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Found 188 results

  1. Hey guys, I'm back! Sorry for ghosting you (to anybody who cares), I had some stuff going on that took my attention away from the 17th Shard for a while, but hopefully I will be able to come back now, though it may be more infrequent. In any case, I've had a LOT of ideas or questions that I wanted to post, but couldn't. Here's one of the big ones; we saw in TLM that Marsh was running low on Atium, causing him to start feeling the effects of old age which would eventually kill him. However, what if he had been given some Unkeyed Dor instead? After all, it can be used to fuel any Invested power (as far as we've seen), so why couldn't he use some to fuel his F-Atium youth? Did Kelsier just not think of helping his brother out with the Dor, or did Marsh just keep it a secret? I suppose that it could be that Hemalurgic spikes can't use Unkeyed Investiture, but that seems unlikely to me since it can be used by anybody with an Invested power, and even if Identity contamination somehow does managed to mess with that function, Marsh specifically can bypass Hemalurgy's new limitations. What are your thoughts everyone? I'm dying to hear.
  2. So in bands of mourning there's a statue, and it's a guy with a spike through one eye. (They think it's the lord ruler statue, cause it's outside of the temple thing.) Do we have WoB confirmation that this is Kelsier? Are there any in-depth theories about what's going on here, beyond the obvious?
  3. I was thinking about Secret History, and I remembered Kelsier. According to Preservation, no one had ever tried to stay away from the Beyond before, which I find hard to believe. Normally, to become a Cognitive Shadow, one has to be heavily Invested, but Kelsier is no more Invested than the average Mistborn. TLR was far more Invested than Kelsier, and he moved to the Beyond. So, why did Kelsier stay?
  4. We know that Kelsier is trapped on Scadrial due to his Connection. However, I think that if he were to use a Trellium spike on himself he might be able to Worldhop due to Autonomy's nature. After all, Trellium spikes try to repel other sources of Investiture making it seem likely that this is an inherent property of Autonomy's Investiture. In fact, I think that Autonomy's plan for dealing with Harmony was to Invest Scadrial heavily enough that her Investiture shoved Sazed out of the picture. In light of that, allowing a Sliver to travel off-world seems almost trivial by comparison. Beyond that... SA spoilers
  5. I kept looking for a good mistcloak tutorial, and I couldn't find a really good one. I found a few that helped me flesh out the idea and construction but wanted to make my own, putting everything I did together, with LOTS of pictures. Most of the tutorials I see are one layer of fleece that is cut into tassels, but I didn't want to do that. I wanted to make a caplet, and attach ribbon as the tassels. That way I didn't have to worry about anything fraying, or the tassels being different widths. My materials: Sheet to practice Fabric scissors Marking pen Pins or clips Fleece Fabric Organza ribbon (for the tassels) Frog closures I kept playing with ideas in my head for how to construct the caplet (a mini cape-like thing that just goes to the elbows or above) I knew I wanted 2 layers for the caplet and one for the hood, so I would need enough fabric for that. I wasn't sure how I wanted to cut out the fabric , so to help me decide, I took a sheet we had to mark it (to figure out the amount of fabric I'd need) and cut it in different ways to see how it would lay over my husbands shoulders. I cut out a circle with the neck hole in the middle, and it looked pretty good, but I thought about making it shorter in the front, so also cut out a high low circle pattern. Same circle, but with the neck hole cut out about 2/3 down instead of the middle. That looked better in my opinion, so we decided to go with that. I knew I wanted the caplet to be about 15 inches long in the back and 10 inches in the front, so including the neck hole (2.75 inch), that meant I needed about 30 inches in diameter. (So I could have extra fabric and seam allowance) I first folded the sheet in half, and then in half the other way, to make a quarter circle shape. I drew a line at 18 inches from the corner to make a circle and cut it out. (For the regular circle pattern, you also cut out a neck hole at the corner, 2.75 inches from the corner) For the high-low, after you cut the outer circle, you unfold and refold the circle with one half higher than the other. Fold it in half, and mark the neck hole, and cut it out. I drew out a few things on my sheet and did other practice cuts to figure out the amount of fabric I would need and ended up buying 2 and 1/3 a yard for charcoal Heather fleece. The sheet is wider than the fleece, so make sure you account for that when calculating the fabric needed. I started cutting my fabric. I washed it first to make sure it wouldn't shrink, laid it onthe floor and folded it in half longways. Since this fabric is thick, I cut out my pieces into semi circles, not quarters. I measured 30 inches along the fold, marked