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Found 301 results

  1. An Elantrian's skin has a distinct metallic cast to it. Could this be because it's laced with so much Investiture that it act's as the Dor's Godmetal? Could they block a Shardblade with their limbs?
  2. If someone picked up enough pieces of Investiture throughout the Cosmere, sort of like Hoid has been doing, and kept doing it long enough, could he eventually become a new Shard?
  3. Harmony is currently having trouble acting, because he is limited by the conflicting intentions of Ruin and Preservation. Consider Ruin and Preservation as two parties in a negotiation with each other. Since they are equally strong, they are at an impasse. Imagine a third, much weaker party joins the negotiation. Say, a pinch of Devotion's Investiture. As was mentioned in Mistborn Era 1, in a negotiation involving three parties, the weakest party is actually the most powerful, because each of the stronger parties needs the weakest party on its side to defeat the other strong party. So if Sazed had a splinter of Devotion, then whenever Ruin and Preservation were deadlocked, Devotion's splinter would break the tie. Obviously, Sazed would want to choose Investiture carefully for this purpose, since his Intent would probably become a watered-down version of the third Shard. Devotion would probably be fine. Odium would not. The original Vessels would probably be opposed to such a plan, because it is moving toward a re-unified Adonalsium. They should see, however, that it only slightly enhances Sazed's Investiture power, and might greatly increase his freedom, since the Intent of whatever Investiture he eats a pinch of might be so diluted by the neutral Intent of Harmony that Sazed's will might be able to steer the new Intent quite a lot. As far as I know, the Vessels have no problem with freedom, though they may object on the grounds that it gives Sazed too much power in practice. What do you think?
  4. These alomancy grenades are suuuper cool. They add a whole different dimension to abilities but there's a few edge cases where I'm kind of unsure as to what the result would be, like tin and pewter? they'd just make everyone inside be tineye's and pewterarms for duration? this is probably a headache which Brandon is trying to figure out atm (unless he already had to sit down and really think about it). But what's interesting about these grenades is how they erase Intent (or maybe it would be more accurate to say Command) because anyone can use them and they work on general not specific things. I also wanted to add if these things could be done for things outside the metallic arts but I find it difficult again because of lack of Intent or Command. Unless you can also store certain Intents or Commands like a Lightweaver illusion or a gravitational pull in all directions.
  5. Nightblood is seen to leak investiture in the form of black smoke. does this smoke have any affects on anything? What if Nightblood were to be destroyed would the investiture slowly leake out or would it form a kind of blast of stored investiture?
  6. So, we know that Hoid/Cephandrius has multiple different powers. We know he has Allomancy, breaths (Heightenings), and most recently, lightweaving. In RoW or OB (Can't remember which) we are told that when someone is invested with a specific shards power, for example knights radiant, they are bound to that shards sphere of influence. Mraize tells Shallan she can never leave the Rosharan system. So if Hoid has multiple powers from different shards, how has he managed to avoid being bound to those systems?
  7. Shards intent Shards have a core emotion/feeling, or intent, and that affects different things they can do. But, what if that intent was separated from them or their investiture? Certainly this would confuse, disorient, and even harm the vessel mentally, but also make them vulnerable to attack. Pretend for now there is a bundle of pencils with a pen in the middle, held together by a rubber band. The rubber band is the intent, the investiture the pencils, and the vessel the pen. Removing it would scatter the pencils, making it easy to manipulate or break the pen. But let’s also imagine that the whole bundle is in a box, 1ft by 1 by 1. If the rubber band is removed, then the pencils scatter but stay in moderate control of the vessel. Now the question is, is this possible? what I am meaning is that you take away the intent, but with a little bit of investiture atttached so then it becomes a cognitive being, and the shard is now intentless. In reply to spinning sky, I would say that if you somehow canceled out them just right, you could get a a neutral wave. You can do the same with sound, why not investiture, and if investiture, why not intent.
  8. Hey everyone! This came up in another topic about SA, but I was curious to see what the mistborn crowd thinks. The topic is invested metal, question is: If a feurochemist had a metalmind shaped like a dagger capable of storing some attribute, could they store so much in it to make it so invested that it would start cutting like a shardblade?
  9. So does Aluminum have no limit to how much Invesititure it can block or is it possible to overwhelm it's Investiture-blocking properties with enough Invesituture? Like if you were wearing a full set of Aluminum Armor, would a Shard be unable to Smite you with an Invested Lightning Bolt?
