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Found 15 results

  1. Detail Process Young Kaladin is based on my "Kid Kal" character design:
  2. From the album Jess's Stormlight art

    A visual representation of what was going on in Words of Radiance, how both of them had sort of turned their backs on one another, and how Elhokar was unaware of the whole thing.
  3. From the album Stormlight Art

    © Vian Provins

  4. Hey yall I took a bunch of the artwork of much more talented people and some music from another of those people and put it together to try to tell Kaladin’s story from the first 2 books of the Stormlight archive. Hope you like it!
  5. I just did a similar post on the real-world etymology of another name, that of the city of Stormseat, called Narak by the Listeners. I think this one, on Kaladin's name, belongs in another thread because they're different names. I don't know how things are organized on this forum... Kaladin's name, in fact most Vorin names sound like a fantasy counterpart of Hindi words. I think, this is primarily because of how these words are spelled in a manner that they seem equi-stressed, that is, they are constructed to be pronounced so that all the syllables are stressed equally. I think Alethi pronunciation would be officially different, simply because Brandon is American. Altough, I think I've read a WoB in which he basically suggests that readers pronounce names how they wish. Anyway, Kaladin's name came from Paladin but it too has a thematically appropriate interpretation, Kala + Din, which means Black Day. His theme of combating depression, the Bridgeruns, the oaths, his history, his string of misfortunes... I hope it doesn't become meme-y. I really like Kaladin as a character. tl; dr: Kaladin's name can be interpreted to mean 'Black Day'
  6. My take on Kaladin Stormblessed from the Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson. This is when Kaladin was enslaved. Not gonna lie, I almost made myself cry by drawing all that rain and remembering… THAT SCENE IN WAY OF KINGS ;( ( I ended up spamming the gallery with empty posts because the file was too big but hopefully it works now, I'm really sorry...)
  7. From the album Stormlight Archive Fanart

  8. From the album Doll Customizing

    Starting on Kaladin's wig! Gotta glue those wefts underneath the cap so I can pull the hair back enough to show off his brands without revealing the underside. I think he looks very bishonen atm. Eat your heart out, Adolin.
  9. From the album In this house we respect Dalinar Kholin

    “What is a man’s life worth?” Dalinar asked softly.“The slavemasters say one is worth about two emerald broams,” Kaladin said, frowning.“And what do you say?”“A life is priceless,” he said immediately, quoting his father.Dalinar smiled, wrinkle lines extending from the corners of his eyes.“Coincidentally, that is the exact value of a Shardblade. So today, you and your men sacrificed to buy me twenty-six hundred priceless lives. And all I had to repay you with was a single priceless sword. I call that a bargain.”“You really think it was a good trade, don’t you?” Kaladin said, amazed.Dalinar smiled in a way that seemed strikingly paternal. I got emotions and nowhere to put um
  10. Because he won one of the art polls on my twitter, here's a scruffy and spiteful slave Kaladin, before Rock gave him a shave.

    © Characters belong to Brandon Sanderson. Art is unofficial and belongs to Natalie Rodgers.

  11. This is an old one, but it was my first SA fan art piece. Lots wrong with it, but it and a lot of the Kaladin doodles that followed it helped me get out of an art slump. I originally posted this on my art blog, which I'll gradually try to repost here.

    © Art is copyright Natalie Rodgers. Characters and quotes belong to Brandon Sanderson. This is my interpretation of those characters and is not a licensed work.

  12. My child. After lots of depictions where he looked too beefy and more like a 35 year old, I think this is the Kaladin I'm sticking with. I'll have to update this so he's a little less malnourished and a little more newfound-Radiant-captain.