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Found 163 results

  1. So I was using the Knight Radiant quiz to double check my guesses on various AC characters Knightly Orders. Most were fairly typical, but then I got this: So now I’m wondering if the Lightweaver/Windrunner combination would actually be possible. (This was Shay Cormac’s quiz, btw.)
  2. So, I just noticed that there is a link to the Spanish Brandon Sanderson site, with a forums similar to this one. (Though less populated, but that is to be expected.) My computer was nice enough to automatically translate the site, which it seemed to do decently well. Then I found the topic about Knight Radiant Order Quiz results. With a poll. This is what got translated: So... I'm not sure if the order names are just hard to translate, or if it's just my computer being dumb. I'm guessing the second, but either way this gave me a pretty good chuckle at technology.
  3. Inspiration for the RP~ Feel free to join The Knights Next Prequel, an ongoing prequel plot! We have a Discord server, come join us! It (theoretically ) includes one-off side RPs! If both sets of orders are filled and you still want to join, don't worry! You can also roleplay with a character who isn't a Knight Radiant. We'd love to write with you. (Depending on how many roleplayers join us next season, a third set of Radiants may be opened up.) FIRST SET OF ORDERS: Skybreaker and Elsecaller are free! Windrunner ~ Aragorn Skybreaker ~ Dustbringer ~ Sorana Edgedancer ~ Sherlock Holmes Truthwatcher ~ Lunamor Lightweaver ~ ShadowLord_Lith Elsecaller ~ Willshaper ~ AonEne Stoneward ~ I think I am here. Bondsmith ~ Dr. Dapper SECOND SET OF ORDERS: Truthwatcher, Lightweaver, and Edgedancer are free! Windrunner ~ xinoehp512 Skybreaker ~ Emi Dustbringer ~ Reserved for Po Edgedancer ~ Truthwatcher ~ Lightweaver ~ Elsecaller ~ BookishOcelot Willshaper ~ Eluvianii Stoneward ~ Channelknight Fadran Bondsmith ~ Wyndlerunner Non-Radiant Characters: xinoehp512; Sha-thoexis, Unmade Dr. Dapper; Jamie, Twinborn xinoehp512; Thade, Enlightened Hope Spren; Evelyn, Elantrian Blessing of Potency; Ashlyn, unInvested human Tesh; Ayalin, Mistborn The_Archivist; Everest, Full Feruchemist From here on out, OOC conversation or discussion goes in quotes. I'll add rules and setting as needed. Setting/Worldbuilding: Give your character a name from Earth! This still gives you plenty of freedom, but try not to be obviously weird. If the name would make people look at your character funny after they introduce themselves, think of a new one. Our characters will be living in normal houses and attending a normal school. No boarding schools or homeschooling, though those circumstances can apply to their pasts. We all go to the same school. We live in Seattle; it’s March 18th, 2019. The public will find out about Investiture at the end of The Knights Next Door. We will then have a timeskip of 20 years into the future to when our kids, should our characters choose to have any, are teenagers for the sequel (which will be called The Knights Next Gen or The Knights Next Generation). Immediately after this timeskip, some of us will write stuff about specific new technology that we think is reasonable and that may or may not impact us or the plot in any way. All unInvested people will now see (insert other senses here) Invested objects and people differently from how they actually are, filling in anything that can’t be explained with something that makes more sense to them. They will be able to be confused or suspicious about these things. This is because of a sentient but not sapient Unmade called Sha-thoexis. Sha-thoexis: An Unmade that stops people from realizing what we do; smaller strange issues get glossed over, but if you really force someone to see what we are doing, then they will understand that something is off; this knowledge can fade over time again, if no additional reminder is set Sha-thoexis is able to lure a Radiant into breaking their oaths and can injure and kill an Invested person in their dreams Bondsmiths are able to partially influence dreams induced by Sha-thoexis by moving Invested beings around, therefore offering the chance to fight back together Violet crystals: These crystals can power Voidbringers, make them stronger; they have the ability to influence mortals in a way that is beneficial for the Voidbringers They are like seeds, extending roots into the ground It is possible to destroy them, if several Radiants work together (stop them from growing more roots, shatter them) What happens if such a seed has the time to blossom is unknown/undecided Our house: Backyard: large pool, enough space to spar outside, a special huge tree with branches reaching one of the windows in the first floor, the overlook - a stone terrace with chairs positioned to look out over a good view of the city, a firepit, and a small minifridge Basement: huge training room/armory, storage, Doc's inventing room Ground floor: kitchen, dining room, living room, a few other smaller rooms with couches, TVs, et cetera First floor: several bathrooms, rooms for each inhabitant of the house (the room