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Found 196 results

  1. In accordance with the Shard's RP spoiler policy, this thread contains Rhythm of War spoilers. Read at your own risk. Inspiration for the RP~ We have a short prequel currently in its climax, The Knights Next Prequel! We also have a Discord server, come join us! If both sets of orders are filled and you still want to join, don't worry! You can also roleplay with a character who isn't a Knight Radiant. We'd love to write with you. (Depending on how many roleplayers join us for the sequel, a third set of Radiants may be opened up.) FIRST SET OF ORDERS: Skybreaker is free! Windrunner ~ Aragorn Skybreaker ~ Dustbringer ~ Sorana Edgedancer ~ Sherlock Holmes Truthwatcher ~ Lunamor Lightweaver ~ ShadowLord_Lith Elsecaller ~ HoidWasTaken Willshaper ~ AonEne Stoneward ~ I think I am here. Bondsmith ~ Dr. Dapper SECOND SET OF ORDERS: Truthwatcher and Edgedancer are free! Windrunner ~ xinoehp512 Skybreaker ~ Emi Dustbringer ~ Reserved for Po Edgedancer ~ Truthwatcher ~ Lightweaver ~ Empress Stick Elsecaller ~ BookishOcelot Willshaper ~ Eluvianii Stoneward ~ Channelknight Fadran Bondsmith ~ Wyndlerunner Non-Radiant Characters: Sha-thoexis, Unmade Dr. Dapper; Jamie, Twinborn xinoehp512; Thade, Enlightened Hope Spren; Evelyn, Elantrian Blessing of Potency; Ashlyn, unInvested human Tesh; Ayalin, Mistborn The_Archivist; Everest, Full Feruchemist Random Bystander; Lapis, sand master From here on out, OOC conversation or discussion goes in quotes. I'll add rules and setting as needed. Setting/Worldbuilding: Give your character a name from Earth! This still gives you plenty of freedom, but try not to be obviously weird. If the name would make people look at your character funny after they introduce themselves, think of a new one. Our characters will be living in normal houses and attending a normal school. No boarding schools or homeschooling, though those circumstances can apply to their pasts. We all go to the same school. We live in Seattle; it’s March 2019. The public will find out about Investiture at the end of The Knights Next Door. We will then have a timeskip of 20 years into the future to when our kids, should our characters choose to have any, are teenagers for the sequel (which will be called The Knights Next Gen or The Knights Next Generation). Immediately after this timeskip, some of us will write stuff about specific new technology that we think is reasonable and that may or may not impact us or the plot in any way. All unInvested people will now see (insert other senses here) Invested objects and people differently from how they actually are, filling in anything that can’t be explained with something that makes more sense to them. They will be able to be confused or suspicious about these things. This is because of a sentient but not sapient Unmade called Sha-thoexis. Sha-thoexis: An Unmade that stops people from realizing what we do; smaller strange issues get glossed over, but if you really force someone to see what we are doing, then they will understand that something is off; this knowledge can fade over time again, if no additional reminder is set Sha-thoexis is able to lure a Radiant into breaking their oaths and can injure and kill an Invested person in their dreams Bondsmiths are able to partially influence dreams induced by Sha-thoexis by moving Invested beings around, therefore offering the chance to fight back together Violet crystals: These crystals can power Voidbringers, make them stronger; they have the ability to influence mortals in a way that is beneficial for the Voidbringers They are like seeds, extending roots into the ground It is possible to destroy them, if several Radiants work together (stop them from growing more roots, shatter them) What happens if such a seed has the time to blossom is unknown/undecided Our house: Backyard: large pool, enough space to spar outside, a special huge tree with branches reaching one of the windows in the first floor, the overlook - a stone terrace with chairs positioned to look out over the city, a firepit, and a small fridge Basement: huge training room/armory, storage, Doc's inventing room, multipurpose room Ground floor: kitchen, dining room, living room, a few other smaller rooms with couches/TVs/etc, the study First floor: several bathrooms, rooms for each inhabitant of the house plus extra (the room in the corner that can be reached by climbing up the tree has been claimed by Shana) A few more floors and an attic with rooms and storage Garage: several cars and motorcycles Voidbringers: Voidbringers are humans who bond Voidspren (not singers) The first sign of their corruption is red eyes, further signs of corruption have to be decided upon Investiture: Investiture is spread out around the planet Our characters currently know only about AonDor, Allomancy, Feruchemy and of course Surgebinding Radiants generate a small of amount of Stormlight naturally, which is saved in crystals Data and wireless communications have beads in the Cognitive Realm like anything else, which move quickly through the air AonDor originated in Russia Forgery originated in China, Bloodsealing in Japan ChayShan originated in India The Metallic Arts originated in Europe, then spread to North America Egypt/Saudi Arabia and the surrounding countries have Awakening and Returned Aviar (specifically, the parasites, and any other Drominad magic should it be discovered) are in the Polynesian islands Australia has Ashynite disease magic; Australia also has the Silverlight Academy (located in Perth) The Sahara and Gobi deserts have sand mastery Surgebinding is native to the American continents Yolish Lightweaving is in Southern Africa Aethers come from Brazil in South America Make sure to be nice and have fun!
