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Found 431 results

  1. I posted this over a year ago—2 maybe?—and have edited and added a chapter at the end. It is a romantic fanfic for Kaladin, set immediately after Oathbringer, and has no spoilers for RoW. About 39,000 words, just so you are warned.
  2. Why is Kaladin so awesome? He starts out saving his bridge crew and they see him as something more. Then he saves a high prince from Sadeas’ betrayal, and beats down the a shardbearer, and they see him as something more. Then he saves Adolin by dueling two shardbearers at the same time, and they see him as something more. Then he stops the assassin in white in front of the entire army and casually floats over the entire army. Sorry about the repetitious format but Kaladin is so much better than every other Windrunner in terms of combat. The spren bond pulls the spren into the physical realm, and possibly pulls the radiant closer to it’s order ideal (head canon). Does the fact that Kaladin has such a legendary reputation influence him, similarly to how the collective consciousness of humanity effects spren? Even Vyre expects Kaladin to be the storm. If his bond pulls him closer to the cognitive realm could this explain some of his Stormblessedness. Sorry if this was asked before, wrote this during nap time.
  3. My apologies if someone’s talked about this before, but I didn’t find it in a search. What’s going on when Kaladin is fighting the Pursuer after Teft dies? Stormlight powered Surgebinders are left unconscious and drained, even after Lift wakes them up with Lifelight. The the Pursuer attacks Kaladin directly going against Moash’s (Odium’s?) orders, and then Kaladin gets a power up. Not through Ideals, not through Stormlight or the bond with Syl, but through...something else? His eyes glow “yellow / red”. Red is Odium / Voidlight, but what does the yellow represent? How is a human using Voidlight, if he is? Is Odium tempting him with power to corrupt Kaladin from within? Was it driving a wedge between Kaladin and Syl, causing her to become more distant up until the Fourth Ideal was sworn? It actually reminded me of Amaram after he swallowed the Unmade at the end of Oathbringer.
  4. I know there is already a thread on the Mistborn Movie cast, but I didn’t see one on the Stormlight Archive. This is where we can speculate on the cast of the Stormlight Archive Movie.
  5. I'm re-reading the Stormlight Archive and I wanted to do something :o
  6. This is my second fanfic of a romance for Kaladin. This one takes place immediately at the end of Rhythm of War. Different story from my first one, but kept the character name because I like it. About 22,000 words.
  7. This was a conversation involving Kaladin and Shallan while trapped in the chasms in Words of Radiance. People take things personally. It is human nature, someone says something as a joke, and another person gets grievously offended. But it’s alright, isn’t it? Everyone does it to each other, so they will get over it. Wrong. I will give an example from my life. I and my friend (name changed) John have amazing banter. We undermine each other, give quippy remarks, and put in a show for anyone who cares enough to pay attention. We don’t try to draw attention to ourselves, and we really don’t, it’s just the way we act around each other. Like many people these days, the playful banter between friends is often more insulting and demeaning than it is friendly. But I had assumed that because he did it back to me, it must be fine. I wanted to let him enjoy the conversation, even if it shredded my happiness. I recently was talking to him, and to my surprise, he hated it to but kept doing it, because he thought the same thing I did. Now, this is just one example of people putting on a brave face but actually hating it. My whole reason for writing all this is to try and plead that people be kind. It doesn’t hurt anyone to be kind. If you think that your friends won’t like you if you are kind, then get new friends. The LDS church has said something similar in their “For the Strength of Youth” pamphlet. I can speak from personal experience. Failure (and appendicitis) feels like a knife in the gut. When someone points out failures and shortcomings, it is like that knife is being twisted around. I desperately implore that you do your best to be kind in all instances. Don’t insult people, even in jest. I hate it when people say stuff like this, but in a world where you can be anything, be kind. Edit: This ended up not being focused around Stormlight Archive. It started when I was rereading WoR, and I used that quote, but it kinda became something else. If any staff think this needs to be moved, feel free to do so
  8. I'm re-reading the Stormlight Archive and I wanted to do something :o
  9. From the album Memes!

    I think this captures Kaladin's stubborn nature very well
  10. From the album Memes!

  11. From the album Memes!

    Kaladin: *flies* ... "Eh."
