grain of salt as at the time he was lying to Rysn about his true nature, but I feel in this instance he has no reason to lie, and the emotion he shows at recounting the story supports that. My theory is that it wasn’t invaders or treasure hunters who destroyed the fabrials that supported life on Aimia, but the Sleepless themselves. It is quite clear that they will go to extreme lengths to protect the Dawnshard. I believe that at some point (personally I think this was when the Larkin died out and the sleepless took over protection of the Dawnshard) they decided that a whole population of people living on the island above the Dawnshard was too much of a risk, so they forced the inhabitants off the island by sabotaging the fabrials. I also think that maybe the sleepless spread rumours of a terrible ‘Scouring’ to make the event sound a lot more catastrophic than it was to further keep people away from the place. Nikli’s strong emotion when talking about it could be because he is sad about what happened there, or it could be similar to Taravangian’s sorrow whenever he speaks of the terrible things he has done. Maybe the Sleepless also encouraged attacks on Aimia to further isolate the place and scatter the populace? Or maybe they drew the attackers there by accident? Or maybe those are lies to augment the tragedy myth surrounding the place? I am not sure. Obviously this theory has lots of holes (most of the rest of Nikli’s story doesn’t really line up with this but as I said, he isn’t really the most trustworthy of characters at that point) but it was just something I was thinking about so I thought I would open it up for discussion. Thanks for reading. And please don’t put any RoW spoilers in the replies, I haven’t read the previews.
  10. So, I realized this shortly after reading some of the pre-release chapters for RoW (not going to spoil them) because they reminded me of Chiri-Chiri and the Larkins in general, and their ability to consume Investiture and get bigger. If there was an Allomancer around, could a Larkin feed on their allomantic power output to grow? Sort of like how Nightblood will consume an Allomancer's allomantic effect while burning to feed himself instead of consuming their soul. If that's the case, an Allomancer could intentionally feed a Larkin and turn it into a Lanceryn (er... If that's actually how you spell that/what a fully grown Larkin is called), and be the Rosharan equivalent of a Dragon Rider or something absurd like that, instead of having to give it Stormlight periodically via spheres or highstorms. Of course, Allomantic strength becomes the deciding factor in how quick the Larkin would grow, then, so a direct Lerasium mistborn burning every metal at once (barring aluminum and duralumin) would probably be the most effective type of allomancer to feed a Larkin with. Just a random shower-ish thought I had and wanted to put out there for consideration.
  11. Has anyone asked what would happen if other creators ate the worms from patji’s fingers? More specifically, I would like to know what would happen if a Larkin ate it and what would happen if a human ate the worms. Remember Hoid is on a journey to collect all the signature investments he can. Do we know if Hoid has already been eating some yummy worms?
  12. Hi all! Long time podcast listener and forum lurker, new to posting. Just reading the first WoR Ryan interlude and it mentions that the Larkin has: Which reminds me of the descriptions of Dragonsteel we've seen. When describing Frost especially there were a few mentions of silver. It's not a lot to go on but combined with the fact that they look somewhat like you might expect a dragon to look it's certainly got me wondering. Apologies if it's already been theorised / disproven, I hunted around for it but couldn't see a post. Either way I'm glad to be here!
  13. From the album Random Photos/Art

    Sorry it's upside down! I have no idea what went wrong. But, if you can tell, it's Rysn's Shin grass, (nicknamed "Sullen) and her pet larkin, Chiri-Chiri. I also apologize for my utter lack of talent in the area of art, but I did my best!
  14. I'm not sure whether I got it right, so I decided to drop this here. I haven't found a similar thread, but should one already exist, I'm sorry. Obviously, the fact that Rysn's larkin Chiri-Chiri doesn't only feast of Stormlight, but is also capable of sucking in "Voidlight" is going to be important. Question: Does this actually kill the Fused by taking their power, or does it merely kill the host and the Fused will still be reborn? I personally would like the first, because it'd be very handy, but I'm not really sure I can believe that. Thoughts on that?
  15. We've seen it 'eat' stormlight and voidlight, would it also be able to 'eat' Breath? Or Dor energies?
  16. So this should be fairly simple... but probably isn't. Can a Larkin forcibly drain breath from someone holding breath?
