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Found 290 results

  1. Sigh. Am I the only one exhausted by Kaladin having essentially the same struggle 4 books in? Like, I get that what he's been through sucks, but at the end of book 1, I thought he had dealt with it. He was like, "OK, good, I saved people!" And then he's still mopey in book 2, and now here we are, 4000 pages into the series, and moash can still tempt him with suicide? I don't know. I'd have thought that this far into the story arc, especially having supposedly dealt with it once or twice already, Kaladins arc could move to a different beat. But here we are, again, dealing with depression, again, being unable to deal with death, again. I AM really looking forward to where his character goes in RoW. Just something I noticed that was bugging me. Am I insensitive?
  2. From the album Radiants

  3. Heyo! So my partner and I have decided to embark on a little collaboration project to help us hone our craft! It's called Kaladin Stormblessed - Bridge four' and the goal is to create the character of Kaladin (Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight Archive series) from concepting phase all the way to animation! If you'd like to follow the process, you can find it here: Get a look at the complete phase one, and keep a look out for more as we make our way through the phases and document it as we go! No Idea where else to post this project on here, so for now I'll leave it here! Perhaps post some up dates in this thread as well.
  4. WIPs (jastzui | Artstation) if you are learning like me or just curious of the process - tips and feedback welcome.
  5. @Wiresegal and I patched together Kal's rendition of Frozen's Let it go, as sung by Kaladin from stormlight (Syl too) [she helped with the sylllables] also thanks to @shallan314 for the inspiration (image credit goes to botanica) [Verse 1] [Kaladin] The storm burns bright in my pocket tonight Not a windspren to be seen A kingdom of oaths now broken And it looks like he’s the king The highstorm howls but I've got no storm inside Couldn't keep my Oaths, Tien knows I've tried [Pre-Chorus 1] [Syl] Go lead your men, don't let them see Be the Stormblessed you always had to be Conceal, don't feel, don't let it show Well, now they know! [Chorus 1] [Kaladin] Let it go, let it go I've been here before Let it go, let it go We save them as Bridge Four! I don't care what they all will say Let this storm rage on The winds never bothered me anyway. [Verse 2] [Syl] It's funny how the sky's view Can make everything seem small [Kaladin] And the fears that once destroyed me I push beyond them all! [Pre-Chorus 2] [Sigzil] It's time to see what this can do To test the limits and break through Do right, not wrong, Ideals to keep you're free! [Chorus 2] [Kaladin] Let it go, let it go I am one with the wind and sky Let it go, let it go You'll never see them die Here I stand, in winds I claim Let the storm rage on! [Bridge] [Kaladin] My power banished as I fell below the ground My soul is spiraling in frozen fractals all around And one thought drives me, even in the darkest night. To protect those I hate, so long as it is right! [Chorus 3] [Kaladin] Let it go, let it go I will stand like a Knight of old Let it go, let it go What's broken shines like gold! [Syl and Kaladin] Here we stand, with our Bond still strong! Let both storms rage on! The skies never bothered us anyway.
  6. From the album Stormlight Archive - fanart

    I redid my Kaladin. This one focuses more on his time in Sadeas’ warcamp on the Shattered Plains (which is supposed to be the background, sorry but I suck at backgrounds).
  7. From the album Stormlight Archive - fanart

    A fixed version of my Kaladin/Syl drawing I posted on Tumblr.
  8. Count me as perplexed as Kaladin. I understand that windspren are the lesser spren to windrunners but how they help Syl know Kaladin’s parents or how these non-sapient windspren can pass on memories is beyond me. For that matter, Syl says “the winds” and it is an assumption that “the winds” equal “windspren” But my confusion did not stop me having a moment of sheer joy in the chapter 7 reading. The fabrial takes Kaladin’s powers though he can still feel the stormlight inside. The listeners began to taunt him as having nothing beyond his stormlight driven powers to protect him. Mid-taunt, Kaladin strikes and: Is that just the wind being pulled into a burning building or is the wind actively aiding Kaladin? I searched the other three novels for "Kaladin" and the "wind" and as you might guess there is a lot—way too many to discuss here. But two passages struck out to me. One is from the first scene where Kaladin appears, where he defends Cenn: A second passage is from WOR and is the opposite, after Kaladin has failed (for the time being) to be a KR and broken the Nahel bond. He goes to the training ground and performs a kata: In this same passage, Kaladin ponders if his skill comes from the Nahel bond alone. The answer is no as he had it before he met Syl (and Teft at the end of WOK notes that Radiance does not give skill). But clearly Kaladin is at his best with the winds around him. Why? Do the winds convey power to Kaladin, apart from the bond? Are the winds searching for potential windrunners and conveying small bits of power as part of an audition? I have no answers here. But I will give my answer to my own question above: The winds are actively aiding him when the Nahel bond is not.