  2. I thought of Dwight Schrute as being a Skybreaker, and then I thought it would be fun to do it for other characters of similar shows. Anyone have any ideas for the ones I left blank? Or any additional members for the orders I put? Windrunner: Skybreakers: Dwight Schrute I think Dwight would totally assassinate a dozen or so world leaders because of a weird law with a rock. He might even, one day, become the Assistant to the Herald of Law. Dustbringer: Edgedancer: Marshall Erickson Environmentalist. Lawyer for the little guy. Friendly, walks down the street like he’s already friends with everyone. Just a genuinely caring guy. Truthwatcher: Lightweaver: Tom Haverford/ Barney Stinson I considered Jim Halpert as a Lightweaver, as he doesn’t admit truths for the first 4 seasons of the show. He obfuscates, and almost all of his dialogue is subtextual. But, Tom is perfect for the order. He presents a facade constantly, is showy and relies on light shows, he lives a lie in his marriage, etc. The same for Barney, with his plays and magic and constant lying, to himself and those around him, in order to hide his deep-rooted insecurities. I think Pam and Jim would both fit in here for the above reasons. Lily from HIMYM would fit too, I think Not just as an artist, but because she represses uncomfortable things. This is the order I got all 4 times I took the test. So, there might be more Lightweavers here because I relate to these characters in various ways. Elsecaller: Ben Wyatt The ideal of attaining one’s potential is a big driver behind Wyatt’s arc. I thought Dustbringer at first because his early motivation is almost solely proving his fiscal responsibility following Icetown. But, his larger arc has to do with reaching higher and for what he actually desires rather than settling for the in-house accounting job. And his accounting career post-Icetown is mostly to prove that he can be fiscally responsible, rather than actually caring so much about the fiscal responsibility as an intrinsic good. His desire for self-mastery is a stepping stone towards reaching his potential. I think Leslie fits here too. I could see arguments for putting Leslie in a lot of different orders. Willshaper: Ron Swanson Craftsman, Libertarian (I considered Stoneward because of his temperament, but he is most definitely not interested in being there when needed). The notion of the Willshapers being craftsmen isn’t super explored in RoW, but I think Ron would fit in well with the Dawnsingers, shaping the stones. Stoneward: Bondsmith: Robert California This is almost a joke, but just almost. I think Robert would convince the Sibling to bond with him as the Sibling is rather susceptible to skilled persuasion. Robert would really only do this so he could have Urithiru as his bachelor’s palace, the temple to wine and sex. He also would totally start his own religion.
  3. I don’t know if this has been done on this site before but here we go: You can make your own Knights Radiant Order. Your Order’s name: Your Order’s spren: Your ideals: Your Surges: Other Characteristics:
  4. I was wondering about the creepy stuff Ishar was doing with forcing sentient spren to enter the Physical Realm. First of all, I'm pretty sure that this is not the same as a spren manifesting, since Cryptics can obviously survive manifestation. Instead, he seems to be forcing them to become physical beings instead of cognitive. So then: What would happen if he did this to a bonded spren? Would the bond simply disappear, since it can't exist between 2 physical beings? Would they both be Surgebinders? Or would it be something else? The theory I came up with is ridiculous, but a fun idea: What if the Nahel bond is defined as between 1 cognitive and 1 physical being, so when Ishar shoves the spren into the Physical Realm, the Knight is conversely shoved into the Spiritual? It doesn't make sense, but it would be fun!