  17. From the album General SA Art

    Stuff I drew for Oathbringer countdown =) (via) Viewing separately: Kholin babies: Kaladin & ... [OB spoilers] Young Dalinar at age 15-20 (Warning: 6 pieces)
  18. I'm sure a lot of you have read the Oathbringer interlude set right outside of Aimia (find it here if you havent) and i have a theory on one of the questions posed in it. What is on the island that can possibly cure Soulcaster savantism? My theory proposes that the Larkin/Lanceryn or their gemhearts (which are rumored to be on Aimian islands), used in fabrials, have the ability to rid the soul of the affects of savantism. This fits with what we already have seen them do (suck stormlight out of Lift). Expanding on this, I could see how these powers could greatly help Odium and his forces conquer Roshar. Not only could the Lanceryn be uused to easily combat Shardbearers and Surgebinders, but I could see how their powers could possibly be used in many other ways. As always, let me know what you guys think. edit: FIRST!11!!one!11
  19. So, it seems that most people think Larkin are some sort of "Investiture Vacuums" that just consume any Investiture around them. However, I think that this isn't the case. When Rsyn gets her Larkin, there isn't really anything different about it (other than the silver eyes and wings), but when Nale uses the Larkin on Lift, it is described as sickly and weak looking. Therefore, I must conclude that Larkin just have the ability to use Stormlight, like a Surgebinder. The Larkin drew in the Stormlight to heal itself from injuries that Nale likely gave it. Naturally, to draw in Stormlight, the Larkin must have a bond with a spren. However, this is probably a higher spren, such as something below Radiantspren but above normal spren. The most likely candidates that we know of are Riverspren and Windspren, though there may be others. I hope I cleared some things up.
  20. The obvious reason for posting "bad idea" theories is to promote "good ideas." Maybe this crazy theory will trigger someone smart to make a better guess. We already know the Listeners can change their forms. Aimians are another "non-human" race on Roshar. We know Aimians can change their appearance (Axies' tattoos) at will and have other weird properties (shadow facing wrong way, etc.). Larkins come from Aimia. What was one doing way up in the Reshi Isles? And we know Axies was captive there. Perhaps there are more clues which stem from Vstim knowing when it was the right time to make a trade with the Reshi, and Rysn got something even better. Perhaps the original trade agreement would have involved taking Axies in his humanoid form as a slave, and getting him in Larkin form was an unexpected surprise?
  21. Larkin are small, winged cremling-like creatures. They have the ability to absorb Stormlight, and in fact to draw it out of something/one holding it. Chasmfiends are gigantic crustaceans which roam the Shattered Plains. At first, they seem completely different. But are they? What if they're more connected than we think? What if, in fact, they're the same creature, just at different stages in their development? The word "larkin" does sound somewhat like larva. The main objection, of course, is the size discrepancy. Chasmfiends are so much larger than larkin that it seems impossible that they could be the same thing. But remember, larkin eat Stormlight. We haven't seen much, so we don't know the effects that eating Stormlight has on them. What if it makes them bigger? Imagine a larkin, out on the Shattered Plains in the middle of a highstorm. Vast amounts of Stormlight are surging (pun intended) through the world around it, enough that Kaladin and Szeth managed to have an entire aerial battle during one. The larkin would consume this Stormlight, and could grow to immense sizes. Upon reaching such large sizes, the wings would become useless and probably be shed. Incidentally, this means that Rysn will probably end up with a pet chasmfiend.
