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Found 439 results

  1. My theory revolves around finding the BEST thematic ending for kaladin. The thematic is important because that excludes narrative foreshadowing or clever wordplays and stuff. This is strictly the ending Kaladin should get if the the plot went along with his character arc. For example The name kaladin means 'born unto eternity', the line' Honor is dead, but I'll see what I can do' and 'Son of Tanavast' seems to imply that Kaladin would become Honor. There is foreshadowing but it's not the most natural conclusion to kaladin's arc. Same with him being a herald or becoming king(that one stupid death rattle) What I think the most natural thematic conclusion will be: Kaladin becomes a worldsinger. Kal will go with szeth to shinovar. His budding therapist skills will be put to the test by szeth and ishar. This will become more complicated near the ending with the arrival of Moash. Kal will have a struggle if he really should kill Moash and then chooses to instead talk some sense into Moash. On the other side, something happens to todium prolly and Moash loses his 'gift' to not feel pain. So if he can't escape pain, what will he do? Moash will try to end his miserable life. Kal runs forward, grabs the weapon and says the fifth ideal, 'I will help others protect themselves'. The suicidal character will stop someone from killing themselves. Kool Kaladin moments ensue, for three seconds. Ishar goes crazy again, creates a perpendicularity and pulls syl thru it. Syl becomes a full human.( No I am not a syladin shipper) And Kaladin loses his epic stormlight powers and becomes a normal human again. I am guessing he will still use the windrunnur honorblade for the final fight before giving it up for Dalinar to reforge honor or something. My big theory is that the night of sorrows will be the darkest event in the books, where a major catstrophe occurs, a significant fraction of humanity will die(like a third). The human race will survive by escaping to shadesmar, but be broken by the sudden calamity At the end of book 5, Kaladin will start living more for himself while still doing his best to help other people. He wants to be a therapist. Who has been giving Kaladin free therapy since book one? Wit. The worldsinger who shares stories. Also after a calamity, knowledge will prolly be hard to pass around, humans will be fragmented. Stories, like the legend of stormblessed and a religion around Dalinar and oathbringer will connect people. Kaladin will finally learn how to play a flute and sing honor's and cultivation's rhythms to people as Instructions to create stormlight or lifelight. So kal and sigzil will go around shadesmar listening to and sharing their own stories almost definitely around a stew. Kaladin as the posterboy of the new worldsingers will become the travelling swordsman kind of figure/legend, cuz he will still be a badass in normal combat. He will prolly try to bridge the gap between humans and singers and listeners. In the back half of stormlight, kal will be a zahel,wit kind of figure who wouldn't be invested but still pretty badass. He could be the therapist for the new heroes. He will also reveal that in 10-15 years he has been successful in reviving many of the deadeyes, something he learned from Adolin, which will quite literally save the good guys side. Why does no honorspren bond Kaladin u ask? Because a nahel bond is more 'intimate' than even a romantic bond and I am pretty sure the honorSpren would consider Kaladin 'taken' and violating it 'cheating'. Kaladin might become a edgedancer, but only in the distant future. This is my perfect ending to Kaladin. What do u guys think?
  2. So, just a quick little question for fun: What d&d (5e) classes would each main character in Stormlight be, and what level ?
  3. So, I made a Kaladin Playlist, it's still being worked on, I think I'll stop around the 1.5-2 hour mark, but enjoy the songs I've chosen for now.
  4. Hi, Do we know if the windspren that forms Kaladin's plate in RoW are the same windspren that were with him throughout the novels; for example when he defeats Szeth above the Shattered Plains. It would be nice if Brandon could confirm if the windspren were always following him around.
  5. I've been re-reading the Stormlight Archive and Into the Sky, chapter 52 of Words of Radiance combined with The Last Day Chapter 81 has begun to bother me the more I think about it. Kaladin asks Sly if his skill with the spear is from her and calls it cheating. Sly, however, points out what he has trained with the spear every day for years. She further elaborates that it is both of them, together, and compares what she and Kaladin do to a genius of music picking up an instrument for the first time and finding music. I was fine with this, Sly gives Kaladin an edge allows him to focus more and move with the winds and just generally enhances his skill with the spear. The problem for me is in Chapter 81 when Sly is "dead" and her bond with Kaladin is, at the very least, severely damaged. Kaladin tries to wield a spear and is utterly incompetent. Imo it goes beyond incompetence as he has difficulty with simple thrusts. It is like saying that both of them created or enhanced or developed his skill with a spear and then showing that it's all Sly. It irritates me all the more because Kaladin has legitimately trained with the spear for years and then without Sly he can't even do the basics. I'm not saying I don't like Sly, frankly I don't think that's possible, but I am saying is that Sly seems to be THE factor in all of Kaladin's skill when it shouldn't be. It should be 50/50. I'm posting this because I feel like I'm not correctly interpreting the scenes and I would like to see how other people interpret/view this to give me a better perspective. Edit (There was an edit button): I have dyslexia so little things like Sly instead of Syl tend to slip by. I'm kind of angry I missed this as I had re-read this comment over ten times before posting it. Anyway, I don't know how to respond to everyone at once (is there a reply all?) but I do appreciate all the personal experiences shared and it has helped me put myself more in that position. I think I partially ignored Kaladin's metal state because of how he said he had lost people before and this was no different. This was most likely my greatest mistake when revisiting these chapters as Kaladin has never worked like this, idk how I skipped over how out of character those words where. Everyone's comments have helped me better understand what is happening within the chapters and I am grateful you took the time to comment your thoughts.
