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Found 262 results

  1. I have been wondering on the different forms of Physical Investiture, and the way they work. I am wondering what theories others have, or if I missed some vital WoB. Basically, we know that Investiture can take on Physical, Liquid, and Gaseous forms. And we know that these are not based upon temperature, but things such as density and initial conditions. But we know that God Metals can melt, as by WoB, and by the presence of God Metal Alloys. But I am wondering, would a melted God Metal have the same properties as the Investiture when it takes on liquid as its initial form. Same with if you somehow vaporize a God Metal. Like, would vaporized Shardblade act the same as normal Stormlight? Or would it have different properties due to different initial forms and conditions. I am wondering on others theories, and if they can share them here, and if they can sometime ask it of Brandon next signing or stream or something.
  2. Reading Warbreaker and the amount of breath for each heightening, I noticed that the amount of breath followed some kind of exponential function. So I tried to find the math law that they follow I started by plotting the amount of breath versus the level (Figure 1) taking into account an error of 1% for each level. This is because it is written that the amount for each level is not exact, so I assume a value that increases as the level does. ↑Figure 1: BioChromatic Breath for each Heightening Then I tried different basic functions, but I found that it doesn’t follow those. Eventually I divided every amount by 50 (Figure 2) and by the level squared (Figure 3). ↑Figure 2: Figure 1 divided by 50 ↑Figure 3: Figure 2 divided by Level Squared With this i started to try again with this formula () and found values for A, B and C that approximated the curve. then i expanded the formula so the results approximated Figure 1, i got Eq. (1) Using OriginLab I plotted Figure 1, and fitted using Eq. (1). And i got Figure 4: ↑Figure 4: Figure 1 fitted using Eq. (1) The values for this formula are: Replacing the level we got this values: This aren’t very accurate, but they are very near, and may be the real values that are approximated in the books. Be aware that there is an unknown error to this values, they could be less or more Conclusion The most probable thing is that Brandon picked random values for each level, but it still was fun to try and find out this law. Replacing for an 11th heightening we get around 120000 breaths for it. If in the future there are more levels, and they follow this formula i would be very happy. Keep in mind they will most probably not follow this.
  3. I believe that there is a WoB states that one of the reasons the Returned feed on the Breaths of children rather than older people is so that they have more vitality from that Breath (I couldn't find it, I'm sorry). Theoretically, could a Returned consume more investiture than was just necessary for their survival, and somehow be expanded in their power by doing so? I don’t mean by collecting more Breaths on top of their Divine Breath, but if they actually “ate” the extra investiture. Would this be similar to larkin, and how they seem to grow after consuming large quantities of investiture?
  4. Could you use a Forgery to remove a magic user’s ability to access investiture? I could see this happening for Allomancy or Feruchemy, at least, as they aren’t particularly invested while they are neither burning or tapping. Any kind of magic that involved bonds, such as Surgebinding or the Aviar, would probably not work well though. Awakening wouldn’t likely work well either, since the investiture is already there, and would provide significant resistance.
  5. This isn't going to be a full-fledged theory, but rather some thoughts that I've been having for a while. I was looking up some details on Feruchemy for tabletop gaming purposes (I could find no conclusive answer as to whether it has to be snapped like Allomancy), and I stumbled upon this WOB that gave me an implication and reminded me of an idea I had. Here's the WOB: The Implication The parts that got my attention were these: "Piercing someone's body with Invested metal can have weird effects all through the Cosmere" "ripping off a piece of a person's soul using an un-Invested spike to Invest it and create one is different" "For instance if you've got a spike that's Invested and you stick it into a Kandra on Scadrial it will still work as an Invested Hemalurgic spike" The implication is that any Invested spike can be used for Hemalurgic purposes, including such things as metalminds, Lashed metals, Forged metals or otherwise Invested metals that are inserted in the body. Can anybody point me to a WOB that categorically denies that you can use a metalmind as a spike? The Idea My other idea is far-fetched, though I'm not entirely certain whether it's more or less crazy than what I implied above. Here's my thought process: objects have minds. They have a Cognitive aspect, and they're aware. They know what they are, they remember what they were, and they can be Connected to people, places, other objects, and more. Objects must have a spiritweb, though it may be rudimentary. Hemalurgy works by altering a spiritweb. If you rip off a piece of a person's spiritweb and staple it to someone else, the latter person becomes a little more like the former person in some way, though the process may twist them into something unnatural. What if you took a piece of a person's spiritweb and stapled it into someTHING else? Say I steal a Coinshot's alomantic ability, take the bloody spike from his chest and stab it into a bracelet? Can I transfer the allomantic ability to the bracelet? Can I take the density of steel and splice it into a human's bones? Can I steal a person's strength and splice it into a Feruchemist's pewtermind? Can I steal a memory from a Feruchemist's coppermind and staple it into a person's mind (and would that memory decay over time)?