  22. THEORY IN BRIEF I believe the Surges keep Odium captive in the Rosharian planetary system. As part of his long-term plan, Odium causes the listeners to create the Everstorm. The Everstorm will block the Highstorms’ reinvestment of Stormlight on Roshar. Without that reinvestment, the Surges will not be able to renew themselves. Roshar will break apart, and Odium will be free to leave the Roshar system. While the Everstorm circles, the human and other survivors will find themselves besieged in Urithiru surrounded by the Voidbringer hosts. Urithiru’s Stormlight resources will be severely depleted. To restore them, Kaladin will break free of the siege, travel to the Origin, and bring back to Urithiru substantial new Stormlight reserves. Urithiru will then be capable of fighting the Voidbringers and holding out far longer than Odium expects. Odium, fearing he may lose this war, will be forced to accept the challenge of a duel of champions. Kaladin will defeat Odium’s champion, reestablishing Odium’s captivity. “TANAVAST’S DESIGN” OF ODIUM’S CAPTIVITY The Rosharian System Imprisons Odium The writer of the “second letter” claims Odium cannot leave the Rosharian system: “Rayse is captive. He cannot leave the system he now inhabits. His destructive potential is, therefore, inhibited.” (Epigraph to WoR Chapter 69.) The writer is unsure “[w]hether this was Tanavast’s design or not…” (Epigraph to WoR Chapter 70.) The Surges Form the Prison The WoR Ars Arcanum author believes the ten Surges – “thought to be the fundamental forces by which [Roshar] operates – are more accurately a representation of the ten basic abilities offered to the Heralds, and then the Knights Radiant, by their bonds.” (WoR Hardcover, p. 1084.) The in-world Words of Radiance author describes the Surges as “the bonds that drive Roshar itself.” (WoR Epigraph to Chapter 38, emphasis added.) If the Surges do not accurately describe the “fundamental forces” of Roshar, then Honor must have had some other reason for placing them on Roshar. Whether by design or not, the result of their creation was to imprison Odium in the Rosharian system. Evidence The best proof that the Surges imprison Odium is the action he takes to escape his captivity. That is the Everstorm. Honor fears the Everstorm will cause Roshar to fall into dust. (WoK Paperback, pp. 1244-45.). That is the expected result when the “bonds that drive Roshar itself” – that literally hold the planet together – are stripped away. Odium has no other reason to destroy Roshar. If he simply wanted to splinter Cultivation, he does not need to destroy Roshar to do so. He did not destroy Sel when he splintered Devotion and Dominion there and he did not previously destroy Roshar when he splintered Honor. The destruction of Roshar is simply the by-product of the elimination of the Surges. That is why I conclude that the Surges are the instruments of Odium’s captivity. ODIUM’S PLAN TO FREE HIMSELF Stormlight Reinvests Roshar’s Magic, Including the Surges Odium’s plan is to interrupt the cycle of magical reinvestment on Roshar, causing the Surges to fail. WoB (somewhere) states that magical investiture is generally a renewable resource. On Roshar, Stormlight is the means of that renewal. Kaladin describes Stormlight as “the Surges reduced to some primal form.” (WoR Hardcover, p. 469.) WoB analogizes Stormlight to the mist in Mistborn, It is the gaseous state of Honor’s (and Cultivation’s?) investiture on Roshar. Two Elements to Odium’s Plan Odium’s plan has two broad elements. The first is to soak up existing Stormlight through the creation of a horde of Voidbringers. Voidbringers, according to Szeth, can “hold [stormlight] in perfectly” (WoK Paperback, p. 13). The second element is to block the Highstorms’ reinvestment of Stormlight. The Everstorm accomplishes both elements. The Everstorm will gain strength with each of its revolutions around Roshar. Its next pass will convert the Parshmen into Stormform listeners. During future passes, these new listeners will add their song to what the Shattered Plains listeners started, increasing the size and scope of the Everstorm. In his dream Kaladin sees the Everstorm as “so enormous as to make the continent – the world itself – into nothing by comparison“ – much bigger than when the Everstorm began on the Shattered Plains. (WoR Hardback, p. 369, emphasis in original.) Because the Everstorm moves in the opposite direction from the Highstorms, as it grows in force it will first prevent the Highstorms from reaching the Rosharian continent. Eventually the Everstorm may prevent Highstorms from forming at all, blowing them away at their birth. WoB states Highstorms were initially a meteorological event, but at some point became magical as well, presumably through the addition of Stormlight. We don’t know how Stormlight gets added to the Highstorms, although it’s a safe guess that that occurs at the Origin. Regardless, it seems reasonable to assume that a catastrophic storm multiples larger than a Highstorm should be able to kill a Highstorm in its cradle. The Diagram’s Prediction Taravangian’s Diagram seems to agree that the Everstorm is Odium’s path to freedom: "destroy [the listeners] outright before [one of them] obtains their power. ​It will form a bridge." (Epigraph to WoR Chapter 89, reformatted and emphasis added.) I interpret this statement to mean the Everstorm (created by the listeners’ “power”) is the bridge by which Odium will escape the Rosharian system. Odium’s Plan to Destroy Surgebinders Part of Odium’s plan has been to thwart or destroy those who might oppose him – Surgebinders: the Heralds and the KR. Odium has used several tactics to implement this stratagem: First, he influenced nine of the Heralds to abandon the Oathpact (as many in this Forum have speculated). Second, I believe Odium caused the Recreance (whatever its apparent immediate cause) to break up the KR and eliminate them. Third, he influenced Nale to kill fledging surgebinders (as many in this Forum have speculated) so the KR could not reestablish itself. Fourth, he caused the listeners to create the Everstorm. If the Everstorm can eliminate Stormlight, neither the Heralds nor the KR will be able to surgebind, When Odium first set upon his plan, he was dealing only with the Heralds, inefficient users of Stormlight through their Honorblades. The spren, perhaps in anticipation of the Everstorm, created the Nahel bond with humans, a much more efficient means of using Stormlight and, hence, the Surges. This flaw in Odium’s plan enables the KR to hold out longer than Odium expects during the Siege of Urithiru. Odium’s Plan Began Many Millenia Ago Odium has been planning for the Everstorm a long time. The Stormfather tells Dalinar that the Everstorm is “a new thing, but old of design.” (WoR Hardcover, p. 1070.) The Desolations began as a war by one of Roshar’s native populations, the listeners, to repel the human invaders of Roshar. WoB states there were no Desolations before humans came to Roshar. The humans won these wars, evicting the listeners from more and more territory. Hatred of humans led some of the listeners to become “unmade” by Odium into his creatures. These listener “gods” introduced the forms of power. Through these forms, Odium began to wield influence among the listeners. Further losses to humans over the millennia led the Lost Legion to abandon their gods. Before the final battle of the Last Desolation, Melishi the Bondsmith developed his plan to enslave listeners by stripping them of their spren rather than destroying them (or so many suspect). I believe Odium influenced Melishi to adopt this plan so that Odium would have potential Stormform listeners available to him when the time came. There has been no Desolation for the past four millennia because Odium realized he didn’t need to cause one – that humankind itself was capable of sufficient hatred without external influence. Thus, Honor tells Dalinar that “[Odium]’s realized that you, given time, will become your own enemies. That he doesn’t need to fight you. Not if he can make you forget, make you turn against one another…” (WoK Paperback, p. 1246, emphasis in original.) Human forgetfulness has made them ignore Parshmen until the time comes for Odium to use them. Recent Events Gavilar came into contact with descendants of the Lost Legion a year or two before SA began. We can assume he found the black stone that he gave to Szeth at about the same time, since that is when Gavilar “changed” (according to several characters). WoB states that the light in that stone is not Stormlight and heavily implies it is a form of Odium’s investiture. Part of Gavilar’s changed behavior was to become more religious. He also joined/founded the Sons of Honor, with Amaram. Their goal was to bring back the Voidbringers so the Heralds would return. I believe Odium influenced Gavilar in these respects. I also believe Odium influenced Gavilar to share his plan with the visiting listeners, anticipating the listeners would assassinate Gavilar and start the War of Vengeance. (Perhaps it will turn out that Amaram suggested to Gavilar that he do this.) The war reduced the listeners to a state where they were willing to embrace the Everstorm. Odium influenced Venli to re-discover Stormform rather than the forms of peace, as Eshonai expected. We know the rest... HOW ODIUM WILL BE DEFEATED