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Found 141 results

  1. I'm in the "can't decide" camp myself. It's a complicated issue.
  2. I know this is probably gonna be controversial, and a lotta people probably are gonna disagree with me, and that's fine. Does anyone else kinda not like how Jasnah is handled? I don't really hate her or anything it's just, the way Brandon writes her just feels sorta off and not very compelling. To me anyway. Specifically, it feels like she's sorta too perfect, especially in a series where being a flawed person striving to do better is such a big thing. Never at any point does Jasnah ever really fail at anything, and the few times she sorta does, nothing really becomes of it. She, despite being a woman of extreme privilege uproots the ancient Alethi slave tradition, and completely ends Dark Eyes oppression (which none of the characters this ACTUALLY involves even really comment on or are a part of), because she's just so cool and epic and badass because she just is. There's no real backlash to this, she steals this moment away from characters that actually care about this. She's just this perfect queen. And like, every time someone in world legitimately opposes her, they are made out to be an absolute buffoon. Look at the Alethi lord in RoW. That entire sequence was frankly just rediculous. Navani and Kaladin and Shallan are facing extremely dangerous situations, and making mistakes that have lasting consiquences because they are human beings, while Jasnah is fighting a storming caricature of the patriarchy. Seriously? A lot of the time she doesn't feel like an actual human being, to the point where the few scenes Brandon tries to make her seem vulnerable just feel fake, at least to me. Am I missing something? Am I supposed to see her in a different light? All the other characters have their ideals and attitudes radically challenged and are forced to adapt and overcome things. Jasnah, despite having a pretty rediculous and arguably un-radiant moral code just succeeds at everything. I'd love to be convinced otherwise, it's just, it's been really bothering me on my second reread of the series
  3. Jasnah Kholin is a very intelligent, very driven, and very practical person. When, and yes I believe that for someone like her it is only a matter of when, she discovers Hemalurgy, will she be okay with using it to accomplish her own ends? To me, I would think 'yes', but what do you think?
  4. Spoilers for Rhythm of War and also for the entire Cosmere, literally all of it, if you ain't caught up then pretend this post is Aimia and sail right the hell away plzkthx I just posted this as a comment on Reddit. Reposting here as its own thread in case its of interest to y'all :-) This post was inspired by the recent episode of Shardcast. What a great podcast. Absolutely love it. The most recent episode is about Jasnah, in particular her asexuality as it related to her having a sexual relationship with Hoid in Rhythm of War. On the surface, this relationship is BOGGLING. I totally agree. And one interpretation of this is that Brandon Sanderson has done some very bad writing around an asexual character. This sure is possible. However, I don't think that is the case here. I think that Jasnah/Hoid is meant to be boggling. We are supposed to say to ourselves this does not make sense! And then we are supposed to ask, well, under what circumstances could this make sense? I tried to do this, and I think I have an interesting answer. We are told that Jasnah is not interested in sex for pleasure, and that she does not reciprocate Hoid's interest in a romantic relationship with her. How can she be in this sexual relationship if not for sexual pleasure and not for romance? I think the Shardcasters are forgetting that there can be other reasons for a relationship, particularly a cis/het sexual relationship in an (essentially) medieval context. I can think of two possible reasons. The first reason is for the sharing of power through a union, such as marriage. This doesn't seem likely here. What power could a Queen gain from union with a Wit? This would be my conclusion if they had proclaimed a union publicly but not acted on it privately. They are doing the exact opposite. So this doesn't seem likely at all. As a result, I think it's the second reason: procreation. They are having sex in order to produce a child. This is the only reason that I can think of for a person who is not interested in sex in general, not interested in romance with this person in specific, and has nothing to gain from the relationship being public, to engage in a private sexual relationship. Why does Jasnah want to have a baby with Hoid? Merciful Domi but idk. Maybe she wants to give Hoid something to live for (we WoT fans call this "the Veins of Gold"). Or maybe the answer is "magic stuff." Maybe she wants her child to have Connection to a Dawnshard. Maybe she wants her child to be a Mistborn - Hoid's a Lerasium Mistborn so his child will probably be full Mistborn too. Maybe she wants her child to be a Lightweaver apart from the Radiant Surges. Maybe she wants her child to have Connection to Yolen. Or, hell, maybe she just wants to raise a child alone, and in the incorrigibly patriarchal Alethi society, the only way to do this is to hook up with the literally least dependable man in the Cosmere. I don't know Jasnah's reasons - all I know is, this is