in the corner that can be reached by climbing up the tree has been claimed by Shana) Garage: several cars and motorcycles Voidbringers: Voidbringers are humans who bond Voidspren (not singers) The first sign of their corruption is red eyes, further signs of corruption have to be decided upon Investiture: Investiture is spread out around the planet Our characters currently know only about AonDor, Allomancy, Feruchemy and of course Surgebinding Radiants generate a small of amount of Stormlight naturally, which is saved in crystals Data and wireless communications have beads in the Cognitive Realm like anything else, which move quickly through the air AonDor originated in Russia Forgery originated in China, Bloodsealing in Japan ChayShan originated in India The Metallic Arts originated in Europe, then spread to North America Egypt/Saudi Arabia and the surrounding countries have Awakening and Returned Aviar (specifically, the parasites, and any other Drominad magic should it be discovered) are in the Polynesian islands Australia has Ashynite disease magic; Australia also has the Silverlight Academy (located in Perth) The Sahara and Gobi deserts have sand mastery Surgebinding is native to the American continents Yolish Lightweaving is in Southern Africa Aethers come from Brazil in South America Make sure to be nice and have fun!
  4. In light of some new info from Chapter 11, I’d like to put forth.. not a theory, just something I noticed. We have some vague hinting of the three orders that will largely break from the other Knights Radiant: The Skybreakers: Or at least all those who follow Nale, of course. We will continue to see a few outliers such as Szeth, perhaps they will be led by him? In a recent WoB, Brandon said... I think that this would suggest that even without Nale's direct influence, newer Skybreakers might be inclined to side against humanity, and therefore against the other Orders. The Dustbringers: not a whole lot of evidence here, but from what Spark says, the Ashspren don’t seem to like humans. Malata of course also works for the Diagram, whose goals are opposed to those of the KR in most cases. However I believe it is important to remember that Malata was a Dustbringer first, then joined the Diagram, not the other way around. She was already predisposed to their ideals (as predicted by the Diagram, even): The Willshapers: Just the hint from this chapter... So, in summary of the little information we have, it appears that the Ashspren, Reachers, and Highspren all seem to be opposed to humanity and the KR orders. Could this be related to the Honorspren stopping bonding of new Knights? At this point, it seems like only the Cultivationspren are really enthusiastic about forming new bonds (and that is really only from the attitude of a spren merchant in the cognitive realm). This doesn't look good for the new Orders. Something will have to change soon.
  5. windrunners

    Hello all! I am making this for any windrunners out there, so we can talk about being the coolest order of knights radiant, and everything else. Speak again the ancient oaths: Life before Death Strength before Weakness Journey before Destination Windrunners rule!
  6. Truthwatchers and Lightweavers share the Surge of Illumination. In Oathbringer, Renarin had been having trouble using the Surge of Illumination to craft illusions like Shallan does. While Shallan is a standard Lightweaver, Renarin is not a standard Truthwatcher as his spren is Corrupted, that makes comparisons difficult. We do, however, have another example of potential usage of Illumination by Renarin. In the Battle of Thaylen City, Renarin uses light to banish a Thunderclast. I don't think this is specific to Renarin's unique condition as, like Glys, Ym's spren too told their Radiant that they could make things go away with light when Nale attacked him in WoR. We do know that the Surges have a Spiritual component to them. Shallan using Connection to those she draws for her Lightweaving. Renarin glimpsing into a person's Spiritual and applying it on the Physical body. Both Illumination and Progression have a Spiritual element within them. Perhaps Truthwatchers are more proficient in Spiritual manifestation of their Surges, like the Bondsmiths. We do know that the Surges don't always manifest in the same manner among the Orders that share them. Perhaps this is how the Surge of Illumination manifests in Truthwatchers. Maybe they don't craft illusions. Truthwatchers are more about truth than lies, which are under the purview of the Lightweavers. Alternatively, the banishing light could also be a combination of the Surges of Illumination and Progression, their Resonance perhaps, a cleansing light (might as well go full throttle on that paladin theme)
  7. So, we all know that Knights Radiant Orders can create Squires which allow others to access Surgebinding while not having a Nahel bond themselves. My question is: is it possible to become a Knights Radiant of one Order and then become a Squire of a different Order? Like, if Kaladin was still a Windrunner and went and tried to become a Lightweaver Squire, would he be able to?