  6. What is the difference between holding investiture in the physical realm and having it in you spiritweb? Would there be much of a difference if you could hold Bio-Chromatic Breaths in your spiritweb rather than in the physical realm, aside from them becoming stealable via Hemalurgy? Would your descendants be affected if this were the case? Would you start to develop invested powers rather than just gaining the heightenings?
  7. Reasons why you would want to hold general investiture. 1 Increase in general health and lifespan. 2 Gaining a resistance to other forms of investiture. 3 Increase your awareness to hues of color and sounds. 4 Increase your awareness of other sources of investiture. 5 Possibly create a resonance if you either have or somehow gain access to an invested power. 6 Increase your chance of continuing to exist as a cognitive shadow after you die. Did I miss anything?
  8. A small theory that I think got some solid support with RoW. So we saw in Rhythm of War that the Allomantic/Feruchemical/Hemalurgic metals have functions outside of the Metallic Arts and are one of three key components in fabrials alongside spren & gemstones. It makes sense, metal acts as a key for Allomancers to access Preservation's Investiture. Without Allomancy in your Spiritweb, you can't access that Investiture but you should still be able to use the metal to filter other Investiture that you do have access to. That is kind of similar to how the Polestones themselves function, why they can hold Lights Their small differences in chemical structure & colour is all that is needed for Investiture to distinguish them. An element's atomic structure absorbs and reflects different wavelengths of light (or Light), the light can be used to identify those atoms & molecules. A metal's structure is used as a filter for Investiture, the same probably goes for a gemstone. Colour is more important magically for gemstones but this is what the colour of an object means in physics & chemistry, their molecular structure would be a bit different. A metal acts as a filter and lets Investiture through and a gem both filters it (what gem you use does matter for Soulcasters and Artifabrians) and holds it. So, gemstones should, like metals, work across the Cosmere, and be able to hold other types of Investiture than just the Rosharan Lights. Idea came from here: Edit: we have confirmation that the Mists can be trapped in gemstones Edit: in the Brandon spoiler livestream at 33:20, Brandon confirms that Autonomy's Investiture can be stored in the Polestones but he isn't sure if that is something that could happen naturally (but it could definitely capture the Dor) and even if it does, it would be very ineffective, maybe it would store very little bit of charge that would only be perceptible to someone with the right instruments and it would soon dissipate. I've noted previously in discussions that White Sand requires surprisingly little Investiture to recharge. I think the oldest instance of this theory is here: While it takes four hours for black sand to recharge back to white sand on Taldain's Dayside, just proximity to Shallan's Lightweaving was enough to charge Hoid's white sand in OB, this happened when Kal, Shallan, Adolin and Elhokar went to Kholinar. In the very same section and following section that took place in Shadesmar, it is noted that Shallan's Lightweaving used far less Stormlight than Kaladin's Lashings. Keep this in mind. I do have an idea on why White Sand could apparently recharge from Taldain's sunlight or apparently even from very far from its starlight as per a prev WoB, but would be difficult to store in a gemstone. In RoW, we see Navani use a prism to separate the light emitted by Towerlight back into the bands of Stormlight and Lifelight, she notes that she didn't separate the Lights or the Investiture, just the "Investiture radiation". I think that's what Taldain's sun outputs: not gaseous Investiture but Investiture radiation. And that's why it outputs so little Investiture that it takes black sand exposure to direct sunlight for four hours in order to recharge and turn white again but Stormlight, even sheer proximity to a Lightweaving, which in itself is noted to use much less Stormlight compared to Surge of Gravitation.
