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Found 6 results

  1. I listened to Warbreaker again recently, and there's a fair chance that other people have already realized this and I'm just slow. We've known for a while that Nightblood is a hacked version of Shardblades, but it occurred to me that those aren't the only things Vasher and some of the other Five Scholars saw on Roshar. He also saw Plate and presumably the dueling stances, and this ends up making his own fighting style of Nightblood with Awakened clothing make a lot more sense. Considering his centuries of fighting with basically magical power armor and Nightblood, it also makes a lot more sense why he's a master at teaching new people how to use Shards. We see wisdom from the lessons he gives to Kaladin and Renarin in the few battles we see Vasher fighting. His first lesson to Kaladin and Bridge Four is to not get distracted by the Blade, and we've seen what he accomplishes when people just stare at Nightblood. Yes, Nightblood is doing more than just looking flashy or dangerous, but there's a lot to the intimidation factor that Vasher probably uses to his advantage. He has Renarin diving headfirst into the ground using Plate, and we've seen him trusting his life to an Awakened rope strengthening his leg when falling out of a building. Vasher's Awakened clothing combat style probably wasn't solely inspired by Roshar and Plate, but it obviously was influenced by it. The one that probably should have been obvious to me is that Kalad's Phantoms are a hacked version of Shardplate. Of course Vasher wouldn't have stopped at copying just a Shardblade if he saw Plate. He just made an army of his versions rather than just a handful. It may also put Vasher killing Shashara into a different perspective, since Nightblood or other Shardblades are probably one of the handful of things that would consistently be able to deal with the phantoms. It also makes sense how those two inventions, Nightblood and Awakened statues, came out relatively close together. Really though, I've known for a while that Warbreaker was meant as a prequel to SA, and that SA was written before Warbreaker, but it still astounds me how good Brandon is at what he does. Are there any other Rosharan elements that people can spot in Vasher's actions?
  2. A month or so ago i remember seeing a post on here(or maybe on reddit)musing about how Kalad's Phantoms move, and i think the general consensus was that the Breaths made the bone/rock flexible or something so the Phantoms could l move?(if anyone remembers feel free to correct me) im on a journey reading old WoB looking for hints or stuff about things that are just now happening in the Cosmere and came across this old WoB that talks about the Phantom's and states that they have areas carved in the rock for the joints and that the Breaths acted as "magical sinew" holding the different pieces together. Thats pretty crazy... using Breath as a magical glue pretty much. I guess thats what i always thought. I mean, something is holding the Phantoms together. Its just cool to know now. If its like a sinew, then that should make the Phantoms as agile as a person, or even more so because they would be able to turn there head or limbs 360 degrees. Really puts them a step higher on how dangerous they are(or how i imagined them to be at least.) On a un-Phantom related topic, i also came across a WoB that states that one Nalthis country is using Awakened machinery(for free energy) which is really awesome and something i hope we get to see in Nightblood.
  3. So, a lot of Investiture systems allow one to use bones. How would these magics overlap? I assume a Kandra can probably still use a lifeless body but what about Kalad's Phantoms? Of course they wouldn't be able to recreate the features from a skeleton but can the statues be used in a similar manner as a True Body despite the fact that they don't have actual joints and were probably only capable of movement via Awakening? How would a Kandra interact with Dakhor bones? or the bones of a Skeletal of a Bloodsealer if they tried to swallow it while it was still under a Dzhamarian's control? What would a Dzhamarian be able to accomplish with a Dakhor monk's bones? The Investiture overlap and the region lock of Selish magics would make it very difficult to work
  4. So we know that it's difficult to impossible to awaken something that wasn't, at some point living. How does this apply to soulcast bodies on Roshar? Would an awakener be able to reproduce Kalad's Phantoms on Roshar without having to use bones as a focus in the statue, since, before the soulcasting, the body had been alive?
  5. (Warbreaker Spoilers below) Welcome back to Monster Melee 5, or The Ballad of Roshone's Revenge; the thread where we debate and vote on which monsters would win in a fight, and then I write up a battle scene using your suggestions and a little bit of Roshone bashing. In case you're just joining us, here's a small recap of the story so far: So this week, we've got a group against a single large baddie, Kalad's Phantom's vs a Thunderclast. Kalad's Phantoms- (very little here.) Thunderclast- (Not much here either.) This week again I'm going to without the voting until we have some battle parameters set. We'll need a couple of things set in stone before I open the polls: Setting-last week we left Jah Keved, and we need to continue our trek, (after all, movement gives the illusion that the story is moving forward.) The base of the Horneater Mountains. Number of Phantoms (Can't have the whole army, unless we want a bunch of Thunderclasts as well, but I think a group against one battle would be pretty cool here. You might be able to sway me otherwise.) Debate as of now is 20-25 against 1 Thunderclast 25 Phantoms Weapons the Phantoms have: Friggen Giant Warhammers Maces Meteor Hammers Flails Friggen Giant Boulders Bare hands-not be confused with bear arms Morningstars Also, feel free to throw in suggestions for future fights, ideas for moving the narrative forward, ideas to improve Monster Melee in general. I'm having fun doing this, but the thread is for you as well. If there's anything you'd like to see changed, let me know! The more participation we have the better it will be. I want to stress that I didn't come up with the idea for Roshone being involved, the Trolloss, Roshone getting spiked, that was all you guys, so please throw your ideas out there! Let the discussions begin! Here's the battlescene!
  6. So I don't know if this means anything or if anyone else has touched on this, but Kalad, the name attached to the secret army referred to as Kalad's Phantoms in Warbreaker is a shortened version of Kaladin's name, the prmary character in The Stormlight Archive. Now since the events of Warbreaker supposedly happened before the Stormlight Archive, that isn't actually provable at this moment. So could Kaladin somehow end up on Nalthis and be a part of its history? Or could someone from his bridge crew or someone else inspired by him become a worldhopper and end up on Nalthis, using Kaladin's name or a variation of it to uphold his inspiration?