  8. Hi! I'm new to the Shard and asking this question because I find resonance One of the most fascinating investiture related Phenomena in the Cosmere. I feel like we're still know very little about how resonance works wether it's on the Knight Radiants from Roshar, the twinborns from Scadrial or other mix of investiture that exist on the Cosmere, so I ask you to share what you have deduced regarting this subject from reading the books, from Words of Brandon or feel free to speculate about it. So far I think that the Windrunners resonance allows them to have more squires than any other order and that Shallan's memories somehow relate to lightweaver resonance, but this strickes me as sort of random and I see no conection between this powers and the combination of surges that generated them. Maybe there isn't but Brandon usually puts so much sought to this kind oficina things that I wonder if there isn't more to it. What do you think? Also I'm not very clear if Waxillium's steel bubble is exclusive to him as a crasher or if other coinshots could do it. I think when it comes to twinborns we kwow even less about there resonances. Would love to hear your opinions on the matter.
  9. Today I would like to share a little idea that has been bouncing around in my head for a few weeks, regarding the nature of the Truthwatcher Radiant surges. Let's get this out of the way first: Renarin is one of the only Truthwatchers we have seen use their powers on screen, however as he has bonded a corrupted spren, it is not exactly clear which power (or lack of power) is due to him being Truthwatcher, or due to the influence of Sja-Anat. My main point here being that Renarin seems unable to use the surge of Illumination at all, but to me that does not indicate that Truthwatchers in general are unable use Illumination. Radiant Surges As we all know, the Radiant Orders share a single surge with the neighboring orders, with each order having a unique combination of two. Surges work largely the same between orders, with some examples being: Bondsmiths and Windrunners: can use Adhesion to stick things together Windrunners and Skybreakers: can use Gravitation to fly (read: fall) Truthwatchers and Edgedancers: can use Progression to heal others Elsecallers and Lightweavers: can use Transformation to Soulcast Elsecallers and Willshapers: can use Transportation to enter the Cognitive Realm at will Etc, etc. There are a few more but I wont list them all here. I think that the existing correlations between orders strongly implies that a regular Truthwatcher will be able to create illusions. We also see that each Order has a sort of synergy with their specific surges. Some examples of that include: Lightweavers using Transformation to add a physical weight & presence to their illusions Elsecallers being able to Soulcast without physically touching an object Additionally, we have seen some Radiants use a surge in a way that is different than how another order uses it. Case in point: Dalinar using Spiritual Adhesion. Now, it is entirely possible that Windrunners also have access to this application of the surge, but if so we have not seen that on screen yet. Similarly, this could be a result of Dalinar being a somewhat.. special version of a Bondsmith. However my point here is that in certain cases, surges can work differently for the different Radiant Orders, and I believe Truthwatchers are able to use "Spiritual Illumination" in a way that Lightweavers might not be able to. How it applies to Truthwatchers Lightweavers are known to uplift the spirits of those around them, and Shallan in particular is able to see a sort of "spiritual ideal" that a person is capable of becoming. I think this is due to Lightweavers being able to use a Spiritual aspect of Transformation to gain insight to how a person might grow and change. This has always given Lightweavers a more positive bias in my mind - but what about the opposite? We see in Oathbringer that Shallan is capable of creating horrifying illusions, but I think that application of Lightweaving makes much more sense coming from a Truthwatcher. I think Truthwatchers seem to be able to "see" through people in a way, for example a Truthwatcher may be able to tell when someone is lying . . .Or perhaps in the same way that a Lightweaver is able to see what a person dreams of becoming, a Truthwatcher would be able to see what a person fears. Using illusions not to distract, but as a source of fear & chaos on the battlefield. Any readers of a certain as-of-yet-unreleased book might know what I am talking about here. The idea that started this train of thought for me was basically this: Lightweavers lift the spirits of others, but what if there was a Horror Lightweaver? Someone who could create the illusion of being surrounded by terrors - and perhaps specifically the horrors you yourself fear the most. The more I thought about it, the more it made sense to me that this fits the Truthwatchers more than the Lightweavers. Either would be capable of it, surely, but one is better than the other. Thanks for reading! Let me know if this is plausible at all or if I am completely off my rocker. See you in the comments.
