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Found 184 results

  1. Greetings! I've introduced myself once before on here, but I thought it might be useful to make my presence known again. The last non-reddit forum I was part of had a "back after hiatus" re-introduction kind of thread, so let me know if there's a more appropriate place to put this. I have many names, but y'all can call me Neo, or NeoBridgeburn, or just Bridgeburn, or any variation on that. My pronouns are he/they, and I really haven't read a lot of Cosmere. The first White Sand, the first Mistborn (which I'm in the process of rereading), and I'm currently reading Tress of The Emerald Sea (which is really awesome by the way) I originally got into the Cosmere because of my partner and one of my close friends, but now I'm mostly in it for myself. Here is my GoodReads in case you want to stalk/judge my reading habits... or just be friends (sorry if there are rules against linking that here, I tried looking for them but either there aren't any written out or I'm dumb and just couldn't find them) Feel free to ask me any questions or drop reccomendations in the replies, and I'm looking forward to being a part of y'alls community!
  2. Silent fan for some years now, though I'm still incredibly green on all the finer secrets of the cosmere. Finally got caught up on most of the major books and am polishing off the arcanum collection presently. Buddy of mine nudged me this direction, and so.... Anyhow, as I'm sure it's cliche by this point, I'm an unpublished writer. I'll be haunting the creator's section of the forum mostly, I suspect. Nice to find a community of fans, though! Up until now, I've been twisting the arms of my family and coworkers, and while my badgering is, incredibly, slowly, paying off, it's good to know there are people I can talk to.
  3. Hey, everyone! First time on 17th shard, but been a Cosmere reader for about a year. Currently, I have read all of Mistborn (except TLM), and am currently on my first read-thru of Oathbringer. I’m looking forward to getting more involved in this community and meeting some of yall!
  4. Good evening/morning/afternoon fellow Brandon fans, glad to be a part of this community
  5. Hello All, I've been wandering through the Cosmere and I stumbled upon this forum after digging a little deeper into the mythos and Sanderson's grand design. Consider my horizons broaden. Nice to meet you all and glad to be here. -MZ
  6. Hi everyone! I've been consuming Cosmere books of late. Finished Stormlight (all 4), Mistborn era 1 and Warbreaker. Now making my way through Secret History. I'm a big fantasy fan - my other favourite series (apart from the religious text that is Lord of the Rings) is The Witcher. I came here after listening to Shardcast and want to get into all the teeny Cosmere tidbits. Great to meet ya'll!
  7. Hello everyone. Colombian living in Canada here- I stumbled upon BS’s writings about three weeks ago with The Final Empire. Been listening (audiobooks) almost nonstop - After finishing the first Mistborn series and then Elantris I started Stormlight. Right now going through Oathbringer - and going through these often exiting, sometimes frustrating, but always gripping narratives I finally decided I had to talk to folks who are also into this and would know what I’m talking about, and so here I am !
  8. Hi

    I'm here to introduce myself. I've read Sanderson's books for a bit more than a year now, but just recently discovered this site. I've read Mistborn Era 1, 2, Stormlight Archive, Warbreaker and Elantris. Planning on reading the short novels next (maybe Whitesand too). Are Brandon's books not in the cosmere worth reading?
  9. introduction

    Hello! I am Inspector Morgue. Have stumbled upon The Stormlight Archive when I was browsing Kickstarter one day and later, began reading this book series. After this, I started reading other books in the Cosmere. I have an affinity for tabletop games, writing stories, collecting dreams, conceptualising skits, music and game design. I am glad to be joining this wonderful community!
  10. Hi Im Ant I'm someone that got into Stormlight a few years ago and now I've read the rest of the Cosmere. Both Stormlight and Mistborn are two of my favorite fictional series. And I'm a big fan of Hoid.
  11. introduction

