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Found 13 results

  1. I sometimes I try to write Keteks, but I am not good at doing so. (English is not my mothers tongue and poetry is somewhat different in German) BUT I wanted to write a Ketek about the immortal words, especially the first ideal. And I realized, that it already could be written as one. "Life before death. Strength before weakness. Journey before destination. Weakness before strength. Death before life." And for me this makes perfect sense. There are many stories and myths about people who have to (symbolically) die before they can truly live. People are weak before they become strong. And the journey is (more) important, but there is no real journey without a destination. You would be wandering around aimlessly. Especially if you think about destination in a broader sense. Like a goal and not an actual physical place. There is much more that could be said about this and how it extends the meaning of the ideal. But I am hoping for your Ideas on that theory. Edit: "Life before death. Strength before weakness. Journey before destination before journey. Weakness before strength. Death before life." If it HAS to be perfectly mirrored, but I am not sure about it
  2. ketek

    This thread will be dedicated to the holy Vorin poetry form, a ketek. They must read the same forward and backward, but you can alter verb forms. Please promote this thread, because there isn't much about the ketek on this site, and I love this poetry so much, so let's try and fill this to the brim. Make keteks about life experiences, characters, or anything. My ketek below is about forgiveness.
  3. Is it just me, or are keteks ridiculously fun to write? Here is a place that you can share any silly, stupid, or serious keteks you write. Rules for Keteks 1: The ketek must have a symmetrical structure, like "Vin was cool, was Vin." Changes in punctuation are fine, and so are changes in the form of each word (e.g. walk, walks, walking). 2: The ketek must be grammatically correct. It cannot be a sentence fragment, but it can be more than one sentence. 3: The ketek must be divisible into five distinct parts, which each convey some sort of idea. Example ketek Blackthorn, the killer. The Thrill, the killer. He, Dalinar - He killed the Thrill. The killed - the Blackthorn.
  4. From the album Bored Doodles

    I decided to try woman’s script, and this is the ketek in WoK. Translated it’s, Above silence, the illuminating storms, dying storms, illuminate, the silence above. I apologize if I formatted it wrong. Not really sure how you format a Ketek.
  5. I'm working on revamping my women's script primer pages and would like to include some cool sentences for folks to practice their penmanship with. Can anyone compose a ketek that includes every letter in the Alethi alphabet? This includes Th, Sh, and Ch, but not necessarily X, Q, W, or C. The best ketek(s) will be immortalized in the Translation Guide, plus I'll write it out in the women's script for you!
  6. So I was trying to write Keteks for characters, and ended up questions. Keteks should read the same forwards and backwards, but does mean the words can have different meanings as long as they sound the same? (See Adolin's ketek). [Kaladin's ketek ] A newborn wind. Broken, but surviving. Aloft, bonded aloft. Surviving, but broken. Wind, born anew. [Adolin's ketek] Hauls in dueling two. Stabbing, I try. Eye stabbing, two duel in halls. [Stick's ketek] Unknown purpose? Living questioned, life uncertain. Life questioned, living purpose unknown .... Plea to change, be another. Fire. No. Fire! Another changes to pleas. Am I stick? I am. Can you deconstruct words into prefixes/suffixes as long as it follows the verbal pattern? Example: You know, undo. Restart, do unknown, you. [in hindsight this should go on the ketek topic which I just noticed. Sorry! Is there a way to move/delete it?]
  7. You have probably all realised this long ago, but the Part Titles for all the 3 Stormlight books form Keteks (as well as giving the theme to the parts themselves). Sanderson is just so cool. So many little details, so easy to miss. I just can’t fathom how he does it! The Keteks: The Way of Kings Part 1: Above Silence Part 2: The Illuminating Storms Part 3: Dying Part 4: Storm’s Illumination Part 5 The Silence Above >> Above Silence, The Illuminating Storms –Dying– Storm’s Illumination, The Silence Above Words of Radiance Part 1: Alight Part 2: Wind’s Approach Part 3: Deadly Part 4: The Approach Part 5: Winds Alight >> Alight, Wind’s Approach –Deadly– The Approach, Winds Alight Oathbringer Part 1: United Part 2: New Beginnings Sing Part 3: Defying Truth, Love Truth Part 4: Defy! Sing Beginnings! Part 5: New Unity >> United, New Beginnings Sing –Defying Truth, Love Truth– Defy! Sing Beginnings! New Unity
  8. From the album Highstorm MTG Deck

  9. From the album Highstorm MTG Deck

  10. I would like some critiquing of these two keteks I wrote today. My masterpiece, which came to me in a random thought: Stars align, and hands, reaching for reaching hands, align stars. Stars align,/ and hands,/ reaching for reaching hands,/ align stars. A ketek I had to think out word by word: Winds raging, battling against men, prepare men battling against raging winds. Winds raging,/ battling against men,/ prepare men/ battling against raging winds.
  11. Let's translate the poetry of Earth, from the lowest schoolyard rhymes to the finest Shakespearean verse into Vorin languages. Rules: An actual piece of poetry (or so called poetry) Translated as a ketek Earth-specific references replaced with Rosharian realities. Here is a start: Fire Illuminates the breeches of a liar whose breeches are lit of fire. This, of course, is the fifth tenet (or taunt) of Truthwatchers: Liar, liar, pants on fire.
  12. After reading Words of Radiance I was interested in the symmetric design of the names and poetry. Soon after finishing the book I was in a poetry class so I decided to try my hand at a ketek. I am fascinated by the differences between truths and lies after all everthing is subject to perspective. So here is my first attempt at a ketek. Lies are truths that see that truths are lies. What do you guys think? Is it too literal? Does anyone else have a cool ketek or poem for sharing?
  13. So, I never pay attention chapter titles at the time of reading, because all too often they give hints of what is to come, and I prefer to be absolutely surprised as much as possible. Recently, however, I read Part titles in the table of contents--and realized that the chapter titles in WoK and WoR both are the keteks that are featured in the book. "Above silence. The illuminating storms. Dying. Storm's Illumination. The silence above." from WoK and "Alight. Winds' approach. Deadly. The approach. Winds alight." from WoR. I thought this was neat, but not particularly special, but it got me looking at other titles in the book. For instance, the prologue/epilogue titles also seem to form a sentence or idea, and may be the beginning of a super-ketek (although doubtful). "To kill of most worth" is a concept that Kaladin struggles with in WoK. "To question art and expectation" could be seen as a large part of Shallan's arc in WoR. I then started looking into chapter titles themselves, broken down by where they appear (either as an interlude, or where they fall into a Part. There seem to be messages already, but before I invest a significant amount of time deciphering something that may be coincidence or not, has work like this already been done by anyone? Messages that I’ve seen are things like: A burning world treasures the one who deserves it. The one who hates burdens. To kill the glory of ignorance [is] a work of art. Death wears white recorded in blood. I got those simply by taking chapter titles that correspond to the character symbols and smooshing them together. I imagine that if there is a larger pattern at work, it’s more complicated than that; likely has to do with the pictures of the faces (Heralds?), combined with the changing symbol of Shallan in WoR.