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Found 19 results

  1. How would one make an antiinvesture for Autonomy? She's weird. It says in Lost Metal that she manifests a bunch of different forms of investiture. Would you just make the antiinvesture for that?
  2. If this has been posted before i apologise ive been looking through the mechanics of investure (specifically for allomancy) and i saw something that mentioned the term 'inate investure'. This leads me to believe that investure levels can be changed to a great degree (what are shards if not humans that have so high an investure level that they are no longer human?) looking into nicrosil compounding (apologies if i keep misspelling that word) i realised that you can create (and if not create tap the spiritual realm far more than anyone else for a certain period of time like dalinar openning a perpendicularity, but inside you for a certain period of time) investure (burning metalminds releases 10x the attribute inside of it). if a mistborn (lerasium for the sake of argument) was a nircosil ferring before hand (or got a spike for f!nircosil), they can create a ridiculous amount of investure and store it now the question. if one taps that investure, then burns a metal, are they increasing their investure levels? and by extension, correct me if im wrong, but they are now way stronger than a normal person burning a metal because they have that much investure running through them? by extension again, did the origional mistborns have a way bigger amount of investure in them than the mistborns in the final empire, and hence why they are so much stronger? sorry if these are obvious conclusions, my grasp of investure mechanics isnt as good as id like to believe
  3. While listening to an audiobook of the half blood Prince, I realised that some kinds of magic leave lasting traces. Since half my thoughts lately are cosmere based, I immediately thought of fabrials/gemstones and the fact that they can retain stormlight. If we were to cross the verses, would a wand or a charm on something like a door classify both want or charmed object as invested? Quick brain teaser for everyone
  4. We know from the use of transformation that an invested objects are harder to soulcast than non invested (jasnah I believe said this) and that investure often interferes with investure in the cosmere. The surge of division has been seen to destroy or burn all the things it touches so far, but none have been invested. I am aware that division can split atoms apart (though not the atom itself) but again haven't seen any sources saying it's affect on an invested object or person (as we know division can be used on a person) My question is does an invested object work with the division surge. Does it take more stormlight to destroy, or does it simply not affect it? Shardblades destroy plates over time so would it take time for division to take effect? Would it resist?
  5. Well, here I am again. Really hope this isn't annoying for any of you. So, I was looking around to see if anyone asked if an Allomacer can push or pull a Shardblade, and of course, I could not find a thread, and the Coppermind doesn't mention it as far as I'm aware. So I was about to assume that they can't be pulled or pushed similarly to metalminds. They have a hard time pushing or pulling something that's invested, and surly the blades count, being god metals of Honor, Cultivation, or a mixture of both. Then, I remembered that Atium is a god metal and there are plenty of examples of them being pulled or pushed. So it doesn't seem like being a god metal immediately disqualifies from being able to be pulled or pushed. So would Allomancers be able to push on Shardblades? And a little bonus question I thought while typing this, are god metals considered invested? Because the reason metalminds are hard to push is because of the investiture stored in them, and Atium does not appear to be resistant to pulls or pushes. So are god metals not technically invested? EDIT: Okay, so the answer for the above questions by Brandon Sanderson himself is no, it's very difficult to push or pull god metals and they are basically pure Investure (read threads below). HOWEVER, this brought up a different question/theory about the nature of Atium, which is a God metal that can be pushed and pulled with relative ease, which contradicts what Bradon Sanderson said about Godmetals. My first reaction was that it was made fairly early on and Brandon Sanderson didn't have certain things figured out, so we should ignore Atium/ consider it an outlier when figuring out the properties of god metals. But then I remembered that Atium was Brandon Sanderson's way of introducing Fortune to the Cosmere, and that in the Feruchemy table, Investure and Fortune are considered separate, so rather than being pure Investure, is Atium pure Fortune and that's why it's properties don't follow with other god metals? (Another note, if it is Fortune, it may have been a purposeful play by Preservation to limit Ruin's foresight, which may be a big factor in his plan, as Ruin's foresight has been accepted as not as good as other Shards like Cultivation, Preservation, and maybe Endowment.)
