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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, Would anyone like to label the locations in Elantris and Kae from the book maps? Also looking for the division of Elantris on the map between the 3 "warlords" before Raoden's arrival. - Sincerely, Douglas
  2. Reforging Arelon - Day 1 The city of Kae was in chaos, the sky had fallen and their gods weren't there to pick it up again. There were riots and nobody had heard from the city of Elantris in weeks now. The merchant guild had just barely gotten control over the markets, but already they were sending guards every which way. The city needed a new ruling class and nobody but the merchants had been organised enough to become the new governing body of Arelon. It seemed that the merchants were setting up shop and starting to implement new laws and sending guards to enforce them. By nightfall there had been an election. King Iadon was the new ruler, put in power by the merchant guild. Surprisingly decisive for them as they normally squabbled and fought over every contract. Now there was no time, there was a country to run, and the main support structure had just fallen weeks ago. The merchants set up supply lines to get food to the hungry, and a market for the economy to get started again. Things were going smoothly until a Fjorden priest was found in the city, plotting to destabilise the new government and deliver the shattered remains of Arelon to Fjordel. When the guards arrested him they found letters of correspondence to several members of the new merchant court, although the names had been conveniently left out. It didn't help matters when the priest let slip that a Dakhor monk had been sent to ensure the downfall of Arelon. The merchant court grew restless and chaotic as they tried to find the impostors, the sympathizers. A hunt would soon begin, and the merchants would have to manage both the investigation and the constantly changing political landscape of Arelon. Welcome to LG 70! The rules will evolve as the game progresses, I hope to stay on top of it and post all of the rules updates as they happen each turn. See this link to the rules doc for a comprehensive set of the rules for this game. Thank you to Zillah for helping me get PMs out! It was a huge help! The day cycle will end in ~47 hours at 2000 MDT (0200 GMT) Rules at the beginning of the game: No vote minimum 1 action per player, usable during the night only PMs are closed Item market: Contract Market: Player list: