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Found 232 results

  1. The purpose of this topic is to project the most extreme abilities of any investiture in the cosmere based on the currently referenceable material. Ideas which can be logically defended are welcome regardless how outrageous. As promised a coinshot laser would likely be produced by a Steel twinborn compounder after the discovery of heavy metals and at least some experiments in nuclear science on Scadrial. This individual would likely be able to detonate nuclear explosions using metal pushing and heavy metals and would need the speed of a steelrunner to avoid serious injury. Using metal pushing they could likely push small particles of radioacive metal forming a type of laser or electromagnetic particle beam at high velocity. Due to a strong spiritual affinity with steel because of being a steel twin it might be possible that they could store steel pushes and speed in a metal mind for use feruchemically yielding steel pushes and speed to exceed duralumin assisted allomancy. The nuclear particle beam could be used on its own or in concert with radioactive spheres in battle situations to inflict massive damage. The nuclear laser could be used to split atoms in a plutonium, uranium or like metal to create atomic or nuclear explosions. Due to the ability to create steel bubbles they could also probably shield themselves from the radiation of nuclear material on or near them. With fine enough control they could also perform nuclear laser surgery. They could be outfitted in steel biomechanical armor that could act as a metal mind for both their allomantic and feruchemical abilities. What do you think of this idea or what extreme use of investiture do you envision?
  2. I woke with a massive head ache, and there was a body lying next to me. There was strange looking creature standing over us. Around me it looked like a deep crevasse in the roughs. As my head cleared I asked the creature "Where am I?, and Who or what are your?" It said I am a Cryptic and you can call me Fractal. You are in the Chasms on the shattered plains. Then it asked me "whzy dos I feel az if you aren relatedz to Taldar mynz bond matez?" I looked at it and replied "I am not sure what the shattered plains are but where I am from I am considered an Identity mirror. It is kind of like being a living hemalugic spike except I copy personalities to my metalmind of people I come into contact with then I weave parts of that Identity into myself." I continued "You can call me quicksilver. I must have come in contact with this Taldar while he was alive and before his journey lead to this final destination" Out of nowhere I heard or felt something say your oath is accepted. Suddenly I felt an infusion of power and my headache vanished as well as many other minor pains. I also felt a flood of knowledge about what Taldar had known of these new abilities. I seemed to suddenly have as well, an understanding of who and what Fractal was. I filled the Pewter and Gold minds I had gained access to when I mirrored some other ferings Identities with the surge of power I felt. Once I gathered anything useful I looked at Fractal and said I guess we should get moving since I don't think we are safe down here. Then with pewter aided strength and filling Iron climbed to the plateau. Looking around I said to Fractal "where to from here?"
  3. Humans have 3 color receptors, shrimp have 16(heh heh) color receptors. If a shrimp was somehow given 600 breathes to achieve the Third Hieghtening (perfect color recogniton) what would the shrimp expirience? Would he understand only the colors humans can see, would it extend to all of them? Would the shrimp need to be sentient for the breathes to affect him let alone for him to process the information? Would the shrimp gain sentience due to the amount of investiture pumped into it's soul?
  4. Right off the bat, could one of the Fused Spears from RoW that has the power to drain investiture work on Breaths? I know that Breaths can only be given to someone willingly as far as we know, but seeing as it is investiture, could it be affected by this weapon? I can see arguments for both why and why not, as Stormlight seems to be constantly escaping the user anyways, while breaths remain with the holder until given up. However, breaths are described to "stick" to objects, and the more lifelike these objects are, the easier it is to stick breaths to them. I'm not entirely sure if the metal lining the spear is able to take investiture from inanimate objects, so correct me as you see fit, but it stands to reason that it would be theoretically possible to drain the breaths from an item that someone previously invested. So if this is theoretically possible, then what would it take for someone to use this weapon effectively against someone who's invested with breaths.
  5. Okay, so it's clear Metal has specific effects on magic throughout the Cosmere based on Dawnshard and RoW. I was just wondering whether that might be true of all magic focuses. It just so happens that Scadrial was a world where the uses of those effects were the heart of the magic system and directly either using those metals as attribute batteries (Feruchemy and Hemalurgy) or realmatic keys (Allomancy) was the main basis of the magic system. Oaths seem to be realmatic keys on Roshar, as people who swear them get infused with stormlight that wasn't already in the physical realm, so there's a parallel there. It seems hemalurgy removes a spiritual connection to a certain attribute and grafts it somewhere else, and we saw Ishar almost do that to Dalinar and his connection to the Stormfather with spiritual adhesion. Most of that was an aside though. Metal seems to have particular effects on magic on Roshar, especially obvious in fabrials, but probably not limited to them. Do we think color might have effects like that, like for awakening, we know you need color, but maybe they're doing it bluntly, and the specific color drained might allow you to do certain things with less breath if the color matches the effect, which is related to gem colors being necessary for certain things for soulcasters, but with enough stormlight, a real lightweaver or elsecaller can probably soulcast with wrong color gem, it's just far less efficient and takes more soul negotiating? So could color have an effect on magic on Scadrial somehow or on Sel, or could specific crystal lattice structures be better for conducting stormlight for specific things? I'm not sure if these questions are clear, but I'm thinking about a lot.
  6. So here's my idea. Remember how Navani could faintly feel the rhythms only when she was touching a large amount of Stormlight? Thus proving the rhythms really do come from it? Well, in Mistborn, burning Bronze let a Mistborn hear the Rhythms of other allomancers, therefore giving them the ability to tell which metal they were using. Coincidence? Correlation? Thoughts?
  7. Exactly how much investiture is in a breath? It's considered net neutral, so it has to contain quite a bit for it not to degrade over time.
  8. I believe that the behavior of different Lights, their combinations and anti-Lights can be easily described using simple physics analogies. Shardic Intents are pure states, that, like quantum states, can be added together in any proportions, creating custom Intents / Rhythms. The easiest examples are Investitures of two different Shards mixed in 50%-50% proportions e.g. Harmony (ettmetal) = Ruin + Preservation, War (Warlight) = Honor + Odium, Science (Towerlight) = Honor + Cultivation Rosharan spren are different mixes of X% Honor + Y% Cultivation, where X and Y add up to 100. This would, fortunately, make creating custom anti-Lights rather difficult. Anti-Lights are Investitures of opposing Intents, for example Ruin and Preservation. As Odium seems to lack a directly opposing Shard, anti-Voidlight is some combination of other Intents that doesn't occur naturally. I would assume some mix of Honor, Devotion and maybe Dominion (since they share the Unity theme) and maybe others, mixed in the exact proportions that create the Rhythm exactly opposing that of Odium. With this assumption, two planets of Cosmere (Scadrial and Roshar) correspond nicely to the behavior of two types of hadron particles: mesons and baryons. Mesons are built from a quark and an anti-quark and are inherently unstable. Ruin and Preservation's Investitures being their own anti-Investitures explains a lot: the explosion of power that kills Vin and Ati, Ati being unable to splinter Preservation to Khriss' confusion, mists avoiding hemalurgic spikes. Ettmetal exists only because both powers are held by one individual, and, as mesons, is extremely unstable. Baryons are made of three quarks, so neither can each other's anti-quark. They are bound together in a way that makes them confined together: pulling one quark would require more and more power the further you take it from the particle. It is exactly the same behavior that seems to bind Odium to Braize and H&C to Roshar, the latter described exactly by Mraize in his talk with Shallan
  9. In the mistborn series when a certain god metal is burned it does two things: 1) weakens the shards influence temporarily 2) regenerates in specific place tied to the shard I think there may be additional rules in place in Roshar with it manifesting as spren as a "release valve" But assuming that it does not manifest as a spren, where does Jezrien's investiture regenerate to when he dies? Does it fuel the other heralds? Does it empower surgebinders? Is it sealed away?
  10. I ran across a closed discussion on Mistborn vs Radiant from a few years ago yesterday and it got me thinking how a conflict between the two might resolve and in who's favor. In it they were comparing a Vin with a Kaladin both having ample means of investiture which in cosmere practicality would have to happen during a high storm with mist though that wasn't stated. So how would a contest shake out between a Skadrian and a Rosharan given that there is every possibility that if Odium wins the contest of champions Rosharan's could be sent out into the Cosmere to conquer or bring order. Radiants seem to operate like twinborns with 2 surges and a hybrid surge or compounding, but they are limited to 10 specific combinations where Scadrian twinborns have an Alamantic investiture and a Feruchemical Investiture combining to 256 different investitures including 16 that compound while the other the other 240 create an enhanced composite effect of the 2 investitures. That doesn't include the 2 God metals one of which would create a full Mistborn with a feruchemical compounding. For this discussion limit it to Twinborn vs Radient and the possibility of cross investiture such as a spren bonded Scadrian or hemolurgically enhanced Rosharan or some plausible Rosharan misting without Lerasium. Atium legal but only as a misting or fering though that might only be available on Scadrial in the mist since Harmony doesn't produce it anymore. To start with could an aluminum compound Twinborn be the ultimate immune to direct investiture attack Maybe even to the point that a shard blade doesn't sever the spirit but instead becomes a conduit to drain the Radiant's storm/void light? An aluminum gnat actively burning acting as a sink to any overt lashing like soul casting, gravity, adhesion, etc... Also with any hand held aluminum piercing weapon of any kind they might be able to drain the storm light from shard plate or sword and the radiant. The other thought I had was that windrunners could fire projectiles using reverse lashings on low mass objects in hand turning them into guided missiles at their opponents. Those dun spheres, chips, pebbles, would then make dangerous projectiles with multiple reverse lashes that would almost never miss their target. Or imagine a Rioter who bonded a cryptic or Soother who bonded a High Spren. Any Scadrian Twinborn who bonded a spren might be able to use storm/void light to invest their metal mind. I could see a Tin compounder bonded to any Spren having the physical skills to take full advantage of the awareness given by their Tin. It also seems to me that it would be easier for a Twinborn to bond a Spren than a Rosharan to develop metal arts giving Scadrian's an advantage in the long run in the contest and perhaps over other forms of investiture in the Cosmere. My guess is that upon initial contact the advantage goes to the Rosharan's, but in the long run the advantage goes to the Scadrian's. (I hope my spelling is ok since I listen to the books not actually read them so I spell them phonetically.)
  11. investiture

    huge fan of the cosmere and hopefully will have some cool discussions on here
  12. When Navani is performing her experiment on the three types of light she sees that there is an expanded color in each one as compared to normal light. Stormlight is blue, which is Honor's color, Lifelight it is green for Cultivation's color, but for Voidlight it is violet. As far as I remember, Voidlight is the only instance where some of Odium's Investiture isn't Gold or Red, which strikes me as suspicious. I also don't know anything in the Cosmere which is associated with violet either. I also can't seem to find any WOB which directly confirms that Voidlight is of Odium. Closest I have been able to find is this one: Is this a thing, or am I seeing something imaginary?
  13. So as I am listening to the Shardcast Lights episode, I am beginning a theory. The cast was talking about hybrid Lights, and I began to wonder what would happen if you made a hybrid between a normal Light- say, Stormlight- and an Antilight. Here's what we know: Antivoidlight and Voidight annihilate each other when they come into contact. Stormlight and Voidlight can combine into Warlight, in a sort of harmony. Antilight is made from the original type of Light, using some kind of weird Intent* and maybe vacuum capsules, as well as a tone. I'm not really sure where I'm going with this, but I think it's possible to make some kind of Antilight-Light hybrid. If this is the case, then perhaps an Antivoidlight-Stormlight hybrid would allow an enlightened radiant like Renarin to use this to become some kind of one-hit warrior who destroys Fused with ease. On the other hand, perhaps it would just become Antiwarlight. Anyway, I'm super curious to see what could happen with this. Maybe a good question for Brandon's upcoming live stream. Please contact me if you get a WOB!!! If you guys think of other applications for this kind of hybrid, please let me know- this theory is in its infancy. *Forgive me for any capitalization errors, I was confused before Rythym of War and it has not improved.