it, and then marked the halfway point at 15 inches. I then used my flexible measuring tape and some chalk to mark a semi circle 15 inches from the midpoint. I marked two semi circles. I then cut it out along that marking, and now I had 2 circles 30 inches in diameter. I folded them back in half, and then folded it again about 1/3 of the way down, and marked my neck hole. I measured 2.75 inches from that corner and cut it out. I did the same for the other circle, and now I had 2 circles with an off center neck hole. I then cut a slit on the shorter half to be the open side of the capelet. My ribbon I bought is 1 inch wide. So looking up the math, the circumference of a 30 inch circle is 94.24 inches. Because I will be layering my ribbon in-between the layers of fleece, I wanted to keep a few centimeters free along the short slit I made before. I think I would need 94 1 inch strips to make a full layer of ribbon. I had bought 100 yards of 1 inch ribbon, and 50 yards of 5/8 Before I started cutting them though, I measured my husband to figure out about how long the ribbon would need to be on different points of him. For example, along the front it needed to be 52 inches long, but the back only needed a out 46 inches. I also measured by where the shoulders were, and then went from there. After I cut them, I sorted them in groups. So I had some 54 inches, 53 inches, and basically down to 46 inches, and then I pinned them on in sections so I wouldn't misplace any by size. I ran out of ribbon and pins, so just get more ribbon than you think. I had to buy more of both, so that I could also have enough pins to attach the skinnier ribbon at the same time. That way I'd only need to sew down the ribbons in one go. They will get sewn again when I sew the second layer of fleece on. After I got all the ribbons pinned down, it was a huge mess of ribbons: I sewed along that edge, to attach them. Make sure the pins are far enough up that the sewing foot doesn't go over them. Most of mine were okay, but some were pushed out by the sewing foot hitting them. Once the ribbons were sewn on, I had my husband try it, and it looked amazing! They flowed perfectly and really did look like the mists. This next part was a bit trickier. I took the ribbons in small groups and knotted them together to stay out of the way. I then covered the smaller bunches with tin foil to wrap them more securely, since I needed to sew the other circle fleece right sides together. (Side note, my kids threw away my original piece, so to make another, I needed to cut out 2 halves of a circle, and then sew them together up the back. And then cut out another neck hole. I made this circle a little bit wider, since it was going to lay on top of the fleece and ribbon.) So I laid the circle piece plus ribbons as flat as I could. I pinned the front opening right side down together. Then I laid the second layer on top of the first, and pinned along the outer edge, sandwiching the ribbon bunches inside, and I pinned the neck hole together to make sure it was all in the right place. It ended up being like a big pocket of sorts. I sewed all the pinned sides, but NOT the neck hole. (so where the red line is. That was hole the ribbons would come through when I turned it all right side out. Then I had my husband try it on again, and had him stand on a chair to trim the ribbon to be right around his feet. Some of the ribbons ended up being too short for what I was going for, but I'm not too upset about it. The way to fix that is to make the ribbon all the longest length and cut them all at the end. I was just trying to not waste too much ribbon. So I trimmed them to be about foot length on my husband. And then we took a lighter and burned down each ribbon edge, to keep them from fraying. So now I have am almost completed cloak. I need a hood next. I copied the shape of a sweatshirt my husband had, and cut it out. I had the top part be on fold, so that I only needed to do the seam up the back. Since my hood was basically a squarish shape, I needed to gather the bottom to fit the cloak. I made 2 straight stitches next to each other along the bottom. Then holding just the top stitches, I tugged the hood toward the middle seam. I made both sides be 10 inches. I then pinned the hood seam, along the middle seam of ONE layer of cloak. Then I pinned the edge to the edge, and then sewed them together. But now I needed to sew the second layer down. I didn't want to fold it over, because then I would have too many layers of fleece to be sewn, so I just laid the cloak layer on top of the hood Seam, and tip stitched down pretty close to the edge. Since it's on the inside, it isn't too noticeable, and since its fleece, it won't fray. The last thing I need to do, is hand sew a closure to the cloak so it doesn't fall off when moving around. I picked a medium sized frog closure and hand stitched it on about 3 inches up of the front opening. And this is the finished Mistcloak! It took longer than I thought, and that was because of the ribbons. It took a lot of time to cut them out, and then to pin them on. I was hunched over so it was hurting my back, but I'm so proud of how it turned out!
