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Found 1 result

  1. With Ruin Beside Us Welcome back to Emperor Elend’s Luthadel. King Penrod has been growing more and more, irrational. Ordering people to fight each other for their daily bread. Speaking to the mists as if to Emperor Venture, rubbing his chest whenever he talks. The Physicians whisper of the attack, the inquisitor that tried to assassinate him. Whisper that he has recruited others to continue his foul work in the city. When the Government is broken and corrupt, The Citizens must rise up, as the Survivor has taught. But his Heir has warned of the servants of a darker God, the Spiked, who will try to destroy you all. But the Survivor does not expect you to do this on your own. He has gifted you all with power of the Mist, Allomancy. Use his gift to hunt down the Spiked. Welcome to MR20: With Ruin Beside Us. This is a standard Elimination game. Each cycle will be 48 hours long, and will have a lynch. Each player may use their role, or faction ability, every cycle. Possible Roles: Coinshot: Attack one player. Unprotected players are killed. Lurcher: Protect one player from one attack. Thug: You have an Extra Life. You can survive one attack, or one Lynch. Tineye: You can start PM’s with players. You have to be in the PM. Soother: Cancel a Player’s vote. Rioter: Double's a Vote Smoker: Seekers, Rioters, and soothers targeting you all fail. You can target yourself and one other. Seeker: If a Player took an Metallic action, you will learn what it is. Regular: You know whether or not this game is Role madness. ???: This Role is secret. What could it be? ###: Is this even a role? &%&: Am I just trolling you at this point? Alignments: Spiked: The Spiked will have a doc, and a faction kill. They win when all the citizens are dead. Citizenry: The Citizenry win when all the Spiked are dead. Miscellaneous rules: PM’s are closed, except for the Tineyes. Only Tineyes can start PM’s. No Pinch hitters or inactivity filter. Only the lynch reveals alignments I will not differentiate between Coinshot kills and Eliminator kills. I will neither confirm nor deny the existence of Secret roles, rules, factions, players, cycles, characters, moderatoers, or the treasure of the Count of Monte Cristo. All may or may not be in this game. The same rules, but with a bunch of Frequently asked questions added onto them: Anyway. I have a lot of free time. So when you sign up, please vote for when rollover should happen. It can happen any time between 4pm PST and midnight, PST. Also, to the newer players, who haven’t played a game with me as a GM. Ask an older player if you really want to. If the older player likes you, they’ll tell you no, Joe is a troll, and a bastard, who powers his laptop with the agony and hatred of his players. If they don’t like you, they’ll tell you to play. Wilson, did i forget to tell them anything? Quick Links: