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Found 8 results

  1. I know I'm a bit late to the party, (seeing as the newsletter dropped almost a month ago) but I thought I'd ask the question, since Sanderson has released an official KR quiz What type of Knight radiant are you? The link to the quiz is here: I'd recommend posting your top three Mine are: 76% Lightweaver, 75% Willshaper, and 73% Windrunner
  2. So we know at the recreance through the vision that Dalinar see's that the Knight radiants leave their blades and plate at the fields in front of feverstone keep. But we know that there aren't hundreds upon hundreds of blades and plate in roshar so what happened to them all?!?! So what happened to them, were they recovered by the shin or taken offworld? and if they were taken offworld than why haven't we seen them in other worlds? Either this is a massive mistake or suddenly we're gonna be shocked by hundreds of shardweilding shin riders in the immediate future? Any thoughts or theories on where they might be?
  3. So just a crazy theory here. From Oathbringer we know that the Parsh were attempting to get to Feverstone Keep right before the Recreance, which is where many of the KR left their blade and plate. I think that the Parsh could have been trying to reach Honor's perpendicularity to complete the shattering that had started earlier and then they succeded. When honor was shattered that killed any spen who were currently in a nahel bond. The KR were then left with dead spren screaming at them and immediately left their blade and plate behind. The felt they had broken some sort of oath because they allowed Honor's shattering. But they did not break their nahel bond oaths. With regard to the skybreakers, it has been said that they maintained their oaths. I think it is possible however that the skybrakers who were KR at the time still abandoned their blades and plate but continued their culture and attempted to recruit new spren/acolytes with the guidance of Nale. Finally with regard to the spen who believe that the KR had broken their oaths, they would have only seen spren deaths from broken oaths prior so it is natural to assume that the spren that died were due to broken oaths. Also it is unlikely that any higher spren was present as the stay mainly in shadesmar unless part of a bond, in which case they would have died. I think this may be true as the "secret" behind the recreance seems rather underwhelming and already know among the KR and the shattering o Honor has already been linked to the recreance. So I think it is possible that instead of breaking the nahel bonds, those bonds were instead broken by Honor's shattering.
  4. I get the whole "guiding" ideal. But wouldn't Jezrien be a better fit? Like Ishi and Jezrien switched?
  5. All right! Pick one Order to Hurt for two points (or two to Hurt for one point each) and one Order to Heal for one point! Any Order that reaches 20 points will be immune until the second round. (I'll stay neutral for now...) Bondsmiths 10 Windrunners 10 Skybreakers 10 Dustbringers 10 Edgedancers 10 Truthwatchers 10 Lightweavers 10 Elsecallers 10 Willshapers 10 Stonewards 10
  6. Do differing types of Gemstones affect the Surges and KR? Because of the Ten Essences Chart, we know that Each Herald has a specific Gemstone. Jezrien, the Herald-Patron of the Windrunners, has Saphire. So would a Windrunner be able to get more Stormlight out of a Saphire Gem than a Emerald Gem? We know that most of the Fabrials need specific Gemstones, and they Mimic the Surges. Soulcasters do not follow this rule, as they use the gem associated with the essence of what they're making.
  7. On the ten Essences chart on the Coppermind, There are 7 things associated with each other. Number, Gemstone, Essence, Body Focus, Soulcasting Properties, Divine Attributes, Herald. I believe there should be more. Due to the Holy number of Vorin tradition and Roshar, 10, a chart like this would have 10 Categories or Columns during the Days of the KR. 10 by 10. This chart was made in World by the Ars Arcanum Author (Khriss?) so it can be Wrong. I think we can add the specific Order of the KR onto the chart, matched to their Herald, as well as the Silver Kingdom. This way, the Chart would be More Holy, and probably closer to the in-world version. So for Number 2, Nale's row, we could add Skybreakers and Natanatan. This still leaves one more Column, unless you count the Divine attributes as two, bu t I don't think that's likely. The Capitols of each Silver kingdom could Work, or the Spren of the KR. (I'm assuming that each of the Silver kingdoms also had a specific Herald more so than others. I'm guessing Natanatan because it sounds closest to Nale.) And I apologize if someone had proposed this before, but I coulnd't find anything like it.
  8. I thought about this one today when I was meant to be studying other things (Learning is difficult when you're still living in a book's world). The specific number of Bondsmiths was stated in WoR as three. Always three. The epigraph implied heavily that the Bondsmiths made the choice to keep their numbers limited. However, Dalinar's actions at the end of WoR gave me another idea: What if the Bondsmiths can only bond with unique spren? I know, every sentient spren is unique, but there are other honorspren than Syl, more Cryptics other than Pattern and so on. The unique spren would be of the Stormfather level, and he is a fragment of Honor. (I don't know if this makes him a Splinter, or so on) So what if the NIghtwatcher is the same to Cultivation as the Stormfather is to Honor? That would account for another Bondsmith. The final one gets interesting. Would they be tied to Odium's spren? I think it has a kind of poetic balance, based on the idea that to truly unite a people, you have to understand every aspect. One Bondsmith represents Honor (Dalinar), another Cultivation and yet another Odium. I'm interested in seeing what effect bonding with the Stormfather will bring about on Dalinar's personality. Does he remain a separate entity, or will the two minds fuse to a degree? If they remain separate, a Bondsmith could bond with Odium's unique while remaining level headed and not poisoned with hate. My previous theories have all been proposed before, or WoB'd out, but I think I'm finally getting on top of the speculation around here!