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Found 2 results

  1. Although the street around it was still in a state of disrepair, the two-story headquarters of the Scholar's Guild had never looked better. Inside, bookshelves lined the walls, with a few tables and chairs situated around the edges. Lamps of stormlight lit the room, and a large printing press, surrounded with stacks of newspaper, sat in the corner. At the back of the room stood a large wooden desk, covered in books and papers, a row of spanreeds on a shelf behind it. At the desk sat Alanis Sheneth, the leader of the Guild, busily working. The large windows in the front bore two signs. One read, "Alleyverse Post Inside". The other read at follows. The Scholar's Guild Welcome to the headquarters of the Scholar's Guild. As an entirely non-combative guild, our mission is to gather knowledge and spread education throughout the Alleyverse and surrounding worlds. We strive to discover the true nature of the universe, through scientific study and research. All are welcome, whether you bring a question or an answer. If you wish to join the Scholar's Guild, and dedicate yourself to the gathering and spreading of truth, please enter and speak to the Head Scholar of the Guild, Alanis Sheneth [Rushu42]. Current Scholars: A neatly handlettered note was affixed to the door. "I can't hear you knock; please just come in."
  2. Sebastian stood at the center of a large chamber. In front of him stood the podium which one could address the Senate. Today-rather tonight- there was supposed to be meeting. How many members would show up was the question. There was two crescent tables on either side of him, The podium pointed towards a large desk where the chancellor would sit. That was the nature of the meeting tonight was to elect such a person. Behind him were rose of benches for people who wanted watch the senate when they carried out public sessions. He wore his regular regal clothing, that he would probably wear to the meeting, as he was one of the Senate Representatives for the Gilded Rose. Sebastian turned his back to the podium and towards the figure that stood at the door. Lena, a new acquaintance of his. If his plan was to succeed then he needed her skills. He tapped his cheek thoughtfully. He walked to the woman who stood at the door. A note was posted there. The time for the meeting. Seven-Thirty o'clock ACT, (Alley Central Time). He took a list from his pocket and review what was to take place in their meeting. "Would you be so kind as to accompany me to the State Penitentiary, My Lady?" He asked holding out his arm. "I must make a visit to a friend of mine."