Jasnah, and so she has 'em. This brings up one more question: if procreation is Jasnah's reason for their sexual relationship, is it also Hoid's? Hoid's behavior might be a clue. His attempts to sexually interest an asexual person suggest that he's unaware of her asexuality; doesn't understand it; or is deliberately ignoring it. If someone agrees to have a sexual relationship with an asexual person for purposes entirely apart from pleasure or romance, maybe their subsequent attempts to interest the asexual person in sexual pleasure result from their guilt at experiencing pleasure in the sexual act which their partner does not. In other words, Hoid is making misguided attempts to resolve a dissonance. This... isn't great. This seems like how an alien would think human empathy works. But Hoid could be that alien just as easily as Brandon. Alternatively, Hoid is just an asshole. This is entirely within the realm of possibility, because, y'know, Hoid. But I don't think this is likely. First, Hoid is not a dumb person. Moreover, he seems to be quite empathetic when he wants to be - and his statements about wanting a romantic relationship with Jasnah suggest that this is a person for whom he'd be empathetic. But most importantly, Jasnah is kind of the freaking patron saint of telling people how it is. If she told Hoid she was ace, I can't imagine she wouldn't explain to him exactly what that means to her & set boundaries clearly and effectively. As a result, I think the most likely answer is that Hoid is unaware of Jasnah's asexuality. This would would imply that Jasnah is pretending to be interested in sex - or at least, allowing him to assume that she is and not correcting him - in order to entice him into a sexual relationship. This would imply that it is her desire to get pregnant - but not his. It wouldn't surprise me if Jasnah has learned a way for cognitive shadows to be involved in conceiving children that is unknown to Hoid. Further, I bet she learned this as a result of things that her father Gavilor Kholin did with the Sons of Honor in an attempt to create 'Fused Heralds' - magical experiments that resulted both in Jasnah's childhood 'lunacy,' and later, Shallan's identity complexities. See But that's theories upon theories. But that's why I love the Stormlight Archive In a greatshell: I think that Jasnah has allowed Hoid to believe their sexual relationship is one of pleasure/romance purely in order to concienve a child with him. Further, I think Hoid believes himself incapable of getting someone pregnant - and as a result is going to be mad surprised when Jasnah hands him the sonogram.
  5. We've all had one moment or another, where Jasnah's reasoning REALLY got under our skin, that is the initial purpose of her character. What moments did you wish you were there for just so could smack some sense into sense into her.
  6. From the album General SA Art

    Finally drew this after so many years! Probably still my fav Jasnah/Hoid scene (●'◡'●)ノ❤
  7. Hi all, a quick question for everyone. As we know, Hoid and Jasnah are now romantically involved. I'm not going to lie––I was definitely a bit surprised here. My personal theories had been that Hoid was carrying a torch for someone from his past and that Jasnah didn't want a romantic interest, but here we are. I would usually never complain about a well-balanced intellectual relationship between some of the most beloved characters in the series, but I'm a bit concerned for these two. First of all, Hoid and Jasnah are both incredibly ambitious individuals. They both have their own agendas and, while they may line up at the moment, I'm not sure how much longer that will last. We know Hoid has to have some sort of end goal, but is it even something that we would consider "good" and not "evil"? We can't tell. He's been working to achieve something for thousands of years, so I think it's unlikely that he would stop for a single romantic interest, unless his relationship with Jasnah develops pretty seriously over the course of the series. Also, Jasnah has a very strong set of convictions and morals. She probably wouldn't change her entire mindset around just to accommodate any sort of emotional intimacy with Hoid, even if she enjoys it. In my opinion, while they both like being in a romantic relationship, they're both using each other for something. Hoid requires a social standing and access to resources (and an incentive not to kill him, even when he's being... himself), which Jasnah can provide him. Jasnah, on the other hand, is a scholar at heart. She wants knowledge about the Cosmere and its workings, and who better to aid her than the worldhopping, quick-witted menace himself? Another point of concern for me stems from the language that they use. Hoid tells Jasnah that he loves her for her paranoia, out of all of her qualities. I thought this was a little bit suspicious. It definitely doesn't seem romantic; if anything, it seems like he's seeking protection from something. Jasnah's paranoia could be keeping them both alive, sure, but a constant state of stress is not something that someone wishes on a partner. This seems especially unbalanced when we take into account the fact that his presence seems to put Jasnah at ease. At the very least, they seem to have some... minor communication issues. A third thing could be Jasnah's asexuality. Hoid doesn't seem to be completely considerate of that, hoping