  6. Brandon Sanderson *reading a personalization request* Did Kelsier fill copperminds for reasons other than to share knowledge? Did he want to forget certain memories? *written* Yes. Yes. Those may not be causally related. You asked two separate questions and got two separate answers. JordanCon 2016 (April 23, 2016) Soooo..... Here the theory. We know that kelsier has one spike stapling his identity to a mistwraith. But apparently he believes he cannot get more to regain allomantic powers. What if, this is actually because this would open him to harmony's influence? What if he once had more, but had his mind taken over by sazed, in order to save south scadrial. What if thats where the coppermind is from. Sazed tried his best to delete kelsier's memories of the intrusion? Just a crackpot theory
  7. Hey everyone, after i finished reading the Lost Metall i was more curious than ever to get some new information about the ghostbloods. Although we got something about their motives, we didn't get much about how they were founded. So i am looking forward to (maybe) a Secret History 2... Or, let's say, a Secret History for every Era of Mistborn. To see what Kelsier is doing behind the curtains. One Question to get things a little bit more clear: The Timeline in the cosmere is still a little bit obscure. Does anybody know if Stormlight and Mistborn Era 2 are taking place at the same time? After reading The Lost Metall i have the feeling that this has to be right.
  8. Ok, so I've been listening/reading the mist born books in preparation of the lost metal, and something occurred to me. According to TSH, the reason that Sazed was able to take up both Preservation and Ruin at the same time was because he was balanced between both. Tindwyl's death instilled a sense of acceptance of death within him, which allowed him to take up Ruin, while still wanting to maintain life, allowing him to take up Preservation. The balance he represents between both is what makes him Harmony. I remember reading a WoB that stated that if Kelsier had managed to take up both Preservation and Ruin, he wouldn't have been Harmony; he would have been Discord. Sazed represents the balance between the two Shards, while Kelsier would represent the conflict between them. Based on their respective personalities, I think this makes a great deal of sense. But what if Vin had somehow managed to take up both Shards? She was both a destroyer and a preserver, something THOA makes perfectly clear, which seems to me to be another type of balance that could allow someone to take up both shards. Does anyone know if there is a WoB on this? It seems like the kind of question someone would have come up with a while ago. I don't think Vin would have been Harmony or Discord, although Harmony seems much more likely than Discord. The way she talked about life and growth just before she killed Ruin makes me think Vin would have been something like that. Maybe Life. What do you guys think?