  5. I'm putting this here 'cause the other thread I found about it was closed to new comments. I reread Rhythm of War recently, and I was reading on the Coppermind about Nale, and there's a section of his abilities titled "Lawman". As I've always been interested seeing what Radiant order other cosmere characters would belong to if they could (Wayne being an odd Edgedancer, Rashek being an okay but not great Skybreaker, Spensa likely being a Dustbringer, etc.), I started thinking about Wax. Wax's chosen calling is to uphold the law, especially in the Roughs, where he tells Granite Joe "You might not need Elendel's laws, but that doesn't mean you don't need any laws at all." Later on in Shadows of Self, he breaks up a protest blocking Tindwyl Promenade, and when one of the beleaguered constables expresses empathy with the strikers, Wax says, "Whatever their grievances, it doesn't give them the right to block an important thoroughfare." The more I read, the more certain I become that Wax is most definitely a Skybreaker. The final thing that pushed it over the top is when he's contemplating the differences between lawkeeping in the Roughs and lawkeeping in Elendel, and he thinks to himself, "Out in the Roughs he hadn't just enforced the law; he'd interpreted it, revised it when needed. He had been the law." That more than anything struck me once I thought about the oaths of the Skybreakers. The Fifth Ideal of the Skybreakers is to become the law. Now that I think about it, It seems that Wax's Second Ideal would've been the standard "I swear to seek justice", his Third Ideal might've been reached when he decided to begin his career as a lawman with "I swear to bring to justice those that break the law", his Fourth Ideal might be "I swear to hunt down my uncle Edwarn and thwart his plot to take over the Basin", and finally reach the Fifth Ideal, where he becomes the law, which he seems to have achieved out in the Roughs but not in Elendel. In the other thread about this, there were people saying that Wax is too willing to bend the rules to qualify as a Skybreakers, and to that I say, Nale and his Skybreakers in modern times are not the be all and end all of Skybreakers. The Skybreakers in modern times follow the law unquestioningly, but that's largely a result of Nale having his empathy tortured out of him on Braize, and not being sure of his own morality, so he seeks morality in the legal codes of others. But we're given a glimpse in RoW of a time when Nale says, "The law cannot be moral, but you can be moral as you create the law." This seems to align much more with Wax's philosophy, and Nale's insistence on Skybreakers following an external code might be why no Skybreaker has achieved the Fifth Ideal in centuries, as the Fifth Ideal seems to about recognizing the mistakes the law can make and being willing to change it to uphold justice. Wax seeks to do good in the world by enforcing the law, but he's willing to change the law or bend the rules when the rules are unjust, and remember that Nale, and also the Skybreakers, in the old days was associated with the attributes just and confident, and Szeth, when he swears the Second Ideal, swears to seek justice, not follow the law. Windrunners, meanwhile, are associated with the attributes protecting and leading, which don't fit Wax quite as well as the attributes of the Skybreakers. And if you think about it, Wax is feared and held in awe by most people, similar to how Nale is by Ulim, Venli, Lift, and so many others on Roshar, but Wax isn't looked up to as a protector and inspiration in the same way Kaladin is. Wax isn't a person who inspires you to follow him, but is very much a person who will hunt you down if you break the law. While I do think Windrunners and Skybreakers are very similar in motivation and both good fits for Wax, I think the main difference is that Skybreakers seek to do good within the law, while the Windrunners aren't as concerned with the law and would prefer to do what they think is right. As such, given that Wax tries to better the world by upholding the law and bringing justice to those that break it, I think he is most solidly a Skybreaker, likely one able to achieve the Fifth Ideal.
  6. windrunners

    Hello all! I am making this for any windrunners out there, so we can talk about being the coolest order of knights radiant, and everything else. Speak again the ancient oaths: Life before Death Strength before Weakness Journey before Destination Windrunners rule!
  7. Considering the deal that Dalinar has made, there is a chance that Dalinar might fall. And Jasnah being..... well Jasnah, would probably be one of the first folks to call a meeting to decide who would succeed Dalinar in case he falls. Odds are the next book could start with this meeting since it's an important decision to be made, and getting Dalinars opinion would be appropriate as well. Based on a bunch of Death Rattles it seems like Kaladin is the obvious candidate to succeed. Especially after the entire populace of Urithiru pretty much rallied behind Kaladin during his one-man physical resistance against the Fused Besides Kaladin, who else do you people think would be well suited to lead the Radiants and Urithiru?
  8. Brief spoiler for Rhythm of War. Shallan suggests I think in part 2 that she could get herself physically into Shadesmar without using a perpendicularity like Jasnah did in WoR, but she couldn't get back without one, while elsecallers could get back with enough stormlight, or actually a variable amount of stormlight depending on where you are in Shadesmar. I had assumed that getting physically into Shadesmar involved the surge of transportation, and that lightweavers were only particularly good at seeing into Shadesmar to soulcast, though through Kaladin we've seen that other orders can see into Shadesmar. Is Shallan right that other orders, at least lightweavers, could get into Shadesmar physically? If so, does that mean transportation is not involved in getting into Shadesmar, but only in getting out? I think we need to see a little more what that surge does.
  9. So as Im reading RoW, a thought came to my mind. What would the process of a Human/Singer bonding a spren look like in the Cognitive Realm? Is it even possible? Also, could a person "encounter" a spren in Shadesmar and bond it, while still there? Or do they both need to be in the Physical Realm? Would the Bond be initiated differently? Related to that would be the question of a KR swearing a higher ideal while in Shadesmar, which What are your thoughts?
  10. Radiant Orders that people have so far put forward Adolin as a candidate for: Edgedancer, Stoneward, Willshaper, Dustbringer. He does fit within the worldview of several Orders, after the official Radiant quiz, Adolin is also fit for becoming an Elsecaller. Hey, Lightweaver's also available as an option. So, which Order do you think fits him the best?
  11. Welcome to the Overlady & Overlord take the Knights Radiant quiz! After many many requests we make this video, we thought we'd finally sit down and do the Knights Radiant quiz! But this time, with a twist! Though it's not much of a twist, it's the exact same thing that Brandon did with his friend Dan where they took the test for each other and compared it to actual results. We didn't know when we'd release this video so we thought, screw it, we'd make it a Halloween video, Happy Halloween! We really enjoyed making this and hope you enjoyed! Let us know down below what Order you got and how you think your answers compared to ours. Don't worry, we will be back to talking about books next week. We have a certain Arcanum that requires Unbounding before Rhythm of War comes out....
  12. So stormlight, as so helpfully proved by the injury-prone Windrunners, is able to heal people's body's, to the extent that the Lopen is regrowing his arm. However, stormlight is not able to cure the Heralds' madness(not sure what causes this, prob not best example). Across the Cosmere there are cases where madness or other mental illnesses happen in conjunction with magic(sorry if this is poorly worded, we just put down one of my dogs and I'm having a hard time thinking) Essentially, what I'm asking is a two part question. 1: is it possible for an individual with above average levels of Investiture(specif. Knight Radiant) to have a mental illness? I imagine this would somehow relate to Cognitive Realm and Spiritual Realm. 2: If it is possible for a KR to have a mental illness, such as amnesia, are they able to forget one, or any, of their oaths? If possible, what would the effects of this be?
  13. This popped into my head a long time ago, I think because someone made a "how the Knights Radiant do X" thread, and I came up with some of these, but then I forgot about it until recently, when I thought it might be a fun idea. Here are xkcds that I associate with different orders of KR. Each order has at least one, but some are more of a stretch than others. Please suggest others that fit and critique my choices:
  14. Hello, first post, be gentle with me We don't really know that the Nightwatcher is a Bondsmith spren. It's a good theory, seems widely accepted and quite probable. But so far as I know, no in-book quote or WoB confirms her as such. I think it's likely that she probably is one of the three Bondsmith spren, as a counterpart to the Stormfather. She already has a magic system (-ish?) associated with her, the Boon and Curse: granting a wish but with a curse attached alongside it. Couldn't someone also ask her for the boon of being granted Radiancy (is that the word?). Has anyone in Roshar's history? Could she grant other spren bonds, lower spren or spren of the other Orders? And assuming she is a Radiant spren, could someone ask to bond with her? Could it be how she herself is supposed to be bonded? Could the next Bondsmith have to trek to the Valley and ask for the boon of bonding her? What could be the Curse to accompany such a Boon? Would they need to speak the Ideals or would the Curse, sort of, supplant the words?
  15. So I’m combining two sets of prompts for Inktober: the Cosmere one and the Assassins’ Creed one. For Day 1, Fly and Sisterhood, have Windrunner Maria Thorpe. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to my brown pen right now, so I couldn’t finish coloring her. I chose Maria because she was the first female Assassin we knew of (unless you played 2 first.) She was definitely the first we met, though she wasn’t an Assassin at the time! She’s also the only female Assassin I have that can fly... Hope you like her! (Anyone know how to turn the picture so it’s the right way?)
