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Found 397 results

  1. So the question is I thought Brandon Sanderson had said that it would leave the Beyond be, but this confuses me. Any help to understand it? Thanks
  2. You know how Kaladin in SA hates how the darkeyes are treated and absolutely loathes the lighteyes? Well, I was just thinking that compared to the skaa on Scadrial, the darkeyes have it real good. I would be curious to see what Kaladin thought about the skaa compared to the darkeyes' situation, and I also wonder how a conversation between Kaladin and Kelsier would go, seeing as they both hate seeing oppresion.
  3. From the album Stormlight Legos

    So for the things you might be ticked off by. No Syl, I don't have the pieces He has a pony tail. I always imagined him this way Any requests for the next Lego?
  4. Honor died, but we have several clues in RoW indicating that he may be re-emerging. We've known since OB that Dalinar has taken up Honor's perpendicularity. Rayse believes Dalinar ascended, but I don't think Dalinar is the one ascending, actually. Like ... like ... like Odium. Everywhere we see red and gold together, it is Odium. Perhaps this is merely an indication that Kal is close to becoming a Child of Odium at this particular moment, howling after losing Teft and then these eyes. At the same time, Odium-red eyes have previously always been caused by a bond with voidspren, which seems not to be the case here. And why would soldiers fear a child of Odium, like themselves? Instead, perhaps these colors point to Kaladin's coming ascension. Honor's robes are gold, as well. Moash's continual insistence surrounding Kaladin's immortality certainly points to ascension. Finally, Tara-Odium notices a "growing" and "verdant" power, which is clearly pointing toward Cultivation. However, just as the back of RoW falsely implies that Navani will be a Lightweaver with its half-dozen references to truths and lies, I believe this most obvious allusion to Cultivation is not the one actually intended. Verdant can also mean brand new and budding. Growing points to something new.
  5. When Kaladin said the words of his 4th ideal . A curious thing happened . A voice that wasn’t the Stormfather said these words are accepted. It’s a small thing but it has me thinking it’s foreshadowing something. I considered it could of been Dalinar.. maybe the sibling , idk it’s more to it ! Does anyone have any ideas
  6. So I just finished RoW and there was a little section in Part 2 that I really wanted to talk about. This is the epigraph to chapter 29, a part of Sazed's* letter to, presumably, Hoid (I'm just assuming that's the case from now on). While this first made me think of Nightblood, Nightblood's purpose was to destroy evil, which matches neither the word choice nor the theme of the sentences. But the wording "both protect and kill", is extremely similar Kaladin's character arc, as his main struggle throughout the books has been trying reconcile the idea that he can kill to protect with the morals that he has grown up with, and that his radiant oaths align with. And so I suspect that Kaladin is Sazed's champion. Though that is not the only reason I think so, even though it is by far the best. Kaladin's name sounds a lot like Kelsier's (Kal, Kel), and they do share some similarities in their character. Most noteworthy however, is Kaladin's ability to inspire others, assuming Sazed wanted to influence Roshar using a person, he would probably try to mold them off of influential figures in his past *cough cough* Kelsier *cough cough*, and so may end up making them (intentionally or unintentionally) inspirational. (does the crowd chanting "Stormblessed" not remind anyone else of how the people of Luthadel treated Kelsier and their idea of the survivor when they revolted against the Lord-Ruler). Assuming that Thaikadar is Kelsier for a minute (I remain skeptical, though Kelsier's "end justifies the means" attitude would make him a perfect antagonist for the SA), this would also create a parallel between kelsier/Shallan and Sazed/Kelsier, with the latter being scaled up (with a Sazed and a sword replacing of Kelsier and a knife), and this theory also sets the precedent of Scadrians actively operating on Roshar. I also think that there were some lines in Kaladin's chapters that felt suspiciously like allomantic tampering (surviving things that he shouldn't by being tough, people's emotions being not matching up to what they should be [I'm thinking of Kaladin's owner who gave him the Shash brand, but also I think I remember a line near the end of RoW where his stress/anxiety/nervousness are drained away, described similar to soothing, though I couldn't find the scene so I think I may be mis-remembering it]), and that feels a lot more like the work of Sazed than Cultivation. This does not, however, explain the whole "Child of Tarnavast" thing. *I don't want to use Harmony because of the statements that were made previously that Sazed was acting against the intent of the power he held (sorry if that's not the way those words are supposed to be used)
  7. From the album The Awful Collection of My Stormlight Art

    This is literally the extent of my art abilities. I'm putting this up here to show you all that I have tried. A career as an artist has been attempted. Perhaps I can find a job at Casually Explained, or Terrible Writing Advice.
