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Found 4 results

  1. It's been known for awhile that Renarin Kholin has autism, thanks to several WoBs on this topic. I believe its important to have characters that have autism in fiction, but this isn't exactly what this topic is about... Thanks to Renarin's view point in Oathbringer, we now have a pretty good idea how his autism effects him. He is sensitive to sounds, uncomfortable at large gatherings of people (because of the noise and sound), unable to meet the eyes of others most of the time, and uncomfortable with being touched by those who aren't a part of his family. However, we've talked about this a lot already throughout the years, though this book reveals that Renarin is what many would diagnosis as Extremely High Functioning based on his symptoms and how he views the world (1). There is something more important that Oathbringer reveals, I believe. Jasnah is on the Spectrum or has a related disorder (such as ADHD). Oathbringer, 1132 (emphasis mine) While one might say this is related to what Dalinar refers to "her lunacy" (493) in one of the Flashbacks, and the earlier (473), when Jasnah recalls a childhood illness - Oathbringer, 478 - which she then says caused her to lose her mind. I don't believe that is all. In WoR, Navani stated that Jasnah was distant even as a child, and came off as someone who was already in their thirties. Often times, those who were diagnosed with Asperger's (which is not exactly the same as extremely high functioning autism, though many will tell you otherwise) in the 90s and 2000s before the DSM-5 was released in 2013, were described as "little professors". This is what I think that Jasnah was like growing up from the in-book descriptions. Plus, Jasnah is off compared to characters who are more neurotypical, like Adolin or Navani. She is really only close to her family (and Shallan to some extent), doesn't express herself openly (she's often seen as stoic and stern by outsiders, solemn), and is highly focused on her special interests (the Desolations and history). These are traits found in those with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), though I think that Jasnah either has Aspergers or Pervasive developmental disorder (PDD-NOS), which is a diagnosis given to those who have some, but not enough of the traits, for a standard ASD-diagnosis (under the DSM-4). This isn't just important because it could mean there is another character with autism in the cosmere, it also would say something about the Kholins themselves. ASD commonly runs in families, and with Jasnah being autistic, having Asperger's, or at least, PDD-NOS (that is, some autistic traits), it means that ASD runs in the Kholins. This is important to me, because it runs in my family (both my siblings and a few of my cousins), and that is something I haven't seen done in fiction before. It's awesome, and I hope it's true because I haven't seen families like mine represented in fiction. And that is super meaningful to me. (I will bring up the diagnosis definitions later if people ask, but I have to do some chores and things, so please be patient with me. I'll get back to it, promise).
  2. Question is in the title. My birthday is coming up and I'm getting myself a Bridge Four tattoo. I would like to get in Kholin Blue. I've been digging around and I've gotten shades from cobalt to cerulean, to navy. I would like to get the tattoo in the shade closest to Kholin Blue because obvi Bridge Four and the Kholins are all amazing!! Thanks so much for your help guys!! *Bridge Four salute!*
  3. So this is just an open question, to see if anyone has theories or knows of WoB that pertain to this. It's been bugging me for a while now how, for lack of a better term, special the Kholins seem to be. To my knowledge, becoming a Knight Radiant is not a matter of genetics (again, unless there's a WoB somewhere about this). This makes sense given how the magic system is essentially sentient; the spren choose the humans they bond with, and I don't think there has been any mention of them being limited by or drawn to different bloodlines. So why the Kholin's??? Dalinar is a Bondsmith, Renarin is a Truthwatcher, Jasnah is an Elsecaller. Elhokar describes seeing Cryptics in WoK (and keeps making obvious references to searching for the pattern of how things work, in both books - it is actually a defining, and very whiny, character trait), implying that he at least has the potenital to be a Lightweaver (maybe he is or was on some kind of shortlist of candidates :P). Beyond that, before Dalinar was chosen by the Stormfather to receive Honor's video diary, it is heavily implied that it was shown to Gavilar first. It is mentioned that he told Taravangian just before his death that he had visions about the Almighty and a storm. So yeah, that's a lot! Of the six Kholin's we've seen in the books (not counting Navani, since she is Kholin by - double! - marriage), five are either Knights Radiant or in some way special. No real theory on my part yet, still thinking it over, but it strikes me as very odd and I'm wondering if anyone has a theory or WoB to help shed light on this.
  4. I may have stumbled onto the answer to two running mysteries during a recent reread of The Way of Kings. The theory is running so strong in my head I was forced to register to these forums to see what others think. I've yet to see this theory anywhere yet which is amazing considering the vast multitude that these forums produce. There are a few pieces of information that are needed as a base so I'll go through those first. In Chapter 61 we get part of the answer. The curse he speaks of is of course his loss of memories of his dead wife. Few doubt this obvious part, but the Boon has been more elusive. Later in Interlude I-7 Many have commented on the unlikelihood or seeming incongruous nature that nearly every Kholin character is either a surgebinder or at least has been seeing spren. When the other surgebinders from the interludes and Kaladin have been far apart and alone, every single one of Dalinar's family is becoming a Knight's Radiant. In Words of Radiance Interlude I-9, Wyndle says that Lift was chosen for him to bond to because she had visited the Nightwatcher. That there is the connection. The Boon Dalinar received was for every one of his relatives to become a surgebinder. Now of course this wouldn't be what he asked for. Surgebinding was a fantasy at the time. His request was almost certainly more like "I wish that all members of my house to succeed in whatever way they wish," but the Nightwatcher through some form of Cultivations clairvoyance knew that surgebinders would be needed and the Alethi would need them more than any others. I like this as his request because it is vague enough where he could believe to have been granted it without being aware of what was actually delivered. I have no direct confirmation of this theory, but the fact that it can solve two ongoing mysteries at once just feels right.