  9. music

    A few years back I wrote a song about our favorite bridgecrew called Bridge Four. I recently made a video for the song featuring a bunch of awesome fanart and official art and thought I'd share it! Spotify: Apple Music: Art (in order of appearance): 1) Kaladin & Syl by Audry Hotte, IG: @AyHotte ( 2) Kaladin Stormblessed by Toyin Morby Ajetunmobi, IG: @toyin.ajetunmobi ( 3) Kaladin & Syl - Julia Metzger, IG: @juliametzgerart ( 4) Kaladin - Rumyana Zarakova ( 5) Kaladin - Corey Lansdell, IG: @coreylansdell ( 6) Life Before Death Kaladin - IG: @3li_7aji 7) Kaladin - Lex Allen, IG: @alexallenart ( 8) Kaladin Headshot - IG: @muhash14 9) Kaladin Stormblessed - Antti Hakosaari, IG: @hakosaari_art ( 10) Kaladin - Mycks, IG: @mycks_art ( 11) Words of Radiance Cover - Michael Whelan, IG: @theartofmichaelwhelan ( 12) Bridge Four Poster - Zack Stella, IG: @zackstella (
  10. Hello Guys, While reading Oathbringer (amazing experience by the way), the exchange between Kaladin and Jasnah (Chapter 39, Page 467) struck me as a relationship that just might work. I thought of this because I believe it would be so cliche if BS takes Shallan from Adolin (that combo already works IMHO) Kaladin with Jasnah works perfectly especially with when Kaladin falls into his auto depression mode, Jasnah can easily logic him back to focus and Kal can give Jasnah the tilt to human emotions(Lol!). And please don't talk about the age difference. The book already is as liberal as it gets with Drehy being gay..
  11. So, this is probably just conjecture on my part, and may or may not have been said before, I don't know, but my theory is that as a part of gaining the time break between books 5 & 6, Dalinar is going to assume enough of Honor's power to forge a new (or at least rebrand the existing) Oathpact. Since I think I remember that Brandon has said Kaladin won't be a major character in the second arc, my theory is that he and some of the other new radiants will sacrifice themselves to become cognitive shadows/heralds and give humanity a breather. I say sacrifice in part because I did see a Brandon quote that said that in order to become a cognitive shadow, a person's physical body has to die. Since the heralds are confirmed to be cognitive shadows returned to physical form by an unknown mechanism, something is going to have to kill the new heralds. Though this raises questions for me like: Does the herald speak oaths before they die and become a shadow? What happens to a bonded spren if the person they're bonded to becomes a shadow immediately upon their death? Would the bond be renewed? Because we know from that pesky Nale that cognitive shadows can forge a Nahel bond with spren. And frankly, I don't think Kaladin would do well as a Herald without Syl to back him up. Thoughts?
  12. © Johanna Rupprecht (Lyraina)

  13. I know there is already a thread on the Mistborn Movie cast, but I didn’t see one on the Stormlight Archive. This is where we can speculate on the cast of the Stormlight Archive Movie.
