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Found 71 results

  1. I posted a few months ago about meeting a lovely young lady who asked me to read to her from Mistborn. Well now we have read era one and Alloy of Law together. Over the weekend she was playing some guitar and making up songs. At some point she asked for a topic. I said "A Kandra who's bones just don't fit very well". The attached video is the result. Small language warning. kandra.mp4
  2. So, a lot of Investiture systems allow one to use bones. How would these magics overlap? I assume a Kandra can probably still use a lifeless body but what about Kalad's Phantoms? Of course they wouldn't be able to recreate the features from a skeleton but can the statues be used in a similar manner as a True Body despite the fact that they don't have actual joints and were probably only capable of movement via Awakening? How would a Kandra interact with Dakhor bones? or the bones of a Skeletal of a Bloodsealer if they tried to swallow it while it was still under a Dzhamarian's control? What would a Dzhamarian be able to accomplish with a Dakhor monk's bones? The Investiture overlap and the region lock of Selish magics would make it very difficult to work
  3. The death of the OA emissary has always bothered me. Dusk and Vathi figure out that the machine is a trap, that they were meant to find it. Which means the emmisary's death wasn't an accident, either. The Ones Above must have somehow arranged for him to die. But how would that work? 1. The emmisary knew he was going to die. Which would raise the huge question of what about their mission he found worth choking himself for. I'm having a hard time imagining someone martyr himself for other people's profits. 2. My phone is a complete chull that keeps deleting the detailed paragraphs I've been laboriously tapping out, forcing me to sum things up abruptly instead of making eloquent arguments. 3. The Ones Above are a bunch of cold bastards who killed off a redshirt because they figured it would be easier to get away with one murder than wholesale violation of the Prime Directive. 4. Phone = storming rusting colorless deathant chull that tries to evade responsibility by autocorrecting to "chill" . 5. The emissary faked his death. Abruptly summed-up version: faking the dead when there's a bunch of people who will be desperately trying to revive you is difficult*. It's also risky because you have to survive whatever the local burial customs might be. Also they might try to cover up their theft by dumping your body overboard and swearing you fell or something. I mean, sure, they have sufficiently advanced magic for space travel, they can probably rig up something. But we know that kandra definitely are good at playing corpse. And it's widely thought that the OA are from Scadrial- which, coincidence coincidence, is where kandra are from. I'm going to cut myself off here before the Chull Phone strikes again, but what do you think? *I mean, I'm assuming. A bunch of godlike Space Dudes with the power to do Patji-knows-what if they're pissed send you an emissary, you'd probably be doing your best to send the guy back in one piece.
  4. I'm new to posting theories online, so please leave feedback below, both on the theory itself and my presentation of it. Please also tell me if this has already been proposed. In WoR, chapter 42, Shallan is in Sebarial's warcamp, having just woken up to a plate of food from Palona. She asks Pattern to remind her to thank Palona, then makes a throwaway comment about how she is "divine." Pattern then says: "Mmm. No. I think she is...Ah...Exagggeration?" I think that he sensed that she was not human, and was going to correct Shallan on her prescribing divinity to her when he realized it was an exaggeration. I think that this indicates that Palona is in fact not human, and is instead another species entirely. We know she isn't either breed of Aimian, and one of the only other species in the Cosmere that could blend in with Rosharans, specifically herdezians, as this is Palona's race, is a kandra. To my knowledge, there is only one confirmed kandra worldhopper, the agent of Harmony. I think that if Harmony's agent is trying to gather as much information as they can on other worlds, then one of the best places to be on Roshar is in Sebarial's warcamp. There are quite a few good reason's to be there as opposed to other places. One, the kandra worldhoppper is able to stay near a great deal of action in Sebarial's warcamp, as Sebarial joins Dalinar on the Shattered Plains to go and fight the listeners. Two, it is alluded to that Sebarial gossips with Palona about major policy decisions made in meetings with the rest of the highprinces. Three, Shallan lived in Sebarial's warcamp and had a lot of contact with Palona, who, if she is a kandra, probably figured out that Shallan is a native magic user, something that Harmony would likely be interested in. Some more supporting evidence that I have for Palona being a worldhopping kandra agent of Harmony is that she doesn't care very much about Vorin customs or chastity laws. I couldn't find the specific scene, but there is a scene where Shallan walks in on Sebarial and Palona getting massages and Palona is lying facedown with her safehand only halfway under a towel. Kandra like MeLaan have been shown to sometimes be careless with modesty in the past, which may be what is being shown here. Palona's Coppermind article says that she is good at anticipating Shallan's needs, which I believe indicates that despite her almost careless demeanor, she pays extra attention to Shallan. Palona also doesn't seem to be threatened by imminent danger as on the Shattered Plains, she is just reading a book. That passage describes her as seeming almost bored, but I believe that is too careless for a human to be at a battle. I think that the kandra worldhopper was trying to seem bored in order to disguise her interest with the battle around her. Also, the fact that she didn't seem afraid at all of the Shattered Plains seems to indicate that she didn't believe she was in any danger, which she wouldn't be if she was a kandra. I think that this is all the evidence I can find right now, but please comment if you find anything that is pertinent to this theory.
