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Found 5 results

  1. I'm sure that I'm not the first person to post something like this, but one thing about having a series that sorts people based on personality, is that you can't help but think some characters would be perfect for that group. Like in Harry Potter with the school houses, I often like to think that one character or another would be perfect for a particular order of Knights Radiant. I decided to compile a list of characters throughout the cosmere, that as far as I know have never set foot on Roshar, that suit each order of radiant. I hope to build more lists like this in the future, sorting characters from other fandoms. BondSmith-Sarene (Ellantris) Sarene seems like a natural politician to me. She not only initiates a political marriage for herself to unite two kingdoms, but works with political allies to help keep the kingdom from falling apart. Her husband Raoden might seem like a better choice, but he seems more like someone who just wants to improve the lives of people, not unite different people. WindRunner-Vin(Mistborn) A no brainer, for me. She can fly through the air in a similar manner to WindRunners, and she had to learn to care enough about people to protect them. First her friends, then the people of the empire. She struggles with exactly the same conflict with killing that Kaladin does, so she strikes me as an ideal Windrunner. SkyBreaker-Waxiliium(Mistborn Era 2) Waxillium seems more sure of his actions for killing than Vin does, and he is referred to multiple times as a lawman. He also flies through the air with his abilities, similar to WindRunners and SkyBreakers, but while he is a protecter, he sees himself as a lawman. He could probably go either way between WindRunner and Skybreaker, but I see him more as a Skybreaker. DustBringer-Hrathen(Ellantris) DustBringers are described as people who seek self mastery. This is supposed to be appropriate because of the destructive powers they wield, which seems like a good fit for Hrathen. He is a religious soldier, demonstrating his considerable control over himself during his fast in Ellantris, but he is also willing to resort to destructive means when he sees it as necessary, such as when he instigated a bloody conflict in Duladel. EdgeDancer-Fafen(Warbreaker) Most people probably don't remember that there were three princesses in Idris. But Vivenna and Siri had a sister in-between them in age. She was a monk in a country where their jobs were mostly to grow food for poor people. This seems to fit extremely well with EdgeDancers, given their attitudes and powers. TruthWatcher-Tindwyl(Mistborn) This order was tricky, since most scholars would fit the role of a TruthWatcher, but I settled on Tindwyl. Most keepers, with one major exception, seem to focus on discovering and recording knowledge, keeping a more objective and neutral position in their world's affairs. This makes it seem like most keepers would fit the role of Truthwatcher. LightWeaver-Shai(Emporer’s soul) -Another no brainer. Shai is a skilled artist (though I don't like how she uses her talent), is extremely good at lying to herself, and possesses an ability that is very similar to soulcasting. A natural LightWeaver. ElseCaller-Marasi(Mistborn Era 2) A couple of people would fit the order of ElseCallers, but it's tricky since we've only seen one so far. But I think Marasi works. She is someone that seeks to improve the world around her, but does so in an intellectual way, instead of through fighting. Her explanation of the broken window theory in Alloy of Law shows she has a scholarly side to herself, and she seems to me to be similar to Jasnah. WillShaper-Hammond(Mistborn) I struggled with WillShapers more than any other order. In the end, I chose Hammond because he is a bit of an oddball, and the WillShapers are supposed to be a diverse group. He ended up fighting for the freedom (WillShaper ideals) of the Skaa, despite initially agreeing out of a desire for riches. He is different from most Thugs due to his philosophical pondering, which is atypical to people with his powers. StoneWard-Captain Goradel(Mistborn) StoneWards are said to have ideals related to being dependable, and Gorodel seems to fit that role well. After Vin spares him, he seeks repeatedly to make himself useful, even in dire situations. From helping Skaa survive a cold winter during a siege to delivering a vital message when the world appeared to be ending. He probably does so partly out of a feeling of debt to Vin, but still impressive. What do you think?
  2. This is a topic I created to see which orders are the most popular.
  3. From the album Crystin Blade

    "Hasta la vista, Smedry." Okay, I'm really not that serious.
  4. Yup. Laral will be a Knight. Reasons: her name is palindromic* her dad died and she became engaged to a tyrant Kaladin's probably going to fall for her* And... yeah, thats it. But I'm almost certain. * Not quite relevant. More, uh, jokinglyish-things.