  6. I am re-reading TWoK and I just read the flashback where Kaladin decides to join Amaram's army to support Tien. Before that meeting, Hesina lays out that yes, they are spending spheres now, but they don't need to. She expected Roshone to think that Lirin is losing this fight and wanted to delay a few more months so Kaladin could take the rest of the spheres and go to Kharbranth and become a surgeon. When Kaladin asks them to come to Kharbranth with him, she says no. Now the question: If Roshone had not made the move, if Amaram would not have taken their sons, what did they plan to do once Kaladin had left? I expect Roshone would have been even more angry with them after that and it would have made their life a living hell, even more than it was already. What were they thinking they would do - a surgeon, his wife and their son who is not good at the chosen apprenticeship in a town where their landlord hates them? This doesn't seem wise. They couldn't think that Roshone would calm down after the spheres slipped through his fingers, could they?
  7. From the album The Knight Radiant been a bad fan and really haven`t posted in a wile, but I was on a search for a new style. This is my first Kaladin piece, not how I imagined it honestly, but his story fitted the mood of the image and the style I wanted to try. So here it is, a really sad moment of our protagonist's life. He might not me be my favorite character from the pack, but I sure understand what made him what he is and I respect that!
  8. This is one of the crossovers I always want to do =) Other recent stuff Have some Kaladin blushing moments (in my own style): Two states of Kaladin: The OT3: Shadolin: Renarin: Kalak in WoK Prelude:
  9. Just re-read this scene the other day and had to create it.
  10. I posted this over a year ago—2 maybe?—and have edited and added a chapter at the end. It is a romantic fanfic for Kaladin, set immediately after Oathbringer, and has no spoilers for RoW. About 39,000 words, just so you are warned.
  11. Why is Kaladin so awesome? He starts out saving his bridge crew and they see him as something more. Then he saves a high prince from Sadeas’ betrayal, and beats down the a shardbearer, and they see him as something more. Then he saves Adolin by dueling two shardbearers at the same time, and they see him as something more. Then he stops the assassin in white in front of the entire army and casually floats over the entire army. Sorry about the repetitious format but Kaladin is so much better than every other Windrunner in terms of combat. The spren bond pulls the spren into the physical realm, and possibly pulls the radiant closer to it’s order ideal (head canon). Does the fact that Kaladin has such a legendary reputation influence him, similarly to how the collective consciousness of humanity effects spren? Even Vyre expects Kaladin to be the storm. If his bond pulls him closer to the cognitive realm could this explain some of his Stormblessedness. Sorry if this was asked before, wrote this during nap time.
  12. My apologies if someone’s talked about this before, but I didn’t find it in a search. What’s going on when Kaladin is fighting the Pursuer after Teft dies? Stormlight powered Surgebinders are left unconscious and drained, even after Lift wakes them up with Lifelight. The the Pursuer attacks Kaladin directly going against Moash’s (Odium’s?) orders, and then Kaladin gets a power up. Not through Ideals, not through Stormlight or the bond with Syl, but through...something else? His eyes glow “yellow / red”. Red is Odium / Voidlight, but what does the yellow represent? How is a human using Voidlight, if he is? Is Odium tempting him with power to corrupt Kaladin from within? Was it driving a wedge between Kaladin and Syl, causing her to become more distant up until the Fourth Ideal was sworn? It actually reminded me of Amaram after he swallowed the Unmade at the end of Oathbringer.
  13. I know there is already a thread on the Mistborn Movie cast, but I didn’t see one on the Stormlight Archive. This is where we can speculate on the cast of the Stormlight Archive Movie.
  14. I'm re-reading the Stormlight Archive and I wanted to do something :o
  15. This is my second fanfic of a romance for Kaladin. This one takes place immediately at the end of Rhythm of War. Different story from my first one, but kept the character name because I like it. About 22,000 words.
  16. This was a conversation involving Kaladin and Shallan while trapped in the chasms in Words of Radiance. People take things personally. It is human nature, someone says something as a joke, and another person gets grievously offended. But it’s alright, isn’t it? Everyone does it to each other, so they will get over it. Wrong. I will give an example from my life. I and my friend (name changed) John have amazing banter. We undermine each other, give quippy remarks, and put in a show for anyone who cares enough to pay attention. We don’t try to draw attention to ourselves, and we really don’t, it’s just the way we act around each other. Like many people these days, the playful banter between friends is often more insulting and demeaning than it is friendly. But I had assumed that because he did it back to me, it must be fine. I wanted to let him enjoy the conversation, even if it shredded my happiness. I recently was talking to him, and to my surprise, he hated it to but kept doing it, because he thought the same thing I did. Now, this is just one example of people putting on a brave face but actually hating it. My whole reason for writing all this is to try and plead that people be kind. It doesn’t hurt anyone to be kind. If you think that your friends won’t like you if you are kind, then get new friends. The LDS church has said something similar in their “For the Strength of Youth” pamphlet. I can speak from personal experience. Failure (and appendicitis) feels like a knife in the gut. When someone points out failures and shortcomings, it is like that knife is being twisted around. I desperately implore that you do your best to be kind in all instances. Don’t insult people, even in jest. I hate it when people say stuff like this, but in a world where you can be anything, be kind. Edit: This ended up not being focused around Stormlight Archive. It started when I was rereading WoR, and I used that quote, but it kinda became something else. If any staff think this needs to be moved, feel free to do so
  17. I'm re-reading the Stormlight Archive and I wanted to do something :o
  18. From the album Memes!