  12. From the album Memes!

  13. From the album Memes!

  14. Ok so I believe the 5th windrunner ideal is something along the lines of “I will kill to protect” why do I think this, well the sky breakers progress toward different levels of the law snd personally I believe Shallan and all light weavers but especially her are progressing toward seeing themselves for how they are, and her final ideal will probably be “I am shallan” or some variation of that so what is the windrunner ideal progression is so far 2. I will protect those who cannot protect themselves 3. I will protect even those I hate These seem to pretty much encompass everyone you could protect. do that brings us to 4 This is an exception that makes you more effective at your job, it allows you to move on/ keep moving now additionally many of the main characters are almost the ideal(sorry not sorry) candidates for each order and so I think it’s probably a good idea to assume for speculation their arcs match up with the ideals and I think the biggest point in his arc kaladin has left is moash after rythm of war I don’t think moash is turning away from odium and based on the trend of the 4th ideal being a exception that makes you more effective at protecting, and kaladins biggest major plot point that has only been kinda resolved is that he wants to protect too many people, a big part of that is resolved now that he doesn’t have to constantly protect bridge four and many others but there are so many like the parshendi he still feels the need to protect, and this is paralyzing him This follows the trajectory of the oaths i think and I believe he will swear the 5th ideal before or after killing moash, why do I believe this, because kaladin has to kill someone he doesn’t hate for no reason other then to protect others and moash fits that description since kaladin still does not want to kill him but he is a threat to so many people and now may want vengeance.
  15. Well, just to start this off, to get it out of the way... I think he is my least favorite protagonist, made up for the fact that I absolutely adore his always present friend, Syl, and wish we had a lot more of her. Anyway, on to Kaladin. My thoughts on him and depression, sacrifice, and oaths of protection: As someone who originally started reading all of Brandon Sanderson's works as an extension of my love for his wonderful work in the end of the Wheel of Time series, I have to say, in a lot of ways, I find Kaladin to be amazingly similar to Rand. From a 'darkness within', suffering from several bouts of what I would simply consider chronic mental health issues, to the need to protect everyone, to even having in the end, having to resolve that through visions from someone in their past that they loved, telling them something along the words of 'let go, we can make this choice ourselves to sacrifice'. Not going to spoil the specifics on where it happened when BS wrote it in for the Memory of Light, but in this spoiler area, one should recognize the vision before Kaladin here before saving his father and getting oath #4. I just think it was done better with Rand, I didn't really get much out of it here seeing it again. It seems to be a theme with him that makes less sense than in the former. Perhaps we simply don't know much about him, in 'the child of tanavast', and he might be more close to Rand than I think, but still... The best we get is darkness he had as 'melancholy' that his brother drove away, and he had to fight with ever since, as maybe something with chronic depression of a specific disorder? I was trying to narrow down the list of possibilities for mental disorders that it fit, but in the end I just gave up on that as too much effort than I was willing to put into it. It followed him all the way through the chasms and beyond (Syl, you were awesome there, my favorite scene from you, then that sort disappeared from you for a good while after that). There doesn't seem to be much progress on that, short of a few points along with sworn oaths, and ever back and forth with no real change from him and Syl, to mask the actual need for progress on that phase of his story, until like book 4. It would have served me better I think, if this went faster, and took less time away from interesting other story developments. My thoughts on him, his home village, parents, Roshone, and Moash connections. I truly get that he didn't want to go talk to his parents about his brother's death. And his guilt from it, it is something I have seen before, understand, and know that some sorts of people might just want to avoid the hurt altogether, and run from it in such ways. But he was interested enough to still go back and try to help him when he realized there might be trouble. So why didn't he send them money when he got rich enough, on what might be two occassions so easily possible? They were in a different sort of need. Ok, I get he might not have thought about it, which is regrettable, but it is still something I take small issue with. You know what in this whole scenario I take big issue with? He spends years blaming Roshone for the death of his brother. He hates him. He learns to hate Amoran even more. I can even understand why someone would. Though eventually I think he even hates Sadeus even more than Roshone. This makes no sense to me. It gets so bad, that when he finally gets there, he punches Rashon, and leaves it at that. I don't mind the old hero trope of 'learn to forgive, do not take vengeance', but here, that message was executed incredibly sloppily, and unbelievably to me. He was willing to even argue with Syl that punishing Amoran via the legal means would even avoid some of those vengeance of the heart tropes, even if that kind