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Found 18 results

  1. In Mistborn, it is often mentioned that Steel Inquisitors tower over regular Scadrians. Vin comments that all steel inquisitors seem to be 2 feet taller than her which would imply they are at least 7 feet. It seems incredibly unlikely that inquisitors would be chosen for there height when it appears they are chosen for their allomantic abilities. I previously didn’t associate inquisitors as hemalurgic constructs like Koloss or Kandra, which are physically altered but more just like a human being with a ton of hemalurgically stolen powers. (Like Pewter enhanced Spook) but the height is enough to make me question this. Are there any book quotes or WOBs explaining the height of steel inquisitors?
  2. From the album Painted Mistborn Minis

    I recently finished painting the mini’s for the Mistborn House War board game and it’s expansion, The Siege of Luthadel. These were a lot of fun to paint and I’m very happy with how they turned out. Enjoy!
  3. From the album Picrew Art of Ene's Characters

    My fave angery child! Those spikes were absurdly difficult to get right despite them just being gray circles. Character profile
  4. Does anyone know what specific powers Marsh (Ironeyes) has gotten from hemalurgy? We know he is a seeker, and we know he can compound atium, but what other Allomatic and Feruchemic powers does he have?
  5. Hi all, I'm a huge fan of Brandon's work, and I've been reading the Mistborn books, so I thought I'd make a bit of fan-art. Enjoy
  6. From the album Mistborn Doodles

    I thought I’d try drawing the blue allomantic lines Inquisitors see. It’s just a normal room, but I think the blue lines make it look so cool.
  7. From the album Mistborn Doodles

    Okay, I know I can’t draw people, but has anyone ever wondered...?
  8. We know that Of course Ruin is Sazed now who isn't hellbent on killing everything or making anybody who he can influence kill stuff as well but again nobody has more spikes than Marsh has in the entire Cosmere. This sounds like a huge implication that he did use hemalurgy or at least utilized already existing spikes for himself. He doesn't seem homicidal and Sazed doesn't count Marsh when he said "the last time he had good conversation was with Kel-(this was around SoS)" when Marsh and Sazed basically has the most direct line communication ever considering the amount of spikes Marsh has. Why not mention Marsh as well ? Even after the fall of TLR and before Ruin was released. Sazed did mention to making an effort to communicate with Marsh since he was alienating the crew. So how sane do you think Marsh actually is ? Cause the spikes has to have an effect on him.
  9. So I just finished re-listening to The Alloy of Law on audiobook and I have a question regarding Marsh. Obviously, he has found some way to stay alive. I feel like the most obvious way he did this is with a combination of Allomancy and Feruchemy, just like the Lord Ruler used. However, I see a potential problem. In Feruchemy, atium is used to store physical age. However, in Era 2, atium is merely a thing of legend. I thought I remembered via WOB that the power of Harmony that would have coalesced into atium is instead being used elsewhere for some other, as of yet, unknown purpose. If this is the case, how is Marsh staying alive? Did Harmony merely allow enough atium to form that would let Marsh survive 300 years, or is there another reason?
  10. We know that being an Inquisitor doesn't automatically shave that person's head. I think any sane person who sees a big man with railroad spikes in place of their eyes is gonna freeze with terror or probably die of terror. Before Sazed's final ascension Inquisitors were kinda like the enemy of the state and unstoppable killers even after Sazed's ascension Marsh was a figure of death. Sooo. Who shaves his head ? Is he that good at shaving that despite having only ironlines as sight he still can shave his head to perfection? Kandra ? Uhm him intimidating people into shaving his head ? Does he like soothe/riot the person all the time who he decided to shave his head ?(wouldn't that create some weirder mythology about him) Does he have a really really weird personal barber like adolin every century ?(like does he post an ad "Hiring: Personal barbers willing to shave anywhere. High pay is given") Does he ask Harmony and go "yo, Sazed it's shaving time" (yes Sazed is the Hero of Ages, yes he is the god of Scandrians, yes he is the most powerful person in Cosmere atm but knowing Sazed is he really the type to decline if you ask him to pick a shirt, "can you please make tea tnx" or shave a beard. Ok Sazed might actually be the only Shard where you are the servant and you can order him around) ? Yes. This is currently the most intriguing mystery of Cosmere for me.
  11. Steel Inquisitor fanart. 3d sculpture. Enjoy :)
  12. Does Sazed (Harmony) have a weaker 'power set' compared to Leras and Atium? He obtained the power after Leras and Ati passed. Technically, he doesn't hold the complete power of the Shards since all/most of the Atium/Lerasium was burned away by Humans in Scadria. What does this mean for Sazed as a god? What implications do you see for the future of the series? It seems like the power of the Shards is slowly deteriorated across each planet... I have read The Stormlight Archives, Mistborn Era 1 and am now starting the Shadows of Self. Also, am I right to assume that Ati's/Ruin's complete power would have given him the power to see the future? If so, what would have been Leras'/Preservation's? Vin was able to 'remember' how Preservation's power was used in the past by Rashek... Lerasium is able to give the power of Allomancy to humans but Vin was able to use all metals to kill the Inquisitors once she took upon herself the mists...
  13. I am in a rather heated debate as to who would win in a fight between Marsh the steel inquisitor and Geralt from the Witcher series. We've eliminated outside help, but all weapons and metals are available. I'm on the side of Marsh (for obvious reasons) and I will debate if you wish, but I would like a nice, unbiased discussion on this topic.
  14. Just a thought I had, assuming you could get one to stay still long enough, what would happen if an Elantrian drew an Aon on an Inquisitors spikes, subquestion if they then burned that spike what would happen? Other than the inevitable large amount of pain normally associated with removing a metal spike from your eye, swallowing it and then magically disintegrating it in your stomach, but you know who hasn't done that before?
  15. This is a pic of an inquisitor that i photoshopped. here's a link to my deviantart page where you can find them, as well as the links to my original sources.