  8. I want, to ask how is it that Kaladin 'defltects' the highstorm in Oathbringer chapter 31? Adhesion brings things together, and gravitation creates forces, but neither of these seem to actually work to deflect the highstorm. also, are the windspren there watching him deflect it, like gloryspren, or are they there because they are doing the work, and somehow Kaladin was able to command them. Finally, is this something that technically any windrunner could have done as part of their powers, or was this special to Kaladin because of something unique to him, to Syl and her connection to the stormfather, or something else?
  9. I have a strong affinity to Kaladin and am emotionally invested in his journey. My sincere hope for him has always been to find a sense of peace and fulfillment in his life. It was a bumpy ride getting there, but I feel like he has finally reached that point at the end of this book. It is as if some tension that has been building for four books has finally been released, for him and for me as a reader who cares about him. I don’t expect it to be all puppies and rainbows for the remainder of the series, but at least there is some ground of stability from which to move forward and develop in new ways. Some specific things I enjoyed about his progression this book: Kaladin and Syl: One of my favorite developments is how Syl evolved as a character alongside Kaladin. Her thoughts, feelings and actions are becoming so human. I love how she tries to understand and support him no matter what he is going through. And conversely, he does the same for her. One of the most striking moments is when he said the fourth ideal. She clung to him as they fell together from the tower, shaking because she couldn’t remember the words. But he knew them, and said them. It was such a reversal from the previous ideals, where he was uncertain and she encouraged and helped him say the words. Also, the scene at the end with them talking about Teft’s loss was so lovely. They seem to have a true partnership at this point. Mental Health: It is funny that we as readers have been lamenting for years that Roshar needs some advancements in the field of mental health in order to help our heroes deal with their issues. Alongside that, it has been a horror to see how Taln, child Jasnah, and others with mental issues are locked away in dark rooms alone and forgotten. I cheered in joy in chapter 25 when Kaladin began working to change all of this. It is such a perfect direction for him… he has the empathy and experience to understand what these folks are going through, and the means and knowledge to help them. I cannot wait to see where he takes this. The first step is working with Ishar, and I suspect Kaladin will help him and the other heralds to overcome their madness. Fourth Ideal: the thing I loved most about this scene is that, while Kaladin had the actual task of speaking and meaning the ideal, he had help getting there. It was a group effort that included Dalinar, Stormfather, Syl, Tien, and Teft. They were all there with him, supporting him by giving him the time, space, and insight to make this (literal) leap. Up until this point, one of Kal’s problems has been that he tries to do it all himself, does not accept help. At the end of Oathbringer, Syl told him he needed to let other help him for a change, but we see throughout ROW that he has not yet accepted that help from others. Yet in this scene he lets go, and the relationships he has nurtured and developed with others give him the strength he needs to say the words. And can we take a moment to appreciate the slave brands are gone? Relationship with Lirin: this was rough, and there is still a ways to go, but I feel they made a good start in repairing their relationship with this simple line: "Come on. We need to protect the people in that tower. You in your way. Me in mine.” Throughout this book Kaladin was trying to change himself to fit the image his father wanted for him, and when he couldn’t do that, Kaladin took it as a personal failure. Here, he is finally accepting that it is okay for them to have different paths. I hope Lirin can do the same. I feel he took the first steps by having the shash glyph painted on his forehead. Interactions with Wit: I enjoy their interactions and The Dog and the Dragon story was one of my favorite chapters of the book. It is interesting to note that Wit has told Kaladin a story shortly before his second, third, and fourth ideals. The next time he gets a story I will be looking for the fifth ideal to follow soon after. One thing I am curious about is how Wit projected into the Odium vision. I feel he would need some sort of Connection with Kaladin to sense that he was trapped in the vision and come to him there. I also find the flute curious. Why would Wit give him such an important artifact, and will it have any significance going forward? This book strongly focuses on rhythms and music, so I wonder if it will play a role in some way related to the rhythms of Roshar. Personally would love for Kaladin to learn to play it. Music therapy is a valuable form of psychotherapy. Friendships: I continue to enjoy Kaladin and Adolin’s bromance. I love reading about close friendships between people who care for and respect each other and I feel these two fit in this category. Kaladin trusts Adolin enough to talk about things he hasn't told anyone else. I am glad that Kal has a friend to talk to who is outside his chain of command and who cares about his well being. I also enjoyed Kaladin's interactions with Teft, Rlain, Dabbid, Leshwi, and Zahel in this book. I hope to see Kaladin and Rlain stay in contact with Leshwi and Venli going forward. There is so much more to talk about including the interactions with Moash, the Odium visions, and the glowing yellow eyes, working with Navani and the Sibling, the fight scenes with Lezian, etc, but this has gotten long enough for one topic. How do others feel about Kaladin’s arc in this book? Where do you think he will go from here? I have seen some posters saying they are disappointed in his progression. In what way are you disappointed, and what outcome would you have preferred for him?