of did blow up spectacularly. And he still wanted a degree of justice after even that. So then, we are led to believe, that simply because he gets back home, and realizes that Roshone is 'a small town bully', he can be forgiven, simply because he isn't a world ending threat? There is blood on his hands, even if it was out of petty and spite, and there is no serious consequences of 'if we try and remove Roshone from position and do justice in the right legal way, the village and people of the area would fall apart', because they wouldn't. And that is me taking out the the possibility of direct vengeance because of Syl and honor factor. It is dishonorable to not do otherwise, much less practically forget it. And when Laral comes in and lays down the law and tells off on his treatment of Roshone, I about laughed my... Well, off but for all of the wrong reasons in the reading. She doesn't seem to get it either, but somehow she was 'the honorable' woman in that affair, having finally brought repentance to Roshone? If you want to let Roshone get off lightly, then you can do it in a much more believable way, this here, this doesn't make character sense, nor honor sense, nor spren sense. And it makes me look at like 3 different characters in scenes with a complete air of incredulity. Next part, why did Dalinar just talk Kaladin and his Spren via Kaladin's feelings into thinking letting Elokhar off for his negligent murder of two darkeyes go simply because it was politically expedient for the kingdom at that time to let it go, as 'we have bigger problems', yes, they do, but that isn't the 'honorable' thing to do. Even if you think death shouldn't be on the table, since Elokhar didn't directly do it (which is how I view it, since he was manipulated), he still was the cause, due to negligence, so like manslaughter. Him not pursuing is bad enough, but perhaps forgivable, but why in the long years since, did he never even bring up his PERSONAL involvement, involving the indirect killing of his brother based on actions of Elokhar, to what Dalinar did? This specific issue should be used to shame Dalinar for some sort of recompense, which he NEVER pays for, it is simply forgotten about, similar to the rift (aka, Dalinar's, ah, they killed a darkeyes in envy? Ah, let us put him in charge of more darkeyes and forget about him is a wonderful solution, Dalinar mistake). But Kaladin never does anything to get justice, or honor, in any three of these deaths. And simply ends up ignoring and forgiving, thinking it is all 'small time now'. That might be so, but that 'small time bully' still largely killed his brother, and, well, totally forgiven. Obviously not, but for the stories sake, it might as well be the case. I at least would love to one day see Dalinar's response to knowing what he did here, and it's results. Which he seems to have no concept of by book 4, so we might at least get some self awarded justice, however small, even if Kaladin was too honorless to quest it himself. In summary I just think Kaladin is the sum total of a lot of different generic way of the hero tropes, thrown in, and done worse than where they usually work best. With a lot of those similarities to Rand, executed way worse, makes nonsensical moral decisions along the way, with his friends, family, is often irritating with some of those unresolved obstacles for so long, and is less forgivable to me for that. I feel I could probably have written more on this topic, but I felt this was already growing too long, and doesn't need a list of 10 less direct points towards my general issues with Kaladin.
  16. Kaladin falling into his depression, the darkness, while reaching out to Syl in a panic :)
  17. I have had this theory for a long time now that Cultivation cultivated Syl as a part of her gambit. But listen to me for once. This might sound crazy but might make sense in a minute. I guess we can all agree that Syl is different from most of the honorspren. She is just too jovial and lighthearted than most honorspren we have seen. Well... also Rua, but that's probably due to his bond with the Lopen. Then I reread the part in Oathbringer when Kaladin returns to Hearthstone. Another pure voice. Pure being the keyword here. I'm certain that spren can hear the Rhythms of Roshar. And the tones of the three Shards are described to be the pure tones of Roshar in RoW. Honor is dead. Why would Odium bother Syl? It is Cultivation's voice. Like tapped crystal. Dalinar described Cultivation's voice to be like 'tumbling stones'. Tapped crystal. Tumbling stone. Maybe I'm overthinking, but both of these voices are of Cultivation. What else did she do? Probably kept Syl sleeping for that millennium. I mean, we can't take the explanation to be Syl's mind being childish. That... doesn't sound Brando's style to me. 'Cause there is only her. Only her. A single spren slept for a thousand years after breaking her bond. Coincidence? I think not. Why? The bigger question is why. Ok now. Hear me. There is too much in my head that I can't remember now or can't explain. But here is my theory. Kaladin is the 'Son of Tanavast'. The successor of Tanavast (refer to this WoB). And Cultivaton wants him alive. Syl is mostly the reason Kal is alive. And that's why we love her. In Book 5, Dalinar loses the contest of champions. Yet, somehow, he will be able to reforge Honor. Instead of bearing the Shard himself, he gives it to Kaladin because now he is bound to serve Odium. And Kal ascends to Honor. I don't have much to support this other than: Kal's first chapter being 'Honor is Dead'. Kal saying 'Honor is Dead'. Cultivation only influences people who will somehow be related to godhood. And Dalinar being too obvious a choice for Honor.