It begins with the re-founding of the KR and their re-occupation of Urithiru. I believe Honor’s plea to Dalinar to “unite them” has multiple levels: unite the KR, unite all humankind, and unite all of Roshar’s peoples, ancient and nouveau. Honor binds, hatred divides – a strong theme of SA. All will join in the war, including some of the Heralds, eventually finding their way to Urithiru. Honor says to Dalinar: “The sun approaches the horizon. The Everstorm comes. The True Desolation. The Night of Sorrows. You must prepare. Build of your people a fortress of strength and peace, a wall to resist the winds.” (WoK Paperback, p. 1242.) Urithiru is shaped with the eastward side flat and the westward side curved to withstand the Everstorm – “a wall to resist the winds.” Honor calls the Everstorm the “Night of Sorrows” because of the extended period of darkness the Everstorm will bring. Members of the New KR Not coincidentally, the KR we currently know or anticipate includes members of different countries and races: at least four from Alethkar (Dalinar, Kaladin, Renarin and Jasnah), one from Jah Keved (Shallan), one from the Reshi Isles (Lift), and one (probably) from Shinovar (Szeth). To these, I believe we can add the following characters (and maybe some others we haven’t met yet): Eshonai. Her fall into the chasms will find Eshonai reunited with her mother and the listeners who escaped Eshonai’s coup. Here her comet spren will finally chase away the stormspren and bond with her, making her a Willshaper – the first listener KR. (It’s hard to imagine her having a book otherwise…) Rysn. Whether or not Rysn (from Thaylenah) ends up a KR, she will be crucial nonetheless because of her Larkin. If she does become a KR, she will be a Releaser/Dustbringer because she is both astonishingly brave (foolhardy?) and obedient (to a fault). She already has had two Interludes… Ym. Since Ym (from Iri) had the Surge of Progression, I’m not convinced he’s dead. If Jasnah, without that Surge, could survive a stab through the heart, I think someone with that Surge should be able to survive as well. Though he was “killed” with a shardblade, so was Szeth, whom Nale resurrected with a Progression fabrial. Ym might have saved himself with his own Progression Surge. Probably a Truthwatcher. Zahel. As a Returned with Divine Breath and access to the Spiritual Realm, Zahel is an ideal candidate for a Bondsmith. By the time he reaches Urithiru, he may have recovered Nightblood. Nightblood will be ecstatic fighting the Voidbringers – so much evil investiture to consume, so little time…I’ll make a prediction here: Nightblood will be the means of destroying Odium, consuming every last bit of his Shard. I suspect that won’t be in SA though. Axies. I’m not sure whether Axies the Collector will be a KR, but if so, I believe he will also be a Bondsmith. Either way, his knowledge of spren will be enormously valuable to the anti-Odium faction: He will find a way to reverse the effects of Odium’s influence on the listeners who adopted the forms of power. Kaladin/Fleet Will Seek New Stormlight Reserves By the time we reach the last book in the series, the Everstorm survivors will be making their last stand at Urithiru, surrounded by the Voidbringer host. The Everstorm will have caused the near divestiture of all of Roshar’s Stormlight by interfering with the Highstorms. Urithiru’s Stormlight reserves will be almost gone, incapacitating the KR. Things will be looking bad for our heroes… In desperation, Kaladin will use the remaining Stormlight reserves to seek out the Origin. The KR will launch a sortie to distract the Voidbringers. Because Kaladin is Fleet, he will race out of Urithiru and make his escape. But where is the Origin? The Origin Is on One of Roshar’s Moons! I believe Kaladin will find Stormlight on one of Roshar’s moons. Here is a WoB on point: Q: “Do the moons relate to the Highstorms at all?” A: “The all? Sure! You'll love this. The star's age, at Roshar – Earth astronomers would say that is a star which could not have planets with life on them orbiting it.” I interpret Brandon’s oblique, but pertinent, answer in context to mean that the Stormlight that invests the Highstorms and brings life to Roshar comes from one of the moons. He tells us that Roshar should not have life on it, yet it does. He’s tells us in another WoB that “Stormlight makes plants grow” (written into a fan’s book). And his answer here comes in response to a question about the relationship between Roshar’s moons and Highstorms. Here’s another relevant WoB: Q: “If [a Windrunner had] enough heating fabrials and enough Stormlight, how high up could [he] go?” A: “He could theoretically