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Found 145 results

  1. Hi there, the names Venno. I'm a new member to the site and I just wanted to introduce myself real quick, but if you could check out my other post real quick that would be great.
  2. Hi! As you can probably tell from my Display Name, I am a fan of the Mistborn Series, especially the RPG spin off (The Mistborn Adventure Game). I'm here for theories, news, and hopefully some stuff on the RPG!
  3. Hey everyone, call me Iggy. Long time bookworm recently introduced to the Cosmere through Mistborn (including Wax and Wayne books), eager to get some gift cards for my 29th birthday to add some more to my collection. I'm a big fan of the physics and drawback based magic of the Metalborn arts and love to theorize different interactions of twinborns and compounding. My question for you all is this! Which of the cosmere series should I start with once I've finished the wax and wayne books I just got? Should I go right for the ars arcanum (sp?) or wait until I get some more cosmere lore under my belt?
  4. Starting a new podcast with a couple of friends, and have released the first of our monthly episodes today, talking about what the Cosmere is, and some recommendations for first time readers. We’d love to have your feedback, and questions, or something you want us to talk about. Appropriately, the release of episodes will be the 16th of each month.
  5. introduction

    Hey everyone! My name is Mystic but you all can call me Mysti. Im nonbinary (pronouns are they/them/theirs) and I just love reading! Ive read a few Brandon Sanderson books before but I stopped reading for a little bit but I am getting back into it. I hope I make some good friends on here! @yeshevishman is honestly the only one I know on here (my bf). Its nice to meet you all and hope we can be good friends
  6. Hello fellow people, I am a human too! just like you. I have no idea who Re-Shepir is. Why would I? Who is Re-Shepir? Please excuse me, I must go murder someone. Humans do that, right?
  7. Hey guys/gals! Newbie to the forum and to the cosmere, although I'm pretty sure I've read all the published cosmere works by Sanderson + some non-cosmere works, absolutely devoured all I could put my hands upon these trying COVID times. So far my absolutely favorite non-serie novel is Elantris, in my opinion it sometimes feels a bit "rougher" than his later works but what it seems to lack in polish it absolutely nails in charm and general message of optimism facing at the least...non-optimal odds. I can safely say that having read it as the first novel by Sanderson impacted my life immensely. Of course later works, especially of the Stormlight Archives have "stronger" messages regarding depression, grief, loss etc' but Elantris always seem to stick to me better, at least with the nostalgy first-time reader factor. Now, I'm not a cosmere scholar, and like I said I have not read any unpublished works I've heard left sometimes lying around the place I've read some outlines of Sanderson in some wob's that talk about plans for future eras in mistborn etc', but I'd like to know how's the forum acceptance of crazy off the wall theories that I've got swimming in my braincase without any scientific basis except "it sounds nifty to me and kinda makes sense ... although maybe that's too """"simple""" for Sanderson" Is crazy theory discussion encouraged?
  8. Hello! I'm new to the forums! I'm here because my friends are looking over my shoulder. They don't have shardblades. I don't need help right now. Do not call the police. They're definitely not unhealthily obsessed with stormlight archives. But anyways, my name is Neo, and I use they/them pronouns, I've read the first Mistborn book, and I'm in part 3 of skyward. Also if any of you can figure out why my friends have an unhealthy parasocial relationship with the characters in Sandersons books, please let me know.
  9. Greetings people of the 17th Shard! I love Brandon Sanderson and making fanart, so quarantine has been good for me I've already posted some art before making my official introduction (whoops) but wanted to let y'all know I exist!
  10. Hello guys, fellow Sanderson fan here, been reading the posts here for a long while, finally decided to join in. Hope you all don't mind if i point out a few cool things i noticed that haven't been pointed out (i think) Narak - the city in the Shattered Plains, is the name of the Hindu equivalent for Hell On a similar note, Kaladin's name can be taken to mean 'Black Day' in Hindi Renarin is kinda growing on me, looking forward to his Truthwatcher vows & powers. I thought that the future sight could make sense with the two Truthwatcher Surges if seen as 'Illumination *of* Progression', don't know what to think with the Book 3 reveals
  11. I am...I was...a God. Odium killed me. I am sorry...
  12. The guidelines listed here are still current as of January 2021. What is Reading Excuses? Reading Excuses is an online critique group and a spin-off of the popular podcast Writing Excuses (note: we are a fan group and not affiliated with the Writing Excuses podcast). In other words, we read each others' fiction to provide constructive criticism that will help improve your work. Reading Excuses is open to anyone. To join, send a PM to both Silk and Robinski with the email address that you'd like to receive submissions at, and one of us will add that email address to the group's email list. Discussion threads happen here on the forum; submissions are sent out by email each week. I will always respond to your request to join the group. I try to be reasonably prompt about doing so, and usually respond to requests in a couple of days. I do miss things sometimes, though, so if you haven't heard from me within a week, feel free to re-send the request. This group is meant for writers of all levels who intend their work for publication. Writers of any genre are welcome to join, but we're primarily science fiction and fantasy writers, so if you're writing outside of SFF you may find that we're not the audience you're looking for. The posts below tell you how the group operates. Please read the "How Do I Submit" and "Code of Conduct and Critiquing Guidelines" sections before submitting or critiquing. How Do I Submit? Formatting Submissions Length Guidelines Content Tags Naming Conventions How to Submit When to Submit FAQs Code of Conduct and Critiquing Guidelines Code of Conduct Critiquing Guidelines Receiving Critiques How Often Do I Need to Critique? Sharing Work From RE Other Resources RE Administravia Extra Credit Your opinion ... The Writing World
  13. Hi all, I am from Austria and my favorite non protagonist character is Chiri-Chiri. Dawnshard spoilers Oh and I think that Dalinar will become Honor and Lift will become Cultivation. Adolin and Shallan will become Worldhoppers too. Oh and I really really hope that Hoid can bring his Spren to Scadrial in the Second Era. But I could not find anything in Era Two that supports. Probably no one even reads those Introductions but if I am right with something I can prove it. Thanks to the team of the 17. Shard and Brandon Sanderson. Oh and I have a Who´s that Cosemere Character here for you now if anyone reads this. (I also sen´t another one per Mail) You can answer directly here. This Character is from Roshar. This Character met Szeth and survived. This Character is older the most of it´s kind that we see. This Character is wealthy. This Character was mentioned when Brandon was asked to choose a mentor in the Cosmere and he mentioned, that he would choose this Character as his Babsk. I know this is easy but It also identifies the Character 100% so I do not have to write the name down. mentioned wob: (edited to make the 5. clue more readable)
  14. Hey everyone, been lurking the forums forever, finally made an account cause after ROW I’ve got so many questions. Started reading Cosmere books back in 2013, loved it ever since. Lots of people do random facts: I live in California. I’m a video production manager. Love to surf (how original). Aaaaannnd I’ve got an outlandish theory that Hoid could be related to or is a dragon. That is all.
  15. Hello everyone! After lurking around Coppermind and 17th Shard for a while I thought I should join formally. Looking forward to seeing who might agree with my theories about where Stormlight Archive is headed, and who might also be pining for a Rithmatist sequel!
  16. Hello there! I'm a longtime fan of Sanderson, ever since I found the Alcatraz series at 12 I've avidly read everything I could get my hands on. I'm particularly anticipatory of Alcatraz 6, The Azlantian, and the Cosmere, which is why I'm creating this account now. Like many of you, I recently finished reading Rhythm of War (don't worry, no spoilers), and I was completely blown away, so much so that I decided to start editing on the wiki and join up here. I'm thrilled to be a part of the Sanderson fandom and am super enthusiastic to share all my crazy Cosmere theories with you all!
  17. Hello, I just signed up. I usually don't join forums, but the Cosmere novels are so expansive and incredible I made an exception to join this community. Mainly so I can speculate on mechanics and get bombarded with inevitable RAFOs.
  18. Hi team. Names Dan, Englishman living in sunny NewZealand. Long time fan of Brandon’s. Haven’t read his young adult books (except skyward and starsight) but have devoured his other works. Primarily listen to the audio books so I am also as big a fan of Michael Kramer and Kate reading haha. I’ve just started listening to “Shardcast” podcast too look forward to chatting to you all. P.s this is my first forum experience
  19. Hello everyone, I've been a fan of Brandon Sanderson for a long time, but I normally considered myself to be more of a casual fan. That, and my brother was VERY invested into every little bit of Cosmere, so if I had a question, I could just ask him. He has since become unavailable for the next few years. It wasn't until I started rereading some books that I decided to get this account sorted out. So here I am, filled with a few questions and interested in becoming a deeper part of the community. As a fun fact, I have met Brandon Sanderson in person, and got a picture with him at a books signing, he also answered quite a few questions and even gave a slight spoiler. I personally can't wait until I can meet him again with more questions.
  20. Hello everyone! I am Keria but I call myself KAJ. It stands for Keria's Art Journey. I just found out about the forum site when browsing to see if there were any artbooks out there for the stormlight archive series! I have to say I really really really enjoy the series! I first came across the book as a freebie on Kindle some years back. It was the first book "The Way of Kings". Ever since then I've been hooked! After I finish up some projects I plan on doing a fan art project for the character's culture and races extensively. Going to be fun gaucho!
  21. Hi, I'm pretty new to Brandon Sanderson, but I've been loving Mistborn. I thought it might be cool to talk to people as i continue my journey into the Cosmere.
  22. Hello everyone! I am a Cosmere (and generally Brandon) addict. I have read all of the cosmere, the YAs, watched Brandon's videos, lectures, Shardcast, lurked in this forum, dreamt about Odium and spent several showers theorising about realmatics ...and I just can't get enough.
  23. Hello, My name is Mathis and while I am new to this forum, I have been reading Sanderson novels since my mom introduced them to me when I was 15 or 16. I met Vin when I needed her and became a fan of his books. I have since read Elantris and Warbreaker, as well as the Wax & Wayne books. I didn’t realize there was a bigger universe at play until I read Mistborn: Secret History. If there’s one thing I love, it’s expansive fictional universes. I immediately picked up The Way of Kings, and I have just finished my second read through of all three SLA books. I am very excited for book 4!
  24. I'm too shy and have no idea how to do this, but hello. I fell in love with the Cosmere with Mistborn The Final Empire about a year ago, but took me till now to read all the books. I guess I want to try and be a part of this awesome community.
  25. Hi! I’ve been lurking here for a bit and decided I should finally make an account. I’ve read a good few of the Cosmere books and really enjoy them. Unfortunately, my copy of Oathbringer got left behind in my quarantine exodus a month ago, but today I got The Alloy of Law in the mail. Hopefully it can stave off my desire to get back to Stormlight:) Fun fact: Brandon Sanderson did a visit in a random small city by me last year and I found out the day after he was there! Lots of regrets on that one