  18. does anyone think cultivation was just abess glass from book of the ancestor but a dragon before becoming cultivation. (If you don’t know who that is it’s one of the most fun characters ever and a good example of characters whose plans always work out not stealing any narrative tension) Ok so i’m a believer that cultivation has been manipulating everyone and has some massive master plan and I think there are some interesting things about kaladin that make me suspicious of her having a hand in some of the events surrounding him. 1. Kaladin spends a good amount of book one believing he is cursed with bad luck and speculates it was the night watcher. What if he is right, considering what we now know about cultivation It seems legitimately possible she had some hand in it. 2. Why did nobody know about kaladin, heleran at the command of the sky breakers came to kill amaram, it seems that the sky breakers knew Tien was a proto radiant nobody ever knew about kaladin or came after hmm despite him killing their shardbearer. On top of this the sky breakers seem to take some level of orders from cultivation since she must have given nightblood to nale who then was to give it to szeth. 3. when syl describes her early time coming after kaladin she describes a pure sound that called her there, this has been assumed to be mean Tien by pretty much everyone but what if it wasn’t what if cultivation woke syl up and led her to kaladin? 4. Kaladins spear feedback loop- basically the feedback loop through the spiritual realm is really really strong. We see plenty of others who are natural and gifted warriors and none of them ever display a similar degree of it affecting them. Neither adolin nor Dalinar or anyone else ever describe the degree of affect on them outside the influence of the thrill or odium but kaladin despite significantly less training or experience compared to either is at least as good as if not better then them. It’s specifically odd because these are two incredibly talented people he degree his natural skill enhances his abilities is abnormal. but we do see someone who displays similar natural aptitude, vin, no I don’t know if this whole idea was thought out previously as in when mistborn was written but I think in hind sight it seems very likely that vin had a similar spiritual feedback loop(in fact it’s likely that the idea of “talent” in general in the cosmere is related to this). Now it’s possible that they just are more talented since they are main characters but that doesn’t explain other similar symptoms like the relationship they both have to their respective talent. Both vin and kaladin seem to have an almost physical need to exercise this talent, kaladin picks up a spear and it takes over completely changing him, vin after being stuck inside for long time becomes restless and feels a need to use her powers it’s very similar to the way kaladin picks up a spear and needs to fight. Now other characters have similar things like Dalinar has an addiction to the thrill and adolin loves dueling, but adolin while he loves it never displays a similar bordering on physical need to fight. Dalinar does display this and that is related to the thrill and direct shardic influence. Dalinar also has a similar but slightly different relationship to the thrill, I think his is related to much more active shardic influence. He never displays this as a passive thing the way vin and kaladin do, for them it’s part of them for Dalinar it’s an effect being put on him. So basically we have 3 cases of this strange talent/addiction/ physical draw to a power/ fighting/ whatever else, one of them is different from the other two and is clearly due to direct shardic influence, one of them being vin seems very likely to be due to either direct shardic influence since she was groomed by cultivation I think either the spiritual feedback loop that grants skill, or the loop was naturally stronger because she took up a shard. Kaladin I think in this instance is unlikely to be dealing with direct shardic influence because his thing is more similar to vins then Dalinars, it is possible that it is due to him taking up a shard depending on how vin got her feedback loop enhanced. but it cannot be that honor enhanced the loop so there are two possibilities I think. 1. Kaladin will take up a shard(or become some other powerful entity)- which I do think is very possible considering the strange other abilities he has shown and the fact he is called son of tanavast. or, and this is the one relevant for my crazy speculation 2. Cultivation must have enhanced the spiritual feedback loop, it cannot have been honor since he is dead and idk why odium would do it.
  19. I wrote the first verse for a song/rap based around the opening song from Hamilton, Alexander Hamilton. I might come back and write some more verses. Let me know if you have any suggestions for improving this verse or what to do with the other verses! (I originally had the line corresponding to "What's your name, man?" as "What's your name, gon?" But it didn't rhyme with "Kaladin, Knight Radiant" or with "what little strength I haven't spent," so I decided to switch it for something that fit better, even though it was fun.) I'm not totally happy with the "Keep them safe," at the end, it doesn't sound quite right, but it's the best I could come up with in the middle of the night. Which is, of course, when it came to me to write this thing. EDIT: This should be in Sanderson Fan Works, sorry. Not sure if there's a way to move it. I also tweaked a few words to make some stuff sound better, and correct a couple typos. (Also, @Cheyenne Sedai and @voidlightx created a completed version, which is pretty amazing! Click here to check it out.)
