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Found 97 results

  1. Because for one thing, you actually understand what I meant by my title In all seriousness, I really am excited to be here with so many others who share my love for Sanderson's writing and the worlds he has created. Though I have been aware of his work for years, I am admittedly a bit late to the party. Though I had been aware of his work nearly from the beginning, it wasn't until last year that I got around to finally reading Mistborn. And frankly, it reignited my love for a genre that had grown a bit stale for me. Needless to say I burned through the first Mistborn trilogy, The Stormlight Archives, Elantris, Skyward, and several of his short stories since that time. And I would also credit his writing with getting me back into the art of cartography as I started to pour over his maps and want to recreate them myself. I look forward to discussing the books with you guys, and hearing some of your theories and insights. - Josh
  2. Hello! Reading Way of Kings reignited my fondness of reading So I'm here to express my love to the series by adding more fan art!
  3. Hello everyone. I’m beavs007. Just joined. My biggest goal is to one day become a beta reader for Brandon Sanderson! If you have any advice for how to achieve that honor, please comment! also, I am wondering if any of you think that Sazed will be the one to take down Odium?
  4. Hello all! I have been lurking on the forum for a few months, finally decided to join since I love all the discourse I see going on around here! You can call me Soto; I'm a Dane living in the UK (yes, the fandom stretches all the way over here! One of my Norwegian colleagues is indeed also a fan!), and my first encounter with Brandon Sanderson's work was the Stormlight Archive, which I read in the summer of 2018. I actually decided to read it to get a better feel for fantasy and worldbuilding, as I am a writer myself who's working on a fantasy project, and it had been a while since I last read a fantasy series I really enjoyed! Since finishing Oathbringer, I've read the Mistborn trilogy and Elantris as well; while those are good, Stormlight Archive definitely remains my favourite! I do artwork occasionally, so I might contribute with fanart from time to time. Nice to meet y'all! (:
  5. Hi, I'm [[User:Alicila]], and I've been quite active on the Coppermind recently. I think I would get around a bit, to know more about Brandon's great works. By the way, the best fiction I've ever read is the Three Body Problem. Such beauty is truly unseen anywhere else.
  6. Hi.

    Hello, I'm TLhikan. I started reading the Cosmere last year and got pretty hooked; I'm caught up on everything except White Sands 2 and 3, and am just this year starting to reread everything.
  7. Hi! I am new to the shard (obviously...). So far I have read The Mistborn Trilogy, Elantris, Warbreaker, and The Emperor's Soul. I am currently on page 12 of The Way of Kings. (I know... what a huge dent I have made xD) Super stoked to dive into this world (the Cosmere world)!
  8. Hey all, So, I can't say I've been lurking here for very long. Admittedly, I only recently discovered the existence of this forum. Before this, I thought i was alone in my exultation of Brandon Sanderson. Boy was I glad when I found that there were others. My older brother introduced me to the works of Brandon and the first piece of literature I read was Legion. It was short, and the premise seemed interesting to me. Before this, my favourite author, arguably still, was Isaac Asimov. But halfway into Legion, I was hooked. I needed more. What followed was a flurry of reading and borrowing books from my brother. Warbreaker came next and then Elantris. The first proper series I read was Mistborn Era 1. By the time I had gotten to reading Mistborn, I was reading a book a week! With my schedule of work and post production, thats is a lot! Anyways, when I finished Era 1, I was extremely excited to start Era 2, but somehow, the tone and mood of Era 2 felt very different to me. I wanted more of sword wielding, melee combat with superpowers! That is when I discovered The Stormlight Archive!! Initially, I read through the first 100-150 pages just out of excitement. But thats when I noticed. Nothing is really happening here..... A bunch of characters were introduced, a new world with spren and moving plant life was introduced, but not much else. But by the time I finished the next 100 pages or so, the story REALLY started moving, and once it did..... I could not for the life of me, out down the books. As i kept reading giant book after book of Stormlight, I grew more and more fascinated. The world was so expansive, rich and diverse! The magic systems so complex and yet so simple at the same time! I started thinking up theories of my own, imagining possibilities, dreaming of modern day applications of the surges. But I still thought I was alone in my madness. Until I found Shardcast! which then led me here! An entire community of people who love the works of Brandon Sanderson and love to discuss and theorise!! Well, suffice to say, I intend to spend quite some time wondering around here and contribute where-ever I feel I can. And I hope this community will accept the contributions of a simple fan, living in a far away country. TL;DR - Fan of Brandon from India. Read most of his books. Loves concocting and discussing fan theories.