    Hello! I’m Spideyninja (not really). I don’t exactly know what I’m suppose to do here, but the prompt said something about introductions and discussions, so I’ll introduce myself then start a discussion. I enjoy comic books and many comic book movies, though there are many I do not enjoy. I first started reading Sanderson when I was in highschool and found The Reckoners series. At the time I didn’t even know that the author had other books or series, and I didn’t really get into Brandon’s work until I started watching Shadiversity, and read his epic fantasy book, Shadow of the Conqueror (great book btw). After hearing Shad praise the Mistborn books, I dove into that series and from there eagerly explored the rest of the Cosmere. A big reason I’m so intrigued by the Stormlight Archive is that I myself suffer from Dissociative Identity Disorder, and it’s fascinating to me learning about other people’s perspectives on the condition. As for the discussion I promised, I’ve recently been philosophizing about the nature of justice (probably largely due to the fact that one of my alters committed a heinous crime, and I’ve been struggling with what to think of myself since turning myself in) and I have reached a conclusion I believe to be true. However I love hearing other people’s opinions as they help me to define and strengthen my own beliefs, so I want to know; how would you define the word justice, or the concept behind it?
  12. Hello! Nice to meet you. Obviously, I'm here because I love the Cosmere books. I've read of the Stormlight Archive so far and am part way through Mistborn. Like many, the philosophy of the Knights Radiant has made a big impression on me. It's very close to Stoicism, I feel, which is also a big part of my life. Life before death! - Irradiance
  13. introduction