  10. I've been thinking about the effects of aluminum (for my alleyverse Character) and I was wondering; If a Knight Radiant or someone bonded to a dead shardblade was also an aluminum gnat/mistborn, and they flared Aluminum, what would happen? I believe that if Aluminum is flared enough, It cleanses the spiritweb. Spren attach themselves to the Radiants spirited when they bond, and deadeyes act similarly. So, would the allomancer Shardbearer/Radiant lose their bond?
  11. Intro The Heralds, as we all know, were once normal men & women who were offered the chance to become something greater by Honor. They were granted the Honorblades, allowing them each the use of two Surges, along with other abilities. Upon death, the Heralds are returned to Braize to endure torture until one of their number breaks, which initiates another Desolation. We know that during the first few Desolations, many hundreds or thousands of years would have passed between the last time the Heralds returned to Roshar. Often, the Heralds would have to progress society rapidly in order to get them prepared for the coming war. This alone would have most likely been enough to convince many of the Herald's divine nature, however I suspect others would need a more direct demonstration. The Heralds have two distinct advantages when it comes to feats of unnatural power: First, the Heralds were directly powered by Honor. This means that they did not need to rely on stormlight stored in gems, and also implies that they would be able to use a greater amount of stormlight at once than a regular Radiant. Second, the Heralds occasionally swapped Honorblades. Additionally, it is possible to wield more than one Honorblade at once. My proposition is that this mixing of Surges greatly influenced the deification of the Heralds, due to the miraculous feats they could achieve, beyond that of a normal Surgebinder or even a Knight Radiant. Allow me to present some examples. The Surge of Transportation Jasnah, an Elsecaller, uses her Surge of Transportation to Soulcast from a distance, without physically touching the object she is changing. I believe this application of Transportation would apply to any of the Surges that usually require touch, such as Cohesion, Adhesion, or Regrowth . . . This is actually an incorrect assumption, please disregard along with the following example. But my ultimate point about mixing Surges still stands, damnation it! Transportation & Progression Regrowth is a powerful application of the Surge of Progression that allows healing and even resuscitation, but is limited to the user physically touching the recipient. However, let us imagine that the Herald Vedel (Progression & Abrasion) borrowed her Honorblade to the Herald Battar (Transformation & Transportation), allowing the latter to use both Honorblades at once. This, along with presumably unlimited Stormlight provided by Honor, would allow Battar to heal many people remotely. She could perhaps heal an entire army at once this way. Adhesion & Abrasion Adhesion, a Surge that sticks things together, and Abrasion, a Surge that can be used to ignite and degrade matter, including humans. Perhaps a Herald wielding these two Surges could stick many enemy's feet to the ground at once, locking them in place, and then use Division to set the ground alight. There are many different applications of these mismatched Surges, and I believe that these incredible feats of power (along with the Herald's normal prodigious use of the Honorblades) greatly contributed to their staying power in the minds of the people of Roshar. I would love to hear your ideas on the different ways the Surges could be combined in non-organic ways (that is, combinations that do not currently exist in the Radiant Orders). As always, thank you for reading, and I hope that you had to google apotheosis, a fun new word I learned today while researching this topic
  12. Here’s something I’ve been considering since reading the Stormlight Archive for the first time, and I’ve been thinking about it even more since rereading it. I’d like to hear everyone’s thoughts on this. As my screen name says, I’m blind. I’ve been wondering how the mechanics of a blind Knight Radiant would work (healing by stormlight is an unacceptable answer in this case). Here are my thoughts on the plausibility of a blind person being a member of each of the orders, and why. I would appreciate additional input or insights anyone has to offer on this. This is a topic I haven’t seen discussed in the Cosmere community at all, so I want to be the one to start bringing it into the light. Here is my list of all ten orders of Knights Radiant, how plausible I think it would be for a blind person to belong to each of them, and my reasoning behind my decisions. Order of Windrunners (surges of adhesion and gravitation): I actually think this could be quite plausible if the radiant was progressed enough in their oaths. I think this because of how attuned Kaladin is to the winds at different points in the books. There are times when he seems to be able to anticipate what is about to happen around him through feeling the winds. This could be a huge asset to a blind Windrunner. This, combined with a possible clever application of lashings to sense when