  5. TenSoon cooking Vin breakfast and Breeze giving TenSoon a drink
  6. Ok so the spikes required for making Kandra are easy to make right. I mean the metals are plentiful and u need to ordinary humans to get them. Not allomancers or feruchemists. Then why are there so few Kandra. I mean , yes they are nonviolent and might have a stigma towards hemalurgy but still I'm sure u could find thousands of poor or unfortunate ppl on the verge of dying due to trauma , disease ,etc ,who could be euthanized , even as a service to them. Also u could just steal some koloss spikes. Things would have been even easier in era1 following the Lord rulers death and the chaos unleashed in it's wake , I mean ok tlr's death was unexpected and deeply grievous to them and then ruin got released so they had a lot to think about. But even in era2 , where couples like tensoon and MeLaan , gave been in a relationship for centuries u don't see them hankering after children. Seems strange to me . Can anyone give a good reason why this is so ? Edit : wait MeLaan and tensoon have a dad daughter dynamic. damnation , I didn't know that. I thought they were a couple. But still if tensoon the gruff old dog could adopt a new Kandra , why don't the other more pg13 ones ?
  7. Ok , hey , I'm a new guy . Joined today actually. Hum, please move this to the proper section if I post this into a wrong forum or something. And I confess that it's probably wrong since there are WoBs directly contradicting my theories about the hemalurgic metals. (Can someone send me those if u have them ? ) Still I thought it made an interesting theory .So here's my theory : So I was looking through the wiki and found that the 4 blessings were listed as hemalurgic iron , tin , zinc and copper. But I disagree. the mistwraiths were created from full feruchemists , so I think they needed a part of a feruchemist's spiritweb to work on a Kandra. So I think the reason there were so few Kandra in each generation was because u needed hemalurgic spikes made by killing feruchemists. Therefore the four blessings would be : A). The blessing of strength was H-Pewter, which steals feruchemical physical powers. B). The blessing of awareness was H-Brass, which steals feruchemical cognitive powers . C). The blessing of presence was H-gold , which steals feruchemical hybrid powers D). The blessing of stability was H-aluminium , which steals all powers. Points in favor of my theory : 1). Hemalurgic copper , iron , zinc and tin steal human charecteristics. Normal humans. Not metalborn. Tlr didn't really care much about skaa and used them to make spikes indiscriminately for creating koloss. Why then limit the number of Kandra per generation to a hundred ? More Kandra meant more loyal subjects and spies and better atium Management and conservation. 2). Feruchemists on the other hand were rare , rarer than allomancers. Hence it would make sense why so few spikes were available to the kandra. 3).If the Kandra were rebellious , wouldn't they just steal spikes from like the treasury or from the koloss or by killing or mercykilling humans ,( I mean hey there were lots of impoverished or crippled skaa who would have been almost dead due to starvation , the mistsnapping , war , gang violence or tlr's general tyranny , who could euthanized as an act of Mercy during era 1 . And even during era 2 ) and make more Kandra ? I mean , that seems like a serious lapse in security by tlr. 4). Why are Kandra with the blessing of stability so rare ? I mean , zinc spikes should be as common as iron. Wouldn't it make more sense if this blessing was due to aluminum , a rare metal which might have been experimentally used a few times and then abandoned , due to lack of the resource. 5). I think , that aluminum is perhaps the most stable and inert of all the metals. Something that is immune to all ( ?? ) forms of investiture. Wouldn't it make sense that this would grant the blessing of stability which supposedly makes a Kandra less susceptible to external control. 6). Marasi notes that Ru Luur's spike was probably pewter. 7). In many ways it seems Kandra are superior to humans . They are usually peaceful , great at defense , functionally immortal , can change morphology to suit thier professions ( Spoiler for WoR ) Indeed , if it weren't for the mind control. ( spoiler for oathbringer ) It seems callous of Rashek to ignore this possiblity. With allomancy becoming weaker with every generation , knowledge of mind control and duralumin being suppressed and tlr himself running out of both sanity and his atium compounding efficiency , it might have been possible for Kandra to rise in rebellion. Even assassinate tlr and the Inquisitors themselves. Especially , if Paalm revealed how easy it was to infiltrate the ranks of the Inquisitors. Marsh did the same thing too remember. Several of the younger generations clamored for change and the kandra themselves hated being sequestered in some dank caves. Points against my theory : 1). Perhaps tlr was afraid of Kandra overrunning humans . Or didn't wanna overcrowd them in the pits and hence limited the number of new ones per generation . 