  9. A bit of a Marsh character study set after Kelsier and Mare are imprisoned in the pits. Rated general, angst because it's Marsh. All pairings are canon. Constructive criticism welcome. This is also posted on Ao3 and under the names MentallyIllTelepath and the7horcrux respectively. (I hope I'm doing the format right, I'm kind of new to this site) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kelsier was grinning again. Marsh could barely glance at that smile without his blood turning to ice—that insufferable smile. And, almost worse, it was directed at Mare. The woman that Kelsier had won because he always won. "Marsh is worrying again." Mare said, her dark eyes sparkling. Lord Ruler. "Marsh is always worrying." Kelsier said dismissively. Marsh bit back a scathing reply—Kelsier didn't deserve that—but maybe that's the reason I'm the one doing good in the world while you're stealing from the Lord Ruler's stronghold, you have more money than any man could ever need, why—? "Perhaps if you weren't so cavalier about this I wouldn't need to." He said. Mare's lips curled up in Marsh's direction. His pulse thudded. Stop it. So, maybe there was another reason why Marsh found Kelsier's smile insufferable. "Marsh would worry if the plants were green and the sky was yellow." Mare said cheerfully. "It's just who he is. I have to worry, Marsh thought. Because you never do. He forcibly brought his eyes back down the table. "This job is going to be perfect." Kelsier said, unbearably confident as always. "We're breaking into Kredik Shaw itself! Mare, after this job, we'll have enough money to go somewhere where we won't have to run anymore." Wouldn't that be nice. Marsh knew that Kelsier and Mare could leave this afternoon if they wanted to, but for some reason they always had another excuse. Mare laughed, the sound like bells. Kelsier scooped her up and they spun together, their hair flying. Her joy was contagious. Marsh almost smiled, himself. Almost. "Anyway, Marsh, you're sure you can trust who you're sending?" Kelsier asked, blowing a strand of his blond hair off his face. "As much as you can trust anyone in the underground." Marsh replied. "I've worked with him before. But you won't be telling him enough of the plan to do any damage anyway, correct?" Mare nodded. "Only Kelsier and I know the full plan." Marsh only knew the details that would help his part of the job. Kelsier didn't fully trust him—that was fine. The fact that Mare didn't trust him was the thing that hurt him the most, though he didn't admit it. "I'll instruct him to meet him outside Venture Manor. He'll be wearing a blue cloak—his name's Redd." "Thanks, Marsh. I'll give you some of the cut." "That would be appreciated." "You can use it for that… rebellion you're running." Marsh stiffened. He just had to bring that up. "Yes, how is that going?" Mare asked, genuinely curious. Marsh carefully unclenched his hands. "The skaa refuse to rise up, and the few who have joined us are criminals of the worst kind running from the Lord Ruler, but we can't turn them away. We have few numbers as it is." "Marsh, we're criminals." Kelsier noted, smiling. "At least I do good with what I steal." The words were out before he could stop them, and Mare looked at him. Marsh drew in a slow, steady breath. "I apologize. That was uncalled for." "We'll be doing good." His brother wasn't smiling anymore. "The Lord Ruler will have a sizeable dent in his fortune." Marsh didn't trust himself to respond and instead inclined his head. Mare was studying his face with a gaze that seemed to pierce his soul. He looked away. "Send me word once you've finished the job, if you would." "We will." Mare said—Kelsier didn't say anything. His eyes were cold, flinty. In these moments, Kelsier's resemblance to their father was striking. He stood and nodded to them. The two brothers didn't hug. They hadn't done so since they were children. Marsh watched their retreating backs and couldn't repress a chill up his spine. Dockson's eyes were red. Marsh's fingers felt cold. "Marsh," Dockson greeted him. His voice was smooth as always, but Marsh thought he detected a slight tremor. "Dockson." He waited, his heart thudding. "News?" The only tie he had to the man was Dockson's status as Kelsier's right hand man. As the leader of the rebellion, he had kept good ties with many in the underground in case he ever needed a job—but he didn't know Dockson well. He told himself that he had other contacts, but the part of him that was brutally honest told him that he tended to stay away from anyone associated with Kelsier. The other man avoided eye contact. "Marsh, I'm afraid I've just received word that Kelsier and Mare…" He looked away and cleared his throat several times. "They've—they've been sent to the Pits of Hathsin." Marsh felt a sudden surge of coldness. Of course, he hadn't heard from them in a few months but he'd… he'd just assumed… "Who told you?" He asked, ignoring his trembling hands. Dockson took a step back. "A contact I trust." "Who?" Dockson rubbed the back of his neck. "Cladent, the skaa woodworker. He used to be in the army and knows someone who guards the Pits." Marsh spun on a heel and found himself facing the