  16. This post recapitulates a recent Discord debate on this topic. In honor of the late Justice Ginsburg, contrarian me dissents from the majority view. The issue concerns the meaning of the WoR Chapter 42 Epigraph: The debate asks these questions: What did Ishar do? Who did he do it to? How and when did the Oaths arise? COMPETING NARRATIVES Consensus Ishar “thrust organization” upon Surgebinders but did not impose the Oaths. Oaths inhere in each Order’s spren. Surgebinding required five Oaths even before Ishar. Within an Order each Knight and their spren agree on an Oath’s specific wording. “Perception is a big part of the Oaths.” Ishar’s “precepts and laws” were not magical but a set of mundane rules established for the Knights’ and each Order’s self-governance. Ishar threatened to kill any Surgebinder who wouldn’t accept his “precepts and laws.” Rebuttal Ishar’s Ashyn experience taught him how dangerous unchecked magical power can be. Recognizing Nahel bondable spren mimic Honorblades, Ishar insisted on an “organization” that mimicked the Oathpact. He created the Orders and imposed the First Oath, “Life Before Death...” (IMO, the Oathpact’s Oath). I think Ishar, perhaps with Shardic help, threatened to “destroy each and every one” to obtain their agreement: First the spren by forcibly breaking their bond while the Surgebinder lived, and then the former Surgebinder. Killing spren stops them bonding someone new. Killing former Surgebinders stops other like-minded spren from attempting to bond them. Honor wanted Dalinar to see the Nohadon vision for a reason. Alkavish’s revolt showed Nohadon “not all spren are as discerning as honorspren.” A single Oath’s grant of full power to humans didn’t stop the pre-Desolation carnage. With so few humans left, spren would have to wait many human generations before they could return to the Physical Realm. Nohadon may have been a Bondsmith. Perhaps with Shardic help and “Way of Kings” inspiration, Nohadon persuaded each spren Order to add four unique Oaths and permanently change the bond. Spren might willingly accept Nohadon’s solution to avoid another spren-wide catastrophe. Five Oaths incrementally ratchet up the Knight’s power as the Knight, through epiphany and self-scrutiny, attains each ideal. Oaths mark that ideal’s attainment. Incremental power growth minimizes the damage a traitorous Knight can do. ARGUMENTS Consensus What Did Ishar Do? Ishar did not impose Oaths. Oaths don’t create “organization.” Even within an Order each Knight and their spren agree on their own version of the Oath “though the concept is the same.” Malata proves Oaths don’t constrain Knight behavior. Malata and Spark agree she made proper Oaths and is deservedly Radiant. Yet she and Spark spy on Dalinar and the other Knights and actively sabotage their plans. To quote one Discord post, “the Oaths don't stop people from misusing their powers, so long as they can justify it and the spren agree.” If Oaths don’t “organize” Surgebinders, Ishar’s “precepts and laws” must involve some non-magical change. Consensus believes Ishar created the rules for the Knights Radiant and each Order’s self-governance. They cite the Knights’ execution of Kazilah as an example of those rules’ enforcement (WoR Chapter 51 Epigraph). Consensus also argues even a powerful Bondsmith like Ishar can’t change a magic system. They believe imposing Oaths changes Surgebinding. Shards themselves don’t actively create magic systems. Magic systems are the unplanned result of Shard Investiture in a planet. Except for Leras and Sazed, we don’t know any Shards that changed a magic system. How can a non-Shard make these changes? Who Did Ishar Do It To? Consensus reads the WoR Chapter 42 Epigraph (quoted at the top) to mean that Ishar organized and imposed his precepts and laws solely on the human Surgebinders and threatened only them with death. How and When Did the Oaths Arise? Consensus believes Oaths arise from the nature of each spren Order. They cite the diversity of Oaths among spren Orders as evidence. The variability of Oath wording within an Order further proves that Oaths arise from the spren themselves. Consensus believes Surgebinding required five Oaths even before Ishar. Rebuttal What Did Ishar Do? I believe Nahel bondable spren evolved as personifications of the Heralds’ Divine Attributes. They are attracted to humans who manifest the Primary Divine Attribute. Oaths mark the Knight’s progress to the Secondary Divine Attribute. At the Fifth Oath, the Knight and their spren merge Spiritual aspects and the Knight now personifies their spren’s Divine Attributes. I agree with Consensus that All Oaths arise from the nature of Nahel bondable spren. Spren grant power to anyone who fulfills their Oaths. Spark grants Malata power because she is Brave. He chose her from among other Brave people because she too wants to settle grudges. Malata will progress through her Oaths as she gains insight into the Dustbringer Divine Attributes of Brave and Obedient. Nothing about that process mandates who Malata should be Brave for or Obedient to. Shards don’t intentionally create magic systems. IMO, these points of agreement don’t compel Consensus’ conclusions. Oaths are natural to Nahel spren because they grow directly from the Divine Attributes the spren personifies. That doesn’t make Oaths a necessary part of the Nahel bond. Syl and Kaladin show Oaths are not necessary to form an incipient bond, at least for honorspren. She grants Kaladin power before he vows the First Oath at the Tower. Other Orders differ on when to grant power. Syl and Kaladin, IMO, prove Oaths regulate power but are not necessary to enter a bond and grant power. No wonder seeing human Surgebinders scared Ishar. Unregulated, unorganized full Radiants without any understanding of their powers or the deeper meaning of their ideals? Ishar rightly feared Rosharan Apocalypse. I believe Ishar organized the Orders and imposed the First Oath but not the others. Who Did Ishar Do It To? I believe Ishar threatened spren, not mortal Surgebinders. Spren initiate the Nahel bond. Killing mortals wouldn’t stop spren from trying to bond other mortals through whom to experience the Physical Realm. To end human Surgebinding altogether, Ishar needed to break each spren’s bond