  6. I am currently rereading the stormlight archive books and I remembered how nightblood works like a Shardblade because it stores so much investure. That, in extension, means that a Shardblade is so deadly because of the amount of investure it has in it, right? we don’t know too much about Nicrosil ferrings, but they store investure. If you compound that, then you just begin gaining more and more investure. If you tap all of the Nicrosilmind, that means you now have a ton of investure in you. If you store enough, you could theoretically get to Shardblade levels of investure, or would you need a vessel to concentrate that investure into a purpose, like a sword slashing people’s soul. Would that mean you just need to have a Nicrosil sword acting as a nicrosilmind? then again, people holding a ton of breath can’t do that, so maybe what things do with a ton of investure has to do with what it wants, like with soul casting with radiants.
  7. I have only read SA, MB (Book 1), and WB so I don't really know about etlantris sorry. Here goes the theory. Scadral has metals that deal in investiture, Roshar has stormlight, and Nithis has breath. Nightblood feeds on forms of investiture. We have seen Nightblood feed on stormlight ad breath, we have not however seen him feed on metal. What metal would Nightblood eat? I will list the metals I know of and say why or why not I think he would feed on them. 1. Tin- I do not think that Nightblood would feed on this, it would not give him the "kick he needs" 2. Pewter- Nightblood might fed on this, this might be converted to strength for both the holder and make Nightblood stronger himself. 3. Iron- Push good away 4. steel- Pull evil closer 5. Zinc- Creates strong emotion to destroy evil 6. Brass- Suppresses good in people 7. Copper- hides good 8. Bronze- finds evil 9. Gold- Sees if people could have become evil 10. Atuim- See's if people would become evil. I don't know any other metal's so please tell me what Nightblood would do if he burned the others that I'm sure there are. Also please talk about edlantris as well
  8. do we know what would happen if Nightblood stabbed through a spren? I know the main part of the spren is housed in the cognitive realm but what would happen if nightblood cut through the physical manifestation of the spren, Like syl, would she die and that part of Kaladin's spirit web ripped out? or would she be cut off from the physical realm becoming, essentially, a cognitive spren shadow? Or would it do nothing as they don't have a strong enough prescenes in the physical realm (least likely in my opinion)
  9. Shardblades are sprens that "died" after their... wielders?... companions broke their oath. Now, biochromatic breath can awaken anything which had been alive bot no longer is (ignore for now the steel awakening). I get that "sprens never really die", as Syl said, but would that state allow an awakener to invest them with breath? I think that they may not come "back" to life (I love this universe complexity, but technicalities are getting annoying), but maybe they would answer to some specific commands? Like the radiant's spren shapeshifting? (Kinda like "adopt the form of a pole axe" and then it changes). Thoughts?
  10. What ways could you think of to help slow down or negate the wear and tear on an Elantrian? We know that being one is taxing on your soul, but do we know any magic that could help heal this issue?
  11. I have been rereading the SLA and a few things have stood out to me. One of which is when Jasnah's hand sinks into the rock she soulcasts into smoke in front of Shallan and King T. That scene looks very similar to the stamps used in Forgery that sink into the material being forged. Soulcasting is basically feeding an object investure and getting it to change permanently. Forging is basically the same thing only it takes less investure and the effect is less permanent and takes a far longer time to prepare for. My question(s) are this: Is soulcasting as functionally similar to forging as I think it is? And: Could this link be exploited to hack either of the magic systems using the other system, if so, how?
  12. Does any one know which surges use more stormlight and which ones use less? Is an Elsecaller more efficient than a Windrunner or does a Dustbringer use more stormlight than a Lightweaver? How does each surges use of stormlight compare between members of different orders of the same oath level? Does a 3rd Oath Windrunner need more Stormlight than a 3rd Oath Edgedancer?
  13. I am currently reading a few books on medicine and it keeps bringing up the effect of the environment on unborn children. That got me thinking, would the stormlight in a radiant effect an unborn child they were pregnant with? Would it make the child different in some way? Would it be easier for the child to bond spren? My theory is that the child's sDNA would be altered in some way and they might be able to bond spren easier or have abilities similar to a horneater. It might also give them abilities similar to Lift or a first or second Oath radiant because they were born heavily invested. Also, if a pregnant woman said an Oath, would that oath and strengthening of the nahel bond extend to the child. I think that it would have to have some sort of protective effect on the child. I am saying this based mainly on the physical effects of some of the surges. What if you have a pregnant Windrunner? I would think that flight (or if you prefer: Upwards falling) might have a detrimental effect on the child. Hitting 2 or more G's of acceleration is going to have a very bad effect on a child who cannot use stormlight and who does not have the associated durability. I'd like to hear all your thoughts on the issue.
