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Found 4 results

  1. LG75: Alethi Politics I fear the stakes are getting slowly higher. The Highprinces still talk amongst themselves, but the severity of the conversations increases by day. A true political war is brewing, and the water soon will spill over the rim of the bowl. We can only hope it has not been heated enough to scald everyone involved. - Mishinah Bethab, wife of Highprince Bethab, 1173.7.4.2 He’s nervous. Dalinar Kholin thought, glancing over at his nephew. Well, he ought to be. They sat around a large wooden table, covered with a thin cloth divided into ten sections. Each section represented a princedom, marked with the appropriate colors and glyph. The other nine Highprinces, along with their various accomplices, were seated at their spot designated by the cloth. Dalinar thought it no accident that Sadeas lounged directly across from him, the other man’s pudgy but calculated gaze fixated on him. The room was unusually quiet, but all knew that King Elhokar, Dalinar’s nephew, was ordained to begin the meeting. As usual, Elhokar was delaying his speaking as long as possible. The youth- Storms, he wasn’t really a youth, but he was to Dalinar- fiddled with the small golden buttons on his coat, avoiding eye contact with everyone who tried to create it. Eventually though, the meeting had to start, however much Elhokar wished it to not. Dalinar nudged his nephew softly, signaling that perhaps it was time to begin. Elhokar’s eyes flicked up, first at Dalinar, and then at the others, who all stared pointedly. Elhokar cleared his throat, and with his shaky voice the discussion was initiated. * * * A couple hours later, after many, many arguments, Elhokar slumped down in his chair as the Highprices stood. “I did terrible.” Dalinar put a firm hand on the King’s shoulder. “You did not. You spoke well, and the propositions were stated clearly.” Elhokar shook his head. “You did all the real talking, Uncle. The whole kingdom knows I’m a figurehead.” Dalinar looked his nephew straight in the eyes. “You are the King, Elhokar. The throne is yours and yours only. I never wanted power.” Dalinar immediately cursed internally at his mistake. His phrasing implied that he had the political power in the room, and he knew it. “But you have it anyway.” Elhokar confirmed. “Say what you want. They know it’s true.” He stood glumly and walked off. Dalinar frowned slightly as he disappeared around the corner. The King had been getting worse. He glanced around the room, and noticed Sadeas watching him from behind the Bethabs, who idly chatted near the door, obviously looking for an excuse to examine Dalinar. He hadn’t missed Mishinah’s notetaking during the meeting. When Sadeas caught Dalinar’s eyes, he glanced away, pretending he had been looking out the window the entire time. But Dalinar could see the small smile on his old friend’s lips. Storm that man. If only he and I could still agree. Dalinar sighed, pushing past the Bethabs and avoiding Sadeas’ gaze. He needed a drink, after this afternoon’s events. * * * Welcome to LG75: Alethi Politics! I’m Matrim’s Dice, I’ll be your GM. @Devotary of Spontaneity will be the IM. Below is the full ruleset, though it's also here in doc form if that's easier for you. General Rules: Factions: Roles: Marketplace: Signups are open now, and will end in a little over a week on March 24, 2021, at 7am PST (GMT-7) 5pm PST (GMT-7). The game will begin soon afterwards, with the general rollover time being 8am 5pm, though my schedule is a bit unclear these next months so it may fluctuate slightly. If there are any changes I'll be sure to announce them. Player List: Spectator List/Pinch-Hitter List: Quicklinks:
  2. The wild chalklings were everywhere. They hit the soldiers like a tsunami, breaking all defenses in a matter of minutes. The cause of this devastation quickly became apparent. Several Rithmatists had become corrupted, and had turned into the nefarious Forgotten. They had placed themselves in positions of power, and had used their authority to undermine the defense. Many Rithmatists lost their lives that day. One group managed to form a defensive perimeter around themselves. Surrounded on all sides, panic transformed into paranoia. Were any Forgotten still among them? Could anyone be trusted, on this darkest of days? The group did not know, but resolved to rout out any Forgotten still left. Then, and only then, could they push back against the horde surrounding them. It was a desperate hour, and the Rithmatists needed all the help they could get. Welcome to Long Game 73. I'm Sart, your GM. This is a rerun of Long Game 57, but now all the secrets are revealed. Rules: Player List: This game will start on January 28th, at 6 PM CST. Quick Links:
  3. The watchman shivered, desperately trying to rekindle his campfire. The wood was too cold and damp for his efforts to have any effect, and he groaned in anger. It had been like this for days. He was tired of the cold, tired of the snow, tired of this hard life on the front lines. As if to mock him, he felt a snowflake brush against his cheek. He swore to the Master. A breach in the circle would mean certain disaster. He grabbed his lantern, and grimaced. It was leaking. Spares were hard to come by, so he decided to keep using the shoddy light source, at least for tonight. The watchmen patrolled the perimeter, looking for any breaks. He was almost done, when he realized something odd. He hadn't seen a single Wild Chalkling. Normally there would be at least half a dozen scouts checking for any weak spots, and yet he hadn't seen any. He considered reporting it, when something reached around his throat. He didn't even have a chance to respond before his neck was deftly snapped. As he fell to the ground, his lantern exploded on the ground. Flames quickly followed the trail of oil it had been leaving behind. His killer whirled around, as the flames quickly ran towards the lantern's usual position, the camp's commissary. The cabin erupted into flame, immolating much of the camp's supplies. As the platoon rallied to save what little they could, the Forgotten slipped among them. Soon enough, one of the soldier's would find the poor watchmen's body, and then the killing would start. The camp didn't realize it yet, but most of them wouldn't be surviving the night. Welcome to Mid-Range 34: Death by Lantern Light. This is a re-run of Mid-Range 27, and is set in the Rithmatist universe. I'm your GM, Sart, and @Seventh Saint is our Impartial Moderator. Ruleset: The game will be staring on Thursday, March 28, at 7:00PM Eastern Time. Here's a timer Player List: Quick Links:
  4. Now, I have no experience in tabletop games or D&D-esk stuff, heck, I've no idea what you even call it. However, the concept has always interested me, and I wanted to ask if it was fun. Probably akin to asking a someone, "what is a maths?" I'm sure, but if you could describe what it's like, that'd be awesome.