  14. So... in RoW we find that investiture can be destroyed through an anti-light variant. If investiture can be destroyed, than can it be created? Definitions of terms: Destroyed: Complete cessation across all 3 realms (Spiritual, Cognitive, Physical) Created: Making something out of nothing, a literal creation of more investiture. Assumptions: When anti-light is used to "destroy" investiture it does so across all 3 realms. (If true, this has some very interesting implications for what the Spiritual realm is... can someone in who's only in the spiritual realm be destroyed?) I'd be interested to know if there are WOBs about this...
  15. I've been having lots of fun translating Navani's notebook recently. Most of it is just flavor, but I do think I have found at least one important thing hidden here. Check out this page about Raboniel's Soul-Harvesting Dagger... I suspect this "silver-nickel" alloy is actually nicrosil, which is really a chromium-nickel alloy, and that Raboniel is lying here to throw Navani off the trail. She says on this very page that Navani is right not to trust her. Nicrosil has the feruchemical property of storing investiture. I find it hard to believe that the housing of the gemstone is unrelated to the function of the dagger (all fabrials are housed in a meaningful metal cage, afterall). So what are the chances that this is not nicrosil? 12/9 update: Got a RAFO about this from Brandon. Very interesting.
  16. Can stormlight be used to fill a metal mind or fuel allomancy? Can burning metal or tapping a metal mind be used to fuel surges? If either is true can they be used to fuel other forms of investiture in the cosmere such as Chromatic Breaths or be fueled by other forms of Investiture? I saw it stated somewhere that Chromatic Breaths can fuel surges.
  17. I was doing some digging around on the Coppermind and I had an idea. We know already that metals used to make fabrials often have similar effects as the same metal's use in Allomancy. For example, iron in a fabrial housing makes an attractor, while steel makes a repellent. We see the Fused making use of a fabrial that blocks Radiant powers, and Urithiru has defenses that block Fused powers. What if these fabrials are using chromium housings? Chromium is used in Allomancy to wipe out someone else's metal reserves, but there's also this little tidbit: These effects can be seen: All this being said, I can't actually remember if the metal in the fabrial used by the Fused was identified or not. So I might be entirely wrong. Not sure if I need to spoiler tag things, but I did just in case...
  18. TL;DR: ALL of Investiture in the cosmere seems to be, like Stormlight or Voidlight, composed of unique vibrations or pulses. And so, like Stormlight and Voidlight - can it all somehow be combined and/or inverted? I had something of a revelation today, while writing gay fic of all things, and I thought I would share and try to get other peoples' thoughts. Because I might have noticed a connection, but I'm definitely not smart enough to figure out what it means, lol. So, one of Navani's biggest breakthroughs in understanding the various forms of Light on Roshar was realising that Stormlight, Voidlight, Lifelight etc are not just light, not liquid, but sound. Vibration. This allowed her to combine the lights with Raboniel, and it also allowed her to discover its opposite. A large breakthrough for understanding Investiture on Roshar. Except that this is not the only kind of Investiture in the Cosmere we've seen that has vibration as a core part of its nature. Allomancy. Allomancy gives off allomantic pulses to seekers who are burning bronze. Allomancy gives off DISTINCT allomantic pulses, as we saw in the scene where Marsh shows Vin how to use it in The Final Empire. Each metal, when burned, gives off a distinct and unique vibration. Something that can be used to determine a pulling/pushing metal, to determine which specific metal is being burned, and even if it's being flared. The power at the Well of Ascension also pulsed, and so did the 'mist spirit'. Allomancy, as Investiture, also has a unique vibration attached to each source. In Warbreaker, Breaths require sound to activate - they require a carefully, clearly spoken Commands in order to Awaken. They also grant a holder perfect pitch. The Iridescent Tones form a core part of the Nalthis belief system. While not as explicit as in Mistborn, Investiture here also has a clear vibrational component. In Elantris, seons pulse when they speak, and their aons glow. Raoden explains and understands accessing the Dor via drawing different shapes (aons) through which the power can access the physical realm from where it is trapped in the cognitive realm. However, he notes that his books on the topic describe the process via 'pulse length and frequency', which he doesn't understand, but, in the context of all Investiture having a unique vibration to it, makes sense to me. Do I have any idea what this means in real-terms for the cosmere going forwards, and the potential applications of this knowledge in terms of combining, inverting, or altering different forms of Investiture, but this is why I'm posting it here for you smart people to engage with and give me the answers.
