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Found 4 results

  1. In the central hub of the AlleyCity, where the city-life is thickest, stands a lone Notice Board created by some genius whose name was sadly forgotten, shielded with Aons, augmented by durabilty fabrials, and coated in a few feet of aluminum, the Notice Board is an object that relays information to everyone who needs or wants to see it. ---- --------- Notices currently on the board: (Feel free to post a reply here and I'll edit this post to show your message)
  2. And, as promised, here is my new thread! Background: Recently, I decided that I need to move forward with developing my fantasy world. It has been a fun diversion, but little more, for the past decade or so, but I want to buckle down and get serious with all sorts of detail-oriented fleshing out of political structures and relationships, economic trends, and culture-stuff. And working on fleshing out the (currently rather sparse) magic system. So I decided to start a forum roleplay set in the world to help flesh out those things. This thread will be a place to post worldbuilding information, character info, roleplay questions, and basically general discussions. When we are ready to get started, I'll post a new thread for the roleplay itself. Currently, I have posted brief overviews of the cosmology and magic systems. This is strictly background information for now, but creates the framework necessary to understand magic as it will play out in the roleplay itself. Feel free to ask any questions you like about it. This weekend, I will begin posting the brief overviews of the cultural, geographical, and religious systems that populate this world. For now, the sections will remain in this post, but labeled as under construction. Cosmology Magic: Geography - Landscape and Culture Updated with Map! Geography - Politics and Religion Under construction! Summer, 1375 S. E., City of Menkor RP Thread
  3. So Tor posted some new info on the Wheel of Time Companion. In addition to what we learned in August, we now have this: Considering that Shadows of Self is set for release in October and this in November, I can well say that this fall is shaping out to be pretty awesome!
  4. Hello, friends! - I frequent a debating website known as, where fictional characters are pitted against each other in battles to the death. There have been some Vin matches and one Steel Inquisitor match on there, but Sanderson's works haven't had much of a showing. I'm planning on donating some money to suggest a debate in the near future, and to show the world the strength of Mistborn, I'm going with the Lord Ruler. - However, I need feats. You see, Factpile likes hard facts from the text and WoGs from the authors. Because of the nature of Allomancy and Feruchemy, and the Lord Ruler's status as the most powerful Allomancer to ever show up in the books (so far), I can use feats from any Allomancer or Feruchemist to represent what he is capable of doing. But I'd like some help gathering them up. So, if you can recall a WoB about the capabilities of Allomancy/Feruchemy/Compounding, or remember a passage from the books, post it here with a source! - Thank you for any help, guys! (Oh yeah, if anyone has any suggestions on who would be an extremely close match to the Lord Ruler in a fight, post them in here too. ) How Compounding works: TLR new about Chromium/Nicrosil: TLR base Allomantic strength is as strong/stronger than Elend with Duralumin: Duralumin + Atium explanation: TLR had Hemalurgic spikes/used them for more power: TLR was a Savant or nearly so in all metals: Doesn't really tell us anything, but TLR used Lerasium for.... SOMETHING: Steel Feruchemy/Compounding Steel: Feruchemical Warmth is actually Warmth: TLR has perfect memory: Various Feruchemical gold feats: Various Feruchemical pewter/Allomantic pewter feats: TLR lie detection abilities: TLR soothing: TLR Steelpushing: Other character's feats with Allomantic steel (TLR can do ALL of these): Tin Savant Feats TLR made himself to be more powerful than other Allomancers