2). Even if the Kandra were rebellious , it should have been easy for tlr , the Inquisitors , mistborn or soother mobs to get them under control. But then again , perhaps they might have removed one spike in order to remain immune to mind control , but it would have been harrowing for the kandra. 3). There seems to be WoBs stating that it was the normal power stealing H-spikes , ie, zinc ,tin,etc ,that were the blessings. This is , if true ,actually the most damning piece of evidence against my theory. 4). Then there's the possibility that the kandra were never a security risk. I mean even 3 centuries after the catacendre , most Kandra are peaceful and Van Dell just simply hates violence. It seems only the third generation and a few like MeLaan are the exceptions. They might actually hate themselves for being hemalurgic creations, but still if all one needs is a iron spike , then couldn't they mercykill some humans and create young ones or scrounge some from s dead or dying koloss ? Potential possiblities if my theory is true : 1). Sazed is afraid of the kandra. Hence he has had the mistwraiths eradicated , resusticated into humans or atleast removed from thier sentient brethren. Whether the kandra like this or not is impossible to foresee. 2). On one hand , the kandra seem to be peaceful creatures who willingly choose suicide even tho they are immortal. 3). On the other hand , the kandra have had centuries of practice acting and hiding thier true feelings. Then there was the dream / religious prophecy Ten Soon told Vin about Kandra ruling Scadrial once all the humans were dead. Paalm's anger at Sazed might have been atleast partially due to Sazed's oppression of the kandra. In some ways , Sazed's treatment of the kandra is worse than tlr's. 4). Perhaps some Kandra are truly loyal to Sazed , but as we saw in HoA , not all Kandra have the same view. So perhaps it's possible that some factions among the kandra including the world Hoppers?? are planning to oust him and gain control of Scadrial. Perhaps that's how Paalm first came in contact with Trell . Perhaps the ' faceless immortals ' Trell has , according to Edwarn ladrian are actually Kandra world Hoppers who defected to Trell or odium or whoever else , in order to gain greater autonomy for the kandra . 5). Finally we see Paalm using metalborn abilities and a statement saying that she had infiltrated Inquisitors. I really doubt you can infiltrate the ministry of Inquisition without displaying metalborn abilities. So is Sazed lying ? Tlr had reason to contain such knowledge from the kandra but does Sazed have similar reasons ? Also perhaps the spike which grants metalborn abilities might be aluminium . I mean if H-aluminum steals all powers then could it be possible that as a blessing it could grant all powers or well one power each. Perhaps this is also the reason the kandra themselves are oblivious of this knowledge since aluminum is super rare and aluminum spikes even more so. Yep , no proof for this. Just tinfoil. And Wax's observation of Paalm's spike seems to refute this reasoning. But then again Wax was like totally depressed at the time and wasn't able to run tests on it and the kandra removed it soon enough. Maybe Paalm just mixed in something else in the spike to change it's colouring , in order to fool ppl.
  8. So, either something amazing happened or there’s a bit of a plot hole in The Bands of Mourning. Anyone else notice that, apparently, MeLaan’s weight changed when they all got into the little airship while escaping from the compound? She was behaving like a skimmer! If it’s not an oversight, then apparently the Kandra could use Feruchemy with Alec’s medallions. I know that Feruchemy is hereditary and the Kandra are Terrace, sort of, but they are drastically changed. Or no one caught it in editing.
  9. I'm taking college biology, and I've noticed some interesting things, specifically relating to kandra. First of all, bones are not stagnant. They're constantly being repaired and broken down. When the body dies, eventually the bones will dry out and be utterly useless. Bones are just cells like everything else. SO, why can't kandra make bones? Then there's hair. Kandra can't make hair, they have to get it from humans. Hair is made of the same substance as nails, but no mention is made of kandra having nail problems. I'm just confused about why this is. On the other hand, since kandra can make cartilage (ears and nose), they could theoretically turn into a shark with nothing but more material, as sharks have no bones. Maybe a toothless shark, but a shark. Thoughts? Other interesting applications and implications of kandra biology?
  10. Spoilers for The Mistborn Books and Stormlight Series will pervade this thread. So this is not a fully flushed out theory - it's actually more of an idea - but can Kandra worldhop? They're spiked, and therefore tied to Harmony, but does that mean they can't leave their planet? If they can worldhop, do you think we've seen any Kandra on Roshar and not known it? Personally, I am hopeful to see Tensoon return as Kelsier at some point. (Different theory here: unless, do you think a Kandra sacrificed themselves and let Kelsier Spike his soul to their body using his original bones in order to have a physical form again? This is the only explanation I can think of that would lead to Kelsier having his scared arms at the end of bands of mourning).