  19. The Knights Next Prequel is a roleplay set in 70's Europe, focusing on the events of the Cold War. Rules/guidelines/random setting things: The two primary magics are the Metallic arts (Allomancy, Feruchemy, and Hemalurgy), and the Sellish magics. The perpendicularities are all connected/in one place. The plot will focus on the separation of these. They are in an unknown location NATO higherups know about investiture and send investiture users on espionage missions into the USSR The countries that make up NATO keep the knowledge of magic to themselves. Civilians demonstrating the ability to use investiture are immediately conscripted The USSR probably knows about investiture, but NATO isn't quite sure yet You can play anyone on either side Normal RP rules apply All 16 allomantic metals are in play. Lerasium and atium are only known as myths, but NATO has a team dedicated to finding them in an attempt to make super-supersoldiers Anyone with knowledge about the cold war, please let me know if any of this seems off/anachronistic. History will be followed closely, but dates of things may change. NATO is probably more of a military organization here than it was in actual history You can have as many characters as you want, provided they are all well-rounded and contribute something useful IT is currently 1972 Character sheets: Use the ones from TKND. Characters: Bookish - Asger Sorana - Wita Itiah - Marcel Wyndle - Charles Dapper - Quinn
  20. Lately I have been wondering about why investiture is expressed the way it is(not sure if expression is the right way to say it honestly). As I have been re-reading the Stormlight's again in anticipation for Dawnshard and RoW I can't help but notice that there are 3 shards on Roshar ,well 2 shards and a splintered shard but regardless, and they all seem to express their investiture in relatively the same way, within the bounds of the 10 surges, a very Rosharen thing. However, when we jump over the end of the Wax and Wayne 3 we find out that Odium made a hemalurgic spike, and kandra-like creatures. Now, I know that other forms of investiture can be expressed on other planets as we have numerous examples of it from Hoid alone. But, does the planet or system guide investiture to be expressed in a certain way? Does this cause other expressions of investiture to be less efficient in that release of power? Like, is it easier for Odium to use hemalurgy and Kandra like things on Scadrial? I know my theory doesn't fit perfectly, but is there something there? Ruin and preservations expressions of investiture were constrained by the metals, and obviously feruchemy which is not tied to either shard is directly related to the metals. There is a similar pattern on all worlds in my opinion. Is it simply a matter of shards learning from each other and mimicking those in their near vicinity? I am doubting it, because to me it seems that it is highly related to working around the environment of the planet itself. On Roshar, spren and symbiotic relationships are part of the natural environment, therefore those wishing to partake in Honors(potentially cultivations) power must form bonds with spren. And this grants them the ability to become invested, but limited to within the bounds of the 10 surges. On Sel, it seemed that both Dominion and Devotion were related to symbology of some sort. Did Odium work within some of that symbology in order to splinter them? Without getting too much into the weeds, I guess my overarching question is just if there is something about the planet or system that constrains the shards to be expressed in certain ways. And if so, I assume it related to the planet because of what we know about Ashyn and the diseases that give investiture. But my theory is also muddled because we know most of Ashyn was destroyed by surgbinding. Either way, this makes me wonder if there is something more that we don't know about, inherent in the planets that Adonalsium made, that is strong enough to constrain the shards to act in certain ways? If anyone has more references to support or debunk this please share. I am relatively new here and realize that I am just a lowly squire in regards to these topics. I just couldn’t find any references when I looked it up, but I probably didn’t know where to look well enough.