that his kisses and touch can spark something in her, when that's just not how it works. Jasnah does participate in physical intimacy for his pleasure, but I still think he should be more understanding about her preferences. To be honest, I'm kind of rooting for them. Hoid and Jasnah would make an unstoppable power couple, and I genuinely believe that they like one another and that they could actually fall in love. They just need to have a serious talk about what they want from each other, how far their relationship will go (unofficial lovers? marriage? plenty of possibilities), and their personal plans for both the near and far future. And if they decide that they can't speak about those things, well... that kind of speaks for itself. For future Stormlight books, I would love to see one's reaction when the other is in serious danger (it might be a bit difficult to find a circumstance that could kill Hoid, but Nightblood's on Roshar, so anything is possible). With any strong relationship––especially romantic ones––a reaction in that situation says a lot about the personalities of and dynamic between the two characters. And, I know between now and the next Stormlight book, I'm definitely going to be looking through everything Cosmere with a fine-toothed comb for mentions of Hoid and his end goals. Hoid and Jasnah are both already so interesting as individuals, so there's obviously a lot to analyze when considering them together. Thoughts? Opinions? P.S. I almost considered doing an astrology-esque analysis of Radiant order compatibility. Are a Lightweaver and an Elsecaller as meant to be as an Aries and a Libra? Or are they completely doomed, like a Taurus and a Leo? (I'm sorry if these relate to your life in any way––just picked the first ones off of Google. ) If anyone has actually done a zodiac-style analysis of the Radiants, I would love to see it. If not... well then. I guess I have a new project on my hands?
  8. Hello all, I had a thought while reviewing how Jasnah does soulcasting in WoK, and couldn't find any references to this specifically, so thought I'd share it. When Jasnah pretends to use her soulcaster to hide her use of Transformation, the level of dedication to the subterfuge is impressive. First, she ensures that the gemstones crack, though there isn't any reference that I'm aware of that indicates that drawing stormlight from a gemstone can crack it. That likely means simultaneous Transformation...? Also, the visual effect might be something she's doing, as well. Second, she asks for the correct gemstone to use on blood, though Transormation does not seem to be limited by the gemstone/essence affinity. I don't think anyone could have figured out her trickery if she hadn't slipped and soulcast the bread and jam.
  9. There's still so many Stormlight topics left to do (and such little time) but it's time to do a deep dive about Jasnah! We delve into her philosophy and a certain lesson, her "lunacy," and what happened with her in Rhythm of War! This episode we have Eric (Chaos), Alyx (Feather), Ian (Weiry), Jessie (Lady Lameness), Evgeni (Argent), and Shannon (Grey). Brandon's Rhythm of War Chapter 17 Annotation on Jasnah's sexuality: Today's amazing thumbnail is by Grant Hansen: 00:00 Introductions and Show & Tell 06:46:29 Jasnah 13:27 Personality, Philosophy, and the Lesson 1:05:50 "Lunacy" 1:32:17 Jasnah and Hoid; Jasnah's Sexuality 2:23:11 Wrapping up 2:25:54 Who's That Cosmere Character If you like our content, support us on Patreon: For discussion, theories, games, and news, come to Come talk with us and the community on the 17th Shard Discord: Want to learn more about the cosmere and more? The Coppermind Wiki is where it's at: Read all Words of Brandon on Arcanum: Subscribe to Shardcast: Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]
  10. So, just a quick little question for fun: What d&d (5e) classes would each main character in Stormlight be, and what level ?
  11. I can’t find the quote right now, but at some point in RoW, Jasnah offhandedly mentions, whilst saying how Shalash was a great firsthand historical resource and what not, something along the lines of “All those arguments and Jochi had been right and she had been wrong.” Whilst Jasnah is not perfect, statistically she should have won about half of those debates. I may have got the quote wrong, but that is a huge anomaly! All those arguments? Is it possible that our beloved Thaylen baker-scholar is more than he says? I doubt he’s a Herald, but could he be a Worldhopper or someone else who would have witnessed those events firsthand too?
  12. I'm re-reading the Stormlight Archive and I wanted to do something :o
  13. I'm re-reading the Stormlight Archive and I wanted to do something :o
  14. Am I the only one who thinks that maybe Jasnah is lesbian and doesn't even realize it? I am perfectly cool with her being ace, i love that there is ace representation in the media, but in a conservative world like Roshar, where gay relationshis are highly uncommon or hidden, wouldn't her line of thought be understandable for someone homosexual? On the other hand, we all assume that she is asexual heteroromantic because she is with Hoid, but don't non-heteros irl struggle to define their sexuality or romantic orientation some times? I am saying this as a bisexual person that had always 100% awareness of my bisexuality, so I don't know if what I am saying makes sense.