  11. How do those in the second age know so much about investiture? I think that Sazed gave them some sort of book, but why would he explain it? Also, does anyone else think that in BoM it's funny that what are essentially angels are giving a slideshow presentation on magic in some guys office? (I know that they're Kandra, but they're "messengers of a deity." I think that's what constitutes an angel)
  12. I was thinking about Kandra in Bands of Mourning and something occurred to me. In Bands of Mourning it talks a lot about Identity, but it's all in reference to Feruchemy and Allomancy. I was wondering if Identity could be important for Kandra. Specifically, I was thinking that it may be part of how they are able to so convincingly take the forms of other people. This eventually lead me to thinking about other shapeshifters as well, but first I'll talk about Kandra. Young Kandra are only able to shapeshift into the form of a person after consuming their body. After a lot of time spent taking on various forms they're eventually able to take liberties, mixing and matching, adding, subtracting, adapting, etc. But at first they're only able to consume a body and then turn into a copy of that body. Once they're in a form they have a hard time not acting like the person that form belongs to (like when MeLaan takes on the form of the Governor Innate at the end of Shadows of Self, she knows she's supposed to be placating the crowd, but that's not what Innate would have done. This could be from training and practice, but I think that would only take you so far. Particularly when she didn't actually know much about Innate.). Anyway, so I'm proposing that when a Kandra consumes a body they are able to consume a portion of the person's Identity. This helps them to not only copy the person's physical appearance, but their mannerisms, their speech patterns, etc. It wouldn't give them the person's memories, but they would instinctively be able to tap into the way that person would do things. This is similar to when Shai is testing pieces of the pattern for Ashravan's essence mark on Gaotona. This effectively gave Gaotona a copy of a small portion of Ashravan's identity. Sometimes Shai would incorporate actual memories into the stamps as well, but like with the part about how his favorite color was green. I feel like that had more to do with Identity than memories. For a Kandra I feel like they would get more of the person's Identity than Gaotona was getting, though not the whole thing. For a Mistwraith I bet they get the bits of Identity as well, but without sapience it doesn't do them any good. So that brings me to other kinds of shapeshifting in the Cosmere. Here's a list of all the kinds of shapeshifting I can think of: Kandra/Mistwraith, Aimian, Dician Aimian, Forgery (minimal, but it does still happen), and Returned/Royal Locks. Aimians and Dician Aimians we don't see enough for me to judge how much has to do with Identity, but I suspect that it does play a part. Forgery you're only changing to different versions of yourself, but I still think that your identity is changing. Returned we don't see too much of it, but the parts we do see seem to me like it's totally about Identity, and the Royal Locks we already know work the same way, just on a smaller scale. Illusions aren't actually shapeshifting, but I think Identity frequently plays a part in them as well. Anyway, I thought this was interesting. Thoughts?
  13. What would happen if a kandra were to burn a lerasium bead? We know that when they consume a body they don't gain their allomantic abilities. But if one were to burn lerasium would their spirit web be changed to make them a mistborn? If this were to be combined with what kandra can already do with their malleable bodies, and their blessings, then I imagine you'd have an incredibly effective assassin.
  14. WARNING: SPOILERS FOR ALL MISTBORN AND STORMLIGHT PUBLICATIONS TO DATE. Friends of the 17th Shard, a situation has occured. According to Weiry Writer, Brandon Sanderson has made it known to us through the Waygate livestream that there is another worldhopper whom we have all missed. A worldhopper who, quite apart from the likes of Hoid and Nazh, goes by no known alias and does not have an easily recognizable description. Apparently, a kandra has been travelling through the Cosmere. I scarcely need remind anyone what a kandra is, or why picking one out from the crowd of Cosmere characters will be so difficult. Kandra can mold their bodies around any skeletal system, perfectly impersonating animals and even individual humans. At least one kandra impersonated another kandra. It may prove to be impossible to find a worldhopping specimen, especially when given so little information to work from. But, let us not be daunted by the difficulty. As long as there are worldhoppers, there will be 17th Sharders to find them. In fact, I cannot imagine a world in which 17th Sharders didn't speculate ceaselessly about worldhopper identities. Finding a kandra isn't a hardship: it's a privilege. Allow me to begin. Be warned, spoilers and tenuous logical connections follow. First, we should specify what we're looking for in a kandra worldhopper. Obvious signs would be noticeably out-of-character thoughts or actions, death and apparent resurrection, or mentions of missing bones or bodies. If we knew our target's motivations, we would have an easier time of things. But for now, we must sadly stick to what we know. The most obvious motivation I can think of would be as an agent of Harmony. We know from the recent batch of AoL annotations that Sazed is very concerned with Cosmere-wide events, and wishes to learn more. Sending a kandra to other worlds could work wonders towards revealing the secrets of Adonalsium. Unfortunately this idea gives us little indication of where we might find the kandra. Possibly Yolen, where it all began, or Roshar, a place of major Shardic interactions? Sel could also be a potential kandra destination. I put some thought into several deaths and resurrections. In Words of Radiance, both Szeth and Jasnah are presumed dead but are found later, very much alive. However, I do not believe either to be a kandra. We see Szeth's PoV in his chapter, and no indicators of kandrafication can be seen. In addition, Jasnah is seen Surgebinding in the WoR epilogue, which would suggest that she is who she says she is. It also seems likely that Hoid would have noticed a swap. While Szeth and Jasnah were probably not kandra-spottings, I believe that other cases of "deaths" should be investigated. So there we have it--or rather, there we don't have it. There is a needle sitting in quite a big stormin' haystack right in front of us. Let's try to find it. WalDo, the 17th Shard will find you. If you have appeared on screen, you will be found. Now, 17th Shard... let's get to work.