    Hi, I have been listening to the podcast for three or so months and was unable to resist the idea of joining a community of cosmere lovers. I did put a shoe on my head and yodel so you have no power here Rubix! I guess ill just introduce myself Favorite cosmere book: Oathbringer 2nd reread of all cosmere Dawnshard is the best novela, fight me Favorite cosmere curse: Rust and ruin Favorite character (excluding Hoid of course): Steris
  14. I picked up the Way of Kings and now I am here to theory craft.
  15. Hi everyone! I have accepted the inevitable and realized I have no choice but to dive as deep as I can into The Cosmere. I am new to this, having only read the first Mistborn trilogy and just finished Elantris a few moments ago. I can't get enough! I did not realize that all of this was set in some shared universe, and am now trying to learn as much as I can without spoiling as much as I can. Looking forward to some fun conversations and topics on these books! Now, I think I saw Warbreaker on my shelf somewhere...
  16. Hi all! I've finally hopped on to the 17th Shard bandwagon in my search for answers, fanart, and theories, as well as my slight obsession with incorrect quotes. I've read Mistborn eras 1 and 2, Elantris, Warbreaker, and The Stormlight Archive (inc TWOK Prime). That's all from a Brandy Sandy fan from Down Under
  17. Hello! I'm NerdyAarakocra, a D&D junkie by day, Mistborn by night, and MTG nerd at dusk. Pleased to make your digital acquaintance!
  18. The guidelines listed here are still current as of January 2021. What is Reading Excuses? Reading Excuses is an online critique group and a spin-off of the popular podcast Writing Excuses (note: we are a fan group and not affiliated with the Writing Excuses podcast). In other words, we read each others' fiction to provide constructive criticism that will help improve your work. Reading Excuses is open to anyone. To join, send a PM to both Silk and Robinski with the email address that you'd like to receive submissions at, and one of us will add that email address to the group's email list. Discussion threads happen here on the forum; submissions are sent out by email each week. I will always respond to your request to join the group. I try to be reasonably prompt about doing so, and usually respond to requests in a couple of days. I do miss things sometimes, though, so if you haven't heard from me within a week, feel free to re-send the request. This group is meant for writers of all levels who intend their work for publication. Writers of any genre are welcome to join, but we're primarily science fiction and fantasy writers, so if you're writing outside of SFF you may find that we're not the audience you're looking for. The posts below tell you how the group operates. Please read the "How Do I Submit" and "Code of Conduct and Critiquing Guidelines" sections before submitting or critiquing. How Do I Submit? Formatting Submissions Length Guidelines Content Tags Naming Conventions How to Submit When to Submit FAQs Code of Conduct and Critiquing Guidelines Code of Conduct Critiquing Guidelines Receiving Critiques How Often Do I Need to Critique? Sharing Work From RE Other Resources RE Administravia Extra Credit Your opinion ... The Writing World
  19. Hi all, I'm Duxredux. I've been reading Brandon since picking up Elantris in my junior high library around 15 years ago. I've read all of the Cosmere books and I guess I'm joining the 17th Shard because I've had little observations and theories stewing for those last 15 years. According to the Knights Radiant quiz, I would either be a Windrunner or a Bondsmith.
  20. Just made this account! And in a couple of weeks after I'm done getting through the secret projects materials I'll probably be screaming there regularly.
  21. Hello all! quick intro: I read rithmatist when I was 9 and it instantly became my favourite book. It remained my favourite book until I started getting into the cosmere at around 15 and since then, I have always been a pretty big fan of his work. I have listened to hours of the 17th shard podcast, and lurk on the subreddit constantly, I've just never contributed much in either community. this all changed approximately 12 days ago. where I was once a pretty big fan, but not all that into the larger machinations of the cosmere, i now suffer from cosmere syndrome, a condition where i am constantly thinking about the cosmere and just about nothing else most waking hours. currently frothing, gnawing, chewing and biting everytime mr sanderson posts anything on youtube and i've been slowly but surely going insane as march progresses. I cannot understate how excited I am for the excerpts of books 3 and 4, and created a 17th shard account to finally get around to reading Aether of the Night i do want to be a more active member of the fandom and am also hoping to make some friends along the way : )
  22. Hi all, Oddspren here! Started in the cosmere the beginning of 2020, fully caught up except for a couple unpublished projects. I’m now on my first re-read of it all and super excited for theory crafting with all this new material coming out! Looking forward to joining the community.
  23. Hello! I'm here to geek out about Sanderson! I have read the first three books of Stormlight, the first two of Skyward (waiting on the third!), and a bit of the Final Empire (Mistborne 1). I also have the Call to Adventure game for Stormlight. I am working on a LEGO model of the Poco-class starfighter from Skyward, which is originally why I went on here, so I can show it off when I'm finished! A few of my hobbies (besides reading of course) are LEGO, LARP (foam sword fighting), piano, drums, and Minecraft modding. Happy to be here!
  24. Hello all you fellow nerds! Not sure how it's taken me this long to join the forums... Probably because the Cosmere fandom is amazing and there are just SO many places on the internet for Cosmere goodness! Anyway, I'm here now and look forward to sporadically participating in Cosmere Conversations (I am one half of the podcast team) but probably mostly lurking.
  25. So, ah... I've actually been here for a little while. I've never even bothered to look at this forum, preferring to stick to other places (my fav. being the forum games). Nonetheless, I decided I might as well let people know who I am. That being the case: Hello! M'names Channelknight. Fadran's just an alibi, as writing under my actual name or in first person makes me uncomfortable. I can write in first person if people don't know what my actual name is, though; hence the username. I've read every cosmere book there is (I think), except for Warbreaker, which I'll get around to eventually. I've also read the Skyward series to where its at, the Reckoners, and the kind of elusive Rithmatist. I've heard that there're other books by Brandon, but I think I'll settle for torturing myself out of impatience for the next Stormlight work. In the meanwhile, I like writing fantasy books, ranging from a sort-of-award-winning "The Stellamancer" (it got honorary mention in Scholastic Arts and Writing Comp. Dunno if that counts) to this horrid thing called "Spelltaken" back from 2015 (don't go looking for it. Even if I could get it published I could get sued form at least seven people). Some people have lifelong dreams to do something or other. Me? I've only wanted to be an author for about a year or so. Since then, I've hammered through fourteen failed editions of what has come to be known as the "Iconar Collective," from which my idea of the Channelknights originate. Look for me anywhere that calls for writing, because if I know about it, then I'm there (Writing Prompts and Responses are one of these). That being said... Hello from Fadran. And Welcome to the Cosmere.