  15. From the album Art

    I like the beads in this drawing.
  16. Young Jasnah holding the letter given to Liss =) Sketch: + + + Another AU comic, Jasnah vs. Dalinar. [Original post]
  17. Taravangian was a father. Apparently his children are already dead, as his granddaughter is inheriting Kharbranth. And he is quite fond of her. Our dearest Jasnah had a first hand encounter with a granddaughter of Taravangian and is ready to murder her own relatives. In addition she is quite intelligent, so we can confidently conclude that she will see a logical possibility. Now, should she learn who now is holding Odium, an obvious tactic arises. If I were her I'd lead a commando raid on Kharbranth to take her hostage. Is that compatible with the Immortal Words? And whom will she take on her raid? Stonewards?
  18. I can’t find the quote, but sometime in RoW as Raboniel is corrupting the Sibling, Venli (I think) mentions she is using the Surge of Transformation. The Sibling reveals to Navani that Raboniel is Unmaking them. In WoR, Pattern implies that Shallan used the same Surge to convert the deserters, meaning that Transformation seemingly has uses beyond Soulcasting. Would it be too much of a stretch to assume Jasnah or a member of the Unseen Court could unUnmake (or Remake) one of the Unmade?
  19. (I'm new to this, so there are spoilers for the whole Cosmere up to ROW - not sure if I need to put that here, but hopefully it's just a amateur mistake) So, given the list of shards that we know of, we are missing two in the Cosmere. I'm sure we will find out the identity of the other two, but I'd like to put forth a shard that should be there: Logic Sure, it's not the sexy type of emotion, but I think it's one that should exist and may be the one that Wit (or someone else, feel free to correct me b/c I can't remember fully who said it) was referring to. Who better to inhabit this shard than Jasnah herself. Who better to keep around as maybe a mitigating factor in the future of the cosmere or someone who brings the shards back together again (which I think is the end goal of the Cosmere, but that's just spitballing by me). I also think this is one of Wit's many goals is to reform shards with people across the Cosmere he trusts. I think he didn't trust some of the vessels in the past, so he's looking to stack the shards with people who he can rely on like Sazed. Also, If Wit is going to be a main character in Misborn Era 4 (which I believe will be the Cosmere era) , he may have a goal of uniting adonalsium and reuniting with his long lost love? I mean if you can snag Wit, you've got to be extraordinary and Jasnah fits the bill.
  20. OUR GIRL IS ACE, WE HAVE REP, WOOHOO This is a party thread of joy and positivity and celebration. Everyone's allowed to hang out here, but all "why did this have to happen" "ugh I don't care" and especially "I wish she wasn't a minority" or "well asexuality is stupid" type posts will be hidden. If you're not happy with Jasnah's orientation, romantic or sexual, then I suggest you stay off this thread. You're definitely allowed to wish she was another form of queer and headcanon her as that, but this thread will focus on her canon identity. I am creating an echo chamber of positivity and love. I'm going to request that RoW spoilers maybe not be gone into depth here, they'd be off-topic anyway but some of us haven't read all the chapters. Thank you! @The Awakened Salad @revelryintheart @MetaTerminal @The_Truthwatcher @Greywatch pinging all the ace frens I know, yell at me if you want to be left alone
  21. Considering the deal that Dalinar has made, there is a chance that Dalinar might fall. And Jasnah being..... well Jasnah, would probably be one of the first folks to call a meeting to decide who would succeed Dalinar in case he falls. Odds are the next book could start with this meeting since it's an important decision to be made, and getting Dalinars opinion would be appropriate as well. Based on a bunch of Death Rattles it seems like Kaladin is the obvious candidate to succeed. Especially after the entire populace of Urithiru pretty much rallied behind Kaladin during his one-man physical resistance against the Fused Besides Kaladin, who else do you people think would be well suited to lead the Radiants and Urithiru?
  22. Just finished my reread of Oathbringer in prep for RoW, and I think it's the best book in the series. I'll admit there's a possibility of recency bias but I thought a lot about it and I feel confident in, well, how I feel about this book. What do you think?
  23. Does anyone think we'll get any of Jasnah's childhood story in RoW? There's been a little more allusion to her childhood insanity and trust issues in Oathbringer, and I really hoped she'd be the focus backstory character in RoW. She has a traumatic past and the foreshadowing of it seems to suggest that we'll be filled in at some point, maybe book 5. I just feel she'd be a much more fascinating character if we knew that childhood patterns that caused her to be so emotionally withdrawn. Any thoughts?