  15. THIS POST IS FULL SPOILERS Hey there fellow Sharders, I bring a fairly simple topic today, not crazy theorycrafting, no bizzare "what-if"s... Just a pair of little questions that bug my mind. They both have to do with the "Ruin/Hemalurgic-Species", Koloss and Kandra, but each in a different way. Question the first! How the **** are there Koloss halfbreeds in AoL? I mean, yeah, they were humanoid... 12 foot tall humanoid beings that could only be bored or enraged, none of which is very propense to sexual attraction by the way, AND, they couldn't really procreate. They were MADE, not born, and they were kinda undead... They were nothing else than a dead body with 4 hemalurgic spikes. Setting aside physical impossibilities, what human female could have survived an "intimate" encounter with a Koloss? And what's more important, what human female would have wanted an intimante encounter with a Koloss? It just blows my mind. One could argue that Koloss are like the "orcs" in fantasy, and noone questions the existance of halforcs... But to me Koloss are more like Ogres in size... with chicken-sized brains, the temperament of a dog with rabies, and they are pretty much undead... They have more in common with Warcraft Abominations than nothing else... I just CAN'T comprehend the crossbreeding here. If someone has a good explanation about this and can share it, I will be most thankfull and cover you in virtual hugs. Question the second! Aren't all the Kandra just Mistwraiths by the end of TFA? The question background is this: I finally convinced a good friend to give the books a try, and he devoured the four Mistborn novels in a weekend... Well, he told me that two known Kandra appear and interact with Wax. It's been a while since I read AoL, and sincerely I don't remember it all that well but I trust him when he says so. The thing is... How? Didn't all Kandra commit to the First Contract and give up theyr Blessings? Even if they somehow used the left blessings to make new Kandra... wouldn't they be NEW KANDRA? not old ones? I don't totally comprehend the act of giving "sentience" to a Mistwraith... But I don't think they could become "sentientless" and then return to their own selves... If that was the key they would strip any prisoner Kandra of his blessings and give'em later when they are freed... Well, thank you all for your attention, and future responses *I added the Spoiler Alert at top, I dunno if it's really necessary nowadays, but better safe than sorry, I'd hate to Ruin someone's experience. (See what I did there? )
  16. Marne called the Synod to order. The experience was unreal for him. Today, their scheduled monthly meeting was to be held, yet in the chaos of the hunt for Spiked, none of the agenda seemed relevant. Budgets, news of the surrounding world, minutes of their last meeting together—none of that mattered anymore. The Synod’s finances were immaterial if they were unable to survive the onslaught of the Spiked. The only news that mattered of the surrounding world was how close the Lord Ruler was to knowing that Tathingdwen was the last outpost of Feruchemy. And the last meeting’s concerns were a trifle compared to the crisis each Synod member now faced. The Synod, at least, had recognised that the current situation merited strong leadership, and had striven to act accordingly. Marne, however, realised something else. He had lost control of the Terris, and the Synod could no longer check the rising tide of suspicion. The Synod’s credibility had shattered, if not when the news of the Spiked reached their ears and they had failed to act, then instead when Valwyn had been killed and revealed to have a Pewter spike embedded within him, a typical Synod aristocrat—and a Spiked servant of the Lord Ruler. However, whatever control the Synod had ever held over the Terrismen was slipping, and essentially gone. The Terris had not heeded Marne when he had called for a nonviolent response to the Spiked. The Terris had not heeded the Synod when they executed one of its members, despite the protests of those who knew him. And the Terris had not even heeded Olaf, who commanded their respect for wilfully rejecting the Lord Ruler, when he too had stood up for the condemned. So it was that Marne stood at the head of a toppling aristocracy, Olaf at his side, with the man pensive as ever. Robbed of its effective power, the Synod, its numbers greatly diminished by the attacks of Spiked and innocent alike, sat in a half-circle around him, waiting patiently. Marne rose to speak. “My friends, I believe the first order of business that we have to attend to is not the typical item on our monthly agenda, yet with the recent turmoil, it has become the only concern of this body for quite a while. With the Spiked having infiltrated our very congregation, the Synod has held emergency meetings, stirred up the Terris populace, and attempted to judge the accused, in an effort to contain and resolve this situation. I admire everyone who