the blind Windrunner is getting too close to obstacles around them, makes me think that it would be quite possible for someone like me to belong to this order. Order of Skybreakers (surges of gravitation and division): I think this is somewhat less plausible than a blind Windrunner. Since Skybreakers only have access to basic lashings. A blind person of this order would still be able to use a similar method of taking advantage of lashings to sense their environment. I don’t think a Skybreaker would have the same relationship with the winds that a Windrunner would though, so that would be a definite disadvantage. I don’t know enough about the surge of division to say much about how that would come into play for a blind person belonging to this order, but it could be an interesting factor. Order of Dustbringers (surges of division and abrasion): I think this one is pretty implausible. I can’t think of a way that a blind Dustbringer would be able to use the surge of abrasion to get a feel for their environment. I guess they could just use the surge of division to destroy any obstacles in their path, but that sounds extremely dangerous and unwieldy. Order of Edgedancers (surges of abrasion and progression): Like the Dustbringers, I think this is also pretty implausible. There are similar issues with me being unable to think of a way in which a blind Edgedancer could use the surge of abrasion to their advantage. They could always use stormlight to heal themselves after crashing into things, but again, that sounds impractical. Order of Truthwatchers (surges of progression and illumination): I think this may be slightly more plausible than either the Dustbringers or Edgedancers. Assuming that Truthwatchers can use illumination to weave sound, a blind person belonging to this order would definitely be able to use that to their advantage, probably in ways most people would find unexpected. They could also use the surge of progression to great effect, similar to the two other Truthwatchers we’ve met so far in the books. Order of Lightweavers (surges of illumination and transformation): I think this would be about as plausible as the Truthwatchers. A blind Lightweaver would be able to use the surge of illumination similar to what I mentioned before, and they could use transformation very effectively. They’d probably be limited to using transformation only when they could get their hands on whatever they’re trying to transform, but if I understand correctly, that wouldn’t be much more limiting than what most Solecasters have to do in order to transform things. Order of Elsecallers (surges of transformation and transportation): I’m honestly unsure about this one, since we still know relatively little about what Elsecallers can actually do. A blind Elsecaller would definitely be able to use transformation similarly to how I explained earlier, but I don’t know how easy or difficult it would be for them to use transportation. I guess they could do it, as long as they had someone to guide them on the Shadesmar side. Order of Willshapers (surges of transportation and cohesion): I know almost nothing about this order, so I’m very unsure of how plausible it would be for a blind person to become a Willshaper. I already explained how they could possibly use the surge of transportation, but I have no idea what the surge of cohesion does, or how a blind person could use it to their advantage. Order of Stonewards (surges of cohesion and tension): I know even less about this order than I do about the Willshapers, so I can’t guess how plausible or not it would be for a blind person to become a Stoneward. Order of Bondsmiths (surges of tension and adhesion): This one is very interesting to consider. I think it could be quite plausible under the right circumstances. I don’t know enough about the surge of tension to guess how it could benefit or hinder a blind Bondsmith, but I do know that they could use adhesion, especially spiritual adhesion, to great advantage. The one Bondsmith we know so far only uses spiritual adhesion to be able to speak other languages and boost the abilities of other Radiants, but I’d be willing to bet that a blind person of this order could find creative applications of this surge to assist them with different things. Again, I don’t know enough about the surge of tension to guess how a blind Bondsmith could use it. This was quite interesting to consider. As things stand with my current understanding of the Knights Radiant and their powers, this is my current ranking of how plausible I think it would be for a blind person to belong to each order: 1. Windrunners 2. Bondsmiths 3. Skybreakers 4. Lightweavers 5. Truthwatchers 6. Elsecallers 7. Edgedancers 8. Dustbringers 9. Willshapers 10. Stonewards Those last two are at the very bottom mostly because I know so little about either of them. I love the Stormlight books a lot, and this is one way in which I try to insert myself into the story in a more meaningful way. This ranking is not set in stone, and is very likely to change with input and as we continue learning more about each order of Knights Radiant. Please let me know if I overlooked something in my considerations, or if there’s more information about the surges I know so little about.