only window in his house. A red sun in the sky. Had it always been red? Mare said once that it had… it had used to be yellow… "I'm sorry. I know that you and Kelsier grew up together." Dockson said. Marsh realized with a start that he hadn't thought once of Kelsier. He didn't turn around. "Thank you for bringing me this news." He was proud to say that his voice was perfectly even. A few moments later he heard the door shut. That night, Marsh laid in bed, his eyes perfectly dry. His chest ached. He hadn't cried yet. Mare at least deserved tears. Of course he felt grief about Kelsier (of course he did) for anyone who was sent to the Pits of Hathsin never returned. It was as good as a death sentence. He wasn't sure it had sunk in yet. Kelsier was always just there, an immovable certainty in Marsh's life. Someone who would always be doing ridiculous, reckless jobs that he always pulled off, somehow. The brother who everyone had always liked more—the brother who Mare had picked instead of him. The one who survived, despite everything. Marsh left the rebellion the next day. No explanations, though his subordinates badgered him for one. No excuses, not even to himself. Because if Kelsier and Mare were dead, what chance did Marsh have? In the end, one thing about Kelsier had always irritated him the most. Kelsier had bravery—a trait that Marsh had always wished he had had. And Mare—she had kindness. What did Marsh have? Responsibility that he had never shirked, and that had gotten him nowhere. A mind for figures and memorization that had stuck him in his father's ledger accounting while Kelsier went to balls and represented the house. A cold heart that no one had been able to soften, and the woman that had finally melted it hadn't been his to lose. She was Kelsier's, because he had bravery, and that insufferable smile.
  10. So, this is my first theory in years, and I maybe did two before this; also, English is not my mother tongue. Furthermore, I just finished The Lost Metal, and haven't given the proper time to research and revise WoBs before I write this (anyone does?). Therefore, I apologize beforehand for whichever mistake I make. Now, let's get to it: In Kelsier's epilogue, he thinks about how Hemalurgy "had proven ineffective on what he'd become. It held his soul and body together, but no more", and he had hope, "hope he'd be able to touch the metals he could see in the world all around him". We're going to ignore the question that arises, if he can or can't physically touch metals, and instead understand his words as "Kelsier cannot use Allomancy in his current state". Does this mean that Kelsier has lost his prime Allomantic abilities? Did it happen when the Lord Ruler killed him? I think that's not the case, though there could be some WoB that say otherwise. I think that, when Kelsier died, the ability to access Allomancy was severed, but not extinguished. Much more like the link between his physical body and his congnitive shadow state were severed. We know that his eye's spike is made of steel, therefore it lacks something to link body to mind and soul. That brings us to the following theory:I think Kelsier had another spike before getting his eye's, this one made of aluminum. And here's why: Aluminum, according to the chart in TLM Ars Arcanum, has the Feruchemical power to store Identity. Also, as a Hemalurgic spike, it has the power to remove all powers. Hence, the core of my theory is that he used some kind of Aluminum medallion to store his Identity there (though I don't know if a cognitive shadow can access medallions, or if there's a WoB explaining it), then got someone to move it to the Physical Realm and stab his body with it, we don't know where. BUT, as he was Mistborn, the aluminum spike removed all his former powers and, potentially, his ability to use his steel one to touch metals around him. That would also could explain why Lerasium wouldn't work on him, as Sazed says, since the aluminum spike would automatically wipe out the new powers Lerasium brought. So, that's my theory for you guys. I hope I made it alright. Comments, opinions and insightful responses from someone who knows WAY more than I do would be appreciated. Thanks everybody for reading this far!!!
  11. So, finished the lost metal awhile ago and one thing has been rattling around in my brain to no end. Kelsier has seemingly lost all his powers and even with hemallurgy can't seem to do anything other than use steel sight. I am sure I am not the only one who wonders how he got to and helped the southern scadrians. Not to mention how he has managed to keep this so secret from his new crew. Most of all, I wonder why this is the case for him and not other fused as he seems unable to use unkeyed metal minds as well? The heralds have their shardblades and use external energy (stormlight). In addition returned utilize breath which could arguably be seen as an external investiture. Which to me would imply that cognitive shadows cannot use investiture innately. However, the fact that kelsier cannot to the best of my knowledge use unkeyed metal minds seems to imply there is something more going on. Would love to discuss with anyone, and thanks for chatting in advance.