sits on this council for their dedication to this task for the past week.” Taking a deep breath, Marne continued. “However, given that the Spiked pose such a serious threat, and since the Synod is so integral in resolving any and all threats the Terris face, I believe it is wise to assess how well we are controlling this...situation. And I must say, I believe we have lost all control.” A subdued mutter ran throughout the room. Marne pressed onward. “I do not mean that we have lost all our power. However, we do not exercise the degree of control over the Terris that we normally hold. Neither my efforts nor those of Olaf have stopped the bloodshed, despite our high positions, and at this point, they are unlikely to. Therefore, I see only two things that can be done. “The first is to allow these killings to continue. I dislike this greatly. All you know my distaste of violence to decide arguments. However, the Terris will kill regardless of my stance on the current trials. All that remains for us is to pick battles that are more winnable, and to serve as seasoned voices in the proceedings. Our influence in that manner may be of greater help. “The second is also against my liking, but was suggested by Olaf. Would you like to explain it to the Synod, Olaf?” Marne asked. The thin man nodded, rising from his seat and facing the congregation. “I’ve leveraged some connections as the leader of House Ffnord, and it turns out one of the spies assigned to this city in my network knows an assassin, a deadly Coinshot. His services are expensive, and I do not think our wallets could withstand more than one use of his...talents, but should we as the Synod decide that someone merits removal, we have a means with which to do so.” He sat back down, impassive as ever, and the whispers of the Synod drifted up to Marne, conveying a mixture of distaste and excitement. Marne fought down an urge to weep. Here was a group of men he had known his whole life. Now some were dead, some were Spiked, and the others, including him, were resorting to coins in the dark and mob rule to preserve their institution. Hardly what he had envisioned when he took the oath as the leader of the Synod, five years previously. Hurriedly dismissing the meeting, Marne turned away from the Synod as the tears trickled down his face, and the trials outside the meeting-house of the Synod commenced. --- HanTor had never told his fellow Spiked that he was not, in fact, a Ferring. Nor was he a human. The Lord Ruler had wanted someone who could be trusted to obey his commands unflinchingly, and as his personal Kandra was away on a separate mission, HanTor had been assigned to the job. As a Fifth Generation Kandra, HanTor had spent most of his life in the Homeland, but his skills at crafting a body were not diminished by his inexperience with the outside world. He was more practiced with his True Body of quartzite perhaps, but he adapted quickly, if not happily, to the more fragile bones of humans. As the protégé of his Second Generation tutors, he had learned a lot about the Terris people and their traditions, enough to fool even his companions so long as he kept quiet. The most pressing problem had been gaining Feruchemical powers, for no Kandra possessed those abilities and he would rather avoid faking it, even with the Blessing of Potency granting him some of the strength and stamina of a Pewter ferring could gain. HanTor had therefore been smuggled into Tathingdwen a night early, searching for an isolated Ferring whose life he could steal. HanTor could not disobey the First Contract, even on a personal mission for the Father, so he had been forced to rely on an infiltrator who had been in place long before the Spiked had arrived. He never saw his contact’s face, even as he stood and watched while they tortured an isolated Sparker’s deepest secrets out of him. HanTor hoped never again to see a human pierced with so much metal that they resembled nothing so much as a pincushion. A simple pair of spikes was all well and good, and an exception could be made for the brass spike that had now been inserted into his shoulder, but metal was meant to go on the inside of a body, not protrude from the flesh. HanTor shuddered as his contact limped away with a sack of spikes and discarded bones thrown over one shoulder. He hoped the rest of his team would be more sensible and less … violent. HanTor found that he regretted Valwyn’s death. There were the obvious reasons of course; his death meant their infiltration of the Synod had been exposed, there was one fewer member standing between HanTor being forced to choose between his mission and the First Contract’s prohibition of killing humans, they would have to move out of the caverns that reminded him of the Homeland, and HanTor would be forced to speak up more despite not being confident in his ability to properly imitate a man he’d only known for an hour. Yet beyond all these practical reasons, what HanTor found he missed most about the