  21. So stormlight, as so helpfully proved by the injury-prone Windrunners, is able to heal people's body's, to the extent that the Lopen is regrowing his arm. However, stormlight is not able to cure the Heralds' madness(not sure what causes this, prob not best example). Across the Cosmere there are cases where madness or other mental illnesses happen in conjunction with magic(sorry if this is poorly worded, we just put down one of my dogs and I'm having a hard time thinking) Essentially, what I'm asking is a two part question. 1: is it possible for an individual with above average levels of Investiture(specif. Knight Radiant) to have a mental illness? I imagine this would somehow relate to Cognitive Realm and Spiritual Realm. 2: If it is possible for a KR to have a mental illness, such as amnesia, are they able to forget one, or any, of their oaths? If possible, what would the effects of this be?
  22. This week's chapter lets us know that Vasher's moved from classifying BioChromatic Entities into classifying Invested Entities, with a slightly different system. What are your guesses for the new system? BioChromatic Entities: Type 1-- Returned (Human soul (or copy of soul) stapled back to body with investiture) Type 2-- Lifeless (Human/Animal body reanimated with investiture, but no soul) Type 3-- Awakened organics (ordinary awakening) Type 4--Awakened inorganics (nightblood) Invested Entities: Type 1--Sentient Investiture (Spren, maybe seons, anything else?) Type 2--Cognitive shadow (including returned, heralds, fused) Type 3?--Possibly lifeless, possibly bloodsealers' creations? Type 4?--Possibly Awakened objects? Maybe soul-stamped materials? Type 5??--nightblood? My best guess is that he just shifted his types down a number to include spren, but I've seen some people suggest that what used to be Type 1&2 are now all Type 2. I'm not sure if the division between type 3/4/5 have any application outside of Awakening either. I wonder if there's a difference in soul stamping between organic and inorganic materials? We see Shai working with clay, stone, glass, wood, and other materials. Are bloodsealers' pets in the same category as lifeless?
  23. Once again, I am back with more theories and questions. So, if a feruchemist got a set of Plate, could he store whatever trait that metal allowed, or would the shard plate interfere or feed off it? Because Plate feeds off investiture and Metalminds are considered another type of investiture that can be fed on (Check Nightblood age, it mentions he could feed of it, and I have a feeling the same might go for Plate.) But can it feed on its own investiture, or this not considered its own investiture? Strange thing to consider, hmm?
  24. After reading chapter 15 today, we learned that Vasher believes type 2 invested entities are a cognitive copy of the person's soul. It seems like the Fused and the Heralds are going insane due to Generation Loss, a cognitive copy is made from the copy, resulting in deterioration of the "soul" over time. Every time that a Herald or Fused dies, rather than being transported to Braize, their cognitive shadow is copied, discarded / dies, and the copy is placed on Braize. This would mean that the Fused, because they can come back immediately in every everstorm, would be experiencing an accelerated decline into insanity.
  25. Hoid is arguably the most powerful non-Shardic being in the Cosmere. He was on Sel and almost became an Elantrian. He was on Roshar and stole a bead of Lerasium, making him one of the most powerful Mistborn ever. He may have access to unkeyed metal minds. He now has knowledge of Hemalurgy, but will most likely not make use of this power do to its more gruesome qualities. He was on Taldain where he got a jar of sand and the expertise to use it. He was on Roshar where he is now bonding a cryptic. He was on Nalthis where he bought enough breaths to get him to at least the 5th heightening, maybe more. He is from Yolen where he has access to a kind of Lightweaving native to that planet. He was at the shattering of Adonalsium, where he became functionally immortal. To recap, he is the 5th heightening, a full Mistborn, has access to 3 forms of Lightweaving, owns some unkeyed metal minds, can use Hemalurgy, is functionally immortal. Am I missing anything?