  21. Everyone seems to be betting that shallan may become a world hopper but what about kaladin? He was specifically told about other world any zahel and more interestingly had cognitive shadows explained to him. Or perhaps a better question why was kaladin made cosmere aware? Like what is the plot reason what role does it serve? A few reasons I can think of that this needed to happen. 1. so kaladin can understand how cognitive shadows work which was sorta relevant for fighting the pursuer. Then so he can later help ishar with his mental health. this is possible but idk seems kinda like there wouldn’t have also been a need to tell him about other worlds and have him fight a Dude from a different magic system. 2. He goes world hopping for some reason. But why would he do that? I think it would have to do with dalinars fate. so what will happen to dalinar at the end of the book we have a few options rn that seem clear. A. Dalinar is just fine on roshar as a mortal in this situation kaladin does not need to world hop B. dalinar ascends to honor i think dalinar may want to send someone out into the cosmere to maybe counte odium or explore or deal with other threats. Kaladin would be the ideal choice narratively. Presumably by the end of the 5th book kaladin will be 5th ideal quite possibly at the end of his character arc and I think not dead. On top of this kaladin is insanely op his combat feats are so insane that it’s almost counter productive to tension for him to be around, now he could take dalinars place in a leadership role or he could die or he could become a therapist but none of those work, since rn nothing prevents dalinar from leading since he doesn’t seem likely to straight up die, I don’t think he will die and even if he isn’t a soldier anymore he loves the fight far too much to just become a therapist full time. But generally because of kaladins high power level and drive to protect and the fact he likely won’t sit on the sidelines in most likely situations I think he woudl leave in this scenario as dalinars representative/ envoy. C. dalinar becomes a fused In this situation I think dalinar forces kaladin to swear to stop him when he becomes a fused and basically kaladin goes around the cosmere following dalinar being kinda like hoid and making sure dalinar is defeated every time odium tries to use him to screw stuff up. I know a lot of people have been wanting kaladin to maybe become a professional counselor but I think as a lot of people point out to him in the book he can’t give up the fight he loves it too much he just can’t take the stress of war and the battlefield anymore. he has also been talked to by hoid more than any other character we have seen (excluding jasnah but i mean as in like compelled to show up there to help out) which I think Indicates his importance. Honestly it would be kinda awesome if kaladin and syl go around the cosmere like in these theories and basically act like a second hoid Show up and talk to people about their problems then like drive dalinar off or do what honor needs done then leave. Plus he has the flute so maybe. also kaladin is hands down the most naturally skilled person in the cosmere when it comes to combat
  22. So Vasher and Shashara came to Roshar to learn how to make an Endowment analogue of Shardblades. They return to Nalthis, and create the absurdly powerful and destructive Nightblood. This made me wonder, why is Nightblood so powerful. 1000 breaths is a lot of investiture, but is it comparable to Honor’s perpendicularity or that vessel he murdered (don’t know how to do spoiler tags, and I don’t want to ruin it for anyone). I didn’t think so, and it made me think maybe Vasher and Shashara took a Dawnshard and gave it to Nightblood, which would explain how he is so powerful. Kaladin also has some over the top feats as well. He was able to deflect a highstorm, fight two shardbearers on even ground; unarmored and lacking a shard blade. He is the only character (aside from Dalinar - but he has been bonding to a super-spren, partial shard, I have no idea what the storm father is) who is describe as having preternatural combat abilities. And I mean this in terms of pure combat abilities and not incorporating the surges into fighting styles. When he saves Adolin, he is basically fighting two shardbearers with his eyes closed. He completely outclasses Szeth in WoR. He defends a bridge, by himself against an entire squad of Parshendi. Every time this happens his inner monologue describes him as the wind, you cannot stop the wind, etc. No other wind runner is described this way either. Teft was arguably closer to the 4th ideal in RoW, and he needed to be treated by lift to stay awake, so it wasn’t because of that. Maybe Kaladin has a Dawnshard about Protect/Defend/something along those lines, one that Tanavast also had before the shattering. Maybe that is why he is called the “Son of Tanavast” so much. Maybe that is why Vyre said Kaladin was basically a force of nature. Maybe the poem: “Taking the Dawnshard, known to bind any creature voidish or mortal, he crawled up the steps crafted for Heralds, ten strides tall apiece, toward the grand temple above.” Is about Kaladin.
  23. In Shadows of Self, Wax asks Bleeder who she is. Bleeder says that she is the surgeon. We know that Era 2 happens after SA 1-5. Is it possible that either Kaladin or Lirin are in someway connected to Bleeder? Maybe they were killed and became a spike for her? I don’t have any evidence, I just want to hear people’s thoughts and see where this goes.