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Found 3 results

  1. Sooo, has anyone seen it yet? I saw it last saturday and I was completely blown away, both by how awesome the movie was and how stupid I find the "professional" critics. Critics say the movie focused too much on the fighting and not enough on the human characters and that the plot was too shallow ... and I keep asking myself, why is any of that a bad thing? It's a storming monster movie, it's supposed to focus on fighting monsters! That's what made it so good! I am 100 % not interested in human drama and I basically already forgot about ... everything humans did in this movie (except for Serizawa. Never forget Dr Serizawa!). All I wanted was: - big monsters - big monsters roaring - big monsters fighting bigger monsters - big monsters flying - big monsters not being evil but just … big - big monsters with flashy laserbeam attacks - big monsters in gloomy light Lemme tell you, this movie gave me everything I ever wanted and more. I love love love this version of Godzilla. I almost cried during the middle part! I can't wait for the DVD to come out and see it again. Not every movie needs a deep plot (or any plot at all), I could watch Godzilla roaring and using hyperbeam for hours! Definitely my favourite non-MCU movie of the past years and even better than the previous movie from 2014!
  2. The Silver Sentry, a colossal statue built of stone and metal, and plated with aluminum stood overlooking Wall Hold, a magnificent, shining city that stood against all that was dark and corrupt, the melting pot of cultures from the farthest edges of the planet. The Sentry had its eyes forward, back to the city, the only thing it knew was one command: "Upon call, destroy that which threatens the city, then become dormant again."
  3. Participants: The Deep Serpent (@I think I am here.) VS The Devourer (@Voidus) KAIJU FIGHT!!!! ___________________________________________________________________________________ It waited beneath the sands, moving through the earth, consuming that which lay before it. It moved suddenly to the other place, the place with the black sky and the ocean that wasn't an ocean. Beads of glass replaced the dirt, rock and sand that it had been consuming, but it ate the spheres no less rapidly than it did the sands. Burrowing through the sea with the same determination. The spheres flared to life inside it when they were eaten, granting fresh vigour, life, energy. It slammed into something solid, stopping its progress through the sea. It felt along the surface of the barrier, feeling for perhaps the millionth time the walls of its prison. The walls extended in both planes that it lived in, shutting it off from any means of getting out, and they had proven impossible to destroy with force. It was rare that the Devourer even tested the walls these days, but this time it was thankful it did. It felt something different about the wall, a weakening that was rapidly growing. The wall began to give under the pressure of its claws, began to tear as it bit into it with its mandibles. Finally the wall shattered entirely, releasing it from the small cube of ocean that it could normally feed on, and out into the wider ocean. The limitless source of food for it to consume. It moved back to the other place of sand and earth, finding itself similarly unconstrained there. The walls were gone. It moved through the earth, consuming new earth at last. A few small, burrowing creatures were consumed as well. Gone before they knew it was coming. It pulled at some of its sand, raising itself up on a few ribbons, it breached into open air. A small, wooden thing lay in front of it, bulbous at the base it branched out into many branches. The Devourer reached out with one of its claws, delicately pulling the Boab tree from the ground before ramming it into its mouth. A small treat, not filling enough for its tastes. It could range far now, devour more. Devour everything. To the west it saw a large blue surface, the ocean of this plane. It wondered if devouring that would give it energy the same way the ocean of the other place did. It wondered if that hated creature was still in the oceans of this place. The Devourer hoped that it was, so that it too could be devoured.