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Found 36 results

  1. Hello from Mountain Time everyone... I've been a Sanderson fan since he finished WoT for Robert Jordan, RIP. Excited to hash out this complicated cosmere. See you inside.
  2. Hello everyone. Colombian living in Canada here- I stumbled upon BS’s writings about three weeks ago with The Final Empire. Been listening (audiobooks) almost nonstop - After finishing the first Mistborn series and then Elantris I started Stormlight. Right now going through Oathbringer - and going through these often exiting, sometimes frustrating, but always gripping narratives I finally decided I had to talk to folks who are also into this and would know what I’m talking about, and so here I am !
  3. Hello all! I made an account a while back but never really got active. With the secret projects and soon-to-be-written next few books coming out not too distantly, thought I’d dig a little deeper and join the community fully. I love all things Cosmere. I started reading about a year ago and burned through it all, so I had to go and read all the Wheel of Time stuff while I’ve been waiting for more Cosmere books to come out. Anyway, stoked to be here, excited for the next books, and looking forward to a whole lot of crack theories! - Nate / CognitiveShadow
  4. Just made this account! And in a couple of weeks after I'm done getting through the secret projects materials I'll probably be screaming there regularly.
  5. Hey everyone! I just discovered the cosmere in November of '19 and it reignited my love of reading from when I was a kid. Can't wait to be able to discuss and theorize with y'all!
  6. I joined forum to talk about stormlight theories. Love oathbringer. Michael Kramer is awesome. I also wanted to look at the Gallery. I love following the artists.
  7. Sup, you can call me airie! i use they/them pronouns and have been into the cosmere for a little over a year now. i first listened to WOK on a cross country road trip last august, and from there i read WOR and OB and then moved into Mistborn era 1. I haven’t finished era 1.5, and I just read Warbreaker. I’m done with ROW and am dying to read Edgedancer and Dawnshard, but haven’t gotten the chance yet. According to the official quiz, I would be an Edgedancer or a Windrunner, but I think Allomancy might be my favorite form of investiture
  8. Hello! I'm new the forum, but an avid user of the Coppermind. In preparation for RoW, I watched all of "The Overlady Reads" recaps, along with several late nights clicking through the wiki. Feeling very excited for Tuesday. I'm looking for ways to get involved with the community. Open to suggestions! -GreyHive
  9. Hello fellow shardmen and shardladies, I am Hood(Not really). Feel free to talk to me anytime
  10. Hello people of the shard. I am new around here. Please continue the conversation, I'll see if I can catch up. XD
  11. Hello! I am new to 17th Shard and have just started watching Shardcast. My partner introduced me to Mistborn back in July of 2019, so I have only been aware of the Cosmere for a year and change. I have read all released Mistborn, Warbreaker, Elantris, Stormlight (up to date on RoW), and all of Arcanum Unbounded. Pretty much the only thing I haven't read is White Sand. I have been incredibly spoiled at being able to read the next book at any time so now that I have to actually wait.. for each book to be written.. how do y'all do it? My crazy theories only grow in the dark.
  12. Hey y’all. I’m new here. I only created my account the other night. I was introduced to the Cosmere a month or so ago by a friend on twitter, and I quickly fell in love with Brandon’s stories. So far, I’ve read Mistborn first era, all of what currently exists of the Stormlight Archive, Elantris, and I’m currently in the middle of Warbreaker. So far, Stormlight is my favorite! My favorite character from those books is Kaladin. My screen name isn’t a joke. I really am blind, so I’m extremely glad that audio books exist. If they didn’t, I wouldn’t know about the Cosmere, and that would be very sad. Anyway, I’m glad I’ve found this place to discuss and continue learning about Brandon’s books. Feel free to ask me questions if you want.
  13. Hello! Quite excited to get into this forum. Love The Cosmere, havent read all the books in The Cosmere yet. (ive read The Stormlight Archive, Mistborn Era 1 and 2, White Sand volume 1 and 2 (my library doesnt have volume 3). Never read Elantris, or Warbreaker. I also need to get the Arcanum Unbounded. Either way, glad to be here!
  14. Hi Everyone, Hope you doing well, My name is Lissa and I am newbie here.
  15. Except I'm not trying to recover. My favorite Sanderson book is the Emporer's Soul. Though Sixth of the Dusk is pretty close. As my handle indicates, I'm curious about Feng Shui. Also Wu Xing. I have degrees in linguistics and nursing with minors in Arabic and psychology. And, apparently, a personality disorder.
  16. Hi All - Introducing myself to the forum here. I actually made this account in 2015 after I finished Elantris (my first exposure to the Cosmere at the suggestion of a good friend). I periodically have come to the 17th shard just looking at fan theories and Forum topics as I continued to read more of the Cosmere works. Having now read a bulk of the books/short stories I wanted to introduce myself and I plan on contributing to the forum and responding more frequently. I have read: Elantris, Mistborn Era 1 & 2 (through bands of mourning), Arcanum Unbounded, Stormlight Archive (through Oathbringer), War Breaker I believe the only thing left is White Sand. I am a big fantasy fan in general, grew up on Hobbit/Lord of the Rings, have read all of the ASOIAF books, Patrick Rothfuss, and now the Cosmere. I have to say of all the fantasy I have read, I like Brandon the best. I think the concept of creating epics within epics and building the Cosmere as a whole is incredibly ambitious so I am excited to be along for the ride and explore the worlds and content as it progresses. Favorite Character so far is tough, I would say top 3 are Kelsier, Hoid (specifically Wit), and Lopen. Looking forward to being more active on here, particularly coming up with and commenting on theories for the future of the Cosmere. Cheers
  17. Hello everyone! It's nice to meet you all, I've been a fan of Brandon's for a while now, but I never got around joining the forums until now. I guess part of my decision to join is because I actually got to meet Brandon at his signing in Atlanta for Skyward (was such an awesome time!). I'm still sort of a noob when it comes to the Cosmere, I've only read a few of the books so far. Right now I'm working through Warbreaker (which is shaping up to be my favorite so far). I've read Elantris, Mistborn book 1, and a bunch of his short fiction. What are you guy's favorites? I'm planning on starting stormlight after Warbreaker, and bounce between it and the Mistborn series.