  13. After spending WAY too much time researching the various orders and being consistently dissatisfied with other quizzes online, I created a Knights Radiant Order sorter (I hate that that rhymes) based upon personality, psychology, and ideology. I'd love to know what orders you all fall into with this quiz, whether or not you think it's accurate, or if you think I should change something. For my sake and the sake of others, I need to have a good personality identification not based upon stupid questions like "Which character is your favorite". Knights Radiant Order Quiz ^Links updated, now works I took the test the day after I created it (so I couldn't remember much of the specific tagging I did), answering as honestly as possible, and got the order I identify with, so I'm really hoping it's accurate.
  14. So I have a suspicion about the identity of the elusive spren of the Radiant order of Truthwatchers. In Edgedancer (about a page into chapter six), Lift’s Cultivationspren, Wyndle, mentions a type of spren known as Keenspren. Context: Lift was talking with a young street urchin, using all kinds of very strange words in odd ways. After the urchin leaves, Wyndle says: “Mistress, that was the strangest conversation I’ve ever heard, and I once grew an entire garden for some keenspren.” Truthwatcher’s spren are described as looking like “light reflected onto a surface through a crystal.” And Glys, Renarin’s corrupted spren, looks like a crystalline snowflake growing up from Renarin’s back. Many of the examples of corrupted spren we’ve seen were still recognizable as the type of spren they were. Keen means sharp, either in mind or as an edge, like a blade. I think this correlates well with what we’ve heard of the spren’s appearance in addition to the traditional personality attributed to the order of Truthwatchers. I would love to hear other suspicions about the Truthwatcherspren. This is a bit of a pet peeve of mine, so please share your thoughts on my theory!
  15. So I was looking back through the scene where Shallan and gang is hunting the Midnight Essence and they come across that room covered in art, and I noticed something. Shallan says there are murals that depict 10 kinds of spren and guesses they're for each Order. There's just one small issue. There's 12 Radiant spren. The Bondsmiths have 3 unique spren. The passage in question with the relevant portion bolded. So what do y'all think? Is there a representation of just one of the Bondsmith spren? Is it an abstract representstion of the idea of a Bondsmith spren? Is this a writing error and there was supposed to be 9, with the glowing cloud, tree woman, and figure in front of a circle intended to be the Bondsmith spren? Perhaps the Bondsmiths were supposed to be unrepresented? I'm currently thinking either the second or third option, unsure though.
  16. I don’t know if this has been done on this site before but here we go: You can make your own Knights Radiant Order. Your Order’s name: Your Order’s spren: Your ideals: Your Surges: Other Characteristics:
  17. Do you guys think its possible that their are other orders of knights radiant that cross different surgebindings from the 10 we know? Like combine Gravitation and Adhesion? or would they have a new power? Would this affect the other Spren's surges?
  18. So I’ve been bouncing this idea around for a while, and finally decided to type it up. So we know that Pattern bonded Shallan when she was younger, to the point that she could summon her shardblade (to kill her mum). After this she regresses somehow, possibly due to her self-forgetting stuff. Another example we know much less about is Tien, Kaladin’s younger brother. We don’t know a lot about what he did in Amaram’s army, but it is implied that he had reached a point in his Ideals that caught the attention of the Skybreakers enough that Nale felt he needed to be eliminated. I personally think he was at the first Ideal, but have little proof to back that up. So: what are the common threads in these two young lives? My theory: not their own lies, but the lies of those around them. We know that (Pattern at least) Cryptics are very curious about humans. Lyrin was hiding the gem theft, and we know that this caused a lot of strife in Hearthstone. Shallan’s mother was involved somehow with the Skybreakers before her death, and Lin was dealing with political issues (or was that just after Shallan’s mum died?) as well as dealing with debts. Also maybe the Ghostbloods. We know that Pattern is interested in the lies of people besides Shallan. Shallan and Tien are both “the light” of their respective households. The Lightweavers have been described as the “spiritual sustainers” of the Radiants. They are both artistic, and very curious about the world around them. If Cryptics are the spren of natural forces and the laws of nature, the interests of the spren and the knight would align in this. A few other parallels I don’t think are relevant: Shallan and Tien each have depressed older brothers. They are both interested in the creatures around them. They like gentle rains. Please point out anything that I’ve missed!