  12. In Kelsier's epilogue, he and Sazed discuss whether or not Sazed should lead the people of Scadrial to a technological revolution. Sazed states that it's better for the people to discover things on their own. Kelsier counters the conflict wouldn't have happened if the people of Scadrial had been more advanced. Sazed has admitted previously that he thinks he's made things to easy for the people of the Basin, and that's why they haven't advanced as much as he'd expected. But if he'd given them the technology, they wouldn't need to discover it. Who's beliefs are more valid? Personally, I think Sazed's opinion is more valid. This resonates with several other fictional sources I'm fond of, and I think it's true. In Stormlight Archives, Dalinar discusses with one of his ardents the value of growing stronger through adversity, both as an individual and as a people. And the two discussions resonate, I think. Beyond that, the concept of people valuing things they've earned over what they've been given is something that's often explored in literature and other media. And that appreciation affects how they treat whatever it is. Be it technology, peace, or even financial wealth. Right now, Sazed says he puts people where they need to be, but allows them to make their own decisions. That's not a bad approach, all things considered. Perhaps Sazed could help nudge people in the right direction a little, but just giving the secrets away seems unwise. Hand outs are dangerous, because people can start to rely on them very easily, and because once it happens a first time, it's much harder to argue against doing it a second time. Teach a man to fish, and all that.
  13. kelsier

    Hey Brandon I am writing a Paper comparing Kelsier to a prevalent anime character name Lelouche (from the anime code geass). Anyway, I have been searching your forums and responses, compiling quotes from you talking about Keiser, and I have a few questions I was hoping to answer directly. Although you state that Kelsier is a villain, I wonder if you believe he has morals. If so, could you outline what his moral compass might be? Further, would you say that he views people as tools or a means to an end rather than a person, or is he too genuine of a person for that? I am re-reading the original trilogy to try and answer some of these questions, but some direct input from the author would be super helpful.
  14. Hello all, I just finished listening to the Old Cosmere Theories Shardcast from last year. I've got a theory cooking in my head and could use some help validating or poking holes in it! Theory: The Sleepless will be the mechanism to reform Adonalsium and will be the primary antagonist against Hoid in the endgame of the Cosmere Supporting Evidence: A vessel picking up a shard requires a sapient being in the Physical Realm. The Sleepless are sapient beings in the Physical realm. A vessel must have sufficient Connection to a shard to hold it. A being can be Connected to multiple shards. * Connection can be tied to an area (ex. Shardworlds) in the Physical Realm. This can cause beings that are heavily invested to be "stuck" in a specific location. * The Sleepless are Cosmere aware and have the ability to world hop. Connection can be inherited. * The Sleepless can selectively breed hordelings for a purpose. * The Sleepless bodies are thousands of hordelings, sharing a single mind. * There is an underlying theme of Identity and self-perception in the Cosmere. A table does not think of itself as multiple pieces of wood or nails. It sees itself as a whole. Hordelings have the ability to separate from the hive mind to operate autonomously, presumably changing their self-perception and Idenity in their spirit web. * They can even lose contact Cognitively. * Sleepless reproduce by forming multiple beings from their existing horde, meaning (presumably) all Sleepless are ancestors of a single original swarm. Through a mental link (presumably in the Cognitive Realm) they can communicate with other swarms. The Sleepless will play a very important role in Mistborn Era 4 * Hoid will be a main character in Mistborn Era 4 * Hoid's goals are unclear, but he may wish to reform of Adonalsium. Another entity doing so may interfere with his goals. A Hoid/ Sleepless race to collect shards could be a major plot point towards the end of the Cosmere. In plain English: I believe the Sleepless, over thousands of years, will spread across all of the shard worlds, adapting to the local geography, cultures, and magic systems. Independent swarms with be Connected with the local investiture and shardic intent, and when the time is right, they will take up the power of each shard. Once possessing