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Found 116 results

  1. Long time lurker and obsessive and im finnaly cosmere aware enough to possibility get involved with discussions! Honestly I don't know how you people come up with the theories and even the information on the cosmere! I've read all the books at least once and still don't know half as much as you guys here! These forum posts have been invaluable in gaining understanding of what happens where and when and even sometimes who! Thanks to all contributors especially those who provide the all important WOBs and i look forward to existing speculation and all the speculation yet to come!
  2. Greetings everyone! I was introduced to Brandon Sanderson about a year ago by a close friend outright begging me to read The Way of Kings, and since then I've devoured that as well as Words of Radiance, Oathbringer, the original Mistborn trilogy, The Alloy of Law, and Warbreaker. I've immensely enjoyed each work I've read, and also I've discovered the recordings of Sanderson's BYU lectures, which are also phenomenal and have helped me greatly in bolstering the quality of my writing. I've been a hobbyist writer on and off since middle school, with a primary interest in fantasy and science fiction with the occasional dabble in short-form horror (my attempts at long-form horror all become dark fantasy) and general rambling. I'm currently unpublished with no completed novels, but I plan on fixing both of those issues in the future Outside of Sanderson, I also enjoy the works of Tad Williams, Robert McCammon, Ursula K. Le Guin, Stephen King, and Hayao Miyazaki (yes, I know, not primarily a writer, but his movies capture the spirit of fantasy perfectly), and would consider them along with Brandon Sanderson to be the primary influences on my writing, along with the many hours of my childhood spent playing video games. The Legend of Zelda, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Bloodborne are some of my all-time favorites on that front. Aside from that, it seems like it may be prudent to share a little about myself while I'm here. I work as a technical solutions engineer at a healthcare IT company, so I know a little bit about medicine, a little bit about software, and a lot about their intersection (although if you need someone with in-depth knowledge of either, I'd ask a clinician/programmer, not me). In my "abundant" free time, I play guitar/percussion, scour the Internet for good music (wide variety of genres, prefer non-electronic, have recently been on a binge of metal/post-rock/piano jazz), indulge in tabletop RPGs, cook tasty food, hike, and dote on my lovely fiance. If you need input on any of those things or would simply like to chat, feel free to hit me up! I'm looking forward to being part of the 17th Shard, and to getting to know all of you!
  3. Hello, I just registered. I am kinda new since I just starting to read his works. Hopefully we can discuss and have fun.
  4. i'm kind of a newbie in Sanderson's works, having only read Mistborn and the first book of Wax and Wayne, but i hope to catch up with the latest releases as soon as possible
  5. Hi! I'm fairly new to Brandon's works and this website, obviously. The first book of his I read was Skyward, which surprised me with its great humor and plot twists. I moved on to Warbreaker, and have since read Mistborn: The Final Empire, Elantris, and Steelheart. I still have to finish those series, and a long time yet to read The Way of Kings. I'm currently obsessed with The Wheel of Time, but have only managed to read 2 books because the others are always checked out at the library. Brandon's popularity makes it difficult to finish any series of his, but I'm making a valiant effort! See you guys in the Sanderson wormhole! - NorthStar Update: I finished TWoK and am starting on the sequel! Also, I've finally gotten my hands on the Reckoners series and the 3rd WoT book. Happy reading!
  6. OK. Confession-time. I hated "The Way of Kings" the first time I tried to read it. I got to Kaladin sitting in the cage hating life, and then I took a break. (I was dealing with some depression myself at the time, possibly a connection there?) Anyway, my brother told me to try out Mistborn, as it was somewhat easier to read. That was late summer 2018. By February 2019 I had read through every Cosmere-book I could find, and officially joined the waiting-crew that is the Cosmere-fanbase I myself am a Norwegian, and as a norwegian fan of Brandon, it can be lonely. Norway is not very well known with Brandons works, so it's somewhat difficult being a fan here. Me and my brother, not much else that I know about. My solution was to listen to Shardcast, and jump into the coppermind. My dream is for Brandon to one day come to Norway on a signing because of the sudden huge fanbase that WILL come forth here!
  7. Hey everyone! I've been a Sanderson fan for a very long time,(over a decade!) and have lurked the forum frequently for answers to questions and interesting theories. I recently got my friend into Stormlight, and have been digging into the details of the Cosmere to answer his burning questions as they arise. I figured it was finally time to bite the bullet and join the 17th shard officially! It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. -H
  8. introduction

    Hi all! I have lurked around for ages now, so I think it's about time I officially joined. Been reading BranSans books for years now, very active in our local Israeli fanbase, and had the pleasure of meeting the man himself this week, so excitement ensued!! Happy to finally step forth and join the global family In the pictures: 2 signed (Locally) rare limited editions of Elantris - 1 mine and 1 my fiance's, The new 10th edition signed to both of us together, and the best for last - A RAFO signed copy of The Hero of Ages, sadly he had no RAFO tickets to hand out, but its close enough : P
  9. Hi, guys. I am one of the Sandersonism converts and big fan of Cosmere in general. I needed a place to see (and do) crazy theories, and that's what brought me to this Shardworld.