  9. In Row, we’ve seen that investiture’s ‘rhythm’ can be changed by isolating it from it’s original source, then exposing it to another rhythm with a different intent. We’ve also seen that an individual can have a unique rhythm (i.e. Raboniel). If someone could somehow gain access to the Rhythms, then figure out how to create a unique rhythm of their own, with it’s own Intent, could they reprogram the Intent of a piece investiture? If this could be accomplished, I can see three possible benefits: 1. You wouldn’t have an enhanced Connection to the investiture’s original Shard as would otherwise have, since the new Intent of the investiture you’re using is not the same as that Shard’s Intent. This would probably make it harder for a Shard to manipulate or detect you directly. 2. It would be very, very difficult to weaponize anti-investiture against you since the Intent of the investiture you’re using is supposed to be unique. 3. You would most likely not be bound to any world in particular as most highly invested entities are, as your investiture does not have a Connection to any world or Shard. In addition, if you use this new investiture, and then it returns to the spiritual realm, would it then start to accumulate, possibly (though not likely, considering the amount that you’d need) create a new magic system, similar to Patji on First of the Sun? So, does this all sound possible, or am I assuming too much here?
  10. So, this is the first time I've actually asked a question here since signing up, so if I accidentally break some kind of rule, please let me know. Hemalurgy seems to always warp the recipient of an invested spike, particularly with stolen human attributes. Since Identity is something that can be stolen via hemalurgy, I was just wondering if you were granted someone else's Identity, would your physical body change to appear more like them?
  11. If an individual can obtain a piece of investiture that stays with them rather than being converted to kinetic investiture or leaking out, they gain certain benefits. We can see these benefits with those who hold a number of bio-chromatic breaths or a Dawnshard, but most other magic systems don’t allow the investiture to stay with the practitioner, which prevents them from gaining heightenings. However, a hemalurgic nicrocil spike can steal general investiture, granting it to someone. My question is if someone took, for example, stormlight held by a surgebinder, would this investiture leak out as it normally would, or, since the spike itself is holding it, would it stick to the person enough to grant them the heighteinings? Could a person even do this, since hemalurgy primarily steals from the spiritual realm? If this is the case, what kinds of investiture (other than Divine Breaths) would be viable for a nicrocil spike?
  12. Aviar seem to draw a small amount of investiture directly from the spiritual realm to fuel their powers, without needing to use a catalyst, like how Allomancers need to. If someone could Hemalurgically take an aviar power, could they use this to get ‘free’ fuel for any other manifestations of investiture they might have, such as Surgebinding or Allomancy?
  13. Here's another rather large post of my insane ramblings Can you use raysium to force someone to benefit from investiture? For example, normally someone has to be willing to tap a metalmind before it will happen, but if you could remove the investiture from an unkeyed metalmind via raysium, then inject it into a Feruchemist, could you ‘make’ them use that investiture? Could you Hemalurgically grant someone Feruchemical copper, then inject them with unkeyed memories to alter their perception? Could you give them painful memories to incapacitate them, or memories that view something in a positive light to get them to like that thing? Could you force stormlight into a radiant, then use Allomantic nicrosil to force a massive burst of power that would exhaust them? Could you remove the breaths of an awakened object, then inject those breaths into another object? Would the new object obey the same Command used for the previous object? Could you remove a Lifeless from their body, then inject them into another corpse? Could you put a human Lifeless into a Koloss corpse? Could you put a Lifeless into a living human body? Would the human be compelled to obey the Lifeless Command? If Nightblood were to be satiated like when he fed on Odium, could you then remove part of his essence, then transfer it to another sword, allowing you to make a duplicate of him?
  14. If someone who has developed a resonance by holding two or more powers suddenly has those powers disappear permanently, would the resonances persist even without those powers? For example, if Pattern needed to break his bond with Shallan, would her mnemonic abilities stay, or would they vanish?