all of the shards, the Sleepless (communicating via their mental link) will re-identify as a single entity, pulling together all of the aspects and powers of Adonalsium. This, IMHO, is the most elegant way to overcome the barriers of a human or dragon reforming Adonalsium, namely geography and Identify. Other facts that seem connected, but I don't know what to do with: The first Sleepless swarm to come to Roshar were said to look like spiders. * Could this play into the Spirit Webs? The Iriali's religion of a single entity breaking into smaller parts to have diverse experiences, only to one day reunite. They are aware of the Sleepless. * In this way, the Sleepless thematically match the shattering of Adonalsium. Known contradictions: The Coppermind says once a vessel ascends, they lose connection with their former species. This is lowercase c connection. I disagree with the interpretation of the WoB, as question was more about classifying the vessel. Bonus Theory: Kelsier will inhabit a Sleepless body and will be that primary antagonist in MBE4 Supporting Evidence: The Ghostbloods have a Sleepless aligned to their cause. Kelsier is bound to Scadrial. Kelsier is known as the "Lord of Scars". Sleepless, when imitating humans, have lines along their body where the hordeling intersect, appearing as either scars or tattoos. Kelsier and Hoid have had conflicts. Hoid considers him very dangerous. * The Set are said to have a longer timeframe for their goals The Set are aligned to Trell (presumably Autonomy) The Sleepless have a long timeframe, taking hundreds of years to selectively breed to meet their needs. * Bonus Theory: Autonomy now, or in the future, will be held by a Sleepless (maybe Patji) Supporting Evidence: Autonomy is referred to with male, female, and non-gendered pronouns. The Sleepless can present themselves as male or female and use non-gendered pronouns. Autonomy has many avatars on many planets The Sleepless are present on multiple planets Autonomy has been known to appear in various forms The Sleepless have the ability to change form by configuring different sets of hordelings Patji (linked to Automony) is a shard of Adonalsium * Patji (the island) has locations named after body parts (ex Eye of Patji, Patji's fingers) Sleepless hordelings have been known to get as big as buildings. Perhaps they could continue to grow to the size of islands. Known contradictions: Brandon was explicitly asked if Bavadin is a hive mind or an Amian, to which he said no. * This question was about Bavadin, not Autonomy. Bavadin's coppermind page lists them as the original and current shard of Autonomy, but the citations don't appear to confirm this. PHEW! That was a lot. I look forward to hearing your thoughts, both confirmative and constructive.
  15. I always imagined Breeze looking like Miles Edgeworth from Ace Attorney but I've seen people's drawings of him and he looks like he's more a short bartender lookin' guy. I'm not sure if theres a a description in the books that I've missed, so what does he look like?
  16. "Despite what he has told the Ghostbloods, Kelsier does not have a real avatar. Uncanonically, Brandon imagines Kelsier as using a Seon in a trench coat as his 'avatar'." what he has told the Ghostbloods%2C Kelsier does not have a real avatar. Uncanonically%2C Brandon imagines Kelsier as using a Seon in a trench coat as his 'avatar'.[25] I think this is canon now. And i think Brandon tricked you again. I´d like to change this sentence in the trivia to: "Despite what he has told the Ghostbloods, Kelsier does not have a real avatar. He uses a Seon as his 'avatar'."
  17. In chapter 71 of TLM, Harmony gives Wayne "the faintest bit of lerasium", Preservation's godmetal that granted Allomantic access to all metals. Harmony said that Wax created it while trying to split harmonium with trellium. Then, later on, in Kelsier's Epilogue, he says that lerasium is all annihilated in the explosion between those two godmetals. Hence, the question: Why did Harmony lie to Kelsier? My theory on this: Harmony represents equilibrium and stillness, not change, right? Then telling Kelsier about this new discovery (harmonium can be split and lerasium can be created) would mean that he would soon be producing lerasium (even though just in little quantities, as Autonomy has retreated from Scadrial and the trellium (bavadinum) available is scarce), a fact that would bring obvious change to the world. Let me put this in other words: Harmony telling Kelsier about lerasium equals acting towards change, and that's why god didn't say a word about it. It's kind of a weak theory, too simple if you ask me, but it fits. Anyway, what are your thoughts on this?