  10. So any theories on how Kal went super saiyan rage mode even with the radiant blockers in place and not saying the 4th ideal towards the end of his fight with Lezian? What power was he using to move with such speed?
  11. So we have this conversation at the end of Navalni and Dalinar where she implied that nobody of Odium can defeat Kaladin. Then, Dalinar says that he is not his best fighter, and neither his best assassin, only his best soldier. The best assassin we can suppose that is Szeth (although he was defeated by Kaladin and also I don’t think we can consider Szeth an assassin now). But moreover, who does Dalinar think his best fighter is? Himself? Adolin? For me it’s quite strange that statement since I everything that is showed to us is that Kaladin is by far the best fighter with/and without Stormlight. I don’t think that Dalinar, Adolin or Azeth would defeat Kaladin in a combat without Shardblades and without Stormlight. And also neither with Stormlight or Shardblades. Moreover Odium seems to think the same about Kaladin since he appoint 10 times in the book that he is not possible to defeat in a fight (in the mouth of his minion Moash) and that’s why he try to mentally destroy Kaladin. So, is there any explanation for these words of Dalinar? Is he overvaluing himself as a fighter? Is he just making a mistake? The election of words is curious because he could have said that he is going to fight because not only fight skills will be important or something like that, but he clearly states that Kaladin is not his best fighter while all evidence is against.
  12. Yes, I know it’s a bit soon and all considering Kaladin said the Words less than a week ago, but what do you guys think his fifth oath is going to be? I’ve really got no idea, do you guys have any thoughts?
  13. Did anyone else, in the haze of brutal emotion that was chapter 108, feel an extra emotion because of the fact that Tien, like Maya, chose his fate, and the obvious parallels between those scenes/the implications behind them? The belief, all those years, that the Radiants murdered their helpless spren as unwilling casualties of the Recreance. Kal's belief that Tien was sacrificed, without his knowledge or consent, along with the other messenger boys, to buy some time for the trained soldiers. The revelation that, in both cases, the innocent victims chose their fates for their own beliefs, and made the choice to do what they felt was right. Perhaps neither was fully aware of what the consequences might be, but they went to them willingly. Obviously the spren's choice, and the fact that Adolin, via the power of goodness, is slowly reviving Maya, have huge overarching implications for the entire series, and put everything into a different context. However, in terms of the parallels here between that scene, and Tien's death, and what the implications are for Kal, I think it revolves around the idea of "you cannot have my sacrifice". Kaladin is an incredible character, don't get me wrong. He's a hero. He's saved so many lives, and tried to save so many more. He's Kaladin storming Stormblessed, he can't be anything other than fabulous. But he also has a big flaw, and a big habit of removing agency from the people that he feels he's failed in the past. He wants to protect. He wants to protect so badly. And he fears failure so much, that sometimes he can erase the choices of those he tries to protect. Sometimes it feels that Kaladin is a storm, and all the people he's tried to protect, Tien, various groups of slaves, his squad in Amaram's army bridge four, Elhokar, etc, are just debris picked up and carried and then dropped by him, that they have no will or agency of their own. But they all chose. Elhokar chose to go to Kholinar to try and save his city, and his family. His squad chose to follow him into battle, and to support his assault of a shardbearer. Bridge Four chose to take up spears against the parshendi at the end of TWOK and help Dalinar. They chose to become bodyguards to Dalinar and the Kholins. They chose to become squires, and then Radiants. They chose to protect, and to put themselves in harm's way to do so. The slaves Kaladin led on an escape attempt chose to go. They chose to be brave and attempt to escape their chains, rather than living within them. And Tien. Tien chose to go with