  16. I was rereading Mistborn: FE recently, and noticed something odd about Inquistors' healing: It leaves scars. Their healing does seem to be due to gold Feruchemy: in the annotations, Brandon says "The Inquisitors can actually heal far more quickly than I've had them do in this book," and later says "Two attributes that can be stored up by Feruchemists, by the way, are healing and the ability to move very quickly," rather heavily implying that gold Feruchemy is how the Inquisitors heal. But, in the scene after Vin is captured (pg 600 of my paperback, chapter 36), she notices that one of the Inquisitors' face is pocked with arrow-head scars, mere hours after her "iron ring behind a stone arrowhead" trick punched a few holes into him. That's right, scars. Scars. After a few hours and using gold Feruchemy. This is bad, and does not at all align with how Gold works in any other context we've seen. I see a few options to explain this. 1) Continuity error. Brandon changed his mind about how gold Feruchemy works. I doubt this, though, because TLR is perfectly fine with being speared and flayed and (mostly) beheaded and burned alive and. . . with nary a scar to be seen. That suggests that "normal" gold Feruchemy works in the scar-less way we know and love, even in this first book. Brandon also wrote all three Mistborn books together, so it seems like he'd catch this. -Still, it's a possibility. It's a rather small reference, and easy to miss. On the flip side, it is rather important to Vin/the reader's realization that the Inquisitors can Heal themselves quickly like TLR can, and one of several routes by which to follow the rabbit trail down to Feruchemy, so Brandon might have left such a relatively minor magic system error in on purpose. 2) The Inquisitor wasn't using gold Feruchemy, but instead some other method. Perhaps an as-yet-unknown Hemalurgic spike, or super-flared double pewter. I seriously doubt this, though. We know from the Brandonothology that "The [inquisitors] alive now pretty much all have healing spikes", so why would our Inquisitor use an inferior methid, especially since he was hurt enough by the arrows to literally had holes blown through him. Add this to Brandon's hints in the annotations about Inquisitors using gold Feruchemy, and it's almost certain that our scarred Inquisitor healed himself with it. 3) Any gold Feruchemy not applied near-instantaneously leaves some scars behind. I doubt this as well: it seems from TES that Cognitive aspects (on which Healing is based) are rather robust and long-lasting, so I can't imagine that a few hours would make "holes punched through my face" the new normal, even putting aside how the Inquisitor would stay alive long enough to have his Cognitive aspect change without using gold Feruchemy. 4) The scarred Inquisitor applied gold Feruchemy in the same way that we usually see--as we see with Wayne, Miles, Sazed, and TLR--and yet was still left with scars. 4.1) This scarring was a result of the Inquisitor being an Inquisitor. Inquisitors are unnatural creatures, not truly human anymore. They seem to grow in height, they become fatigued easily (beyond just resting a lot to store up Feruchemy), and they're unnaturally creepy ( ). Maybe gold Feruchemy just works differently on them. 4.1.1) The otherwise normal gold Feruchemy that Inquisitors use is twisted by their otherwise "Ruinous" dispositions. Whereas a normal person with a single spike for gold Feruchemy might well be able to Heal himself normally, Inquisitors who have been twisted to the point where they need "linchpin" spikes just to stay alive are beyond the pale. This is slightly different from 4.1 in that perhaps a Kandra or othersuch "unnatural" creature could still get "pure" gold Feruchemy. 4.2) Hemalurgic Feruchemical gold is scar-inducing. I'm not sure about this one. It's in line with the above and with how "Ruin likes to Ruin things", with Ruin allowing Healing, but in an "end negative" way that still leaves the user worse off than they were before they were wounded. Perhaps. But it's a rather extreme effect, especially since we've already identified "it's harder to store Health" as our consequence for Hemalurgic decay. I suppose Ruin could take a special interest in deforming the effects of perhaps the most "Preservationy" of the Feruchemical effects. Myself, I'm leaning towards some variant of 4, if you couldn't guess from the detail I went into for that option. 4.1 or 4.1.1, ideally. Your thoughts?