while their Surgebinder was still alive. He probably also killed the human Surgebinder after the bond breaks to stop them attracting another spren. Faced with eternal mindlessness and mortal death, spren and Surgebinder agreed to accept Ishar’s Oath. Consensus claims Ishar’s Oath changes Surgebinding. They believe only a Shard can change a magic system, and Ishar is no Shard despite his godly ambitions. IIRC, we have no evidence a powerful magic user like Ishar can’t change a magic system. Adding the First Oath as an Initiation condition seems slight compared to Sazed’s Spiritual changes to snapping. Bondsmiths Connect things. The first and (until Dalinar?) most powerful Bondsmith should have some say in the Nahel bonds’ terms. Spren capitulation shows they thought Ishar could break a Nahel bond. If Ishar’s own power was insufficient to the task, Honor could have given Ishar what he lacked. The Stormfather says Honor shared Ishar’s fears. Notum hints Tanavast’s death makes spren less trustworthy, as if Tanavast himself enforced spren compliance. How and When Did the Oaths Arise? I think Ishar imposed the generic First Oath when Surgebinders began to appear. IMO, the Order-specific Oaths followed Alkavish’s revolt. Like Ishar before him, Nohadon somehow secured spren agreement to change the terms of the Nahel bond. The spren themselves were likely appalled at the human losses. Too many spren lost the human bond that Connected them to the Physical Realm. With so few humans left, spren would have to wait many human generations before they could return to the Physical Realm. Spren might willingly accept Nohadon’s solution to avoid another spren-wide catastrophe. Nohadon’s Way of Kings outlines each Order’s ideals. Perhaps that and Shardic mediation inspired spren compliance. CONCLUSION There’s the debate. Now vote...
  17. So, I just noticed that there is a link to the Spanish Brandon Sanderson site, with a forums similar to this one. (Though less populated, but that is to be expected.) My computer was nice enough to automatically translate the site, which it seemed to do decently well. Then I found the topic about Knight Radiant Order Quiz results. With a poll. This is what got translated: So... I'm not sure if the order names are just hard to translate, or if it's just my computer being dumb. I'm guessing the second, but either way this gave me a pretty good chuckle at technology.
  18. Hello again. What I am putting forth today is a theory, albeit a simple one. Let's begin with some background knowledge. Unsealed Metalminds, often referred to as Medallions, are a type of metalmind that is able to be used by anyone, even someone without innate Feruchemical powers. In Era 2, we see them used to store weight, warmth, memories, and famously as the fabled Bands of Mourning. The common medallions that we see can use two, occasionally three attributes in a single device. In Oathbringer, we see Hoid bond a Cryptic in order to become a Lightweaver. This is a revelation by itself, but it also has deeper implications: we know that worldhopping is difficult for Radiants because the Nahel bond attaches them very strongly to Roshar via their spren. This is similar to the pull Kelsier feels when trying to leave the Scadrial subastral in Mistborn: Secret History. However, in Mistborn Era 2, we see Hoid on Scadrial, even though we know that Era 2 takes place after the events of Stormlight 5 (therefore after the time that Hoid has bonded his spren). How can that be? I have a simple theory to explain, along with alternative explanations. The Theory in Question: I propose that Hoid is using a medallion that stores either Connection, Identity, or both to specifically store his Connection to Roshar. This severs the tie binding him to the planet and allows him to travel off-world. There are specifics that may differ - perhaps he has to travel to the Cognitive Realm in order for his spren to use the medallion (can a being made of Investiture even use a feruchemical device?), but the concept stays the same. Now, there are two alternatives that I see as being possible: 1. Hoid is using a method unknown to us at this point to preserve his Nahel bond and still travel off-world. This doesn't seem worthy to talk about right now because, of course, how do we talk about something we are not aware of? But if anyone has alternative theories as to how Hoid gets off world, I certainly welcome them in this thread. 2. Hoid breaks his Nahel bond in order to travel to Scadrial. I mean . . . It seems obvious to me that this isn't the case. It is, I suppose, plausible that Hoid bonds a spren in Oathbringer, keeps it for the few years until he needs to travel to Scadrial (end of SA 5? in the time-skip? During SA 6?) and then breaks the bond, presumably killing the spren or making them a Deadeye. I do not believe this to be very likely. Some people have proposed that a Radiant might be able to simply "leave" their spren on Roshar, sacrificing their powers in order to travel further than the Rosharan system. I do not think that this is likely or possible. You may be thinking, Hey, this theory sounds too simple. And you'd be right; it is very simplistic. The reason I believe it to be true is that the mechanics are fairly complicated. The method requires someone to either; A. already be a worldhopper from Scadrial (or from somewhere with access to Southern Scadrial technology, e.g. Silverlight) who then successfully bonds spren, a process I deem to be uncommon OR B. a Knight Radiant with knowledge and access to off-world technology. This second option will quickly become more common as the SA series progresses, but currently it is still quite uncommon. In other words, even though this process is simple once you have the requisite technology (and aptitude to bond a spren), these things are so uncommon at our place in the timeline as to be unfeasible for the average Rosharan or Scadrian. Therefore, I think it is a perfectly reasonable explanation for how Hoid does what he does during the events of Mistborn Era 2. Please feel free to poke holes in this theory in the comments, try as I might I always seem to forget some crucial point. Life is a learning experience however, and I appreciate the opportunity to learn from my mistakes! Thanks for reading!
