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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, 17th Shard! I originally started planning on doing one of these back when Quiver did his, but was beaten to the punch by the sudden wave of AMAs from newer members. While I was then reluctant to add to the great tidal pulse of these topics, now that we have an entire board solely reserved for this odd fad, I suppose I have no choice but to hop on the bandwagon. So ladies and gentlemen, feel free to ask me any question you like. Answers are guaranteed, even if they're not the answers you were looking for. Ask me about cats, aliens, the Reckoners RP, ancient civilizations, zoology, or anything else that you're burning to hear from me. Proof that I am who I say I am: 1, 2, 3, and now. Ask away!
  2. Just over two years ago, Twi introduced us to Nathan Sperry and Doctor Funtimes in the first RP post of the Reckoners RPG. I am beyond glad that she did. I don't have much of a frame of reference, as this is the first forum RP that I've ever participated in; however, I think that I would be hard pressed to find another one as fantastic as What Happened in Oregon. It's a gorgeous amalgam of community and workshop — a cooperative, friendly place which results in truly stellar work. A wonderful story, hilarious conversations, and helpful fellows blend to form a little world where people can laugh, create, and become better all at once. I take joy in every moment of writing, joking, critiquing, and improving with all of you. Thank you so much for making this place what it is. Happy second anniversary, Reckoners RPG. I look forward to many more.
  3. This is just a thought I had. It makes sense that Brandon would have an account on the forums that doesn't show him as Brandon, so he can quietly post without being mobbed by questions. so I was thinking about who it might be, and my first and strongest thought is... Kobold King! He has so many upvotes, his rank is above adonalsium. It all fits! Leave your thoughts. And random ideas. And any related jokes/puns you might have.
  4. Has anyone noticed that many of the top posters in the community seem to have MLP pictures? I fail to understand why this is. Personally, (and I get the feeling that this post might hate me for this) I find MLP to be simply uninteresting and childish. I was forced to endure a few episodes when taking care of a friend's daughter, and found it the most dull experience of my life. Pictures of kittens and puppies can be cute. Pictures of babies (so long as you don't go near the baby itself) can be adorable. But endless hours of ponies frolicking around talking about the power of friendship? In case you don't see my point, I bring to you Exhibit A. People with top reputation points in the 17th Shard: 1 - Kobold King. A steampunk themed pony image. 2 - TwiLyghtSansSparkles. A MLP image. 3 - Brandon Sanderson himself. (Thankfully, with a distinct lack of ponies) 4/5 - Both MLP images. 8 - MLP image 10/13 - MLP images. OK. Maybe I'm going overboard with the title. I like melodrama. So shoot me. But still, I find it strange that the same people who are some of Brandon's biggest fans, reading 1000 page long epic fantasies, can then just sit there and listen to what in my opinion is mindless drivel. If you are an MLP fan, feel free to comment on why you think differently. But personally, from my little experience with it, I find it has a lack of a decent plot structure, no development in characters, lots of deux ex machina, (that one, I can forgive. Doctor Who cheats on this one a lot, too.) and next to nothing by way of complications. Questions? Comments?