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Found 3 results

  1. Re-reading Alcatraz, on book 3, noticed this: "I blushed. It now seemed silly. 'I figured... well I thought if I could break Gravity, then I could fly.' Grandpa Smedry chuckled quietly. 'Break Gravity, eh? Very bold of you... a very Smedry-like attempt, but a bit beyond even the scope of your power, I'd say. Imagine the Chaos if Gravity stopped working all over the world!' I don't have to imagine it. I've lived it. But we'll get to that. Eventually." Welp. Spoilers (Books 5 and 6) And in book 2, we learn that the worldspire reaches all the way down to the center of the earth, which is made of glass. Hypothetically, what would happen if someone or something were to break the core of the Earth? how would that affect gravity? EDIT: Also from book 2: they regard me as their savior, but I only fixed what I broke in the first place. (loosely paraphrased)
  2. Hi everyone, I've posted this in the PM as well but just so that I can make sure everyone's seen this and ideally get confirmation from people when they have (Just a quick reply is fine) thought I should post this here as well. There's been an increase of activity in the introduction threads recently, likely due to a number of new recruits to the Alleyverse and returning active members in recent months. This has caused a bit of an issue where people's introduction threads can be taken over by us, which can be a jarring first experience to the Shard. So in the interests of making sure everyone has a positive experience with the Shards I'd like to lay down some guidelines. Don't recruit for guilds in intro threads unless someone has asked about them. If you want to invite someone to the RP, try to do it in a general way like you would if you were suggesting they visit any part of the site. eg. 'We have a really cool roleplay section if you enjoy that kind of thing link' rather than 'TUBA is awful, they can't even bake cookies properly, you should join the DA so you can help us rule the Alleyverse!' (Not that I think anyone actually talks like that but hopefully you get my point) If someone has already recommended the RP don't post just to echo the invitation or provide support for the RP unless the original poster expresses interest or asks any questions about it. If they weren't interested the first time someone recommended it then spamming their topic is unlikely to change their mind. We have introductory and new player threads in our subforum, wait for people to post interest here before getting into any kind of in-depth discussions. Try to avoid back-and-forth debates between other members of the RP that aren't the poster of the intro thread, nothing worse than having your own thread taken over by something you might not want to hear about. In short: Try to keep Alleyverse discussions and recruitment to the Alleyverse, let people know it exists if they might be interested but don't derail the thread and if someone seems like they might be interested, let them know where the subforum is rather than discussing it at length in an unrelated forums. I'll keep an eye on intro threads for now and just remind people if they seem to be stepping too far or may not have read this, but hopefully that won't be necessary
  3. So, what's the deal: I have my books translated to Polish. I recently tried to crack the Diagram code, since you guys figured it out and I found that the code is often misspeled and lacking several letters. (Impossible to crack in this version, I had to know what words I'm looking for) I may be contacting the publisher, but I am sure there are more problems with it: for example, the word "Investiture" isn't anywhere in the book. And from English quotes I am sure it should be. Also, they messed up the translation of Hoid's "perfect pitch" - it was translated as if tuning instrument perfectly was what he had in mind. So there goes the hint for the Second Heightening for all the Polish readers. Sigh. Could you throw some quotes at me? Mainly cosmere important stuff, like anything with "Investiture" in it. The time is of crucial meaning here, since I don't know if anything can be done as the new print comes out in three weeks. So the faster I contact them, the better.