  19. Let's make teams of Radiants from other franchises! Silmarillion: Discworld: Order of the Stick
  20. I have spent quite a bit of time recently trying to imagine how the various orders of Radiants would function on the battlefield. Of course we are frequently told that most of the Radiants were not warriors, however the Desolations were desperate narrowly fought global wars that would have seen many situations where everyone was required to focus on military affairs. If a people are in a situation where (as I am confident they often were) where spears are put into the hands of 12 year olds, then I can be quite confident that every single knight with power armor, deific swords and magical powers would have long since been called to fight. Windrunners- I see this order as the closest thing that the armies of honor had to cavalry. On ancient battlefields cavalry was often used as a shock force. The mobility provided by horses and chariots allowed a division of (often the most skilled and equipped) troops to slam into an enemy where they were weakest. Of course we have seen that the powers of the Windrunners can easily transport both themselves and others around a battlefield, and we know that the Windrunners were the closest to “professional” soldiers of the Radiants. 2 or 3 Windrunners with 60-100 Windrunner squires carrying 100 or so of the other best “normal” troops in the army would have made quite the mobile sledgehammer. Skybreakers- I see the order of the Skybreakers doing many of the same things as the Windrunners, simply on a smaller scale. The fact that the Skybreakers spend most of their time as law enforcement, rather than soldiers and their relative lack of squires would make them more inclined to fight in smaller bands than the Windrunners. I see a small band of Skybreakers and squires flying around the battlefield raining down Division and bringing “Honor’s Justice” to high priority targets like a particularly problematic Fused or squadron of Regals. I also see the Skybreakers as the order most practiced at slaying Thunderclasts. Dustbringers- Well I don’t think I know enough about the Dustbringers to really form an opinion about them yet. Edgedancers- I see the Edgedancers as the Radiant’s medics, using Abrasion to zip around the battlefield distributing Regrowth and other supplies. I also see Edgedancers as useful in a siege situation; using progression to help grow edible crops as a supplemental food source to soulcasting. Truthwatchers- I find it difficult to place the Truthwatchers as we don't know that much about them but I imagine them filling a role somewhere between the Edgedancers and Elsecallers. Lightweavers- I think it is uncontroversial to suggest that the Lightweavers often served as spies, assassins, and saboteurs. Unlike the Skybreakers who I see swooping down to cut the enemy commander in two in the middle of the battle, I see the Lightweavers as the reason that the enemy army arrives to the battlefield with poisoned supplies, inoperable siege machines, their troops receiving incorrect orders and their reinforcements delayed. Elsecallers- I see the Elsecallers as the primary tacticians and weapons designers of the Radiants. I imagine they would spend the most time at the planning table drawing maps, accounting supplies (and refilling the stocks through soulcasting) and perhaps preparing countermeasures against the enemy’s less conventional threats. The exact line between their roles and those of the Truthwatchers are unclear to me. Willshapers- As with the Dustbringers, I do not feel like I have enough information to speculate. Stonewards- This order are the followers of the Herald of War. I see their role as being interspersed amongst the common infantry of the Radiant’s armies. Unlike the Windrunners who I see as directly leading the most elite regiments, the Stonewards would be standing with the weakest regiments creating stone earthworks, inspiring cohesion, and generally bearing the agonies of the soldiery. Bondsmiths- I think that Dalinar is a poor example of the traditional role of the Bondsmiths. While they might often serve as diplomats and emissaries. I think that they spent much of their time as personal advisors to the rest of the Radiants, helping them grow in their oaths and surges. I imagine that on the battlefield that the Bondsmiths would float around a provide support and perhaps powerups to the other Radiants in their times of most need. Thoughts? Tib
  21. Two Spren types/SHARDPLATE theory Ok so I have a theory that eacg Radiant order has two different types of Spren. The first one is one of the ten higher types of Spren, which forms the Nahel-bond and once the Radiant swears the third Ideal of his/her order, can turn into a Shardblade. The second type of Spren is one of the lesser Spren. My theory is that once the Radiant swears the fourth oath, these lesser Spren form into that person’s Shardplate. Which explains why Sanderson has said that Shardplate isn’t as invested as Shardblade, it’s made up of weaker Spren then Shardblades. This theory is backed up by the fact that when Kaladin was about to swear the fourth ideal of the Windrunners (I am aware he didn’t) hundreds of windspren where spinning around him. And when he said to Syl that he couldn’t swear the oath, he apologized to Syl and the WINDSPREN. This theory is backed up further as throughout Oathbringer the closer he got to swearing it the more windspren appeared in Shadesmar around him. So I think it might work something like this: Windrunners: windspren Bondsmiths: gloryspren Elsecallers: logicspren Willshapers: intoxicationspren (JK) Lightweavers: creationspren Edgedancers: lifespren Skybreakers: ???? Truthwatchers: ???? Stonewards: ???? Dustbringers: flamespren With this in mind, think off the various statements about Spren throughout the series. No Spren in Shinovar: this could mean that no Radiants lived here, so no lesser Spren needed to be there to form into Shardplate. Logicspren only common in Urithiru: this could be where most Elsecallers lived, as I can totally see all the scholars hiding away in some hidden corridor somewhere. Windspren super common in Alethkar: we know as a fact that most Windrunners came from and lived in that area. If someone could confirm this at I signing for me, that would be great. (Ps. I want props for this theory).