  14. I picked up my 10 year old copy of WoKs a while back and read the back summary and it is foreshadowing a redeemer and a destroyer. I'm wondering if its a red herring, a mistake, or still relevant. This has been in the back of my mind for years, hopefully you guys can help me out! The whole summary is : "I long for the days before the Last Desolation. Before the Heralds abandoned us and the Knights Radiant turned against us. When there was still magic in Roshar and honor in the hearts of men. In the end, not war but victory proved the greater test. Did our foes see that the harder they fought, the fiercer our resistance? Fire and hammer forge a sword; time and neglect rust it away. So we won the world, yet lost it. Now there are four whom we watch: the surgeon, forced to forsake healing and fight in the most brutal war of our time; the assassin, who weeps as he kills; the liar, who wear her scholar's mantle over a thief's heart; and the prince, whose eyes open to the ancient past as his thirst for battle wanes. One of them may redeem us. One of them will destroy us." Is Szeth the destroyer? But he opens the way for Dalinar before he joins the Skybreakers. Or maybe Kaladin who see's parshmen as people he should protect; or perhaps Kaladin's odious feelings against light eyes is the spark? Perhaps Shallan with her connection to a world hopping organization that fears the contest with Rayse? Or is it Dalinar that somehow releases Odium from the Rosharan System? Or perhaps this was a red herring or edited for a change of perspective. What are your thoughts?
  15. (NOTE: In this thread I am only talking about emotionally intimate relationships. This does not mean that relationships are necessarily romantic or platonic—they can be either—but rather relationships of mutually deep emotional support. Please keep the discussion to this idea—romantic development can certainly be an eventual possibility, but it is not the focus of this discussion.) Before we get into this discussion, let me start by quoting part of a post here to see where this thread is stemming from: One of the things that Kaladin is severely lacking in his life are people that he shares an intimate emotional connection with. To date, there have been two that we have seen either implicitly or explicitly on screen: Tien, and Shallan. This emotional absence is, in large part I feel, why Kaladin is stuck in such a rut. He feels like he can’t confide in anyone, that he has to shoulder this darkness by himself, that no one else can possibly understand what he is going through—and for those of you unaware, this is textbook depression speak. Tien and Shallan both helped to banish the darkness. Tien was a beacon of light for Kaladin, Shallan someone was able to cut right through all of his walls and see to the heart of who he was. Aside from these two, however, Kaladin lets very few people in to see the true him. Who are some people that you think Kaladin could develop an intimate connection with? I have three in mind. Adolin Provided that there is no subsequent bad blood between these two over Shallan (and I doubt there would be, considering), and also provided that Adolin doesn’t spend the whole book around Shallan, I think there is the possibility that Kaladin and Adolin could reach some level of emotional depth. Adolin has shown remarkable insight into Kaladin and what Kaladin needs in trying times. Where I am concerned with this relationship is that Kaladin, despite liking Adolin and enjoying his company, has never really let Adolin in. Most of the “truths” he’s told Adolin are surface level things he’s told many others—such as Dalinar, Moash, and most of Bridge 4. In order for this pairing to work, Kaladin would need to open up to Adolin about his depression and despair, and a whole slew of other things, and Adolin in return would need to not brush off this conversation or divert it to an unrelated or easier topic, as he’s done repeatedly with his wife. Teft Oh, Teft. My heart goes out to you. One of the things that strikes me about Teft is that Teft is familiar with the darkness of depression, like Kaladin. This is a potential bonding point for the two of them. Teft has shown good insight into what Kaladin needs to do, especially with respect to appealing to Kaladin’s duty to his friends and those under his command. Where I worry about Teft is with his addictions. It’s very difficult to develop and maintain an emotionally intimate relationship if one person is constantly relying on the other. Further, Kaladin and Teft are two people who have lived a long time walling themselves off from others—one because he cares too much, one because he worries of failure. In this regard, they are very similar, and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing—though I definitely believe that the potential is there for them to draw strength from each other if they could respectively let down their own walls. Jasnah Okay, that groan was audible, guys. Hear me out. I don’t mean this one romantically (though I’d totally be okay for it progressing to that point)—I mean this platonically. Presumably, with Jasnah now as “King” and Kaladin sworn to the protection of the King and his family, these two will spend a bit of time together. Though, yes, Jasnah and Kaladin might butt heads initially, I think there’s potential for both to develop an emotional connection. Their responsibilities are monumentally taxing, and both have had to shoulder their burdens alone for a long, long time. Jasnah has fought every day since her father’s death for a reason, for understanding, and to make the world a better place. Almost as a mirror, Kaladin has fought every day since his brother’s death to help others, to give misfits a place of safety, and to find purpose in his life. Both have lived a lot of their lives in isolation—much of it self-imposed. It’s not a stretch to believe that by virtue of time together, they’d eventually reach an understanding of each other and why they act the way they do, and Jasnah is blunt enough to cut to the heart of Kaladin’s issues without giving him leeway to escape. Kaladin, in reverse, is mature enough to appreciate Jasnah’s independence and drive—and oppose it when he feels the need to, which is something very few people seem inclined to give her. My biggest concern here, however, is that there just isn’t a lot to go off of with these two. A lot of it is conjecture on my part based on my own understanding of their characters. Anyway, what do you all think? Who out there could Kaladin develop an intimate friendship with, based on what we have so far? Because I think this kind of friendship—romantic or not—is absolutely vital to his development from this point on. Kaladin needs friends.