  10. Hello, everyone! I wanted to introduce myself. After ten intense months of reading the Cosmere universe, I can finally lurk, investigate and share my thoughts about it. Thanks to a dear friend that lent me every book, I started reading in Jaunary and ended up on October 7th. Just a few days ago. I've been following the guidelines of said friend to read each book or series in an appropiate order so I wouldn't spoil myself looking on the Internet (because as many others, I love lore and spending countless hours investingating about it). As a precaution, I've been kept in the absolute dark regarding the Cosmere on the Internet, its communities and information about it. Until now. Finally. I don't know much about this site, the 17th Shard, but the few things I looked up redirected me here all the time (forums, The Coppermind), So I though "yeah, I bet that's the best place to be in regards to the Cosmere", and here I am. I don't know if I'll be posting or commenting much, but sure I'll be lurking and adding to the discusion when I can (there's a lot of information, theories and the likes to take in, so I'll need some time to catch up). I've read a lot of fantasy novels and series, but let me tell you, Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere is something else. Connected stories and shared universes are things I've been keen on since I was a little kid, so I knew I was in for an amazing ride, and it has delivered. I've come to like or love each book. From the gritty and amazing Mistborn series to the interesting and unique short stories from the Ars Arcanum, going through stand-alone novels like Warbreaker (this last one I remember fondly) and ending with the mastodontic The Stormlight Archive, this has been one of the best literary experiences I had in my entire life. Although each title has surprised one way or another, it is The Stormlight Archive the one that ascended beyon. It has been a tough competition, because Mistborn's first era will forever have a place in my heart, but I'm a sucker for really big, slow-burning stories, and Stormlight is a dream come true in that regard. So there's that, a bit of backstory. This seems like a neat place, so I'll be hanging arround, if you don't mind.
  11. Hello guys, fellow Sanderson fan here, been reading the posts here for a long while, finally decided to join in. Hope you all don't mind if i point out a few cool things i noticed that haven't been pointed out (i think) Narak - the city in the Shattered Plains, is the name of the Hindu equivalent for Hell On a similar note, Kaladin's name can be taken to mean 'Black Day' in Hindi Renarin is kinda growing on me, looking forward to his Truthwatcher vows & powers. I thought that the future sight could make sense with the two Truthwatcher Surges if seen as 'Illumination *of* Progression', don't know what to think with the Book 3 reveals
  12. Hello 17th Shard! I'm Tau42, a reader from Singapore. I have a burning question which I could really use some help with. I remember reading this quote somewhere but can't figure out which book it comes from. I believe it is something Dalinar said but can't be sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! "To feel no emotion is to be dead but to have no control is to be a child"
  13. Yeah yeah, I know that's not how it works... but GOSH, DO I WISH. I'm new to the forum and (relatively) new to the Cosmere. I read the Mistborn series (all six books) last year and just finished the Stormlight Archive, including Edgedancer. Next on my reading list is Warbreaker and then Elantris. Professionally, I work as a graphic designer, but during my spare time I am a budding fantasy/sci-fi writer. I've been writing as a hobby since I was in elementary school, and have completed and published a few short stories. Now I'm working on my first novel, and Brandon Sanderson's approach to worldbuilding has been a huge inspiration for that. You're probably not interested in an autobiography, so here's some fun Cosmere facts about me: Favorite Sanderson book: Words of Radiance (though Part Five: New Unity of Oathbringer would be my top choice if a section of a book counted) Favorite Character(s): Wayne, Kaladin, Sazed, Dalinar, Wit/Hoid, Lopen, Shallan (in that order) Roshar or Scadrial: Roshar, unless I could live specifically in Alloy of Law-era Scadrial Mistborn, Feruchemist, or Knight Radiant: Mistborn Number of times Brandon Sanderson has made me cry: TOO MANY
  14. Hello! I've been a Writing Excuses fan for just over a year(listening to the archives and all) and I've been gradually picking up Brandon's books in various formats. (And his cohosts') I'm halfway through Way of Kings and I found this board, so I'm going to post here and try to avoid spoilers for books that have been out for a while. That should be easy enough, right? I do have a question: Should I read through an entire trilogy or could I jump from SA to Mistborn (Book 1/Book 1, Book 2/Book 2, etc...)? Obviously you lot are more well-versed in the cosmere than I am, so I wanted your input on what comes next. I'll probably have Way of Kings finished early next week. Thanks for having me and I look forward to getting to know the fanbase.