  22. So, by far the most thorough vetting of who should get access to phenomenal cosmic power is to be found in the system of Surgebinding, those who became the Order of the Knights Radiant. We know that Honor created the Honorblades and gave them to his Heralds. We know that Ishar had a major hand in the creation of the Oathpact, which is why he is called the Binder of Gods. We know that he "thrust organization upon [surgebinder]" when he learned of their access to the Surges. He hoped that the Knights Radiant would help preserve humanity and its knowledge during the Desolations, and help rebuild civilization after the Decisions. He became the patron Herald of the Order of Bondsmiths. We know that spren recreated the powers granted by the Honorblades. Honor had no hand in this and was surprised. So... Who created the Ideals? We know that wielding Honorblades does not seem to require any oaths as we see with Szeth. So it's not inherent to the system of Investiture itself. So did the spren create the basis of the Ideals of the Knights they were to bond? Did Ishar craft the binding oaths so that the Surgebinders were generally chosen based on personal merit instead of happenstance and had to act within a structure? Did Honor craft the Ideals of the Knights Radiant? And if he did, Cultivation probably had a hand in it too... The themes of bonding, swearing oaths, personal growth meshes so well with their Intent Did the first Bondsmiths create the Ideals? Do we have any mentions or hints in the books? Any WoBs?
  23. Bondsmiths: Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Jaime Lannister. Windrunners: Ned Stark, Rob Stark,Caitlyn Stark, the Blackfish , Brienne. Lightweavers: Sansa Stark, Varus the spider, Cierse Lannister. Truthwatchers: Samwell Tarly, Marwyn the mage. Dustbringers: Arya Stark, the Hound, Stone heart, Robert Baratheon, Gendry Baratheon. Skybreakers: Mormont, Lord Commander Momont, Stannis, the onion knight. Elsecallers: Brandon Stark, Tyrion Lannister, the red woman. Edgedancers: Dondarrion, Thoros of myr. Willshapers: The Red Viper, Tommen Baratheon, Rickard Stark. Stonewards: Ser Barristan Selmy. Any thoughts?
  24. Hello, first post, be gentle with me We don't really know that the Nightwatcher is a Bondsmith spren. It's a good theory, seems widely accepted and quite probable. But so far as I know, no in-book quote or WoB confirms her as such. I think it's likely that she probably is one of the three Bondsmith spren, as a counterpart to the Stormfather. She already has a magic system (-ish?) associated with her, the Boon and Curse: granting a wish but with a curse attached alongside it. Couldn't someone also ask her for the boon of being granted Radiancy (is that the word?). Has anyone in Roshar's history? Could she grant other spren bonds, lower spren or spren of the other Orders? And assuming she is a Radiant spren, could someone ask to bond with her? Could it be how she herself is supposed to be bonded? Could the next Bondsmith have to trek to the Valley and ask for the boon of bonding her? What could be the Curse to accompany such a Boon? Would they need to speak the Ideals or would the Curse, sort of, supplant the words?
  25. So I think I understand the reasoning behind wanting to abolish the knights radiant. The reasons being that Honor was crazy, and saying they would destroy roshar, they lobotomized the parshmen, then found out humanity were the original voidbringers. However, is there any reason why the knights radiant wouldn't try to make a deal with their spren to stop forming bonds with humans? If they could not break there bonds without killing their spren why not make a pact saying. "After we die, you stay in shadesmar, do not bond with anymore humans." The reason I bring this up is that they are bonded and have deep relationship with their spren. I feel like the spren would potentially understand that surge bonding is dangerous, especially with Honor raving about it. Wouldn't the knights radiant would have a hard time talking about potentially killing their spren without trying to negotiate with them at all?