  15. This is my 100th post on the 17th Shard! I've enjoyed the many responses to my questions and ideas, and I hope to continue to post for a long time Anyway, this is a question that I've had for a while; if someone wanted to make a magic cloak (yes, it must be a cloak, because cloaks are awesome and cool), and they wanted to do more with it than simply animate it via awakening, what are some ideas on how this could be achieved?
  16. In Mistborn Secret History, Preservation mentions to Kelsier that both allomancers and feruchemists will last longer than a normal person, as they are more invested than a regular human. This is a bit confusing to me, because Brandon has said before that allomancers aren't particularly invested when they aren't currently burning a metal. So does this mean that an allomancer only stays a bit longer in the cognitive realm after dying if they were burning a metal when they died? Or is it the potential to become invested, the Connection to Preservation, that makes them last longer? As to another question I had in regards to becoming a cognitive shadow, do the bio-chromatic breaths that an awakener holds transfer with them to the cognitive realm when they die, and stay with them until they either find a way to come back as cognitive shadow or move to the Beyond? Or since they are primarily in the physical realm, they simply disperse? If an awakener were to come back as a returned, do they retain their breaths?
  17. While Sixth of the Dusk, I noticed that many of the creatures on Patji have a sort of "mind sense", that allows them to track and detect you by your mental signature. The Aviar seems to naturally be able to share their powers with someone they've bonded, but those powers can be taken by hemalurgy. Even so, it's apparently more complicated than taking most other invested arts, since the aviar has power over the bond, similar to radiant spren. But what if you try to spike powers out of the other creatures of Patji? They (presumably) don't rely on a bond to generate their powers, so you could take those with hemalurgy no problem, right? Although, do they even have the same range of abilities, or are aviar simply superior to them in this way? And one last thing about this concerning hemalurgy, does this mind sense count as an invested power, like allomantic powers, or is it an innate attribute, like strength or intelligence?
  18. Nightblood works by absorbing and corrupting investiture, effectively turning it into more of itself. But it also has a maximum amount of investiture that it can hold, so much of this changed investiture leaks away. My question is, does this investiture stay a part of Nightblood's essence, retaining traits from it rather than the shard it originated from? And if this Nightblood investiture returns to the spiritual realm to pool together, will it eventually form a magic system?
  19. If someone wanted to invest themselves permanently to receive heightening-like affects, what are all the ways that they could go about doing this? I know that bio-chromatic breaths will do this, nicrocil hemalurgy might be able to do it, and that being a surgebinder gives you a little bit as well, but are there any other ways to go about doing this?
  20. I'm a bit confused as to how this works; when an allomancer burns a metal, they pull some of Preservation's investiture from the spiritual realm, allowing them to do a thing with that investiture, and depending on the type of metal, the investiture grants a different effect. So, is it the investiture itself that is "programmed" while being drawn from the spiritual realm, giving it that effect, or is the spirit web of the allomancer doing the work of the caused effect, and the investiture merely fueling the work? For instance, let's say that the investiture that an allomancer gains from a burned metal is somehow removed from them, would the investiture still be programmed to the specific effect that the allomancer would have, or would it be fuel that is more or less up for grabs for any ability? A surgebinder holding stormlight can use that investiture to fuel any of their abilities, but an allomancer's investiture already does some specific effect based on the metal. So, even if an allomancer also somehow became a surgebinder, could they not use their allomancy to fuel their surgebinding because it is already programmed to have a different effect?