break orbit if he has Stormlight for air, and he could manipulate gravity. They have actually figured how long it would take to make it to the various moons.” I don’t believe the Sanderson Crew did that calculation just for fun. It has to be relevant to the story line. Peter has said that the moons come very close to Roshar during the night: “Roshar's moons are much much closer than our moon. Their elliptical orbits bring them closer to Roshar's surface during the night…” (For an excellent discussion of the astronomy of the Rosharian moons, check out this thread.) It should take Kaladin about two hours to reach the moon that is the Origin (though it is still unclear which one it is). The Larkin Stores the Stormlight Kaladin will take Rysn’s Larkin with him to the moon, where it will store enormous amounts of Stormlight to bring back. Will this increase the Larkin’s size, perhaps turning it into some kind of Greatshell? Will it be able to fly back itself? Will Rysn give it a name…? (Personally, I like Lex Larkin.) Kaladin may suffer significant damage from his potential over-exposure to the Origin’s Stormlight, perhaps crystallizing him like one of Dalinar’s soulcasters. Syl warned him of Stormlight over-exposure in WoR. I suspect that the Larkin will protect Kaladin by absorbing the excess Stormlight from him. The Duel of Champions With the new Stormlight reserves, the Siege of Urithiru will hold out long enough to persuade Odium to agree to a battle of champions: “Vex Odium, convince him that he can lose, and appoint a champion…” (WoR, p. 76.) Kaladin will go up against something representing Odium, and Kaladin will defeat it. (It wouldn’t be much of a story otherwise…) The good guys win, and hatred is again put back in the bottle Some intriguing questions and observations: As a Son of Honor (a real one, not like Gavilar and Amaram), Kaladin will not cheat during the duel. But his opponent will, perhaps with help from other Voidbringers. Will Kaladin be restricted only to the Windrunner Surges? Will his trip to the Origin change him in any way, allowing him access to other powers or Surges? Can he be given the non-Jezrien Honorblades for other Surges, even if he only uses Syl as his shard-weapon? Will he have enough Stormlight to use them all? The End. Thanks for reading!
  23. So, many of you probably noticed the Larkin from the Rysn Interlude, a strange little creature with silver eyes, the same creature Darkness used to drain Lift's Awesomeness. Now, did you notice that there are two Larkin in the background of the Knights Radiant surge chart? I sure did. Any thoughts as to their relevance to Knights Radiance would be nice. We know they drain Stormlight, maybe they can also re purpose it? Are they the opposite of Lift? They take Stormlight and slowly digest it? If so, then they could be used as a pretty big Stormlight storage device. Thoughts? Opinions? Edit: Woot, this is post #100!
  24. Im a bit behind on reading the released chapters on Tor, so i apologise if this has already been discussed. In Chapter 5 Kaladin is in the kings palace guarding Dalinar at an important meeting. I noticed something on the writing desk From previous descriptions from Rysn and Lift, I assume this is a dead Larkin. Nalan used a Larkin to sap stormlight from Lift durin her interlude. Rysn babsk mentions the value of these creatures, even their corpses. So they must still have an important use when dead. Could this be the key to defeating Szeth, and if so, the confrontation of Szeth vs Dalinar, Kaladin must happen in the Kings palace. Just thought it was intresting.
  25. This is my first topic and definitely nothing profound, just something I found curious when reading the WoR interludes. It seemed like darkness has an uncanny ability to identify and locate surge users over wide areas of Roshar. Any ideas on how this is possible? Ym I can sort of understand because he was healing kids, though very secretly, and rumors might have gotten around of how quickly kids healed after getting some shoes. It was apparent from lift's interlude she had been giving him the slip for a while but not only did he know she was at the place but he also knew exactly where to find her under the dinner table. In Jasnah's prologue he frowned at her when he saw her which I took to mean he recognized there was something "off" about her, possibly that he could even tell she had a budding nahel bond. (On a side note, if that is the case, why did't hunt her down sometime in the last seven years?) So, do you think he can actually see surgebinders? Maybe he can see their spren? Can the Larkin not only absorb stormlight from someone but also track people that can invest?