  14. I am relatively new to Brandon Sanderson,(around 9 months since i read my first book, Steelheart) but have read almost every book (WOT are the only books i haven't read) How would different forms of investure affect each other? ex: mistborn with AonDor, Elantrian with stormlight, Radiant with Hemalurgy etc.
  15. Hi guys. I have some really deep mistborn questions and im sure you guys do to si i decided to make a dep mistborn Q&A thread. Feel free to ask questions and answer questions but please only deep good quality questions. Thanks
  16. So first post on the forum, and after reading some theories i have an interesting question to ask. Do you think that Cultivation could invest part of her shards power into Odium, and that's why he is trapped on Braize because he is somehow connected to cultivation like what preservation did to ruin?. Also side question do you think if a shard splintered could cultivation then invest that power for her own purpose?
  17. Insert obligatory "Hi I'm new" intro here along with a preemptive apology for breaking rules/norms I'm not aware of. (But seriously, if there's anything I could/should be doing differently, let me know.) So Brandon has said two apparently contradictory things in the second question here and in question 66 (part 3) here relating to whether or not investure can be destroyed. In the former quote, Brandon says that nightblood is reducing the amount of investure in the cosmere, but in the latter says that investure cannot be created or destroyed. I suppose nightblood could be a special exception to the general rule of Conservation of Investure, but that seems wrong to me because when Brandon talks about Nightblood, he speaks as if it it still follows the same rules of magic as everything else despite its unique properties. I couldn't find any other quotes on this, nor any mention in the list of questions for Brandon. What do you guys think? EDIT: Please note that the second quote specifically says that Hemalurgy doesn't result in the loss of investure from the universe as a whole.
  18. This may be a stupid question, or idea, but.... There I was, thinking about Hoid the other day, and the fact that it is apparent that he is able to use or access several forms of magic from different worlds in the Cosmere Specifically I believe that Hoid uses or references: Allomancy (we have a WoB on this one, as Hoid mixes something into his mug while attempting to change people's reaction to his story), lightweaving (to make images in the smoke while telling Kaladin a little story, and mentions having Perfect Pitch before playing his flute) making a reference to BioChroma. So that is when it struck me. Hoid was SURGEBINDING. He used Lightweaving. How on earth (or Roshar I guess) did he do that??? From everything we know (at least everything I know anyhow), surgebinding requires a Nahel Bond. Does Hoid have a Spren?
  19. Now to preface this, let me name potential problems with this. 1) I have no clue how exaclty storing Investure works. For this to work you have to be able to use it to relocate the investure from one metalmind to the other. If any of you know whether or not this is how Nicrosil operates feel free to enlighten me. 2) For this to work complex memories have to be "worth" more Investure than simpler ones. 3) A Feruchemist/his metalminds would most likely not be capable of dealing with this much investure at once. On to the theory. If you can relocate Investure from your coppermind into the nicrosil mind you could take an unimportant memory, for example that there is a piece of paper on the table, store it and then relocate it. Afterwards you would notice the piece of paper on the table and repete the proces as often as you want to fill you nicrosilmind. (Say this creates Investure at a rate of 1 Investureunit (I) per second (s),) The next step would be to replace the piece of paper with something more detailed, lets say a painting, which hopefully creates more investure. (~100 I/s) Tapping Zinc would allow you to memorize the picture faster, speding up the copper/nicrsil combi. Depending on the proportion of used up zinc to the win from copper there might be a net gain. (100 I/s*2-50I/s= 150I/s) More Investure leads to more Zinc, which in turn leads to faster copper-gain, which leads to more Investure and so on. Addmidetly, even if all needed assumptions are in facte true, we would still need a field-test to prove this but this was on my mind so I thought I might as well share it.