  21. A fun, light-hearted parody of the children's song Sandwiches by Fred Penner...only now it's about how much Hoid loves Investiture! Mild spoilers for Mistborn, Warbreaker, and Stormlight Archive.Hoid's Magic Song - based on Fred Penner's Sandwiches song.mp3 Lyrics: [Chorus] Investiture is beautiful, Investiture is fine. I like investiture, I use it all the time; Magic is my supper and magic is my lunch; If there’s a hundred kinds of magic then I’d use them all at once. [Verse 1] I'm a roaming and a rambling And a wandering all along, And if you care to listen, I will sing a happy song. I will not ask a favour And I will not ask a fee, But if you have yourself some magic Won't you give a bit to me? [Chorus] Investiture is beautiful, Allomancy's fine. I like lerasium, I eat it all the time; I eat it for my supper and I eat it for my lunch; If I had a hundred beads of it, I'd eat them all at once. [Verse 2] Once I went to Nalthis, Summoned to the God Queen, I swear she was the brightest lady That I'd ever seen. I told her she was colourful And could not ask for more, I told her a story Then she threw me out the door. [Chorus] Investiture is beautiful, Biochroma's fine. I like Heightening, I breathe it all the time; I take Breaths for my supper and I take Breaths for my lunch; If I found a hundred Breaths, oh well I'd breathe them all at once. [Verse 3] Well, once I met a brilliant girl, the fairest in the land, The Brightlords of the country, they were asking for her hand. They’d offer her alliances, Emeralds to appease; I offered her some magic And she said that she was pleased! [Chorus] Investiture is beautiful, Bonding spren is fine. I like lightweaving, I use it all the time; Stormlight is my supper and Stormlight is my lunch; If I had a hundred broams of it, I'd breathe them all at once. [Verse 4] Well magic could be colour, breath, or light, or metal platters, But they are all so good to me, It really doesn’t matter Lights or kites or being right, Any kind will do. I like the Cosmere’s magic, How about you? [Chorus] Investiture is beautiful, Investiture is fine. I like investiture, I use it all the time; Magic is my supper and magic is my lunch; If there’s a hundred kinds of magic then I’d use them all at once.
  22. Hemalurgy fascinates me, mostly because of the idea that you can use it to create all kinds of crazy things, but the weaknesses tacked on to having too may spikes means that realistically, you'd probably only want a few. The coppermind says that a nicrosil spike will steal general investiture, like bio-chromatic breaths, not actual powers, like allomancy or surgebinding. My question is, what benefit is there to this? Would it act like just getting a bunch of breaths that you can't awaken with? or would it do something different?
  23. awakening

    Alright. So I was just listening to Warbreaker, at the part where (spoiler alert) Vivenna decides she wants to use awakening after all, so Denth explains how it works to her. He says the breath you use to awaken stuff is "part of you" so what you're imagining at the time you awaken something (in other words, your intent,) is involved in what the awakened object does. I had the realization that something you awaken will have a Connection with you, which is why only you can recover the breath from an object you awakened. (And just now I realized that the intent is relevant too.) Although this leads to more questions. Awakening requires a number of breaths, which must be collected from different people, since nobody starts with more than one. Shouldn't those then be Connected to their original owners, or do that Connection transfer to the person receiving the breath? How far does this intent go? Does it change the intent of the investiture itself? Let's say you awaken an object with a command to destroy things. Would that mean Ruin could absorb that investiture with no change to its intent? Mixing magics here, does this mean a feruchemist storing their identity would be able to reclaim breaths from an object they did not awaken?
  24. This Theory is based on the fact that we know that Thaidakar in Kelsier, what we already know of the Ghostbloods intent and sorta the spiritweb. So the first point i would like to make is about what we already know of their intent as an organization. We already know that they want a convenient source of investiture. second, we know that Kelsier likes to help people. Third Wit made an interesting jab at Kel. He said something along the lines of take care of your planet before you meddle on others. Well what if that is what he is doing? What if the stormlight is meant to alter the spiritweb of a person enough to make them a full misborn or feruchemist. This can lead to other bigger implications but i won't get into those now. I would appreciate feedback positive and negative since it is my first theory.
  25. Just thought I'd bring y'all's attention to this fresh WoB on Taldain's Darkside Tattoos apparently, so we were all wrong on what the Skycolors manifested: not glow-in-the-dark people, eye colours or a literal limelight shining from the sky or aurora but tattoos. Edit: Brandon might not exactly be talking about the Skycolors (like Breath vs Awakening) And the Skycolors do involve bioluminescence and something like the aurora: Prose stuff and it could be a mix of UV interactions, bioluminescence and magic. The Skycolors varying between people definitely points to weirdness. ~ extracts & points from Mori on Discord