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Found 4 results

  1. If any of you haven't read Sanderson's Alcatraz series yet, I have no idea what you're waiting for. ;] Originally in my DeviantArt Gallery.

    © Art © H. Lazo

  2. After posting about the turning of the tide and its effect upon spren, I had another thought. The climactic moment instead will be the Stormfather finally manifesting in the Physical Realm. A representative of each Order will hold one of the united “Shardblades.” Dalinar as Bondsmith will bind the ten Surges into one.and call down the Almighty’s power. That power will re-bind Odium’s investiture (“Voidbinding”) into Greater Roshar. “Voidbringers” will be released into their pre-Odium-infected state. Investiture balance will be restored. The "wall of black and white and red" in the WoK Chapter 9 Epigraph? Humans and Eshonai's non-infected group of listeners will form a wall against Voidbringers of all kinds. They will provide space for the Bondsmith to perform his magic. Such an event incarnates Dalinar’s faith. That seems important for someone whose book is named Oathbringer. Thoughts?
  3. I decided to make this thread after reading a thread combing through the death rattles. I wanted to try and make sense of the snippets from the book from the start of each chapter and try to put them in order and see what we could learn about the Radiants. By Chapter: Rough order of WOR:
  4. I thought about this one today when I was meant to be studying other things (Learning is difficult when you're still living in a book's world). The specific number of Bondsmiths was stated in WoR as three. Always three. The epigraph implied heavily that the Bondsmiths made the choice to keep their numbers limited. However, Dalinar's actions at the end of WoR gave me another idea: What if the Bondsmiths can only bond with unique spren? I know, every sentient spren is unique, but there are other honorspren than Syl, more Cryptics other than Pattern and so on. The unique spren would be of the Stormfather level, and he is a fragment of Honor. (I don't know if this makes him a Splinter, or so on) So what if the NIghtwatcher is the same to Cultivation as the Stormfather is to Honor? That would account for another Bondsmith. The final one gets interesting. Would they be tied to Odium's spren? I think it has a kind of poetic balance, based on the idea that to truly unite a people, you have to understand every aspect. One Bondsmith represents Honor (Dalinar), another Cultivation and yet another Odium. I'm interested in seeing what effect bonding with the Stormfather will bring about on Dalinar's personality. Does he remain a separate entity, or will the two minds fuse to a degree? If they remain separate, a Bondsmith could bond with Odium's unique while remaining level headed and not poisoned with hate. My previous theories have all been proposed before, or WoB'd out, but I think I'm finally getting on top of the speculation around here!