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Found 159 results

  1. Hello! Good to meet you all. I started reading the sando's books in 2017-ish, and have been hooked ever since. I even started a series on youtube talking about some theories about the cosmere, analyzing them, etc. I've lurked here for quite a while before joining up, and I have to say this seems like a lovely community. Can't wait to interact with you folks and talk about my more insane theories. Cheers!
  2. Hello 17th Shard! My name is Jess. I'm 29 years old, living in New York, and thrilled to finally be posting here! I've been bingeing Shardcast podcasts for the last 6 months, and right away, I could tell that Sanderson people are my type of people. It was only a matter of time until I joined this forum. I have already made a mental note not to accept ANY cookies. Random fun facts: I'm allergic to mosquitos. My favorite band is Bayside. My boyfriend's name is Jesse, so I make a lot of "Jess" puns. I'm attending New York Comic Con in a few weeks! And when I was 12, I started and ran a moderately successful BBRae (Teen Titans) forum. Introduction to Brandon Sanderson: Way of Kings in 2018! I jumped right into it after taking a looooong hiatus from reading, and it absolutely shook me. I really credit this book with motivating me to get my life together. I'd been suffering from depression and anxiety for many years; relating a little too hard to Kal and Shallan was disconcerting. I decided to go back to therapy; figured out a proper balance of medication. Life has genuinely been significantly better ever since. (After WoK, I inhaled the rest of Stormlight. Then all 6 Mistborn, and then... well. Everything in the cosmere. EXCEPT DAWNSHARD! I WANT A PHYSICAL COPY. AGH.) Thanks for letting me ramble! Here's a photo of my dog, Spaghetti, from last Christmas. She's a 1.5 year old jack russel terrier/beagle/piranha mix.
  3. Hi everybody! I found Mistborn through my local library at the start of this year, and I've been chewing my way through the Cosmere ever since. Read everything but Sixth of Dust, Rhythm of War, and the White Sand comics (and I got those first two from the library just last night!) so far. Been a fan of science fiction and fantasy since I was little, but Brandon's writing really piqued my interest in "hard" power systems. Anyways, looking forward to hanging out with y'all and swapping theories and such! Rubix, ye won't be having my soul, it's spoken for.
  4. Hi everyone! I'm Mya, and I've finally decided to join after a period of just thinking about it. I've read Stormlight Archive, Mistborn era one and two, Warbreaker, Elantris, and Skyward. I'm excited to talk about Sanderson's work and perhaps discuss writing in general.
  5. Hello, I am Sequence. I've read Mistborn Era One and Two, and am about one third of the way through Oathbringer of the Stormlight Archive. Cryptics and Kandra are tied for first place in my favorite Cosmere creatures. That's about it.
  6. Hello people of the 17th Shard! I've read so far all the Mistborn novellas, Warbreaker, Elantris and Stormlight Archive (with RoW being my favourite so far). I'm kinda late for the introduction but I didn't want to skip formalities. Got a thing for war games and RPGs, really big fun of D&D. I like theorizing and hearing other theories and critics from others with regards to what is to be expected of the Cosmere. Thanks again for welcoming me to the community!
  7. Hi everyone, I'm KalTon95. I write from Italy. I read all Sanderson's Cosmere works and my favourite book is Oathbringer (I really love Dalinar's arc). Since I'm a fantasy writer, reading Sanderson is both an inspiration for job and a big big pleasure! Hope to have a good time here!
  8. Wassup fellow nerds! I have been pulled here by my Brandon Sanderson hyper-fixation (I’m pretty sure that’s how everyone got here). I have been reading his works since I was in 5th grade. My first book of his was Mistborn: the final empire. I immediately fell in love with his work and continued to read them very enthusiastically. My thirst for knowledge cannot be quenched just by reading alone, so I’ve come here instead. I’m so excited to delve deeper into the Cosmere!
  9. Hello! I'm Chantara. I haven't read a lot of Sanderson, but I love what I have read. I've read Way of Kings, but it took me 2 years (thanks to school), and Warbreaker. I'm here to play games and hopefully get some writing inspiration as I am an author on the side. It's nothing of Sanderson-level writing, but I make myself laugh. and since I have to live with me, I guess that's for the best.
  10. Hi, my name is Andrew. Long time lurker and fan of Brandon. I usually only post in the Cosmere chat discord so some of you may recognize me from there. I spend a great deal of my time listening to the audiobooks on repeat while working. My favorite series is The Stormlight Archives though I really hope we'll eventually get more Elantris!
  11. Hello there! I've been reading Sanderson for a couple years - out of the cosmere I've finished Stormlight 1-4, Mistborn era 1, Warbreaker, White Sand, plus some of the novellas, and for non-cosmere works I've read Reckoners (excluding Lux) and Skyward. This place seems pretty chill and I heard you play mafia, so I decided to finally make an account. See ya around!
  12. Storm Moash
  13. Hi there, the names Venno. I'm a new member to the site and I just wanted to introduce myself real quick, but if you could check out my other post real quick that would be great.
  14. Hello all, I've been a fan of the Cosmere and a listener of the Shardcast for a little less than two years now and somehow haven't managed to sign up here yet so here I am!
  15. Hi! As you can probably tell from my Display Name, I am a fan of the Mistborn Series, especially the RPG spin off (The Mistborn Adventure Game). I'm here for theories, news, and hopefully some stuff on the RPG!
  16. Hey everyone, call me Iggy. Long time bookworm recently introduced to the Cosmere through Mistborn (including Wax and Wayne books), eager to get some gift cards for my 29th birthday to add some more to my collection. I'm a big fan of the physics and drawback based magic of the Metalborn arts and love to theorize different interactions of twinborns and compounding. My question for you all is this! Which of the cosmere series should I start with once I've finished the wax and wayne books I just got? Should I go right for the ars arcanum (sp?) or wait until I get some more cosmere lore under my belt?
  17. Starting a new podcast with a couple of friends, and have released the first of our monthly episodes today, talking about what the Cosmere is, and some recommendations for first time readers. We’d love to have your feedback, and questions, or something you want us to talk about. Appropriately, the release of episodes will be the 16th of each month.
  18. introduction

    Hey everyone! My name is Mystic but you all can call me Mysti. Im nonbinary (pronouns are they/them/theirs) and I just love reading! Ive read a few Brandon Sanderson books before but I stopped reading for a little bit but I am getting back into it. I hope I make some good friends on here! @yeshevishman is honestly the only one I know on here (my bf). Its nice to meet you all and hope we can be good friends
  19. Hello fellow people, I am a human too! just like you. I have no idea who Re-Shepir is. Why would I? Who is Re-Shepir? Please excuse me, I must go murder someone. Humans do that, right?
  20. Hey guys/gals! Newbie to the forum and to the cosmere, although I'm pretty sure I've read all the published cosmere works by Sanderson + some non-cosmere works, absolutely devoured all I could put my hands upon these trying COVID times. So far my absolutely favorite non-serie novel is Elantris, in my opinion it sometimes feels a bit "rougher" than his later works but what it seems to lack in polish it absolutely nails in charm and general message of optimism facing at the least...non-optimal odds. I can safely say that having read it as the first novel by Sanderson impacted my life immensely. Of course later works, especially of the Stormlight Archives have "stronger" messages regarding depression, grief, loss etc' but Elantris always seem to stick to me better, at least with the nostalgy first-time reader factor. Now, I'm not a cosmere scholar, and like I said I have not read any unpublished works I've heard left sometimes lying around the place I've read some outlines of Sanderson in some wob's that talk about plans for future eras in mistborn etc', but I'd like to know how's the forum acceptance of crazy off the wall theories that I've got swimming in my braincase without any scientific basis except "it sounds nifty to me and kinda makes sense ... although maybe that's too """"simple""" for Sanderson" Is crazy theory discussion encouraged?
  21. Hello! I'm new to the forums! I'm here because my friends are looking over my shoulder. They don't have shardblades. I don't need help right now. Do not call the police. They're definitely not unhealthily obsessed with stormlight archives. But anyways, my name is Neo, and I use they/them pronouns, I've read the first Mistborn book, and I'm in part 3 of skyward. Also if any of you can figure out why my friends have an unhealthy parasocial relationship with the characters in Sandersons books, please let me know.
  22. Greetings people of the 17th Shard! I love Brandon Sanderson and making fanart, so quarantine has been good for me I've already posted some art before making my official introduction (whoops) but wanted to let y'all know I exist!
  23. Hello guys, fellow Sanderson fan here, been reading the posts here for a long while, finally decided to join in. Hope you all don't mind if i point out a few cool things i noticed that haven't been pointed out (i think) Narak - the city in the Shattered Plains, is the name of the Hindu equivalent for Hell On a similar note, Kaladin's name can be taken to mean 'Black Day' in Hindi Renarin is kinda growing on me, looking forward to his Truthwatcher vows & powers. I thought that the future sight could make sense with the two Truthwatcher Surges if seen as 'Illumination *of* Progression', don't know what to think with the Book 3 reveals
  24. I am...I was...a God. Odium killed me. I am sorry...