    I think this captures Kaladin's stubborn nature very well
  19. From the album Memes!

  20. From the album Memes!

    Kaladin: *flies* ... "Eh."
  21. From the album Memes!

  22. From the album Memes!

  23. Ok so I believe the 5th windrunner ideal is something along the lines of “I will kill to protect” why do I think this, well the sky breakers progress toward different levels of the law snd personally I believe Shallan and all light weavers but especially her are progressing toward seeing themselves for how they are, and her final ideal will probably be “I am shallan” or some variation of that so what is the windrunner ideal progression is so far 2. I will protect those who cannot protect themselves 3. I will protect even those I hate These seem to pretty much encompass everyone you could protect. do that brings us to 4 This is an exception that makes you more effective at your job, it allows you to move on/ keep moving now additionally many of the main characters are almost the ideal(sorry not sorry) candidates for each order and so I think it’s probably a good idea to assume for speculation their arcs match up with the ideals and I think the biggest point in his arc kaladin has left is moash after rythm of war I don’t think moash is turning away from odium and based on the trend of the 4th ideal being a exception that makes you more effective at protecting, and kaladins biggest major plot point that has only been kinda resolved is that he wants to protect too many people, a big part of that is resolved now that he doesn’t have to constantly protect bridge four and many others but there are so many like the parshendi he still feels the need to protect, and this is paralyzing him This follows the trajectory of the oaths i think and I believe he will swear the 5th ideal before or after killing moash, why do I believe this, because kaladin has to kill someone he doesn’t hate for no reason other then to protect others and moash fits that description since kaladin still does not want to kill him but he is a threat to so many people and now may want vengeance.