  19. In light of some new info from Chapter 11, I’d like to put forth.. not a theory, just something I noticed. We have some vague hinting of the three orders that will largely break from the other Knights Radiant: The Skybreakers: Or at least all those who follow Nale, of course. We will continue to see a few outliers such as Szeth, perhaps they will be led by him? In a recent WoB, Brandon said... I think that this would suggest that even without Nale's direct influence, newer Skybreakers might be inclined to side against humanity, and therefore against the other Orders. The Dustbringers: not a whole lot of evidence here, but from what Spark says, the Ashspren don’t seem to like humans. Malata of course also works for the Diagram, whose goals are opposed to those of the KR in most cases. However I believe it is important to remember that Malata was a Dustbringer first, then joined the Diagram, not the other way around. She was already predisposed to their ideals (as predicted by the Diagram, even): The Willshapers: Just the hint from this chapter... So, in summary of the little information we have, it appears that the Ashspren, Reachers, and Highspren all seem to be opposed to humanity and the KR orders. Could this be related to the Honorspren stopping bonding of new Knights? At this point, it seems like only the Cultivationspren are really enthusiastic about forming new bonds (and that is really only from the attitude of a spren merchant in the cognitive realm). This doesn't look good for the new Orders. Something will have to change soon.
  20. So I was using the Knight Radiant quiz to double check my guesses on various AC characters Knightly Orders. Most were fairly typical, but then I got this: So now I’m wondering if the Lightweaver/Windrunner combination would actually be possible. (This was Shay Cormac’s quiz, btw.)
  21. Truthwatchers and Lightweavers share the Surge of Illumination. In Oathbringer, Renarin had been having trouble using the Surge of Illumination to craft illusions like Shallan does. While Shallan is a standard Lightweaver, Renarin is not a standard Truthwatcher as his spren is Corrupted, that makes comparisons difficult. We do, however, have another example of potential usage of Illumination by Renarin. In the Battle of Thaylen City, Renarin uses light to banish a Thunderclast. I don't think this is specific to Renarin's unique condition as, like Glys, Ym's spren too told their Radiant that they could make things go away with light when Nale attacked him in WoR. We do know that the Surges have a Spiritual component to them. Shallan using Connection to those she draws for her Lightweaving. Renarin glimpsing into a person's Spiritual and applying it on the Physical body. Both Illumination and Progression have a Spiritual element within them. Perhaps Truthwatchers are more proficient in Spiritual manifestation of their Surges, like the Bondsmiths. We do know that the Surges don't always manifest in the same manner among the Orders that share them. Perhaps this is how the Surge of Illumination manifests in Truthwatchers. Maybe they don't craft illusions. Truthwatchers are more about truth than lies, which are under the purview of the Lightweavers. Alternatively, the banishing light could also be a combination of the Surges of Illumination and Progression, their Resonance perhaps, a cleansing light (might as well go full throttle on that paladin theme)
  22. So, we all know that Knights Radiant Orders can create Squires which allow others to access Surgebinding while not having a Nahel bond themselves. My question is: is it possible to become a Knights Radiant of one Order and then become a Squire of a different Order? Like, if Kaladin was still a Windrunner and went and tried to become a Lightweaver Squire, would he be able to?
