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Found 1 result

  1. I've been trying to figure out the alethi script translation on Shallan's drawing on page 354. Can anyone help me out? I haven't seen any other references to this particular drawing/translation yet, so I'm not sure if others have noticed it yet. It's from this image: The script is mirrored (unless I'm completely wrong about this, which is entirely possible), and I think I've made out some of the words, but it's just so hard to make out. A lot of this is complete guessing, but here's what I have so far (no doubt a lot of it is wrong). line 1: "the statement that intrigues* me though is that of king Nohadon (he/which) implies" line 2: "Uritheru could be reached (if/by) me ?? (sites/cities) if such a thing" line 3: "(our/where/war) (possible/passible/possibly) evidence of the roads ... in place among the" line 4: "kingdom(s) of today I (leave/have) since (vetoed/visited) ... ... and found" line 5: "what I believe to be gateways there but the ..." line 6: "(once/ones) and how to work them it is likely too dangerous to activate them on the" line 7: "center of a populated city as (a/I) ... ... planned with my uncle" line 8: "I hope to find them (an/in) unpopulated ..." *"intrigues" was a guess from what looks like "intnegs"; hoping for a misspelling until I'm corrected. Has anyone else figured any of this out? I was hoping it would be part of the key for the chapter 84 epigraph, but it doesn't seem like it so far. Edit: changed translated text, added a few comments (in bold).