deceased Spiked was the loss of a man who had treated him as an equal. He knew that this was only because he was disguised as a human, but he found himself resenting the Terris people who had killed Valwyn. Cleansing Tathingdwen of Ferrings was no longer merely a mission to him. Alongside his remaining companions, he would avenge the death of the first human to ever respect him as an individual. The next day, HanTor formally began his campaign of vengeance. The Sparker whose bones he wore had been a recluse, which limited HanTor’s ability to publicly act. Nevertheless, he worked to fill the void left by Valwyn’s death, quietly suggesting to the townspeople which Ferring should die next, contributing more to the secret conferences his fellow spiked held. For most of the day, his new plan of action was successful. The Synod, splintered by the loss of two of its members, one of them a traitor, did nothing to prevent the chaos spreading through the village. Accusations were being tossed every which way, and it appeared no-one could come to an agreement. Then, everything went wrong when Citona suddenly declared herself to be a member of the Synod and announced her intention to kill HanTor. Where before anarchy had reigned, the villagers were suddenly all too eager to obey the dictates of an authority that had been found to be corrupt just the previous night. As the angry villagers converged on HanTor, he tapped his Zincminds, draining every drop of power he had amassed during his stint as a Ferring. Instantly, his mental processing sped up, beyond even what he imagined a Blessing of Presence would do for him. In the few seconds remaining before he could be consumed by the mob, he crafted a last, desperate speech. “My friends!” he cried out. “I am not your enemy. I-.” His words were cut off as an irate Ferring smashed a chair into his head. The impact caused no harm, but it served as a signal to the rest of the group. Quartzite would have been able to resist the trampling of feet and the crushing blows of furniture and garden implements, but human bones were not nearly as sturdy. The initial attacker leaned over HanTor’s broken body. “You realize of course that you don’t have any friends. You never have, and now, you never will.” When Marne came out later to view the carnage, he found HanTor still alive, but immobile from having his entire skeleton fractured. HanTor tried to cry out to the Synod leader, but his shattered jaw rendered the sound as an unintelligible moan. Marne seemed to understand, though. He rummaged through HanTor’s pulped organs, finally managing to pull out the three spikes that granted him life, sapience, and power. Marne began the walk back to the Synod with the artefacts, leaving HanTor’s corpse lying in the field. Kidpen was lynched! He was a Spiked Zinc Ferring (Sparker)!! Vote Count: Kidpen (4) randuir (2) Cadmium Compounder (1) Worldhopper from Yolen (1) phattemer (1) Sart (1) Night 3 has begun! It will end in 24 hours, on Monday the 20th of August, at 9 PM EDT. Please note something—I’ve been occupied, and have had little time to post rules questions in-thread, but if you successfully double-fill your metalmind, please send in a fill order at the beginning of the Day or Night turn immediately following your double-fill, to confirm that you wish to fill your metalmind. Player List: 1. Rathmaskal as Laksam, an ash sweeper from the Eastern streets 2. Xinoehp512 as Ereheman Tresni, a man with his priorities backwards 3. Steeldancer as Steel, the fastest sculpture of a squid wrought entirely in steel in all of Tathingdwen 4. Randuir as Zihel, a worldhopper looking for his twin brother 5. I think I am here as Itiah VI, a missionary on a mission Village Steel Ferring 6. Bort as Tee Mai, a tailor specialising in offensive clothing 7. Cadmium Compounder as Ethin Hallil, a cadmium Feruchemist and SCUBA diver 8. _Stick_ as Stick, President of the Tathingdwen Tautological Society of Tautology 9. Jondesu as Remart, a man back from vacation armed with vaguely ominous statements 10. Kidpen as HanTor, a lonely Kandra that’s definitely not Spiked, nope Spiked Zinc Ferring 11. Elandera as Era, an old woman who claims to have been alive before the reign of the Lord Ruler Village Pewter Ferring 12. Snipexe as Snip, a fabric cutter in the local quilt shop Village Iron Ferring 13. Worldhopper from Yolen as Tarin, a Sparker with a wonderful, awful idea 14. Alvron as Izzy Dedyet, who is not dead, feels happy, and thinks she'll go for a walk Village Full Feruchemist 15. Phatterner as Citona Vinid, a seemingly faithful follower of the Lord Ruler 16. Ark1002 as Kardik, a Full Feruchemist 17. Araris Valerian as Valwyn, an honest rug merchant Spiked Pewter Ferring; Rug Merchant 18. Coop772 as Irion, a Full Feruchemist with hidden potential Village Copper Ferring 19. Sart, a stuttering Nameless
  17. Here's a thought: if you were to bond a Bestarin Aether and lose, say, an arm, could said arm be replaced with that of a Kandra?