  23. Hi! I'm new to the Shard and asking this question because I find resonance One of the most fascinating investiture related Phenomena in the Cosmere. I feel like we're still know very little about how resonance works wether it's on the Knight Radiants from Roshar, the twinborns from Scadrial or other mix of investiture that exist on the Cosmere, so I ask you to share what you have deduced regarting this subject from reading the books, from Words of Brandon or feel free to speculate about it. So far I think that the Windrunners resonance allows them to have more squires than any other order and that Shallan's memories somehow relate to lightweaver resonance, but this strickes me as sort of random and I see no conection between this powers and the combination of surges that generated them. Maybe there isn't but Brandon usually puts so much sought to this kind oficina things that I wonder if there isn't more to it. What do you think? Also I'm not very clear if Waxillium's steel bubble is exclusive to him as a crasher or if other coinshots could do it. I think when it comes to twinborns we kwow even less about there resonances. Would love to hear your opinions on the matter.
  24. Today I would like to share a little idea that has been bouncing around in my head for a few weeks, regarding the nature of the Truthwatcher Radiant surges. Let's get this out of the way first: Renarin is one of the only Truthwatchers we have seen use their powers on screen, however as he has bonded a corrupted spren, it is not exactly clear which power (or lack of power) is due to him being Truthwatcher, or due to the influence of Sja-Anat. My main point here being that Renarin seems unable to use the surge of Illumination at all, but to me that does not indicate that Truthwatchers in general are unable use Illumination. Radiant Surges As we all know, the Radiant Orders share a single surge with the neighboring orders, with each order having a unique combination of two. Surges work largely the same between orders, with some examples being: Bondsmiths and Windrunners: can use Adhesion to stick things together Windrunners and Skybreakers: can use Gravitation to fly (read: fall) Truthwatchers and Edgedancers: can use Progression to heal others Elsecallers and Lightweavers: can use Transformation to Soulcast Elsecallers and Willshapers: can use Transportation to enter the Cognitive Realm at will Etc, etc. There are a few more but I wont list them all here. I think that the existing correlations between orders strongly implies that a regular Truthwatcher will be able to create illusions. We also see that each Order has a sort of synergy with their specific surges. Some examples of that include: Lightweavers using Transformation to add a physical weight & presence to their illusions Elsecallers being able to Soulcast without physically touching an object Additionally, we have seen some Radiants use a surge in a way that is different than how another order uses it. Case in point: Dalinar using Spiritual Adhesion. Now, it is entirely possible that Windrunners also have access to this application of the surge, but if so we have not seen that on screen yet. Similarly, this could be a result of Dalinar being a somewhat.. special version of a Bondsmith. However my point here is that in certain cases, surges can work differently for the different Radiant Orders, and I believe Truthwatchers are able to use "Spiritual Illumination" in a way that Lightweavers might not be able to. How it applies to Truthwatchers Lightweavers are known to uplift the spirits of those around them, and Shallan in particular is able to see a sort of "spiritual ideal" that a person is capable of becoming. I think this is due to Lightweavers being able to use a Spiritual aspect of Transformation to gain insight to how a person might grow and change. This has always given Lightweavers a more positive bias in my mind - but what about the opposite? We see in Oathbringer that Shallan is capable of creating horrifying illusions, but I think that application of Lightweaving makes much more sense coming from a Truthwatcher. I think Truthwatchers seem to be able to "see" through people in a way, for example a Truthwatcher may be able to tell when someone is lying . . .Or perhaps in the same way that a Lightweaver is able to see what a person dreams of becoming, a Truthwatcher would be able to see what a person fears. Using illusions not to distract, but as a source of fear & chaos on the battlefield. Any readers of a certain as-of-yet-unreleased book might know what I am talking about here. The idea that started this train of thought for me was basically this: Lightweavers lift the spirits of others, but what if there was a Horror Lightweaver? Someone who could create the illusion of being surrounded by terrors - and perhaps specifically the horrors you yourself fear the most. The more I thought about it, the more it made sense to me that this fits the Truthwatchers more than the Lightweavers. Either would be capable of it, surely, but one is better than the other. Thanks for reading! Let me know if this is plausible at all or if I am completely off my rocker. See you in the comments.
  25. I've been thinking about the effects of aluminum (for my alleyverse Character) and I was wondering; If a Knight Radiant or someone bonded to a dead shardblade was also an aluminum gnat/mistborn, and they flared Aluminum, what would happen? I believe that if Aluminum is flared enough, It cleanses the spiritweb. Spren attach themselves to the Radiants spirited when they bond, and deadeyes act similarly. So, would the allomancer Shardbearer/Radiant lose their bond?