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Found 3 results

  1. I'm kind of curious as to why and when ironpulls/steelpushes can be blocked by having the affected metal in one's body. Here are a few questions that I haven't been able to find a definite answer for: Are pushes on metals inside your own body resisted? Are pushes on metals inside a dead body resisted? If you can push on metals inside a dead body, exactly when is the body considered dead? Is it about blood flow, like hemalurgy? Or some other way of detecting death besides supernaturally? For example, BoM spoiler, Are pushes on metals inside a frog or other "normal" animal resisted? Are pushes on metals inside an amputated limb resisted? Are pushes on metals inside someone not from Scadrial resisted? EDIT: Changed "Can you push..." to "Are pushes on...resisted" to clarify meaning. I understand that with enough power these barriers can be overcome, I'm merely interested whether these count as the same "barrier" as a living person does.
  2. I've been following the "Weight has nothing to do with allomantic Push/pull strength" thread for a while, and I think we're using the wrong model for framing physics questions related to Pushing and Pulling. What is the behavior observed in the books? If Coinshot A Pushes with allomantic strength B on coin C, we observe that both A and C will experience acceleration proportional to B but inversely proportional to their mass. So as long as C is not anchored, it will accelerate rapidly while A is barely affected, but when C hits the ground or a sturdy wall suddenly its effective mass is increased to the mass of the combined system (coin plus wall, or coin plus planet), and its acceleration drops way off while A's acceleration spikes. When we use F=ma, the problem that arises is that the acceleration a Coinshot experiences when Pushing a coin should depend only on the magnitude of the force applied, not on whether the coin is anchored. If we view the magic as a simple action/reaction between the Coinshot and their target, the behavior we observe in the books is not preserved. There is a well defined physics model that deals with two objects interacting in a way that changes their velocities to a degree that's inversely proportional to their masses: elastic collisions. If we reframe this situation in terms of an elastic collision, then the allomantic strength term becomes not force but kinetic energy. A given allomancer's push strength is the amount of kinetic energy they can add to the system. What happens to the velocities of the components of the system is then subject to conservation of (the new, higher) momentum. This preserves the behavior we see in the books. (Actually a person's Steelpush strength would be delta-kinetic energy per unit time, but integrating over time is left as an exercise for the reader.) If you'd like a pseudo-concrete framework for thinking about this, imagine that the blue lines you see while burning Steel are tangible to the things at either end of them. Normally they are happy to simply change length to remain in contact with their endpoints, but when Pushed or Pulled, an Allomancer pours some Investiture into them and makes them grow or shrink with some amount of power. The line doesn't care where its center winds up, or how long or short it winds up being, it just knows how hard to push, and the end that resists less will be moved farther than the other. So to bring this back around to the question of whether your Push/Pull strength depends on your mass: Yes and No. There's some innate Allomantic Strength term that's independent of your mass, but in practice the things you can do with Allomantic iron or Allomantic steel are influenced by both your strength and your mass. (When you're trying to move yourself it's better to be lighter, when you're trying to move other things it's better to be heavier.)
  3. Hypothetical scenario time! Wax, Wayne and Marasi are standing in a room. Wax Pushes a coin outwards, and then, simultaneously, Marasi creates a cadmium-bubble the size of the room and Wayne creates a bendalloy-bubble around the three of them, leaving them standing in regular time while the rest of the room, including the coin, which is now moving quite slowly, is in slow-time. Wax then moves around a little and Pushes on the coin from a different angle. How does the Push affect the coin? Okay, I just realized I made this sound like a textbook question, but I genuinely want to know if we know, if that makes sense. Does the Push 'slow down', and act like it normally would, but in slow-mo. Or would it work differently?