  10. Here's another rather large post of my insane ramblings Can you use raysium to force someone to benefit from investiture? For example, normally someone has to be willing to tap a metalmind before it will happen, but if you could remove the investiture from an unkeyed metalmind via raysium, then inject it into a Feruchemist, could you ‘make’ them use that investiture? Could you Hemalurgically grant someone Feruchemical copper, then inject them with unkeyed memories to alter their perception? Could you give them painful memories to incapacitate them, or memories that view something in a positive light to get them to like that thing? Could you force stormlight into a radiant, then use Allomantic nicrosil to force a massive burst of power that would exhaust them? Could you remove the breaths of an awakened object, then inject those breaths into another object? Would the new object obey the same Command used for the previous object? Could you remove a Lifeless from their body, then inject them into another corpse? Could you put a human Lifeless into a Koloss corpse? Could you put a Lifeless into a living human body? Would the human be compelled to obey the Lifeless Command? If Nightblood were to be satiated like when he fed on Odium, could you then remove part of his essence, then transfer it to another sword, allowing you to make a duplicate of him?
  11. Somewhere I picked up that almost all Magic systems in the Cosmere can be powered by any kind of Investiture. So a Radiant from Roshar could eat a metal from Scadrial and then use their Radiant abilities. If that is the case than could Characters from Warbreaker like Vashyr or Vivenna acquire almost Infinite Breath when they get to a system where Investiture exist in abundance? Worldhoppers that use Breath like Vashyr who traveled to Roshar, could they acquire almost infinite Breath with the Help of Stormlight?
  12. Is it within the realm of reason for a feruchemist to, for example, concentrate their Goldmind health to a specific part of their body? Or maybe make one part of their body lighter and another heavier, without storing the attribute, just redirecting it?
  13. Investiture mimics life, and Cognitive Shadows are Investiture mimicking the person they used to inhabit. Feruchemy is moving around the investiture of your Spiritual self and affecting your Physical self as a result. Evidence: A person filling a nicrosil metalmind is experiencing a loss of kinetic investiture and is undetectable by an Awakener. Forgery would work very similarly mechanically, as it also changes your physical self through manipulating your sDNA. Edit: Could a Cognitive Shadow be stored in a nicrosilmind? What would happen to someone who tapped an unkeyed Cognitive Shadow??
  14. This is my first Theory Post. I apologize if this has already been put forth before. I suspect the voidbinding the Fused use come not directly from Odium. Instead they are channeled via the 9 Unmade. In Rhythm of War the Sibling says they will be unmade if the corruption of the Tower is completed. This leads me to believe that perhaps The Sibling is not the sibling of the Stormfather, and the Nightwatcher, but instead more like one of their 10 children. One powerful Spren for each type of Surge. These are the true 9 siblings to The Sibling. These 9 powerful Spren of Honor and/or Cultivation were Unmade. 9 Unmade, and 9 voidindings. Not only would this explain why there are only 9 voidbindings, but also why the binding that is missing is the Bondsmith binding. None of the 3 known Bondsmith Spren have ever been corrupted into Unmade. If the Sibling, the Stormfather, or the Nightwatcher ever get corrupted into Unmade made it could allow for the 10th type of Binding. Taking this speculation further into territory that maybe should be a new post. If my theory is true this could also be the cause of the changing of the true tones of Roshar. My understanding of planet, star system, and magic system investiture is that the investiture is imbued by Shards into the planets. Which ties the Shards to the planets. On Roshar the Singers seem to be able to hear this investiture as rhythms. If Powerful Spren are tied to the investiture closely enough it would make sense that the corrupting of said Spren with the addition of Odium’s void investiture would change the investiture rhythms of the planet in much the same way that mixing of investiture Light changes the type of Light as discovered by Navani in RoW.
  15. Most forms of Invested healing in the Cosmere use the Spiritual aspect as a blueprint filtered through the Cognitive aspect to direct the Investiture in question so that it heals the Physical aspect. But how can you heal the Spiritual aspect then, if the blueprint itself is damaged? Does the Cognitive aspect take complete control then, or what?
  16. Reasons why you would want to hold general investiture. 1 Increase in general health and lifespan. 2 Gaining a resistance to other forms of investiture. 3 Increase your awareness to hues of color and sounds. 4 Increase your awareness of other sources of investiture. 5 Possibly create a resonance if you either have or somehow gain access to an invested power. 6 Increase your chance of continuing to exist as a cognitive shadow after you die. Did I miss anything?
  17. Alright, so I've seen a bunch of "Mistborn vs Knight Radiant" and Jedi vs Knight Radiant, and because I haven't the time nor patience to read through all of those, I'm going to pose a question that's likely already been answered. Let's say that a bunch of the "strongest" investiture users across the Cosmere had a a fight. I'm not counting any Yolen natives cause all the ones we know of we don't know a lot about their magic and a lot of them are OP. So: Here we go. Representing Scadrial, it's the Fullborn, from Roshar the 5th Ideal Knight Radiant (Pick the Order you think is the best in a fight), The God King from Nalthis, let's say an Elantrian as good as Raoden, a Sand Master who can control, let's say, 30 threads. I'm not gonna count shades cause most of these guys can outrun or kill a shade with relative ease, and First of the Sun doesn't have a lot of physically manifested Investiture besides the mind-reading guys, who aren't human and I feel they can also be killed with relative ease, so we'll just go with the above. God-King, Fullborn, 5th Ideal Radiant of any Order, Sand Master with 30 Threads and Salitrification, Elantrian. And they're fighting in a place where Elantrian magic is strong and the Sand Master has enough Taldain Sand for years. Edit: Nightmaws and Deepstalkers as well as Shades are included
  18. Watching the newest WoB shardcast made it apparent to me that there differing views on Shard/Planet Interaction. I want to get people's opinion on how I view it. I would post some of the WoBs supporting but I'm new and can't do links. WOB: asmodeus You've said before that a lot of the magics we see across the cosmere come from an interaction of Shards and their Investiture with the planets they Invest in. What does this mean practically? If Scadrial explodes tomorrow, will Hemalurgy stop working across the cosmere? Brandon Sanderson Hemalurgy wouldn't stop working, most likely, but it could. There are ways that you could make it stop working. I kind of mean that the Shards are an innate part of physics in the cosmere, and the magics that arise are an innate part of physics because of that. Like atium seeped out into the Pits of Hathsin, in the same way, these magics are just gonna leak out, and different places are going to affect them. You'll see Lightweaving happening in different places, and the way the Shard is interacting with the local... The way the Shard is is going to affect how Lightweaving is administrated in the various magics, but it's still gonna be there. Hemalurgy is kind of a similar thing to that. You will see Midnight Essence, you will see some of these recurring ideas popping up, and these are like natural parts of the physics, but they're influenced by the Shards on the local planets. I don't know if that answer, that's gonna be a really fun one for them to transcribe into the Q&A thing, because I go around in circles on that question a ton. Put this part in when you do it. Footnote: It was a really fun one. YouTube Spoiler Stream 4 (June 16, 2022) Other Known things: Rosharan Magics Ashyn Uses similar surges as the Rosharan magic system does today. The magic is now sickness based. The magic was not always sickness based. All of the rosharan system was specifically set up by adonalsium for a specific purpose. Shards can have investiture in parts of the cosmere that they are unaware of until they look for it. When aware of it, they can shape it in a way. "Shards influence and tweak certain Investiture, giving it a kind of spin or magnetism, but all Investiture ever predates the Shattering--and in the cosmere matter, energy, and Investiture are one thing" Scadrial was created by Ruin and Preservation but they didn't create the atoms themselves. My Interpretation: I think my interpretation is much like Argent's was in the recent WoB video, but I don't think he had all of the main points readily available to push this idea forward. While I don't think it's totally accurate, I think it helps understanding to think of all investiture and magic as particles for the sake of this. In any given spot you may have matter, light, gravity, magnetism, electric charge, magic (such as midnight essence or lightweaving particles), ect. With these raw materials from a location, magic systems are formed. I would liken it to how different communities would use stone vs wood vs clay as base building materials for their civilizations based on the materials available and the weather forces they see regularly, except on a galactic scale. While typically not cognizant, the shards (either the power or the vessel or a mix of the two) bring magic systems into being based on what is available in that vicinity and how those magics interplay with the shard. It may be possible for a shard to intentionally bring more materials to in area to allow a specific interaction between themselves and the materials to come forward, but probably don't do things more than that to create a magic system. For Roshar, we know that Adonalsium created the entire system for a specific purpose. While we don't know what that purpose is or how it works, if we think of the system as a singular thing it would make sense that the system has a specific set of raw materials. If all investure is just a part of physics then these magics would be part of the raw materials of the system. That may explain why pre-sickness Ashyn, post-sickness Ashyn, and Roshar all powers relating to those surges. There's something about the area that makes those magics more prevalent. I think it would explain it better than the surges are of Honor/Cultivation. That would mean that Honor/Cultivation had a hand in the creation of the unchecked surgebinding that destroyed Ashyn, and then also mimicking/forbidding it on Roshar. We know that Ruin and Preservation very intentionally made Scadrial by jointly gathering and arranging atoms in a way that subfused every atom with thier... attunement? We know that Lord Ruler and Fuzz at times have tweaked the world to have the magics play in their favor (creating mistwraiths, forming the Pits, or changing the metals used to include Atium). But it makes sense that it would be outside of their abilities to have it be "if you burn iron you can now lightweave", because lightweaving particles don't seem to be one of the materials that are readily available in that system. One of the talking points in the stream was that it could be inherent to the shard and that endowment would likely do breaths wherever she was, but that breaths may look different. I would agree with this based on this model. The breath, the magic endowed to each person at birth and the possibility to come back and be endowed with extra life, is likely an effect of how that shard's essence interplays with the materials around it. We may think of Nalthis as a place with a lot of the magic particles that power Tin at scadrial, and other magic particles that can bring awareness/ect for awakening. If endowment was instead on a planet with a lot of gravitation surge and connection surge maybe instead your breaths would help you fly and you could use them to forge a connection between things, but the mechanic of being born with a little and being able to pass them around would likely stay. Let me know what you think. Feel free to add ideas if you think you can support it or bring up some counter arguments. I just was listening to the podcast and I couldn't help but feel the ideas weren't fully fleshed out when Argent was talking about it, and it didn't sound like the other people that disagreed were necessarily disagreeing with the key points. Thanks all!