the other messenger boys. He chose to stand at the front of that group of soldiers. He chose to give them light, and hope, in their final moments. He made that sacrifice willingly, so that the others would be less afraid as they died. Like the spren of the Recreance, he chose, and history, and Kaladin, have erased that sacrifice and made it their own. Kaladin's fourth ideal was "I accept that there will be those I cannot protect", which was obviously a HUGE step for him, as he obviously viewed this, based on the end of Oathbringer, as letting go of the people he lost. But I think it's also about accepting that sometimes he cannot protect people because they are not his. They are their own people, with their own ideals, beliefs, and courage. Sometimes you cannot protect someone because they make the choice to not be protected. They make the choice to put themselves in harm's way, as Kaladin does time and again, to protect, or give hope, or chase their own dreams. Their choice is their own. Their sacrifice is their own. And Kaladin will have to learn that the people he saves may want to do something with the lives he protected. Even if that's to give them away for a greater good. That's their sacrifice. And their choice. And Kaladin cannot have it to fuel his guilt and fears.
  14. Ok so as the tag says I’m not talking about shipping them though that’s probably what this will become. I’m just wandering how their relationship will progress, it’s very clear that they have developed a mutually respectful relationship despite being enemies. I feel like Sanderson did a very good job of making it seem like they had some kind of strong relationship and spent a few chapters on it. Plus we know that leshwi is fascinated by kaladin for some reason presumably because he managed to reforge an entire order of the knights radiant with no guidance and is the first time leshwi has seen a leader of a radiant order that isn’t a herald. but now kaladin is off combat duty so they presumably won’t interact much or at all, but we had multiple chapters building up their relationship so why and what will come of it later down the road.
  15. Hello there! I was recently reading RoW, and I just thought this was very interesting, because there was a thread on This subject a few weeks ago. We recently learned that Kaladin’s last name, or, household name is Stormblessed. And some of us were thinking about this so it is very interesting.
  16. I haven’t finished the rest of the book so no spoilers if this becomes immediately relevant and I doubt it will. but with kaladin being made cosmere aware thanks to vasher he is being position as a worldhopper assuming he doesn’t die in book 5. I think we are very obviously supposed to think this is gonna be kaladin whcih make some speticsl but then it made me think, what if kaladin gets powers from every shard. kaladin has powers from honor The theory about him bonding yxili exists harmony if he discovers his existence may be interested idk I just kinda want to know if anyone else has other theories on this
  17. So... does he have a canon last name? It's not said in the books (if it I am drastically missing a section) and I haven't stumbled upon any WoBs. That said, there probably is one. And it's probably unanswered. So if someone knowledgeable about WoBs could point me too it- or the lack thereof- it'd be appreciated. Thanks!
  18. Hello, Occasional lurker, first time poster. I've just had an epiphany on Kaladin's 4th ideal. I think the consensus for the fourth ideal is that is something along the lines of "I will protect those that I can but I accept that I cannot save everyone." I think Kaladins new role as a surgeon will lead to him swearing the 4th ideal. He will have a patient or patients that he cannot save. He will come to this realisation and ultimately swear the 4th ideal (maybe during the assault on Urithru). Furthermore this will unburden him and he will be able to return to battle and have a decisive role in the defense of Urithru. Sorry If someone had this idea before but I did not see it,
  19. Just finished my reread of Oathbringer in prep for RoW, and I think it's the best book in the series. I'll admit there's a possibility of recency bias but I thought a lot about it and I feel confident in, well, how I feel about this book. What do you think?
