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Found 7 results

  1. In Hemalurgy, Innate Investiture can be stolen and granted to someone else. Would it act more like an Invested power, like with Awakening, or more like an attribute? Because if it's more like a power, then you might be able to graft in onto someone as you might a Steel Inquisitor, rather than like you would a Koloss.
  2. When you give all your bio-chromatic breath so someone else, it takes a small part of your own investiture with it, but since the transfer of investiture is fueled by color, this investiture is not lost in the exchange. Does this mean that a breath will grow ever so slightly in strength the more people it has been transferred through? Would it eventually divide into a new breath, or will it stay a single, albeit stronger breath, somewhat like how the Returned have a single, but extremely powerful breath? Would there be a benefit of having a single, very powerful breath over a large number weaker breaths, or is it disadvantageous since you probably can't easily split the investiture within it? If a non-Nalthian were to get a breath, and then transfer it to someone else, will their own innate investiture change its Intent, since their own investiture’s Intent comes from a different shard?
  3. We know that it is possible to store Bio-Chromatic Breaths inside a Nicrosilmind, which is essentially just a small piece of Innate Investiture. Does this mean that if someone from Scadrial, Roshar, or some other Shardworld where people have innate Investiture but who don't have any Invested powers, could they store their Innate Investiture as a Nalthian could store their Breath? Or is there a difference between a Breath gained from someone else and your own, personal Breath?
  4. If someone who didn’t already have any invested powers, such as Allomancy, were to have a large amount of innate investiture added to their Spiritweb (Awakeners don’t count by the way; their power doesn’t add to the actual Spiritweb, it sits primarily in the physical realm), would invested powers begin to develop, or would the extra investiture need to be deliberately "shaped" in order for powers to manifest?
  5. I read this quote and it got me thinking. So if the elderly have weaker Breaths, does that mean that your Breaths leak away as you age, contributing to your body breaking down? Could it perhaps be that aging in the Cosmere is a combination of you Connection to your birth time, but also that your innate Investiture leaks away?
  6. On Roshar, there is a higher-than-average concentration of Investiture due to the Hightstorms. What if someone were to make a large, air-tight aluminum-lined room, big enough to have people comfortably live in, and then take a large number of lit Spheres inside, letting the Investiture leak out? Would the people inside the room receive benefits similar to someone with a large quantity of Bio-Chromatic Breaths if there was enough free-floating Investiture concentrated in the area they lived? Would animals that lived there for a few generations gain higher cognition, eventually becoming sapient? Would humans born there have a higher Innate Investiture than humans born without such a high concentration of Investiture? If so, would this extra innate Investiture stay with them if they left the aluminum chamber?
  7. In the cosmere, people can have innate investiture, which comes from the shard of their respective world. They also have a “spark of life”, which makes up their spiritweb, if I’m not mistaken. So, is it merely another piece of shardic investiture, but smaller? Or is it more unique, not being connected to any shard, perhaps a manifestation of investiture having its own Intent? If it is investiture that has its own Intent, does it have a Rhythm?