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Found 2 results

  1. A Desperate Alliance In the midst of the chaos and turmoil of the War of Reckoning, a faint beacon of hope shines. The Parshendi, in a surprising move, have offered peace to the warring Alethi Highprinces. Atop a wide plateau in middle of the Shattered Plains, the Parshendi and Alethi delegations meet to attempt the negotiation of a lasting peace treaty. But such a momentous occasion has not gone unnoticed. And on Roshar, secrets abound. From the shadows, many sets of malicious eyes watch the proceedings. None of them seek the same ultimate goals - indeed, many are mortal enemies of each other. But all are united on this one thing: that these fragile talks should bear only a stillborn fruit. Welcome to MR23: A Desperate Alliance! This game is a faction game, rather than a standard game of Sanderson Elimination. In the basic game, there will be 5 factions, each with separate win conditions. However, if enough players sign up, up to two additional factions may be added. There will be no Day/Night Turns in this game, rather, it will be played in 48-hour unified Turns. The game will end either when one of the hidden factions achieves their win condition, or when all members of hidden factions have been eliminated. The Alethi and Parshendi peace delegations are public factions: every player will be revealed as a member of one of these two factions at the start of the game. The Parshendi and Alethi have unique sets of roles available to them. All of the remaining factions have members hidden among the public factions - these hidden factions do not share win conditions with the public factions, but their individual win conditions may be compatible with other factions. Or they may not. Hope you like intrigue! Factions and Roles: Alethi: Parshendi: Sons of Honor: Voidbringers: Ghostbloods: Signups for this game will last until Tuesday, July 11th at 7:00 PM, Mountain Daylight Time. Player List: Locke (Orlok) Kintas (Jondesu) Straw (Straw) Plato Andersen (Elenion) Unnamed Character 1 (BrightnessRadiant) Unnamed Character 2 (StrikerEZ) Zephyras (Megasif) TBD (Roadwalker) Stick (_Stick_) Samar (Sami) TBD (A Joe in the Bush) Aredor (asterion137) Max Mercury (The Flash) Kyner (Drake Marshall) TBD (Yitzi2) Unnamed Character 4 (Sart) Anya (Daniyah) Mint (Frozen Mint) Raaman (Hemalurgic Headshot) Unnamed Character 5 (Crimsn_Wolf) Corinoc (cloudjumper) Petyr and Cranium (Alvron) Kreshela (Elbereth) Quick Links:
  2. Day 1: Fateful Greetings Dalinar Kholin watched the delegation move across the Shattered Plains. The bridges joining the plateaus moved slowly, armored chulls dragging their immense frames with methodical slowness. The bridges were sturdy, capable of supporting a cavalry charge, and his folk walked confidently across it. This peace treaty could be a gift from the Almighty. With the war ended, he could get the fractured political leaders of his people back home, governing as they were meant to. Alethkar could cease pouring years of resources into an endless war, and use her newfound unity to become strong and prosperous. But first, peace had to come. Not everyone would be happy with it. Many of the Highprinces loved the play-act of war that this had become. No real risk to themselves, and a great deal of financial gain from the gemhearts of the plateaus. Some might even violently object. He looked back at his company, walking over the chasms. He hoped no traitors walked among them. -------------------------------------- Eshonai sat in nimbleform, on a rocky mount overlooking the meeting plateau. The Alethi had come armed, of course. That was to be expected. She hummed the Rhythm of Satisfaction, though. After years of war, she had offered a peace token and he had actually come! There might be a way to save her people after all. But she had heard worrying rumors from the scholars - rumors of new and dangerous forms, connected with their gods. Some among them might be desperate enough to assume those forms. She would have to keep a close watch on her own. -------------------------------------- Day 1 has begun! It will end in 48 hours. Remember that there is no Night Cycle - all actions are performed during the Day Turn, along with votes and the lynch. Alethi Player List: Locke @OrlokTsubodai Straw @Straw Unnamed Character 1 @BrightnessRadiant Ethelinar @StrikerEZ Zephyras @Megasif Stick @_Stick_ Samar @Sami TBD @A Joe in the Bush Aredor @asterion137 Max Mercury @The Flash Rif @Yitzi2 Unnamed Character 4 @Sart Raaman @Hemalurgic_Headshot Unnamed Character 5 @Crimsn-Wolf Kreshela @Elbereth Parshendi Player List: Kintas @Jondesu Plato Andersen @Elenion TBD @Roadwalker Kyner @Drake Marshall Anya @Daniyah Mint @Frozen Mint Corinoc @cloudjumper Petyr and Cranium @Alvron