  18. Hello all, I'm Elinox, or Eli for short. It's pronounced "ee-lie-knocks". I'm a 35 year old female from central PA who lives with her husband and 2 cats. I'm an avid scuba diver and a newly published author who loves reading interesting fantasy stories with non-human characters. My all-time favorite book and movie is The 10th Kingdom and my favorite color is blue. I first came to the Cosmere by way of Warbreaker in 2016 because at the time, I was too afraid of just jumping right in with The Way of Kings because its length really intimidated me. Now I'll happily and eagerly read anything the boss-man writes! So far, my favorites have been The Stormlight Archives (looking forward to reading Oathbringer!) and The Final Empire (Mistborn). If you want to know anything else, please don't hesitate to ask!
  19. Hey Everyone! I've been creeping on this site for a little while and finally decided to commit and make an account. Happy to finally take part in all the conversations! I originally picked up The Way of Kings three years ago and immediately fell in love with the world that Brandon created. I have since read all of the Cosmere and am SO ready to talk about Oathbringer with people. Looking forward to seeing you all on the boards! -- KeleksBreath
  20. Hey guys, I know I was supposed to post here first but some Oathbringer discussions really got me going so I jumped right in. I am an avid reader and love most of what Brandon has written. I have also read the WoT, Kingkiller chronicles (or what is out anyways), and many other series and I'm always looking for more. I also love video games and software/web development (that also happens to be my job). And I dont know what else to write so i guess I am done!
  21. Well hey there! Having gotten into this whole stormlight thing I thought I'd need a place to feed the interest and somewhere to put my inevitable fanart of Dalinar, hope everyone's good!
  22. Hey all, Been slowly making my way deeper into the mysteries of the Cosmere. Been a Sanderson fan for a while, but hadn't really gone too far down the rabbit holes until Oathbreaker started getting close and found myself getting sucked further and further in. Glad to be a part of the community and looking forward to more great stories.
  23. The title pretty much says it all, I've been lurking here and reading fan theories for probably over a year now, and I finally finished every published work in the Cosmere, so I decided to finally make an account. Storm it! it took me long enough, but I promise I'll contribute from now on
  24. Greetings, all! Quick introduction, okay - Irish fool in a small town skirmishing more prominent borders, but hey, I have access to bookshops. All that really matters, right? So some context. I had actually been looking to read Robert Jordan's 'Wheel of Time' series when I stumbled upon beauty. I still plan on doing so, but other obligations stand in the way. I will soon, naturally, but back to the context! One day, I was in Dubray Books, in Dublin, with my friend, and I brought him over to the fantasy section (as you do) to show him the Wheel of Time books, eagerly anticipating when I would first get to open the first of the 14-book series (this was just under a year ago now). I mentioned very briefly to him how a man named Brandon Sanderson (at the time it was a very 'whoever the hell that is' kind of attitude) had written the final three books instead of just one final book, as Jordan had passed before completing the series. It was at this point, my friends, that one of the workers at the store overheard me, and came wandering. He asked, cautiously, if I had read any of Sanderson's books. I told him no, I hadn't. Why, what were they like? Similar to the Wheel of Time? His answer was very yes and no. It was at this point he told me about the Cosmere, and how almost all of his work was connected. He elaborated a little bit, though a lot less than I would now. We then shared a Doctor Who joke, naturally, and moved on. So I decided I'd check this Sanderson guy out. Couldn't hurt, right? (Disclaimer, it has only ever hurt my social life, but I really don't mind). I did some research, looked up books, premises, and decided to play it safe. I ordered Elantris; his first published work, the breeze that kicked up a hurricane, and a stand-alone (for now). First impressions, it was ridiculously sexy (UK covers, of course, apologies America). Second impressions, it was casual. And then it wasn't. It was real. And beautiful. And I loved it. I moved onto Mistborn. I read the first trilogy in just under two weeks. And like that, I was hooked. Suddenly I was willingly drowning myself in lore, research, ANYTHING I could read about and discover within the Cosmere. Never before have I been so APART of something in literature. Less than a year on, today, I have amassed an entire collection of his books and have thrown away the key to my own cage that is Sanderson's work. So I certainly hope that now, after long waiting to join, I will be able to deliver myself to the lorists of the 17th Shard. . . but largely just to be apart of the community. You know? I could rant about Sanderson for hours - and I have, especially with friends who are just as locked up as I. So here I am folks. It's an absolute pleasure.
  25. Hello to everyone in the Sanderson Cosmere! My name is Almira and I became a fan after reading the Wheel of Time books. I moved from WoT to Stormlight Archive. I have been hooked on Sanderson ever since! I saw an advertisement for the 17th shard in the jacket of a Mistborn book (Shadows of Self). Now here I am! A new member on the forum!