  16. Leadership in literature has often been used as an effective educational tool for students of leadership. Books that are often sighted as leadership texts include: -Ender’s Game -Starship Troopers -Once an Eagle The Way of Kings’ focus on leadership should place it strongly on the list. Whether it’s Kaladin building trust, culture and cohesion or Dalinar’s adherence to the codes and setting a standard for his army. In addition you have Shallan and Jasnah’s mentee/mentor relationship, or the antithesis of good leadership in Sadeas. I’ve begun using WoK with my team to use some of the conceptual works we have read like Start with Why, CliftonStrengths/Strengths Based Leadership, Radical Candor, Leaders Eat Last, and the Infinite Game (Heavy in Simon Sinek works I know) and show how the characters apply the concepts in the novel. Just wanted to see if anyone wanted to share their favorite leadership quotes from Stormlight. Thanks Everyone!
  17. Just like the topic says. Do we have a definitive timeline on when the modern radiants first started forming nahel bonds? I think Shallan is first but I can't find any clear information about Szeth. Jasnah's bond formed around the time of the assassination of Gavilar. Tien probably a few months before he was conscripted, Kaladin probably a few months after? Lift probably bonded Wyndle around this time, but Wyndle says the Cultivationspren decided to bond people after the other spren started doing it. I haven't found anything definitive on Coppermind or in the WOBs.
  18. Kaladin is my favorite character. In any series. Ever. He was already my favorite Stormlight character after The Way of Kings, and after Words of Radiance, I moved him all the way to the top spot. I was a little sad that he didn't get as much time on-screen in Oathbringer, but his return to his home and subsequent trip with the Parsh remains one of my favorite scenes.This brings me to my question: How do you feel about Kaladin? Since coming onto the 17th Shard, I have seen people who love Kaladin and those who don't find him all that intersting, or even find him a little annoying. This has made me curious: has Brandon Sanderson made a character who, if not universally loved, is at least universally not-hated? If you do hate Kaladin please comment and explain your reasons, do you find him badly written, does his character just not work for you, or is there some other reason? Feel free to comment no matter your opinion on Kaladin, I would love to "hear" your opinion.