  19. Would people worshipping Kelsier add to his power as a cognitive shadow? Like the more people perceive an object as a particular thing, the stronger it's soul/spren are in the cognitive realm? like would it give him more investiture or something? Does this same concept increase the power of the shards as well?
  20. So I recently heard a rather interesting term, which was 'Divine Investiture of Authority'. What that term means is basically exactly what it says. A god or deity, summat, putting the authority to act in their name, into someone else. Sounds a lot like cosmere Investiture actually. Investiture could just be a physical representation of Adonalsium's authority over the universe (Or whatever it is exactly Adonalsium had power over), being put into other beings. 'Investiture' isn't exactly a common word. Especially considering it has been said that Adonalsium is the source of all investiture in the Cosmere, this could make sense as to why that's the word Brandon chose for his magic energy stuff. (There might be an actual WoB or something on why the word 'investiture'. I don't know, but I just typed this out so too late for extra research now.)
  21. How do Aviar get the Investiture they need for their ablilities? Do they have limits for how much they can draw on that Investiture?
  22. A question in the recent spoiler stream regarding units of investiture got me thinking about this. We know that Kaladin and Szeth each are intuitively aware of Basic Lashings, that the first lashing removes your Spiritual Gravitational Connection to the planet below you, and it "falsifies" a similar Connection in the intended direction relative to the surgebinder. The question: Are all basic lashings equal? Does every Windrunner, Skybreaker, and any of their squires, use the same amount of stormlight to pull with the same gravitational force? We know that allomancers have different power levels based on how far removed they are from the introduction of lerasium into their lineage (also maybe how much lerasium? unsure), and that unkeyed metalminds can alter a person's ability to access and use investiture, sometimes even granting whole new abilities. Is there some defining characteristic, be it genetic, spiritual, or otherwise, that may alter a surgebinder's ability to use more stormlight, use stormlight more efficiently, or just have stronger (or weaker) effects?
  23. I was wondering about Navani mixing Investitures with different Intents when I had a thought; what if you were to mix Bio-Chromatic Breaths with some other investiture, and then retrieve the end result? You might have to worry about the end Investiture not being retrievable, but maybe you could command the Breaths to Invest a Gemstone with the explicit instructions to return to you. Perhaps that would work. It also might be interesting to see if the resulting Breaths would alter the effects of your Heightenings, as they would no longer be composed of Endowment's Intent, but at least you would have more total Investiture in your system.
  24. I've had several ideas on how one could vastly increase the power of their individual Hemalurgic spikes, 'Supercharging' them, if you will. This would reduce the need for a large number of spikes, but still allow someone to have a massive boost of power. However, I literally just thought of a problem that might occur with this. If you put too much Investiture in a spike, it will gain sapience, or a least a lesser form of sentience, which might cause it to be able to manipulate or even straight up puppeteer you through the hole it makes in your Spiritweb. Normally it takes a truly massive amount of Investiture to bring an inanimate object to life (Nightblood has tens of thousands of times the amount of Investiture as a regular human being), but it might actually be easier to bring a Hemalurgic spike to life than by Awakening an object as it already has a foundation for a personality, an Identity, and spiritual DNA held within it, but that of course is just a hunch.
  25. When storing an attribute, a Feruchemist temporarily diverts the flow of investiture from their own soul into the Metalmind. Which means that the investiture that they store will have the Intent of whatever Shard that Feruchemist's Spiritweb is made of (I think). So, if a Feruchemist were to gain investiture from a different Shard, such as Bio-Chromatic Breaths, would the attributes they store have the Intent of the new investiture within their soul? Would a non-Scadrien, maybe a Rosharan, for example, store the investiture from the Shard of their own world if they had an Unsealed Metalmind? Would there be a difference in the function of the stored attributes if a different Shard's investiture were stored?