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Found 1 result

  1. Alvron sat in bed, sick with the flu. Again. “Alvron, guess who’s here?” called his mother. A grin split Alvrons face, because it was- “Hello, Alv!” Grandpa Steel burst through the door. “I heard you had a little time again, and that you wanted me to tell you your favorite story.” He walked over, and pinched Alv’s cheek. “Yes, I did. Although, I had some thoughts on how the ending could be improved,” grinned Alvron, despite him not enjoying being pinched. “Of course you do.” Grandpa Steel pulled over a chair, and Alv fiddled with a pair of dice as he got himself settled. “Ok, here we go,” Grandpa said, as he cleared his throat. “Once upon a time, a beautiful farm girl fell in love with a farm hand. But the farm hand needed money to marry her, and so went across the ocean to seek his fortune. But soon Buttercup, the farm girl, received news that Wesley never made it. His ship had been raided by the Dread Pirate Roberts, the most feared pirate on the seas, for he never left any survivors. Buttercup shut herself away, swearing she would never love again.” “Time passed, and Buttercup developed into the most beautiful girl in the world. And one day, Prince Humperdink came to town and asked her to marry him. She warned him that she would never love him, but he remained confident that she would grow to care for him.” “The people loved Princess Buttercup. Her beauty and common origin charmed all who met her. But she was not happy. She took every opportunity to get out of the castle that she could.” “Little did she know that Humperdinck had developed a plan to set his country at war with Gilder. And he had hired a crew to kidnap and kill her, and frame the country of Gilder. And so she was abducted by a spaniard, a giant, and a sicilian.” “Mysteriously, a ship followed them through the Sea of Eels as they went to the Cliffs of Insanity. A Man in Black climbed up the cliffs, defeated the Spaniard in an epic sword fight, defeated the giant in wrestling, and outsmarted the Sicilian into taking poison. And then he revealed himself to be the dread pirate Roberts- and Wesley, Buttercup’s long lost love.” “Tracked by the Prince, the lovers escaped into the Fire Swamp, but when they came out they were surrounded by the Princes men. Buttercup agrees to go with the Prince, but his right hand man, the Count, knows that Wesley is to be tortured. Before he is knocked out, however, Wesley noticed that the count had six fingers on his hand- a description provided by the Spaniard, of the man who had killed the Spaniards father.” “While Humperdinck sets up plans to marry and then kill Buttercup, Wesley is tortured to death in the PIT OF DESPAIR! His agonized screams lead the Giant and the Spaniard to his location, where they find that he is... Mostly dead.” “Only a miracle can save him now. So they go to Miracle Max, a funny little man, who with a little bit of convincing, provides a pill to resurrect Wesley.” Alvron coughed, and Grandpa Steel looked up. “Um, yeah. Improvements. I think that Wesley should be taking more people with him to go fight Humperdinck. He has all those pirates back at the ship, and plus, shouldn’t Miracle Max tag along?” Grandpa Steel looked at Alv a little strangely. “All right then. If you want this to be like that, the ending might get a little unpredictable.” Alvron grinned at that. “I love unpredictability.” Grandpa Steel shook his head, and continued on, adding the extra elements. “Wesley donned the mantle of Dread Pirate Roberts once again, for he intended to strike fear into the hearts of the Prince and his men. He also grabbed his pirates from his ship. He would need all the help he could get.” “And Miracle Max decided to tag along, for he intended to prove himself the greatest Healer of all time.” “All fates hang in the balance. If the Dread Pirate and Buttercup are killed, war with Gilder will be inevitable. But if Roberts pirates can overwhelm the Princes men, two countries will be kept from war.” Welcome to the Princess Bride game, A Land War in Asia! Day turns are 48 hours, and Night turns are 24 hours. The villagers are Roberts’ Pirates, with exceptions noted in the specified roles. They must kill all of the Princes Men to stop a war and win the game! The Pirates have a lynch during the day. The Princes Men have to outnumber the village, so no one can tell the truth, and Gilder can once again be framed for the death of Buttercup! They have a night kill; the night kill being put in counts as an action. The night kill sends the victim to the Pit of Despair, where their life force is drained away by the machine of the Count. They also have the Pit to conspire in. When hit by a kill, players become Mostly Dead. Mostly Dead Players may take no actions except self administration of the Miracle Pill, and may not speak in PMs, docs, or the thread. Role and alignment is not revealed upon becoming mostly dead. They are still targetable by actions. After a turn of being mostly dead, players become totally dead. Totally dead players are unrecoverable, and their role and alignment is revealed. All players may pass Miracle Pills, administer Miracle Pills to mostly dead players, and create a permanent PM with one player during the night. Each of these count as an action, out of the two given each night. Random Roles: Parrot- Those with a parrot can make an extra PM each night, regardless of actions. Dagger- Those with a dagger can choose to force someone to change their vote, one time. Rum- Those with the Rum can choose to make someone to forget to vote, one time. Note- these are not items, and they cannot be passed. Village Roles: Wesley / Dread Pirate Roberts- survive with the Princess! As the Dread Pirate Roberts, he has a night kill, which he can use once per cycle. As a lover, he starts off with a PM with Buttercup. If Buttercup dies, he gains a normal village win condition, and Wesley loses his kill ability. The Spaniard- win condition: kill the 6 fingered man, either through his kill or by participating in his lynch.This includes killing him while he is Mostly Dead. He is led by the vengeful spirit of his father, and each night he can ask his father once whether a player is the 6 fingered man. He has 1 kill in the game, a kill that he can use at any point (although