  19. I know, I know. These has been endless theories on what this ideal will be, yet almost all of them are basically the same. however, I think people have been thinking along the wrong lines. Taking both Kaladin and the gemstone windrunner into account, I think there is a different train of thought about this ideal. What everyone thinks it is talking about understanding that one person cannot save everyone; and admittedly this idea did play into my thoughts as well. i think that it is not the idea of being unable to save people that inspires this ideal, but instead the fear of failing to help one group of people while protecting another. As such, my idea for the Fourth Ideal is as follows: ”I will do what is right, even if I am afraid of the outcome”
  20. Jezrien is dead. Jezrien was a king before he became a herald. He was a “Windrunner” before there were Windrunners. Leadership is the Windrunner Secondary Divine Attribute. Kaladin is a Windrunner who leads the Windrunners. That makes Kaladin the “leader of leaders.” I believe he may ultimately replace Jezrien and become King of Alethkar: “He must pick it up, the fallen title! The tower, the crown, and the spear!” [WoK Chapter 53 Epigraph (italics added).] Kaladin sympathizes with the Singers and wants to protect everyone including them. SLA’s narrative IMO points to a human-Singer treaty and a strifeless Roshar. (Unite them – one of many meanings.) I won’t speculate how or when that happens or what happens to Rayse/Odium and the Fused. But to me, human-Singer rapprochement is inevitable. I believe Kaladin will be at the forefront of that truce. Kal wants to stop the killing. He sees the war from both sides. The “Singer Bridge Four” (Moash, Khen, and their group) respects Kal, as does Rlain. I believe Venli will also respect him, especially when she learns he was the human strong enough to wound Eshonai. After Rayse/Odium’s defeat, Kaladin may be the only person both sides trust to lead the reconstruction. What of Dalinar, you say? Dalinar by then may have fully ascended. If he remains a Bondsmith, his Divine Attributes are pious/guiding. A Bondsmith provides moral direction, not political leadership. And Jasnah? If my musings turn out true, Jasnah will die or maybe abdicate to go off somewhere with Hoid. I can’t imagine Kaladin happy in a political role. It’s hard to imagine him happy at all. But he may feel compelled to rule if necessary to protect everyone immediately post-war. Kaladin may follow Jezrien’s footsteps as both “Windrunner” and king: King Kaladin the Peace-Blessed! It could happen.
  21. For context, here are some Reddit threads calling Kaladin racist: Commentary on Lighteye/Darkeye and White/Black/Brown connection: This thread which in which the OP expresses their frustration: Other Stormlight characters have been discussed in this context see this thread which rips into Shallan and justifiably so: Kaladin is not racist. I can't believe I even need to say this. Also is it just me or is Reddit seriously messed up? He had no problem with Renarin. He decided to trust Dalinar even through re-encountering Amaram. He has distrust, which is understandable given everything he had been through from Roshone to Amaram. I understand that this comes from the chapters where Colot was recruited into Bridge 4 and Tenners, that is Lighteyes from the Tenth Dahn from Kholinar. Kaladin accepts this and moves on. He has no visceral reactions against people based on eye color alone, only distrust. Adolin is going to get better, I think, his attitude towards Kaladin changes in Oathbringer, hopefully the change was permanent. While previously he used to make some problematic statements, calling Kaladin "Bridgeboy", commenting on Darkeyes having authority or Shards after everything Kaladin's done for him. But after the escape from Kholinar he might actually choose to try to listen and understand, like Kaladin did with his Bridge 4. I'm still miffed at Dalinar for calling equality a problem for another day No comments on Shallan. Regarding the system of Dahn & Nahn, according to the Coppermind: 1st The King 2nd Highprinces, their direct heirs, and the King's direct heir. 3rd Generals, Highlords, and the non-inheriting children of 1st and 2nd dahn lighteyes. 4th Battalionlords, Citylords, Shardbearers, and other mid-ranked nobles. 5th Companylords, along with lower-ranked nobles. 6th Captainlords, along with the lowest-ranked nobles and landholders. 7th Lower-ranking landless officers, higher-ranking (or very wealthy) landless lighteyes. 8th Soldiers, high-ranking (or moderately wealthy) landless lighteyes. 9th Landless lighteyes with some wealth, like merchants and master craftsmen. 10th "Tenners", essentially any lighteyes who has to work for a living. Are all ranked above the ten Darkeyes Nahns, high-ranked Nahn cannot be conscripted if they perform a viral function and high-mid Nahn have the right to travel. Only Darkeyes can be slaves. Also what Kaladin calls destitution and what Shallan calls destitution That's messed up: classism, casteism, and racism all rolled into one. It's better than Mistborn's system of Nobles and Skaa but still... yikes
  22. I believe he is, although he's one of that characters that I couldn't explain why of it asked. Its a very different sort of smart than Jasnah's wit. More of an increased cognizance, a perception, if you will.
  23. Kaladin smashed on the chasm wall, he cancelled the lashing and fell on the chasm floor, he stood up to try again. "You know" syl said, "I was ones bonded to knight radiant before. We fought the Void-bringers. They almost destroyed all the world". "What is your point?" Kaladin asked. "He and his squires also had hard time get get used to the changing gravity. But he had a trick: 'the enemy gate is always downwards'". In the spoiler tag you have the origin.