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Found 5 results

  1. This theory is based off of the fact that Rithmatic lines only work if you believe they will work and know what they do at the same time. This theory's main point is that everyone is a Rithmatist, but most don't believe they are (or could be), so they cannot use the powers. This explains why Melody's entire huge family is Rithmatists, as her parents married as Rithmatists, so her siblings, as a part of an all-Rithmatist family, thought that they would undoubtably become one as well. For each child, the amount of faith needed got smaller. Joel is a Rithmatist if this theory is to be believed. When he draws the chalk line during the Inception, it is stated that "he knew what would happen. His hand passed over the line." His hand passed over because he didn't believe. The Shadowblazes serve as a test of faith. They probably flee from every person who becomes Incepted, just to test whether the person will believe even after the Shadowblaze departs them. The Forgotten do not possess Rithmatic powers; they simply allow their possessees to know that they are, indeed, Rithmatists. This is why Harding could make chalk lines. _______________________________________________________________________________________ If you think this theory is plausible, give it a comment and perhaps an upvote, and I will send you a cookie via forum.
  2. I just finished reading The Rithmatist, and now I'm dying to read the second one. Only problem: It's not out yet. So I'm bored and totally in love with The Rithmatist, and I've currently lent the book to a friend so I can't re-read it. So... thoughts on the rithmatist? Questions? Hopes/concerns for book 2? Someone please help me get thinking about it again.
  3. Hey Sharders! There are many theories on whether Joel is secretly a Rithmatist. Time for another one I guess. We know that Joel saw something--presumably a Shadowblaze--in the chamber, but Joel doesn't talk with anyone about it, so we don't really know what "It" is. Already we know that Joel doesn't manifest any Rithmatic power, before or after seeing the "It". We know that there are many new and unexplained things happening in the United Isles, as shown by the Forgotten, the Lines of Silencing, and Professor Nalizar. So my theory is this: could Joel have possible power that takes longer to show because he's a new kind of Rithmatist? Let me hear your opinion on this. -KnightRadiant
  4. Found a Shadowblaze at this restaurant. It's not moving... I think it's dead.