  15. Hi all, I'm been reading posts from this forum for almost two years and I've finally joined up. So far I've read Warbreaker, The Stormlight Archive, both Mistborn Eras, and I'm currently listening to Elantris. So far I think Nightblood is my favorite character in the Cosmere
  16. Hey everyone, I guess I'd better follow protocol and introduce myself here. My name is Josh Welch. I'm an (thus far) unpublished author who lives in Utah. My writing name is J. S. Welch and my co writer is A. L. Hardy, who is also my cousin. We've built an entire world and spent over 15 years perfecting it. We're ready to put our world in the hands of others and bring everyone else into it. If you're interested, please feel free to visit our website (which you'll have to reach out to me directly for since I'm a newbie and unable to post the link here). Brandon Sanderson has been a major factor in my desire to become an author. Between him, Terry Goodkind, L. E. Modesitt, Jr., and David and Leigh Eddings, I developed a massive love of fantasy and love reading anything that involves swords and magic. I'm also interested in starting to get into voice over work if I can find the right medium (in case anyone wants to hire me). ;-) Thanks for reading my intro!
  17. Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum, I've been listening to the Shardcast for some time now and have decided to sign up for the forum. I'm a huge Sanderson fan, I've read (or listened to the audiobooks of) almost all of his published books, and I am still trying to understand all the Cosmere connections. My favourite series is the first Mistborn trilogy.
  18. Hi guys, it's Sandy Branderson. I've been looking at stuff on the Shard, but this is my first post! I love doing fanart and my favorite book is probably TFE.
  19. The guidelines listed here are still current as of December 2019. What is Reading Excuses? Reading Excuses is an online critique group and a spin-off of the popular podcast Writing Excuses (note: we are a fan group and not affiliated with the Writing Excuses podcast). In other words, we read each others' fiction to provide constructive criticism that will help improve your work. Reading Excuses is open to anyone. To join, send a PM to both Silk and Robinski with the email address that you'd like to receive submissions at, and one of us will add that email address to the group's email list. Discussion threads happen here on the forum; submissions are sent out by email each week. I will always respond to your request to join the group. I try to be reasonably prompt about doing so, and usually respond to requests in a couple of days. I do miss things sometimes, though, so if you haven't heard from me within a week, feel free to re-send the request. This group is meant for writers of all levels who intend their work for publication. Writers of any genre are welcome to join, but we're primarily science fiction and fantasy writers, so if you're writing outside of SFF you may find that we're not the audience you're looking for. The posts below tell you how the group operates. Please read the "How Do I Submit" and "Code of Conduct and Critiquing Guidelines" sections before submitting or critiquing. How Do I Submit? Formatting Submissions Length Guidelines Content Tags Naming Conventions How to Submit When to Submit FAQs Code of Conduct and Critiquing Guidelines Code of Conduct Critiquing Guidelines Receiving Critiques How Often Do I Need to Critique? Sharing Work From RE Other Resources RE Administravia Extra Credit Your opinion ... The Writing World
  20. Because for one thing, you actually understand what I meant by my title In all seriousness, I really am excited to be here with so many others who share my love for Sanderson's writing and the worlds he has created. Though I have been aware of his work for years, I am admittedly a bit late to the party. Though I had been aware of his work nearly from the beginning, it wasn't until last year that I got around to finally reading Mistborn. And frankly, it reignited my love for a genre that had grown a bit stale for me. Needless to say I burned through the first Mistborn trilogy, The Stormlight Archives, Elantris, Skyward, and several of his short stories since that time. And I would also credit his writing with getting me back into the art of cartography as I started to pour over his maps and want to recreate them myself. I look forward to discussing the books with you guys, and hearing some of your theories and insights. - Josh
  21. Hello! Reading Way of Kings reignited my fondness of reading So I'm here to express my love to the series by adding more fan art!
  22. Hello everyone. I’m beavs007. Just joined. My biggest goal is to one day become a beta reader for Brandon Sanderson! If you have any advice for how to achieve that honor, please comment! also, I am wondering if any of you think that Sazed will be the one to take down Odium?
  23. Hello all! I have been lurking on the forum for a few months, finally decided to join since I love all the discourse I see going on around here! You can call me Soto; I'm a Dane living in the UK (yes, the fandom stretches all the way over here! One of my Norwegian colleagues is indeed also a fan!), and my first encounter with Brandon Sanderson's work was the Stormlight Archive, which I read in the summer of 2018. I actually decided to read it to get a better feel for fantasy and worldbuilding, as I am a writer myself who's working on a fantasy project, and it had been a while since I last read a fantasy series I really enjoyed! Since finishing Oathbringer, I've read the Mistborn trilogy and Elantris as well; while those are good, Stormlight Archive definitely remains my favourite! I do artwork occasionally, so I might contribute with fanart from time to time. Nice to meet y'all! (:
  24. Hi, I'm [[User:Alicila]], and I've been quite active on the Coppermind recently. I think I would get around a bit, to know more about Brandon's great works. By the way, the best fiction I've ever read is the Three Body Problem. Such beauty is truly unseen anywhere else.
  25. Hi.

    Hello, I'm TLhikan. I started reading the Cosmere last year and got pretty hooked; I'm caught up on everything except White Sands 2 and 3, and am just this year starting to reread everything.