  18. So, a friend of mine and I were talking not long ago and this friend said something about Melaan having an aluminum true body in Era 2 because aluminum is allomatically inert and does not react to investiture. This friend theorized that kandra couldn't have true bodies made of metal because of the allomantic qualities of metal and the fact that they do react to investiture. I thought that that wouldn't have anything to do with impeding a kandra or their abilities in any way. And so I'm wondering: What would happen if a kandra had a true body made of metal? Would it affect them in any way, and then would it be in a positive or negative manner?
  19. Ok, so ever since I first read Bands of Mourning when it first came out, I've been wondering about this. (disclaimer, I am not suggesting that Brandon is going to do something like this in the books at all, just that its a curious idea.) There were 2 discussions in particular that brought the idea to my attention. First, when Melaan patched a bullet wound for Marasi. She took a nibble to create a flesh bandage for Marasi's intestine an skin and tissue, which is a pretty awesome idea in itself. Then Wayne was later telling Marasi to be careful w/ the Kandra spike. He said something along the lines of "Be careful not to poke yourself and turn into a Kandra" Anyway, Wayne is certainly crazy enough to make the attempt and he might intrigue Melaan enough to try it out. The attempt being turning Wayne into a Kandra or 1/2 Kandra. All Melaan really needs is enough food and focus to make the attempt. Wayne needs enough health stored just in case. If he stores up enough health, or gets a identity-free metalmind with the gold misting ability stored in it, he can compound for the health. If the Kandra can recreate a body so precisely, what about creating an entire body that way? So Melaan eats Wayne, slowly, and rebuilds each piece, connecting the nerves along the way. So as long as Melaan is connected she can be a life support system. If the attempt fails entirely, Wayne regenerates with stored health. So Wayne gets a nearly full body prosthesis made from Kandra flesh. The next challenge would be how Wayne would gain any control over the "kandra" nerves of the flesh instead of just the synthesized human ones. Could Melaan leave the prosthetic behind, attached to wayne, and let it function like a normal body? Or, would the kandra flesh, separated from the Kandra revert to dead mistwraith flesh? Would Wayne's ability as bloodmaker, reject and regenerate the full body, or would it incorporate the kandra Prosthesis? Yes, I know I sound like a mad scientist. Thoughts?
  20. This idea had been bouncing around in my head for a while. The phrase "I've got a bone to pick with you" takes on a whole new meaning when you imagine it being said between two kandra... I apologize for the horrendous artwork (if you can even call my stick figures "art"). If anyone with more artistic talent than I have wants to make a better version of this, feel free! (Like, seriously, please do. I'm begging you, help this joke reach its full potential! )
  21. If you gave 2 unkeyed Pewter Metalminds to a mistwraith would it become a Kandra with the blessing of potency?
  22. Just hear that bass and think of all those digestive juices consuming those bones! I dare you to listen to the whole thing. It's quite brutal.
  23. Why can kandra not breed? I read somewhere that a kandra can have children with humans...
  24. If you put two spikes in the right spots would someone become a Kandra? Or does it have to be a Mistwraith first?
  25. EDIT: This theory has been pretty soundly disproved due to fundamental errors as pointed out by @Weltall. I don't know exactly when to put spoilers and when not too, but don't read further unless you've read Mistborn. I was thinking. Yes, I know, I'm proud of me too. In Secret History we see what happens to koloss in the CR when they die. They separate into the people that were used to spike them without memory or knowledge of their life as a koloss. That's a relief, right? It means it didn't change the people into bloodthirsty monsters, they were more used as a battery against their will. But how does this translate to kandra? First off, I'd like to make clear that- in my eyes at least- over the course of its life, a kandra is three sentient, intelligent beings. Two people (made into Blessings), and the kandra itself. The original kandra were four sentient intelligent beings because the mistwraith was actually a Feruchemist. So when a kandra dies, how does it appear in the CR? Does it split into the two blessings and the original Feruchemist, the kandra wiped away? 'Cause that would suck. I mean, a Ryshadium- a storming horse- gets into the Beyond and a fully sentient immortal stops existing? Doesn't make sense. Therefore, I propose that when Hemalurgy (do you capitalize that?) is used in a way that it fundamentally changes the recipient of the spike, so much so that their personality is immediately and drastically effected, it creates an entirely new soul. In this case, I believe that when a kandra dies, four beings appear in the CR. However, I've just run into a couple of problems. Right now a certain question has been created. "So, do koloss and those disgusting wolf people in the Homeland enter the CR in death, and go to the Beyond?" I would say it depends on the sentience and intelligence on the being in question. For instance, the disgusting wolf people I would classify as simply dissipating into the people used to create it. For original Era 1 koloss I would probably say the same. Era 2 koloss are different, because the human turned koloss remembers his life as a human, and is roughly the same person. When you start getting into koloss like Human, it begins to get philosophical. That concludes my rambling theory. Feel free to rip it apart!