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Found 1 result

  1. "When the hearthfire turns to blue, What to do? What to do? Run outside. Run and hide." In the middle of a forest whose trees grow not in this world, no moon overhead, a troupe of performers sat around an unlit campfire. Many of them were engaged in a heated argument over how best to start the fire, or even whether to start the fire at all. Others stood on the sidelines, quietly juggling. Others peered in from the darkness, watching with interest. One waited patiently within a sprawling tree, softly chuckling to itself. . . . Shreya the stargazer looked up at the sky overhead disapprovingly. It was wrong. That was the wrong sky. She walked back towards her tent, deciding to consult her star charts. A short walk later, she sat on the floor of her tent, leafing through the star charts. This doesn't make any sense. The stars were all wrong. This wasn't even a different part of the sky, it wasn't even the same sky at all. But then... In a moment of terrifying revelation, she pieced it together. "Fae..." I have to warn the others. The candle-flame that she read by turned blue. . . . The argument grew more heated, and the unlit hearth grew more cold. It was, naturally, all in good fun. This was a troupe that specialized in displays of fire, and they took pride in the fact. Around they went, each one seemingly trying to top the last with a yet more ludicrous method of lighting the fire, the troupe becoming absorbed in the debate. And thus, they did not notice at first when an intensely bright light appeared amongst the troupe's tents. When they did notice, they more or less dropped everything, running to the source of the light. Brilliant blue flames licked around the stargazer's tent, swiftly devouring it. The troupers did all they could to put out the fire. By the time they succeeded, Shreya's tent along with two other nearby ones had been reduced to mere ashes. The stargazer herself was nowhere to be seen. . . . Shreya (NPC) has been killed! She was a Stargazer! And now the show begins. Apologies for the delay, you should all be getting role PMs soon if you don't have them yet. Burning text is overrated imo, but still is kind of the obvious choice for a fire-related title banner. Also, a small rule clarification: the master doc that the Cthaeh has access to is a version that updates every rollover, not continuously as orders are submitted. And finally, a friendly reminder that failing to cast a vote (or having it nulled) three times in this game will result in death. Cast 1. Elandera as Ahnya2. Eternum as Enerin3. Droughtbringer as Pyra Mainiak4. Aonar Faileas as Aorais Kipthorn5. Devotary of Spontaneity as Gaskana6. Walin as Nelden Dastardly7. Fifth Scholar as Marne8. Snipexe as Snip9. Alvron as Laon10. Steeldancer as Squick11. Megasif as Mega12. Xinoehp512 as Reyalp Nwoknu13. Arinian as Ray Fox14. Orlok as Locke15. I think I am here as Itiah II16. Arraenae as Alev17. Bort as Master Ash18. Wonko the Sane as Fifth Daughter Resterford19. Cadmium Compounder as Deric Watar20. Young Bard as Neris Countdown