  9. In the beginning there was nothing. Darkness. Emptiness. A void. From that void sprung Adonalsium, creator, the first and the last, God. With his power, Adonalsium created the known Universe. He formed the planets, sun, moon and stars. He created the land and sea, the plants and animals that lived in them. Most importantly he created humans in his own image. But in every tale, myth, legend and story, greed, fear, and lust entered the hearts of men. Sixteen men and women conspired together and killed God. They divided Adonalsium’s power between themselves. These manifestations of power were called Shards, holding a specific attribute of the God they murdered. Unbenounced to the Sixteen Shards, two additional people ascended to godhood, almost by accident, these individual were the Shards Voidus and Narration. Narration travelled to a far corner of the universe, who would soon be joined by Voidus. Voidus traveled abroad, using modified Hemalurgy to spike the first splinters of Shards. In total he succeeded in spiking splinters of Cultivation, Preservation, Dominion, Devotion, Autonomy, Ambition, and Ingenuity. Voidus stumbled upon the solar system, the Alleyverse, created by Narration. Voidus bargained with Narration-though in reality Voidus did not need to-and spiked the only habitable planet, AlleyOne, with the spikes collected. Narration in turn received the promise of retaining his Shard. Voidus placed them into the center of AlleyOne. Though what occured, not even Voidus himself expected. The Spike of Cultivation, melded with the rest of the spikes. Together the grew into one single massive spike that would later become what the inhabitants of AlleyOne call the WorldSpike. Its power, corrupted or enlightened the minds of every living thing. This is how Voidus created a world dependant on Hemalurgy for survival. Thus is the creation of the of the Alleyverse and its people.
  10. Greetings, I exist! I'd made an account here years ago when I first came across the Cosmere (mistborn era 1 was my entry) but was just an occasional lurker until the lead-up to Oathbreaker last year. Started spending a lot of time on the Cosmere Reddit, which brought me back here. Also, admittedly, I used to spend a lot more time over on the JimButcher forums but that community is starting to loose steam and disperse quite a bit, so the Cosmere is a fantastic substitute for my old Word Of Jim based ramblings. I find myself just browsing the WoB Arcanum with idle theories. Let see... First introduced to Brandon with the end of Wheel of Time. I thought the ones he did were arguably the best crafted of the whole series. Started on his own novels with Mistborn then I think it was Warbreaker and Elantris before Stormlight. Loved me some Reckoners. At this point Ive read all the (published) Cosmere novels, Im finishing up the short stories and White Sands. Ive never had the opportunity to meet Brandon in person (I dont go to Cons these days). Managed to snag an autographed copy of Steelheart he'd hidden in a bookstore in the Atlanta Airport, and last year he replied with an RAFO on my reddit theory on Shardic Intents, which was awesome though I still dont know if that actually indicates that I am on the right track (If in a Q&A that would just mean it was a topic he wasnt planning to explain yet, but whats it mean when he comes by to say he wont say?). What else? Im an engineer by trade, which tends to color my thinking in all kinds of odd ways. These days I feel older than I technically am, and Im given to understand that will only get worse as Life Goes On.
  11. Hi all, I wanted to introduce myself as that seems to be the decorum. I'm a nerd, gamer, reader, and writer, so precisely the 17th Shard's demographic. I apologize in advance if I come across... let's say clunky. As the Title suggests, I am a true beginner at basically anything resembling this. I've never used the internet to connect with people (one of its proclaimed most popular applications). I find most corners of the internet disagreeable. However, I have been a big fan of the Cosmere for a few years now and I thought if I were to dip my toe into somewhere, it would be here: with people who hopefully share my interests. I hope to share and discuss with fellow fans on here. I'm particularly interested in talking about writing. I often find myself having to explain to people what I'm going for when I write epic fantasy (even more specifically when I tell them about Hard Magic systems), so I'm hoping it'll be a breath of fresh air to have discussions with a shared foundation such as Brandon's work. Anyway, I ramble. Greetings to all, Lunarhade
  12. Hi! I'm TruthlessofShinovar. I really thought that name would have been taken. I remember last year looking at some Best Fantasy Books lists, and I found Way of Kings as number 1 or 2. The cover and description instantly hooked me. I looked it up on Goodreads, and it became even more interesting. I remember buying the Kindle version that evening because I needed to read it. I think my 16-year-old mind blown with every chapter. (About 500 pages later I bought the physical copy - and the sequel.) A few months after reading WOK I read Elantris, and I loved it. Then Words of Radiance, which I think is even better than Way of Kings. Now, 8 months and three Sanderson books later, I'm currently reading Mistborn: The Final Empire. I love Brandon's writing style in the Stormlight books, but for some reason I'm finding Mistborn's style a bit clunky and exposition-heavy. From reading some earlier and later Sanderson books, I think he really improved on his writing - and especially his dialogue.
  13. So. We all know how this started. I was a reader, just like any of you. But then I had questions, and Brandon's a secretive little demon, so I had to look ay forums and theories and then I got ideas.... And now I'm here. This is what I like: 1. Greek salad. 2. Eating cake and crying about it. 3. Yelling at books.
  14. Hello everyone! My name is Leandro and I'm from Brazil. I've read Oathbringer 5 days ago and I'm still processing the final of the book. What a storming mindblowing final! I already read all books of Cosmere, so now I want a place to discuss some theories I have. (And I need a nice place to train my writing in english, so I think this is the best place for that.). Thank you! Life before death.
  15. Hiya everyone! I'm new to the forum but I've been a fan of Brandon's (is there a fandom tag for that?) for about 4 years. I remember discovering his books while working night-shift and I had to kill the time. I needed to spend my audible credit so filtered for the best rated, longest book they had and, low and behold, up popped Stormlight Archive. From that point I tumbled into the Cosmere and discovered some of the most wonderful stories I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing. I followed up the first two Stormlight books with the Mistborn books (which are now a favourite). All this culminated with me meeting the creator himself in London when I picked up my hard-copy of Oathbringer. He fist-bumped me. I died. I've since finished Oathbringer and decided it's time to hit the forums! I look forward to engaging with you all and talking about all things Sanderson and beyond. Now let's get the Horneater Lager flowing!
  16. Hello, I discovered here after I started Words of Radience. Since the series got me hooked, I have been looking for discussions, theories or basically just more of this world. I think Brandon did a great worldbuilding job here. The first book of Stormlight Archive was recommended to me by my friend after we both read Patrick Rothfuss' The Kingkiller Chronicle. Looks like I like strong protagonists. However, I must admit that Brandon's books have a more detailed and rooted universe. I am glad there are people out there like Pat and Brandon who spend their time to create new worlds for us to get lnto. I might read other Cosmere books but I don't like to start a whole different book when I just got used to these. Maybe later. So, what do you think? What were you reading before you met Sanderson Universe? How do you compare it to the others? What do you recommend for the void between the 2nd and 3rd books? I am always looking for a good fantasy / sci-fi novel.
  17. Hi all, I picked up the way of kings a few years ago and recently I have gotten very interested in Hoid after reading some of the Q&As. I got here from the coppermind wiki and it seems like a great community.
  18. introduction

    As Outkast once said "Hey Ya". I'm Alchemy. I made this account in November but I was unaware of this. So far I've read, all Mistborn Era 1 and Era 2 books, Elantris, all Stormlight Archive books, and all of The Reckoners. I'm also on The Coppermind ( Uhhhhh I think that's all, once again, hi.
  19. -My name is Max. I am 18. -USA -Stormlight Archives is the only fantasy I have read. I think its because it feels like an Anime. LOL -I may or may not post or respond to some theories Vathah is one of my favorite character. Lift is my second favorite and Pattern is my third I have only read the first Mistborn and The Stormlight Archive up to the third book. I find Hoid/Wit's character jarring I hate him so much oh my god. Please Sanderson explain his backstory so I can sleep at night.
  20. Hi i'm new here, mostly here to discuss the stormlight archive, I would be nice to know if there's any particular etiquette for making posts and stuff I should be aware of? this is only really the second forum i've ever joined. Also I relate to Renarin Kholin an embarrassing amount.
  21. Hello friends! I got into the Cosmere through the Stormlight Archive series but recently (as in like a few hours ago) finished Elantris. I'm impatiently waiting for the next installments of both. In the meantime, I've been studying Aons. If you're one of the lucky ones to happen to have a name that includes an Aon (like myself - Ati, meaning hope, within my name Katie) comment below with your Aon and how you think it coincides with your history or personality! Thanks, K(Ati)e
  22. Hi there! I'm a fan of Alcatraz and The Reckoners. Also I'm a bit of a fanfic writer and artist.
  23. Hello! I somehow found myself here in this, place.... I have no idea how I got here, but I'll make sure I'll make the best of it. I'm a huge Brandon Sanderson fan, and love the depth of the cosmere. Soooo... Hi.
  24. Hi, I signed up about 4 days ago and have been looking around trying to figure things out a bit. I joined the tor website about a month ago to start reading the Oathbringer chapters, because, well I have waiting a year to read it! A little about me. I have been an avid reader for around 55 years now. I started out reading Nancy Drew mysteries when I was around 10 or 11, then got interested in Sherlock Holmes mysteries. I started reading Science Fiction and Fantasy when I was around 15 and those two genre's continues to be my favorite, but I read many different types of books and styles of writing. I also read simply to learn and do a lot of researching of things that are of interest to me. I am never bored. I got interested in Brandon's work about a year ago; while I was at Audible, looking for audiobooks by one of my favorite voice actresses. She did the voice over for Warbreaker and once I had listened to it, I knew I had to hear more of Brandon 's work. So I got The Way of Kings, and Words of Radiance. Well I had to have something to listen to while I waited for Oathbringer, right? Then I got Elantris: Tenth Anniversary Special Edition, then Arcanum Unbounded: The Cosmere Collection. I have them all in audiobook format but have decided to get them in book format since it is really harder to pinpoint chapter and verse by using audiobooks. I was read to as a child so I really get into the narrating thing, and I also love to read aloud to others as well, so audiobooks are fun. I have listened to TWoK and WoR around 4 or 5 times now since last year and I figure I have just enough time to listen to them again before Oathbringer is out in November. These are such epic stories and I love them. Once I figure out the finer details you will see me posting here and there around the site. I have lots of questions and thoughts about the story line and little hints that are dropped in the books. I also am haunting the stormlight archive wikia because there is so much really good referenced information there as well. See you in the forums!
  25. I've been a wall flower for awhile now, but with the slow release of the Oathbringer chapters, I feel like it is time to jump in. It thrills me to be a part of a story and watch it unfold and to hear other's viewpoints that I hadn't considered. Upon reading the first 3 chapters of Oathbringer -- I have a few ideas that have not yet been brought up yet -- so I figure I might actually have a few viewpoints to contribute. (Yes, it has only been a few hours, so I'm sure others noticed the same things I noticed) I am absolutely loving reading and fully digesting these chapters before the next course is served. I was introduced to Sanderson by my teenage son, and have read all of his published works (minus the Wheel of Time Books) this past year and have enjoyed them immensely. My son learned at a young age that the best way to get your parents to pay for your hobbies is to get them hooked on them with you. So, yes, I pre-ordered Oathbringer for him. Or is it for me? Or do I need another copy now???