  20. Does anyone else find it very frustrating that both Shallan and Kaladin’s issues seem to be never ending? While on one hand it’s a more realistic depiction of real life issues in that they are rarely resolved in one fell swoop, as a storytelling device I am beginning to find their struggles way too repetitive. It’s maybe not so pronounced with Kaladin. His story and internal monologue is very repetitive regarding each of his hold ups but they at least seem to be dealt with in a realisation that ends up with him swearing a new ideal before another takes its place. At first he was just downtrodden and hopeless, then he had a complex regarding who deserved his protection. Both of these things directly correlated to his oaths. This is why everyone assumes his fourth ideal will be related to his current obsession with not being able to save absolutely everyone. As an overall arc I think this is fine. However, reading his thoughts at the start of RoW is so tedious for me right now. He goes round and round in circles and the exact same concerns can be brought up three or four separate instances in the same chapter. Shallan’s troubles are less excusable to me. I think her DID storyline started off as a logical interpretation and a smart way to display her talents as a lightweaver and their associated risks. I thought it was beginning to drag towards the end of Oathbringer and I’m dismayed to see that there’s no real end in sight. Which would be fine in my opinion if she weren’t on the cusp of regressing even further. I am assuming that her mysterious fourth persona will end up being the Ghotbloods’ other operative and I think there’s potential for that to be interesting. The fact that this is tied to yet another terrible secret from her childhood, however, is infuriating to me. We know that she killed both of her parents and was justified in doing so in both cases. I struggle to see how she could have done anything that would affect her more as a young child. Not only that but the fact that there’s a bigger, unresolved trauma in her past cheapens Words of Radiance for me. Why didn’t Shallan’s flashback book address the biggest issue from her past?That makes zero sense to me. I’m sorry to be so negative about a story that I love, I am just really tired of reading the same chapter from an internal perspective over and over again. Again, I realise that it’s a somewhat realistic depiction of mental health issues and I’m sure the overall resolution for both characters will be all the more satisfying for the tedium endured. As a reader though, I’m bored of it and I really think that Shallan all of a sudden having another, darker secret is not good writing. Is anyone else feeling similarly? Or does someone have a different perspective that can help me see these developments (or lack thereof) in a more positive light?
  21. I had this idea recently: what if Odium wants to recruit Kaladin as his champion and (possibly) start creating human versions of the Fused? It might actually make sense for all the involved parties: Odium: he needs a champion, obviously. Corrupting Kaladin would be an absolutely huge blow to Team Radiant and their morale (and also a kind of symbolic victory for Odium after losing Sja-anat in a similar way). Kaladin makes a perfect target, actually: he's severely depressed, sympathetic to the Singers and he had broken his Oaths once. He wants to get rid of his pain and cannot stand the idea that he'll eventually lose the people he loves – and Odium can, in an extremely twisted way, take your suffering and give you everlasting life. The rules of the game have changed: the Everstorm has arrived, the Heralds can be killed. Why not start creating human Cognitive Shadows if that could provide an advantage for Odium's forces? Leshwi: she's clearly interested in Kaladin and shows him that even the Fused can be honorable. She's playing the good cop here Moash: he shows up out of the blue at a very convenient location, with just the right arguments to crush Kaladin's spirit, based on a knowledge he might or might not have gained from his time in Bridge Four. His attitude directly contradicts that of Leshwi, which hardly makes sense given that she's his patron amongst the Fused – unless he's playing the bad cop, trying to manipulate Kaladin into siding with Odium in the end Kaladin: he simply cares too much and cannot let go. Confronting Odium, which represents the direct opposite of this, might be just the thing that leads him to saying the Fourth Ideal in some truly epic way
  22. My review of Way of Kings. Going to review the first 3 books before RoW comes out in anticipation of the release. Spoiler free until 4:49 then Spoilers.
  23. Sigh. Am I the only one exhausted by Kaladin having essentially the same struggle 4 books in? Like, I get that what he's been through sucks, but at the end of book 1, I thought he had dealt with it. He was like, "OK, good, I saved people!" And then he's still mopey in book 2, and now here we are, 4000 pages into the series, and moash can still tempt him with suicide? I don't know. I'd have thought that this far into the story arc, especially having supposedly dealt with it once or twice already, Kaladins arc could move to a different beat. But here we are, again, dealing with depression, again, being unable to deal with death, again. I AM really looking forward to where his character goes in RoW. Just something I noticed that was bugging me. Am I insensitive?
  24. As crabs, obviously. In celebration of Rhythm of War and the many crustaceans on Roshar. I may add color later, unsure if I want this to just be a quick drawing or if I want to put real effort in.
  25. Hey yall I took a bunch of the artwork of much more talented people and some music from another of those people and put it together to try to tell Kaladin’s story from the first 2 books of the Stormlight archive. Hope you like it!