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Found 5 results

  1. FYI if you're an eBook person like me. I formatted a few hundred screensavers for my Kindle Paperwhite and posted them here: Your device must be jailbroken. You'll also have to change the size to fit your device. Unless you have a Paperwhite 3. If so, then the size is appropriate. You can also get to them via reddit here: Enjoy
  2. Well I just bought the kindle version but almost immediately returned it for a refund. I was only around a quarter of the way in when I realised the formatting was a complete failure. I imagine it works well enough on kindle fire (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong there) but on kindle for PC or paperwhite/regular it does not work. The problem is double pages, the formatting shrinks down large landscape images to fit into a portrait size, rendering pictures blurry and writing illegibly pixelated. I suspected beforehand that this may be a problem with my regular kindle so I downloaded kindle for PC before even trying to read this book, unfortunately the PC version is just as bad, there is no zoom option at all. I used the computer's magnify function but that just gave me a larger blurry, illegible image. Double pages are supposed to be where the best art is, not the worst. I don't really want this book in hardback so I guess I'll just have to wait for paperback instead. Feel free to rant with me on this subject (restrict fire to amazon though, it's not Brandon's fault).
  3. I have been trying to get my Kindle version of Elantris replaced since the tenth anniversary edition was released, but I'm getting stonewalled. Can anyone help?
  4. With the new release of Words of Radiance, I decided to read it on my kindle instead of getting a hard copy. It was awesome. I used the built in features to take notes a I went along, and now finding references to things about the Cosmere became a whole lot easier. But there was a problem: The Kindle app for computers sucks. Really badly. While I could take notes, I couldn't organize them into groups. I wasn't able to jump forward by chapters at a time and had to do scrolling really fast with pages. Admittedly, these aren't the worst things in the world, they're just annoying. I'm wondering if anyone has any Mac apps that they use for Kindle reading that allow them to organize bookmarks and notes into groups. The native kindle app just has too many shortcomings. Also, if anyone is interested, I want to share notes with others who are documenting their readings, so feel free to message me with your kindle account name and I'll follow your notes. Mine is [email protected] or Nathan Oshlag
  5. Hey everybody! checked out my Kindle Matchbook list today and noticed that both Warbreaker and Mistborn: the Final Empire were available for me to add to my collection. Not that I haven't already purchased the ebook, but still. If anyone else out there wants to grab those 2 for kindle at a very nice price ($2.99 ea) and you've purchased the physical book from Amazon, go check it out! Kindle Matchbook