it still requires an action). If someone else carries out the kill on the 6 Fingered Man, the Spaniard gains a normal village win condition. Princess Buttercup- win condition: survive with Wesley. Her exceeding beauty startles all those who see her; each night, she can prevent one player from taking any actions. As a lover, she starts out with a PM with Wesley. If Wesley dies, she gains a normal win condition, goes into mourning and loses her ability. The Giant- normal win condition. He is powerful against groups of people, and is invincible to the Lynch. However, just as the Man in Black beat him, he is not as good against individuals, and is vulnerable to any other kill, or the Pit of Despair. Also, due to his massive size, a double dose of the Miracle Pill is required in order to bring him back from being Mostly Dead. If the Giant is caught in a tie, it will be the other person who dies. Pirates- standard villager. Neutrals- Miracle Max- revive at least 3 villagers and 1 eliminator (subject to change based on how many people sign up). Each night you can create one Miracle Pill, using an action. You may not create 2 pills. It is received at the beginning of the day. Miracle Pills can be administered to mostly dead players to bring them back. They can be given to other players (any reviving still counts towards the win condition). If Miracle Max revives himself, it does not count towards his goal. Eliminators: Prince Humperdinck- elim win condition. However, he is a superior huntsman and tracker; during the night, he can follow one player to see who they target. The 6 Fingered Count- elim win condition. The target of the Spaniard. No special abilities. Humperdinck's guards: normal eliminators. During each turn, every player has 2 actions. Day Order: Dagger/Rum, Lynch, Spaniard kill, Miracle Pill Night order: role block/track, scan, Kills, Miracle Pill The Miracle Pill- resurrects a player from being mostly dead. This can be passed or administered for an action. When you come back from being mostly dead, you become role-blocked for a cycle. You may only be saved a maximum of two times, meaning when you get hit by any kill for a third time, you instantly become completely dead. The Lynch: There is a two vote minimum for lynching. If people are tied for Lynch, an iocaine powder situation occurs. Submissions for iocaine powder mechanic are required. In the GM pm, you simply indicated which cup you would poison, and which cup you would drink (ex. I would poison my cup, and would take the other person’s cup). The Poisoner/chooser will be determined by order of signing up, with the poisoner coming first. You may also change your choices at any time. When more than 2 people are tied, if the number is even, they will be randomly divided into sets of 2, where who survives will be determined by the iocaine rules. If it is an odd number, one person will die, and the rest will be determined by the iocaine rules. During each day, there will be a “Fashion”. Being “fashionable” and using creative humor can win you a special award- The Twue Peanut award. This prestigious honor will go to the person who makes me laugh the hardest. Everyone who signs up for the game is eligible. I will keep track of each joke or thing that makes me laugh. This can be in thread, doc, or PM. If you are mostly dead, you can submit your witty comments in your GM PM. Normal jokes that make me laugh will get one point. Jokes relating to the daily “Fashion” that make me laugh will have their points tripled. Things that make me die of laughter will have their points doubled. The person with the most points at the end game will win this award. Other awards may be distributed as I see fit. All awards will have prizes for you to show off. There will also be a thing in the spec doc, if for some reason, you can't play this game. It'll be more fun if you join the game, though. If you are inactive for more than 2 cycles in a row, you will be dragged to the fire swamp and killed for your awful sense of fashion by ROUS's, fire jets, and lightning sand. This death will be instant, you will not spend any time as Mostly Dead. If there are any pinch hitters, they will be brought in instead of death. Note: for the purpose of win conditions, players must be totally dead in order to qualify as having been "killed", unless otherwise noted. Other odds and ends- It will begin with a day turn. You may not lynch the GM or IM. Some clarifications on how the different win conditions will function- all villagers are guaranteed to win if they kill all the eliminators. But, if the elims end up outnumbering the village, the Spaniard will still win if they killed the Count, and Buttercup/Wesley will still win if they survive together. The Eliminators have to outnumber all villagers, including those with alternate win conditions. Please remember to include me in all your PMs. Kill types will be distinguished in the write-ups, but roles and write up perspective will be played around with due to mostly dead mechanic. Buttercup’s roleblock will block Humperdinck’s track, but Humperdinck’s track is able to follow Buttercup’s roleblock Furthermore, I hope everyone who wants to play will join. This game was designed by me to be fun, so you can laugh as you kill each other. After all, I find it inconceivable that anyone could possibly not enjoy this game. So, anyone who is even slightly interested in playing this, come and play! The more people, the merrier this will be. This game will tenatively start at 7:00 PM EST, June 1st. Links Player List: 1. Walin (Bill Ted) 2. Bort (Asu Wish) 3. Elephant Earwax (Maw Wiage) 4. Araris Valerian (Araris) 5. Cadmium Compounder (Indigo Montoya) 6. Devotary of Spontaneity (Polydactylous Pterrodactyle) 7. Eternum (Rob Indie Banks) 8. Hemalurgic Headshot (Leonard Wilkins) 9. Snipexe (Exetes the Wandering Artist) 10. Fifth Scholar (Plaristocrates) 11. Jondesu (Q) 12. Elenion (Shree King Eelz) 13. Roadwalker (Brutus Kowd) 14. Doc12 (D. Senfalo) 15. Dalinar Kholin (Reginald Canuk) 16. Bugsy (Dread Pirate Cummerbund) 17. Kidpen (Incan C. Vable) 18. Straw (Straw) 19. Mr. Doctor (Dead Private Hobbert) 20. Val (Val) 21. Randuir (Captain K.C. Grumbleton) 22. Sart (Grandpa Lace) 23. Coop772 (Kay Oss) 24. Mark IV (Mark) 25. Elbereth (Elenta) 26. Rebecca (Sir Shrei King Eel) 27. Rathmaskal (Rath)