  18. From the album Other Cosmere Art

    Cosmere Modern AU: Kelsier, Hoid, Sazed, Khriss, Frost This is a new year piece for the fandom so I could use some wild imagination to draw some impossible scene! (Can't wait for Mistborn Era 3~4!) Alternative version I Alternative version II This comes from some dumb anime joke. Someone took it to make their play mat ("I really want others to see those nerds!") and I'm curious about the final product XD
  19. When talking with harmony at the end of the book, Kelsier is revealed to be unable to use metallic arts as CS, and is desperately trying to regain his powers. But... In his conversation with the bilming ghostbloods through a seon, Kelsier says that he cannot move faster as he is over water, and thus his steelpushing is useless. So Either: Kelsier is lying to the ghostbloods, pretending to be a misting in order to command greater respect. Kelsier has a coinshot friend he piggy back rides like max, or kelsier can actually use A-Steel through as of yet unseen A-medallions. This would make sense as if he cant use medallions, why make the bands? (but this is somewhat contradicted by his one POV chapter, where he laments his inability to use A-Iron and A-steel, so the whole thing is rather confusing) In any case, the 1st is most likely, which adds a bit of edge to when marasi asks if the ghostbloods can rely on even him to never keep secrets.
  20. From the album Mistborn

    Kelsier goes for a fly through the mists, but it looks like he's picked up a tail.
  21. Just checking, the Sovereign in Bands of Mourning is Kelsier correct? Thanks
  22. Is Kelsier (from your point of view) the hero, the villain, or the anti-hero?
  23. They both hate each other, and apparently, Kelsier is one of the only things that Hoid can physically hurt. So, will we eventually be able to see a real fight between these two, with crazy levels of Investiture, dirty tricks, minions on both sides, and secret weapons revealed? I'd pay good money to see that fight
  24. I was scrolling through this random thing: And the picture for Invested I don't get. I just... am confused. I haven't read Era 2, and I think I'm missing something... could someone explain it to me?
  25. I'm not saying Kaladin's a more interesting character. I'm saying, just as people, Kaladin is better than Kelsier. 1. Selfless... or not? Kaladin is far more selfless than Kelsier. In Rhythm of War, he gives up the possibility of peace to save his friend. He is very willing to give up his own well-being for others. But it seems like everything Kelsier does is to be THE AWESOMEST and to be seen as THE AWESOMEST. Which is a very different motivation. 2. Intentionally Starting Followings Kelsier made a kandra imitate him to intentionally start a cult/religion. All Kaladin had to do was be his awesome self-- and boom! Shash brands painted on foreheads galore! He wasn't even trying to start a cult. Which isn't the same thing, I know. But Bridge Four sorta worship him a little, which he did not intend. So Kelsier worked to make people worship him, where as Kaladin just did his thing and oops, he (kind of) started a cult. 3. Grudges Well, in the first couple books, Kaladin hates lighteyes. All. Of. Them. Well, in all of Kelsier's books, he. Hates. Nobles. He will kill nobles just for existing. And even when Kaladin was at the worst of hating lighteyes, he didn't indiscriminately murder them. And he slowly learns to get over his grudge. I see that most nobles were actually evil in Mistborn, whereas not as much so in Stormlight. But still, Kelsier takes his hate to a disturbing level. And he basically refuses to see that any nobles could be good. Whereas by Words of Radiance, Kaladin is willing to see that lighteyes(Shallan, Dalinar) can be good people. Even when Kelsier saves Elend's life, he does it because of Vin, not because he thinks Elend is a worthwhile person. Whereas Kaladin uses what he thinks are his last breaths to try and protect a lighteyes(in WoR). Honorary Mention: 4. The Ghostbloods??? Okay, this one is less supported and less reasoned out. <---(is that a thing people say?) But I don't know, the Ghostbloods seem pretty shady. And... yeah. Kelsier... is...(beware, weird Cosmerian spoilers follow...) Thaidakar! Leader of the Ghostbloods! And if that's not fishy, I don't know what is. Disclaimer: I have not read Mistborn Era 2.(haha almost spelled Era as Ear) But yeah! Feel free to argue discuss to your heart's content! I will see if anyone changes my mind...(do I know what that emoji means exactly...? not really. oh well.)